KIA Motorsa vehicle that was purchased from kia clarksville indiana


Hello, on 10/14/17 we purchased a 2008 Honda Odyssey from the Kia Store in Clarksville Indiana we traded a 2011 kia optima with about 110, 000 miles and in very good condition .The Honda Odyssey is a ver usy good looking van with about 166, 000 miles on it, we told the salesman(Ron Grider) that we would like to purchase the 2008 Odyssey but would like to trade even (2011 optima) he said no way but they would give us 3, 682.68 for our kia so weht made the deal but we noticed that the service wrench light was on and Mr Grider said that it had just came on because it was due for a oil change so they (Kia service) changed the oil but they did not have the tool to turn the service light off. So we drove the Odyssey home well the next day we drove the Odyssey to Church and back home and noticed that the check engine light came on too so we drove the Odyssey back over to Kia but they where closed.The next day Monday morning I tried to call Mr Grider and at first the receptionist told me that Mr Grider was out on a test drive with a customer and she would have Mr Grider call me back 2 hours later I never heard from Mr Grider so I called Kia back the same person told me that Mr Grider was gone for the day.So Tuesday I called Kia again and was told that Mr Grider was busy and she would have Mr Grider call me back but he did not. I called many more times and no response. There is so much more to say about our Trouble with Kia but I am running out of space.We where Treated Bad at Kia.

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