KIA Motors Corporationkia sportage after sales service

R Jun 22, 2018

I purchased my first vehicle with Kia Motors in Fiji. A Kia Sportage. The servicing time provided to me for my vehicle was 8.30am in Suva, Fiji on and on 5000 km I was told it will be free servicing. Initially I was told during sales that the vehicles will be picked up and dropped off. This did not happen. I had to drive the person back to drop off after I got my vehicle. They washed my vehicle and had a lot of scratch marks on it all throughout. When I called to complain, the person told me to wait as his busy selling another vehicle. I had to wait and then when I took the vehicle back again the person said oh your vehicle came with a lot of mud on it. And when showing the marks he was not owing up that they did that during the washing of my vehicle. Later he informs he will call me but I have not received a call. I need Kia Sales Service to fully repaint my vehicle and remove the mark and bear the cost. I am also wondering whether Kia did that to me because I am a Woman.

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