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Over changing!, my wife and I purchase a vehicle from keith pierson toyota on 12/17/07. the sale personal lied to my wife and i. they offer to sale us (ext. svc. cont) which we did not want. the finance manager (mike brantley) told us he will talk with he's team manager (bruce hadley) about it, and letf the room. he return and told us that they will paid for the (extra service contract) at no cost to us. then added it to the sale contract bumping up your total by $2,000.00 dollars. something did not look right so I told mike brantley to explain it to me. he told me if I paid the car off before its time, that's were I would save the $2,000.00 dollars. so I told him to rewrite the sale contract and take off the $2,000.00 dollars, he did. I just wonder how many poeple they did this too.


  • Mi
    mike morr Jan 18, 2008

    i worked for keit and he is a bad man he would tell us things to hide and ways to rip off the world so i quite that place after i seen a lot off bad things

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  • Mi
    mike morr Jan 18, 2008

    I worked for Keith person two i was a sales rep and thats true he would find ways to take all your money hes a low life man that chets on his wife...on the trips we went on...

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  • Wi
    William Kronsell Mar 28, 2008

    Keith Pierson Toyota also enjoys exploiting 18 year-old kids. In Oct 2004 I decided to purchase a new, 2005 Scion Xa. I wanted a manual transmission, so I paid a $2, 000 deposit and placed my order. The sales team gave me a specific date the vehicle would be in by. Lo and behold, it was not in by that date. The sales reps answer: "its on the ship, en-route from Japan" however I came to find out that I had been given misinformation. I am without any car of my own at this point, and am spending a lot for the rental I am using. At 10:00 pm - yes, at nite - the sales guy starts to put the pressure on me(I being a scared and confused 18 year-old kid), and ends up coercing me into buying a Scion Xb - not the car I wanted at all - for I indeed wanted the Xa!!! worse yet, they end up bilking me on the finance contract and increase the intrest rate from our origional written agreement. Thievs!!!

    btw my former roommate worked for Keith Pierson, and did not have any thing good to say about the man.

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  • Tr
    Tracy Aug 19, 2008

    I disagree with the things that were said about Keith. I worked for him about 6 years ago. When I worked for him he never said to cheat anyone. Infact I remember him getting angry when he heard a complaint from a customer feeling that his staff should have handled it better. He fixed the problem for the customer. As far as the rude statement about him cheating on his wife that is absurd. I can't imagine he would ever do that he has a wonderful life with her and his girls and is a good man. I really feel like if you can't handle the car business then you should just get out not disgrace the names of the people who can handle it and have worked very hard to get where they are.

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  • Cu
    customer Nov 26, 2008

    Keith Quierson is a GIANT D BAG!!! My previous employer worked side by side with his dealership and had a couple run ins with him. He is not the person you see on the advertisements!

    He tacks on thousands of dollars to the price of his cars to make you feel like you are getting a deal and after "satisfied" customers leave the employees laugh about how much money they just made off of you.

    This is not the kind of business that I would want to do business with.

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  • Mi
    Mike May 25, 2009

    Keith pierson toyota is a horrible place to bey a car from. They told me that i would have a LIFETIME powertrain warranty for my car but what they did not tell me is that i have to take the car to thier shop for repairs on the warranty. The sales person told me i can go anywhere and i was in north carolina and broke down and i had to pay $1147.64 for repairs which they refuse to refund to this day. DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM KEITH PIERSON TOYOTA!

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  • jimmy jessmey Aug 13, 2009

    i, m about to see, just bought a camry already looked at the toyota websight and showing about a 1, 000 $
    to much for the same car--salesperson said that the one i was talking about had roll up windows, come on man do they really make that ### anymore, don, t think so.

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  • jimmy jessmey Aug 13, 2009


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  • Ca
    carhunter Oct 12, 2009

    I do wonder about all of the write ups on here.
    They all seem to have been written at the 1st grade level.
    It would be nice to get someone educated enough to spell right, and use punctuation.
    Not sure I would trust any of them.
    Im not surprised that people who are not educated enough to write something coherent get ripped off.
    I also agree that the idea behind the Life Time Warranty, paying to get all your oil changes at the dealers inflated price, buy your breaks and tires from him too, is a rip off.
    The warranty should be honored at another dealer if something breaks down on the road.
    I will go to KP Toyota and talk to someone, but the last time I was there, they were all too busy drinking coffee to help me.
    I walked out of the dealership after almost an hour with no help at all.
    They also told me they add $750 to each car, so the real price should be $20, 750, but the do lie to you and tell you the price is $20, 000. If its an add on to every car, then the advertised price is off by $750 on each car. Not a good sign of honesty.

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  • Bl
    BLACKJACK Oct 18, 2009

    Keith Pearson is one of the worst dealerships to work for in Jacksonville. I worked for him for one week and it was the worst expeiriance in my life. they treat thier new guys like ### and dont show any type of respect until you prove to them that you can sell a car. the ### under Keith is a woman with a nasty attitude named Karen who is obviously getting banged by Keith. He walks around and every one around him bows to his ###ing feet like he is King TUT. He tries to scare his employees and pretends that his customer is to be treated with utmost respect and curtosy, that is until they decide to go shop around before purchasing after being pressured by one of Keith's solders, then he kicks them out like they did something wrong. They have it where, in order for a new guy to get an up you have to get an approval from the manager to get a slip and get on some list. thats usually the guys who have been there a while and knows how to sell cars. DO NOT WORK OR BUY A CAR FROM KEITH PEARSON TOYOTA.

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  • Js
    J.S. Daniels Oct 31, 2009

    I'm in the process of purchasing a new Toyota Corolla from Keith Peterson and have had to use a relative's credit line to finance the vehicle, as recently returning from a year in Iraq has slipped my credit to 0. This is understandable and unfortunate, as I probably could have found some way to manage my credit score while overseas; however, after much haggling and a walk-off, I came away with a nice car on what I believe to be a decent price. I even trading them a car worth 1, 000 dollars needing 1, 500 dollars in repairs for 2, 000 dollars, so you do the math.

    The snags I'm dealing with now, is that the 'Lifetime Powertrain Warranty' only covers about half the car, and the least expensive ones to boot. You can almost go without the Warranty, when a second Warranty offered for 20-50 dollars more--after leaving the dealer floor and going into the finance offices--covers the same items as the Powertrain warranty plus all the expensive computer control systems, electronics, tire and oil changes and etc that's the meat of your maintenance expenses in the first place. Offering it just seems redundant.

    The second is financing. I and my relative came up the road 2 hours to Jacksonville to check out the cars. Disregarding we were only there to look and not buy, I did find something I liked, but as we finished haggling and came back to the finance area, we noticed the promise of '390 a month' as verbally agreed upon, was actually '399 a month' because--as it was written on the back of our customer survey(It's a privacy thing we can't take out of the showroom? Sureee...) the wording was, "390's." Please note the wording, and the apostrophe, which indicates a range of 390-399, which we received the upper range, from an apostrophe on the back of our customer survey sheet, which was no official lease agreement, now that I consider it further. Sure, it's 9 dollars, but over 60 months it does add up on you, and that's before interest.

    Thirdly with financing, I'm now left with a dilemna of having to go all the way back up to Jacksonville--dragging my relative with me, who's down from Kentucky to see me--just for a co-signee on a new contract made with a second bank as leaser, due to the original leasing bank deciding the morning after we took the car home that they didn't want the contract. As it now stands, we've been moved to another bank who wants to raise our interest by 1%. You can say, 'Well, 1% isn't that much' as I said at the above '390's' debacle that, '9 dollars isn't that much' but enough becomes enough. I'm being very subtly nickle-and-dimed by these guys, and I'll probably log off from here--having riled myself up enough--and take the car back to them, take back my trade-in (as I know to be legal) and be on my way. Next time around, I will have worked my own personal credit rating back up and will take my business to another Toyota dealership. This subterfuge is quite annoying.

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  • Te
    tellitlikeitis007 Nov 25, 2018

    @J.S. Daniels I never bought a vehicle from Keith Pearson nor I know the man. All I’m trying to say is if they told you 390’s that means your payment will be between 390 and 399 sounds logical to me. Then you need to pay for your warranty separate cause the cost of fixing cars after 30000 miles are very expensive do it’s cheaper to buy it upfront. Rather than afterwards which will cost 3000 to 4000 cash upfront

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  • Dr
    Drapester Dec 16, 2009

    Agreed! There is some shady things that go on and they push relentlessly while you're there. I purchased a 2007 Prius from them and at the time was told I had free tires for 60k miles. Now that its time for my first tire replacement (35k miles) I'm being told they haven't had a free tire program for six years! My warranty sheet doesn't list specifics at all. It simply says 5/60, 000 N5+. It doesn't define real details on my contract. I've got a "manager" working on it now but I fear he's going to come back with some good story that will have me shelling out cash for my tires.

    And I love people that act like grammar nazis when they compose as though they're writing a bad sonnet with poor grammar of their own.

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  • Ri
    Risser Williams Jr. Aug 09, 2011

    Protect yourself from ripoff car dealers. ALWAYS RECORD EVERYTHING the salesman says.
    How would you like to buy a van. You go to Toyota Certified Cars dealer. They talk you into a 2005 van for $12, 000. The manager gives you a 3000 mile verbal warranty. (After all you can trust a manager!)
    You drive the van around for a month. Just after the month the van engine sounds like its going to fall out.
    You get the van back to Toyota Certified Cars to get it fixed under warranty. Guess what. Manager no longer there, AND they won't do anything with out pay!!!
    Take van to main Keith Pierson Toyota. location. Salesman says van is no good and company in having financial problems. Best we get another vehicle. So to make a long story shot he talks us into an $11, 000 car. Though I'm 81 and my wife 79 we got talked into this deal with are eyes wide open!!
    They must have known that van would break down and we would need transportation.
    We want some of that $23, 000 from our savings back. We only make $1196 in Social Security, and this ripoff really hurts.

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  • Me
    melissa and wayne Aug 07, 2018

    We bought a car at Keith Pierson. We were there for six hours finally everyone claps, and they told us we have a deal. We go into finance office to finish up and we sign the Contract and they told us the deal was close we now have a new car. We got a text nine days later asking us to come into finance they have a better deal, that was on a Monday. I started calling asking why you need us to come in, every time I talk to finance they would say we don't have your folder in front of us. When I would tell them what the text said they would response that’s why they need you to come in they have you a better deal. We got there that Saturdays and they told us they would not take the trade in, the one on the contract we signed It clearly stated on the contract that they would pay off the car I traded in for the new car. They told us straight up that Saturday it was a done deal. We knew we owed a lot on our trade in, but it was getting a lot of miles on it and we thought we would just see if they could get us in something. We figured if they couldn’t do it, we would just work hard, get our trade paid down and try later. We called and got the 10 days’ pay off and I figured that would be it, because we can’t afford two car payments. Too my surprise they came back and congratulated us on our new car purchase, we were happy and relieved, finally we would have one car we didn’t have to worry about breaking down, then 9 days later they called and said come back in we got you a better deal, we will recontract, we called to try to find out what was going on I’m old school, I thought a deal was a deal, we signed the contract, anyway I took another Saturday off, that I really couldn’t afford, and we went in and they said, sorry we can’t take the trade. I said I thought deal was done and he said no banks aren’t open on weekends, I guess down here a deal isn’t a deal, I guess I’m a long way from west Virginia And the hell of it is I’m the one that talked the ole lady into, I told about Keith’s reputation for customer service I heard about and I like his commercials, wrong. Or maybe he created an animal that got out of control and he don’t know what’s going on, any way we got tired of sitting in the finance office by ourselves and went home, decided to read the contract, stupid, on the back I guess a deal isn’t a deal until 45 days later, they can break it, but you can’t, lie to a hillbilly one time shame on you, twice shame on the hillbilly and last but not least, told them will bring car in I just need proof contract has been cancelled, I was told, what contract, “yea” I have no idea, old car and truck don’t look so bad anymore, 3 weeks later……too be continued.

    P.S. on the back of that contract, yea the one, I guess we don’t have, says when seller cancels contract they will send a written notice in mail giving us 48 hrs to return vehicle, waiting on notice, that will give me proof at least that the contract I don’t have was cancelled ”yea” hillbillys can reedman it man,
    This post was started by melissa, the college grad and finished by Wayne, the hillbilly, thank you, thank you very much for three weeks out of our life that we will never get back, but we did go on this adventure on our own free will, it’s a Melissa and Wayne thing.

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  • Me
    melissa and wayne Aug 09, 2018

    @melissa and wayne melissa and wayne again, talked to tracey or stacey today, she told me they wanted car back today, i told her all i wanted ws proof our contract was terminated, she said brian in finance would give us something, i told her melissa would call her and tell her when she would be there.melissa called her and told her she was on her way and asked to confirm brian would give us something to say our contract was cancelled.tracey or sta ey, what ever her name is, told her what contract, they didnt have to give us nothing because we dont have a contract, which is a bold face lie.melissa called me and i told her to turn car around, the saga conts...

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