KIA Motors Corporationdelivered service and spare parts not matching with kia standards

M Jul 09, 2019

I own 6 KIA cars in Kuwait as well as in Syria. As far as I experienced the service with Kuwait dealer. I can say this very directly that the way they act in Syria cannot be KIA's representative. We are talking about low profile carrage and nothing more than this. This includes the following.

1- in case they don't have available spare parts in stock, they offer the customer to buy from local market.

2- I brough one of my two KIA SOULS for painting after small accident and they couldn't match the same color. And after they requested us to change the right rear door and we agreed immediately. However after painting the car twice the color not matching and the window not working .

3- The other Kia Soul was taken to them for the high temperature of the enging. After changing the said spare parts we recieved the car with the same condition. Again they asked me to change other spare parts. They want me to cancel the heater else they will buy ir from local market. I refused both options and I bought it from Kuwait.

4- The are using out-source for many things including the milling .

I think you will need to review the perfomance of you representative else it will damage your reputation specially the cost of the cars in Syria are 10 times double comparing with the region.

Thank you

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