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Reviews and Complaints

KFCservice in general

we went to this KFC while traveling. it was 1:57 pm when we got there on Sunday July 28, 2019. there were many people at the buffet. The gentlemen in front of us ordered buffet and so I asked the cashier (Tiesha) what time the buffet closed, she told us that it closed at 2 pm. my husband said when are ya'll gonna stop refilling the food? she said probably after the people in line get their plates. So we just ordered from the menu. We got our food, sat down and ate, they refilled the buffet the whole time we were there. we left after 2:30 and they were still putting out more food. We had wanted to order the buffet but she said they were not going to refill it and were gonna take up the food after the people in front of us fixed their plates. I hate to make it sound like a race issue but I really believe it was because we were the only white people in line. I will never go to this kfc again. I don't appreciate being lied to!!!

  • Ma
    mark henderson Jul 30, 2019

    Race issue. More like miscommunication. I doubt it is a race issue. I doubt they lied to you on purpose.

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 31, 2019

    Did you ask nicely why they were refilling the buffet after telling you they were finished? No? Oh it’s easier to cry racism than simply speak up and ask.

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