KFCservice and the front of house cleanliness and friendliness (lack of it!)

H Oct 10, 2019

This is the fith time I have visited this Kentucky restaurant..each time I have said it's the last ..but loving the chicken I have gone against my own
Common sense and now I think it's time for a complaint! Sad as it is😪
The service on every occasion has been very poor indeed, even when the place has hardly any customers that can't be their excuse!
The staff could do with some charm and friendlyness the girl in there has a face that could make you wonder what her problem is, surely they should be warm and welcoming not making you want to turn around and go to MacDonalds !!
The place was filthy chips and serviette all over the floor ...I took a picture on my phone.
The toilets had no soap in the hand wash dispense, although to be honest they were clean enough.
Food takes ages to come and sometimes it's been cold...which I have complained about and got new ones..which isn't the point, it should be checked before it's given to the customer. Do these people have any training? The sauce on the new bites are sparse to say the lease ..more sauce required!
I feel so angry that the only Kentucky has such a displeasing feel, which makes me go less often than I would like.
I hate having to complain but as the place never gets any better I feel it's time!!!

I look forward to hearing your comments


Heather W

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