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We ate a big family we spend 40 50 dollars easy when we go to these fast food places. We don't mind waiting but after waiting I would appreciate all my food that I paid for or for it to be fresh. I am continuously having to go back for food and having to argue about what we get. 1 time they forgot 16 pcs of chicken go figure. Tonight I waited for chicken tenders no problem then I get home and they are no bigger than mcdonalds chicken nuggets 26$ for that. Then the coleslaw had strains of plastic in it. I blame both employees and preppersonal for some of the mis takes and KFC for having overpriced under sized chicken. They should be ashamed to serve that. As for the plastic that could be harmful. Do you not care about your customers or quality?

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]


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      Oct 19, 2017

    If you continue to have such a bad experience, why do you keep visiting the restaurant? Additionally, for almost all fast food places, you should consider checking your food prior to leaving the store.

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