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S Aug 07, 2018

February of 2017, I bought my 2016 KIA Soul with the promise that after 12 months I could upgrade and lower my payments. 18 months later, after getting my hopes up twice while getting an oil change, I am still driving this car. I bought this car to build my credit. These car payments are killing me, yet I have not missed one. I have been lied to since day one. Empty promises. Nothing was done about the winning 2500.00 gift card and winding up with a 5.00 gift card so is anything going to be done about this??? I will not recommend KIA to no one because I do not want my friends and family lied to like I have been since I had the car. I do not see how KIA of Savannah stays in business because obviously a lot of people have fell for this con. Please do something. If not I am going to the BBB and writing the mayor. You cannot keep treating your customers this way. I have not missed a car payment and it is more than half my house payment. Something has got to give or I will start writing people until something is done. Thank you!Santander or KIA keeps selling my information and bringing my credit score down. That is against the law because I have not authorized anyone to run my credit.
Sheila Kennedy

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