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From: [protected]
To: [protected]
Subject: RESEND : Log of Complaint to Toyota HQ
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2013 00:28:40 +0800

Totally no reply on EMAIL SENT ON 12 December 2013 after my log of report of complaints. Feel very disappointed and wondering how Toyota handling a worldwide customers. It is just simply ignore the customer complaints and keep quiet ?

Dear Customer Support, ( 2nd time complaint on Service Provided By Toyota )

Refer to the above, I high appreciate that Toyota become the well known brand in Malaysia today and I am one of the customer to Toyota with Vehicle No. WRP 3999 ( Toyota Camry ). Meanwhile, I have been experience the comfotable design & Service provided by Toyota. It is great ! and worth for the money that I pay.

I have been driving my vehicle for four(4) years and 3 months ( Oct 2012 ) and facing the problem which there is a noise from the lower engine of my vehicle every time when I pass through the road. Meanwhile, I have highlighted the issues to service advisor during the periodic service at Toyota Centre Centre and end up I was been informed there is no issues with absorber after Max-Check service. However, I got nothing to say base on trust to Toyota quality of service.

Few weeks later after the service, when I travelling from KL to Penang with my friend on his Camry and found out there was no sound been generated from the lower engine after passed through 5 road bumps and I started wondering why my Camry having such noise. By the way, i further on my periodic service as usual per 10, 000km, i highligted again on the same issues and gone through Max-Check but end up I still get the same answer.

Unfortunately, I will keep the same issues highlighted on every service of my vehicle and end up with the same answer on previous few service at Totota service Centre and i feel very disappointed. By the way, when i did the car service at Toyota service Centre at Panglima City Motor ( 130, 000km )and i was attended by an experienced Service Advisor Mr.Teoh. Therefore, I requesting Mr. Teoh to have the road test with me at the compound of service centre by passing through few road bumps. However, Mr. Teoh informed me on the spot there is a fault with the vehicle and immediately take action to proceed with car servicing and Max Check. Hence, I was informed required to replace the spare parts under own cost due to the warranty expired.

I just wondering, the technician will test drive the vehicle at the compound of the service centre for certain testing for Max-Check during car servicing and they aren't noticed regarding the noise generated for the previous few scheduled car service?

Therefore, I pressing on and looking high attention from Toyota Top management to further on investigation on how dedicated of the Toyota Officers when handling customer complaints and to ensure deliver the quality service to customer when going through the MAX-Check which i have paid on every periodic sheduled car service and where is the expertise of Toyota ? and Toyota willing to grant the expiration of warranty to customer by providing the worst service and end up customer required to bear the higher charges on spare parts due to service failure ?

Looking forward the reply from TOYOTA regarding the above after your judgement and actions.

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Apr 30, 2022 12:56 am EDT

Toyota horrible service. My car almost breakdown and I seek assistant and advice from the nearest Toyota in kelana jaya and the girl is so rude and always say cannot not even checking with technician or part team. Lazy and hopeless service .Garbage brand name and really regret buying Toyota .she even raise against me all I ask if there is stock for the radiator motor in order for me to tow my car too her workshop without checking she say cannot and insist me to tow my car to the workshop for overnight service. What a assole idiot no brain never even consider for other ppl hassle. Really a stupid girl.

Dec 20, 2020 11:42 pm EST

I arrived 9am for change my advisor told me wil done on 12pm but postpone to after lunch maybe 2pm or more..very disappointed and poor service at win hing balakong selangor

Mar 16, 2020 10:05 pm EDT

Sorry to hear that. Feeling well about Toyota service all the time, maybe you should change another store?

Sep 03, 2019 8:45 pm EDT
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I have the same and worst experience in Toyota. Really regretfull buying a toyota car especially hybrid

I have launched a complaint and inquiry about my hybrid battery from week on wards via toyota website. i have personally go to service centers for my replacement due to warranty issues. End have feedback from UMW Toyota after i did make call myself and the operator informed me that the warranty failed due to my service records. What a wonderful answer to hear from Toyota just simply say the service record issue. I am totally depressed and regretful buying from Toyota and would like to enlarge this matter to higher authority because of the service provided. Toyota is the name of honor but just because a simple warranty u made me go crazy. Let me tell you, i have been not approached from any of person in charge from service center or UMW HQ. But when i called they will feedback that the person in charge from old klang lama service center Desmond will call back and waited from last week onward. Then, i called UMW again then they will feedback that Steven Ang seng hong will call back and same until last weeks and today waited but no call or feedback. when i called back today, without any root cause and speaking the answer is warranty lapsed. Just like that, what a message from Toyota so called human priority. Come on la, if the warranty lapse why should declare the hybrid battery extended from 5 to 8 years. If just because service the single parts cannot be replaced please provide valid reason. I totally demand Toyota to answer and check the record as only one service is missed out from the past year. it is totally ridiculous of the reason.

I really had the worst and bad experience due to unsolved issue by Toyota.

The reason is hybrid battery claim that is under 8 years warranty. But Toyota warranty dept claims that my car didnt go for service in 5 times. How could i service the car without reaching the allocated mileage value. Is it i need to go service even i didnt reach the mileAGE. wOW SUPERB REASON! FOR NON WARRANTY CLAIMS.

I have other cars from other manufacturer but still im doing such service after mileage and even some over mileage but no problems with the warranty claims. This wonderful toyota just giving reasons to not change my one faulty battery because i didnt sent my car to the service center even under mileage.

Please, i really had the worst and regretfull of this toyota service and sure will remain in my lifetime memory. Good job ever!

Jul 10, 2019 9:31 pm EDT

toyota vios 1.5G 2019
masalah reverse camera masalah bsm。
teruk betul kereta mcm nie,
Umw langsung tidak dpt kasi jawapan,dia org pun tak dpt check apa masalah sebenarnya。
menyesal sy memilih Toyota。

Dec 19, 2018 1:15 am EST

Although my car was old. Toyota vios 2003, since the problem of airbag by the government, we have to changing the airbag, have no choices. But toyota services is so lansi at all... All the services are bad...unrespect, unresponsible talking like [censored]...
Although my car is old... But when I buy tat time is new and it is the newest type! [censored] u toyota!

Oct 26, 2018 5:09 am EDT
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dont waste your time with their warranty and service. waste of our time. if got choice better go for other brand of car

Oct 26, 2018 5:08 am EDT
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is like [censored] to have Toyota

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Sep 18, 2018 12:47 am EDT

I would like to make a complaint on behalf of by brother regarding the management of request by customer. For your information, my brother Mohamad Fadzil has contacted SP Selatan Otomobil Sdn Bhd in Sungai Petani, Kedah regarding the purchase of Toyota Vios 1.5J (AT) (thru Aaron-Sales). However, the sales person is very slow in responding to any query or relaying any information about the purchase. Toyota, as a well-known established company, I was certainly shocked that the response time can take up to 3 working days. Messages were not replied, calls not answered. For your information, the bank agreement was already signed on 23 July 2018. I have called Mr Lim, the Sales Manager, and he didn’t seem to take the complaint seriously. Up till now, there are no info whatsoever on when can we get the car. We are frustrated with the service and hope that you can somehow expedite this process as it’s almost two months waiting for this to settle.

Hafizah [protected]

Sep 03, 2018 2:52 am EDT

Hi Im Naresh, disappointed owner of a Toyoya Prius C. My car is 4yrs and 11months old right now and had appeared to have HV system failed. I immediately drove the car to Toyota Subang Service Center. My car supposedly to be covered under the 8yrs extended warranty for the HV battery, however, on the next day I received a call from the service advisor mentioning that my claim for warranty has been rejected due to that I did not send in my car on time for regular service. I raised my concern to the service advisor and later was transferred the call to a customer service executive. And I demanded her to explain to me how the delaying in the service interval can effect my HV battery and I ask toyota to confirm to me that the battery is failed due to not sending in the car for servicing on time with toyota. This treatment is very unfair unlikely if I have an engine issue and its related due to the reason that I delayed the service intervals I do agree it could possibility be my fault due my negligence. For the last 4yrs and 11months that I have owned this car never once we have a schedule maintenance for the HV battery done as it is not stated on the service booklet too.

I would not hesitate to take this matter to the consumer court if needed and I strongly feel toyota malaysia is cheating its customers.


Jul 02, 2018 2:24 am EDT
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Calling Toyota Customer Service is a nightmare. Every time you call the system it will tell you "You are Caller No.5 or 6 so on so forth" You will hold the line and keep waiting and that will take up easily 30 - 40 minutes to get to be Caller No.1. When your turn is up, the line gets disconnected. It is never a single time Calling Toyota Customer Service is easy and I am not sure how many customer service personnel are on duty.

Its a big disappointment for a Big Japanese Brand.

Writing to them is also another challenge. They will not reply your mail and you have to keep sending reminders. They will only reply you after a long wait. And that also does not offer solutions promptly. It is such a pain dealing with them.

Ong - [protected]

Oct 26, 2018 5:08 am EDT
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Replying to comment of Benson Ong

totally agreed, the service and warranty is like [censored]

Jun 17, 2018 8:49 pm EDT

I owner of avanza (bought in mac 2013). Car plate QMU 4955. I service my car at Toyota Service Center Miri Krokop. Feel not happy with the service. I service my car regularly due to the mileage or date.

Last year december, I almost accident because my break didn't function. After I went toyota and check, they told me, my car is not safe to be drive (they didn't figure out before I told them to check for me). So ned to pay 1+++ to replace the sparepart. I agree, but after that they told me they dnt have sparepart and dont know when they will have. So, they suggest me to replace outside. Lastly I replace outside.

After 6 month (14 june 2018), I come for service again. Because my car mileage already reach 40000, the need to service a lot of thing. I paid almost rm600. Its ok. But after that figured something wrong with my gear. There is noisy when I change my gear to R or D. Because 15, 16, 17 holiday, I cant go to check my car. And I figured they is orange light on my dashboard (don't know what it cal, the place we can see our meters, mileage etc).

18 June I come to toyota again, I told one of the service advisor my problem and his reply is "we dont have many worker today". I ask him than how? And he just keep repeated the same thing. He is also very rude (didn't look at me anymore and keep said the same thing).

Than I go to another worker, this is good. He said he will help me check, and get back to me later. He reply politely. And always get back to me with the update.
So, the problem here is
1. I check my car regularly and they never figured my break have problem until I told them.
2. Toyota service center dont have toyota spare part and they don't know when they will have? Is this a joke.
3. My car get worst after I do my car service. Dnt they need to check first before give us back our car?
4. Why the customer service advisor so rude? If busy, than just ask us to wait and not be rude. At least reply politely and give some solutions. Most importantly try to help us.

And now I still waiting here, don't know when will it be done.

Jun 01, 2018 3:03 am EDT

I’m Dr Jaspal Singh the owner of Toyota innova 2.0X VAX 9077 who bought the vehicle in December 2017 with the hopes that Toyota is a good car to drive on the road without facing any issue even after service.

Here was very disappointed with my third service which was for 10KM on the 17/04/2018 done at Toyota sungai rasau Klang whereby its stated must to do alignment and balancing ( switching front and rear tyre). After this service I had to go in for another 6 times just to redo my alignment and the appointment dates and problems are stated below

2/5/18- car was pulling towards the left and steering was not at the centre

Mechanic went for test drive and confirmed it and adjusted the alignment. Assisted by mr Bala.

7/5/18 - car was pulling towards left and mechanic claimed that must adjust caster so they did and told me to come back again if any issue . Assisted by mr Bala

15/5/18 - car pulling towards right side and steering was not centre, again they adjust the caster and told me that caster was not adjusted properly. Assisted by mr Bala.

Here on the 18/5/18 I’m facing the issue again whereby the steering is not at the centre again. Called Toyota and they told me to come in again for adjustment on 22/5/18. Assisted by Mr Bala.

22/5/18- went in to adjust the steering and was assisted by Encik raman and manager mr Dino.

30/5/18- facing the same issue whereby the steering is no longer at the centre and spoke to sungai rasau manager mr Dino and Hq customer service representive Puan amalina and was told to go in again to adjust..

Today on 1/6/18 - I’m facing the same issue whereby just matter of one day and the steering is no longer at centre. Have called up Toyota Hq malaysia and spoke to puan amalina.

Either the issue is with the car ( which I doubt since it’s a new car) or the mechanic it self.
As a surgeon I can’t be making frequent rounds to Toyota service centre just to redo this small issue which could be solved if done in a proper manner.

Here if it’s manufacturing defect please do something with the car. As a loyal Toyota customer I have never bought this car just to keep travelling again and again to Toyota service centre for my alignment . I badly need urgent attention on this matter .

For further inquiry you can contact me at+[protected]

Thank you
Dr Jaspal Singh

Oct 25, 2018 6:56 pm EDT
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the response from toyota is [censored], they just buy time to get the warranty period to be over, then come back to you, oh good luck the warranty is over, we can't change anything for you

Oct 26, 2018 5:07 am EDT
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they just turn you here and there, waste of our time, the steering issue with sound that am having settle with RM 700, with outside foreman, waiting for them 4 years also not complete. how bad is their service. i am buying Camry and not the proton car. for my next purchase car, will not going to have toyota as my choice. dear All, if you have choice please dont choose Toyota. not value for your money and waste of your time after the sales

May 15, 2018 1:09 am EDT




Oct 26, 2018 5:04 am EDT
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even under warranty they just keep telling you all not related, just waste our time talk to them, if you decide settle the problem outside, i am confirm with you will get solve much faster compare you waiting them for the rubbish answer. Toyota will not going to help you after the sales or under warranty. i am the bad experience customer

Apr 17, 2017 2:00 am EDT
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I own a Toyota Altis. In March 28 2017, I service my car at Toyota Service Center in Seremban . I notice there was a promotion on DVR system that will end. So as not to miss the promotion, I decided to install the DVR on the same day.
After collecting my car and check the DVR installation, I notice there are 3 punched holes right behind the Front mirror bordering the front windscreen near the DVR camera. Initially, I thought the service center staff could have wrongly punctured my Ceiling carpet. I complained to the service advisor who told me bring back my car for him to take a look. I also took photos of the holes.
The next day, I went back to show the service advisor. After checking my car, he went to check other Altis car that was sent for service. He showed me there were 3 similar holes too in those car who did not install the DVR camera.
My question to him
1. Why are the holes there in the first place. Answer : Not sure, maybe for future
2. If for future use, why are the holes not covered?. Do you know these holes will lead to small insects like ants or spiders crawling in to make a nest
Answer : Dont' know
3. If this is a manufacturing defect, Toyota should be responsible and admit it and recall all ALtis and get the defect replaced.
4. I am going to lodge a complain to Toyota Malaysia.
Answer : You complain lah.
This really pissed me off. I have make the effort to check all NEW ALTIS from the Toyota Showroom. TRUE enough it also appears in all new ALTIS too. This is DEFINITELY a MANUFACTURING DEFECT.
I have written to Toyota customer service, no response. I also written on TOYOTA Facebook page. They remove my posting within 30 minutes.
If they have nothing to hide, why aren't they replying and why is my posting been removed.
Does anyone know any where I can direct my complain to.
I have attached the 3 holes on my ceiling carpet.

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Oct 25, 2018 6:55 pm EDT
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Replying to comment of Paulynyam

dont even mention about poor service, their warranty is suck, is irresponsible if ask to change the part. useless Toyota car

Jan 09, 2017 5:00 pm EST

I sent my toyota unser for air-cond service on Dec 2016 and being told that the air-cond cover has cracked. I made decision to exchange the cover but
the service advisor told me that they are unable to get the cover and asked me to look for the cover myself. I tried to get help from customer care and they asked me to summit my complaint form. Until today, I haven't receive any reply from them.

Dec 30, 2016 11:58 pm EST

This morning went to do my general service at Kuantan branch (Semanbu) . Feel not happy with the service . When I arrive at service centre 10am, most of the service advisor having tea time . Need to wait for them about 10mins.
Do mention I don't need screen washer while the service advisor attending to me.
After car ready and payment done, I get into my car and find out they had been added washer into my wiper water tank. I call up to the same advisor but they deny it. Your company charging for my vehicle serving about Rm141, my braking light had been default but non of your ppl tell me . My turbo cover screw missing and non of your technical replace or inform. What is your service are we paying. It's just like small work shop doing job .
Most of the time i did my service at Batu Pahat branch . They always having lubricant balance and returning to us even changed the oil filter but Kuantan branch don't even show us the empty bottle or changed items. Are staff taken the balance for own use ?

Oct 07, 2016 9:14 pm EDT
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I’ve make a booking on 8th Oct 8am for changing all my 4 tyres at Toyota service center (Jalan Kuala Kangsar). I arrived at 7.30am chatted with the agent there telling me it will take me less than 2 hours for changing all 4 tyres. My agent due with me at 7.45am, car being taken out by 8am but left a place. 8.50am. I texted the agent telling him no one is changing my car tyres but no reply from him. All the while there are technicians chatting nearby my car. 9.07am, someone opened my car bonnet and leave it. By 9.24am, I saw customer who come later than me have finished their service. 9.26am, I called the agent and he lie to me saying someone is changing the tyres where I can see from far there is totally no one was next to my car and he promise to urge them, but I never see him go towards my car even though he is walking around the platform servicing other customers. Finally 9.44am, my car was being “treated” and the agent finally went to urge them at 9.50am when he saw me from far. 10.15am, tyres changed and left at the same place until 10.31am to go for inspection. Finally, 10.55am my car was done whereby the estimated time supposed to be ended by 10am. Changing tyres took longer time than my car’s major service. The car tyres changing process needed only 1 hour and I’ve waited 3 hours for no reason.

May 17, 2016 8:12 pm EDT
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My Toyota Vios that I bought with mileage of 479 km at the first I received the car. Some more the salesman treat me like stupid just like I never know what is the meaning of ODO & Range stated on meter in front driver. I have another Toyota & my office using Toyota as well. Many times already I complaint this matters but nobody can answer my question. I don't want if now Toyota never remark on this complaint, one day will have another problem such as a problem with the car's system. 479km is a long distance, how its possible I received new car just like second hand car?.

Dec 09, 2015 8:27 am EST
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My toyota hilux have bought for 1 year plus.The main problem is tyre.They said want to change sport rim.I wait for 2 month still no new from them.My number is AJV 2974.Pls tke note and reply me asap.

Jul 28, 2015 9:34 am EDT

Hi Mr Henry,
I totally agree to you. The toyota Malaysia has the worst customer service. My complaint was not answered for more than 2 months. The staff Kartini, Theresa and Suri were bossy. The head Mr Edmond is another big-headed guy. I was not allowed to talk to him and he did not call back even after so many request through his assistant Ms Suri.


Oct 26, 2018 5:02 am EDT
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Toyota Malaysia after sales service and warranty is real [censored] and cheat customer

Nov 02, 2018 10:12 am EDT
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Replying to comment of Goh WY

is real stupid for toyota malaysia, they are not even response the problem that i sent


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