KFC β€” blood on my meal and plastic items

C Jul 29, 2019


Please refer to case number KFC Customer Care Case CAS-395761-K9C8Y5 I logged last year October. Today I purchased a 15 piece bucket and 10 zinger wings which was 1 piece of chicken short which I did not mind after I stood 10 minutes at a till because due a system error. Now at my last piece of zinger at a family lunch my zinger had blood on which was dis [censored]ing gusting like really which was the last straw I had I had with KFC VANGATE MALL. I called the store and spoke to a very nice lady Zola who understood my situation very well, but like I understand she has to work like everyone else does following orders.

It takes me an hour to drive to the mall and back home and my airtime I wasted cost money, upon my arrival I spoke to Zola and she said she needs to call the supervisor Andrea. Andrea the supervisor only wanted compensate me a street wise 3 and replace my 10 zinger wings. I was unhappy πŸ˜’ because my drive time and my my meal was unpleasant and it's not the bloody 1st time, to me as I work in retail that tells me she does not care about the employees who work there cause that means customers can go to hell. KFC is based on satisfactory and happiness on enjoying your meal. But she does not give a [censored] about customers. I requested my full meal to be replaced after all I have been through seeing I have kept quiet the 1st time about my satisfactory and she said no 🚯. So now I report this matter to the health department and to the newspaper πŸ—ž, cause I have had it now. I tried to be nice and drove all the way to KFC and I also I have the previous emails of the burger se attached pics and pics now of my incident

blood on my meal and plastic items
blood on my meal and plastic items

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