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Complaints & Reviews

false advertising

This company attempts to sell vehicles the way car dealers did 20 years ago. Ok, so some still do, but if you read Consumer Reports, this dealer is a textbook case of what to avoid. Freedom Toyota of Hamburg, PA started with a mailing campaign that promised $2000 over the Kelly Blue Book value of my used Toyota Camry, which was in good shape according to Kelly's description of "good." The mailing said I had been identified as a customer who was qualified for this deal and they gave me an account number. ( What was I thinking?)

Next came a newspaper ad which advertised $3000.00 over Kelly Blue Book. Of course, if you read the fine print, you would discover it qualified the ad by saying up to $3000.00 for your trade and it also described how no used car would receive anything more than a "fair" rating, no matter the actual condition. In other words, we will only give you $3000.00 dollars if you buy a vehicle we want to get rid of quickly and we don't care what condition your trade is in.

We drove 25 minutes to the dealer and then were told they were busy but it would be 3 minutes before a salesman became available. An hour later, Bill walked up. Bill acted as if his day was done and he had better things to do. When we showed him the numbers we had crunched that identified the dealer invoice price via consumerreports.com, he nodded his head and proceeded to ignore most of what we told him. We ended up walking out when Bill wanted to do the "I have to talk to my manager" two-step. I told Bill that I don't dance and that his numbers completely ignored where we said we needed to be and hour before. When the sales manager finally showed-up, I politely told him that we can't do business. This was a complete waste of time on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Buyer beware. End of story.

  • Fr
    freedomcars Jun 30, 2010

    Hi PAlongrider...

    I'm sorry to hear of your experience at our dealership. We do our best to completely explain all of our advertising efforts and specials, which we beleive are exceptional values to our consumers. Furthermore, our team is dedicated to the happiness of our customers, and I'm disappointed to hear of your experience. Please feel free to call me personally to express your concerns. Even if you've already purchased a vehicle elsewhere, I would love the opportunity to learn from your experience.

    Thanks for your time.

    Eric Savage
    Freedom Auto Group

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Resolved charges for leased vehicle

2007 toyota tacoma leased for 39 months - traded in at 38 months to the toyota dealer that we originally leased from and leased a highlander from them for 48 months. The dealer kept our leased tacoma and has had it advertised in the paper. They assessed no wear and tear charges against us for the tacoma. This happened over a month ago and we have actually made the first payment on our new leased highlander. Today in the mail we received a bill from Southwest Toyota Finance for $273 for over & above normal wear and tear! I have called the toyota dealer and was assured we owed them or Southwest Toyota nothing. If we had not seen the dealer ad in the paper for our previously leased tacoma we would have been paying Southwest Toyota Finance $273 that we didn't owe them.

Resolved paint problem

Dear sir,
Vehicle No. : HR 26 AD 2652 (Innova)
Ref No. : TKMMAIM10A111922 Dt: 08.04.2010.
We met Mr. Rajeev Budhiraja, from (HCR dept.) they do agree there is some problem in the paint on bonet of our car.
They are for ready to do repaint and charging Rs 3500/- .we like Toyota personal intervene and solve this problem to repaint without any charge/ complementary.
Since we did made the payment in bill & with no fault of our this is happening there for we should not be penalize again to pay for repaint.
Your earliest action shall be appreciated.
Best Regards
Sandeep Mithal

car buying scams

A couple tips about Car buying from someone who recently learned a few lessons the hard way in my dealing...

new car service dishonesty?

On April 17, 2010, we (me and my wife) went to the dealer since our car was recalled (Camry 2009). We left the car in the Toyota Workshop (10287 Fairfax Blvd., Fairfax, VA 22030, [protected]). We left the car for the fix and came back after 4 hours to pick it up.

When we were about to get into the car, we got confused whether it was our car since three hob caps were missing. But it was our car. We went to the supervisor and saw him, talked to him about it. The first sentence he said was "You didn't have the hub caps". I told him that we are pretty much sure we had the hub caps. He insisted that the car didn't have it as if we lied to them for hub caps where as we spent a pretty much good money on this car and would not feel morally good to bargain for 3 hob caps. This is simply not us.

We got frustrated and decided to talk to the upper management and we talked to him. He repeated the same thing as the first gentleman said. He additional said that he is ready to offer the hob caps with less money.

Since we know for sure we had the hob caps when we gave the car to the workshop, we didn't accept his offer, we feel that Toyota should be fully liable to the lost hob caps.

We came home frustrated with this bitter experience. However, it didn't surprise us much because when we gave the car for the first service, we were delivered a different car. They had to do the paperwork all over.

The loyalty to Toyota is resulting us to a bitter experience. I am now confused which Toyota workshop would be a reliable one where we don't lose the parts like hub caps.

I am posting this since I don't know where to complain this painful experience.

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regarding winning prize

Thu, 8 April, 2010 10:05:19 PMContact Payment Bank (CITI BANK PLC)
From: Toyota Award Office <[protected]@gmail.com> Add to Contacts
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Congratulations on emerging as one of our award winners. British Toyota Promo offers awards to Lucky owners of selected emails that came out in our Random Draws. You have therefore been approved to go ahead and claim your funds which amounts to £750, 000.00 (Seven Hundred And Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling) on behalf of your Email. For Claims purpose do consult the Citi Bank London immediately with your information and serial number SM9-0010-732 on the contact details below:

Contact Person: MR MATHEW JONES
Tel: +44 [protected]
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(5) SEX

Thank you and once again, Congratulations!!!

Mrs. Mercy Jerr

2.Thu, 8 April, 2010 11:10:56 PMYou Are Welcome To Citi Bank Plc **CHOOSE A SUITABLE OPTION**
From: Citi Bank Plc <[protected]@hotmail.co.uk>Add to Contacts
To: rahul.[protected]@yahoo.in


Citi National House,
2 Triton Square, Regent's Place,
Surrey, KT138UA, United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 [protected]
Fax: +44 [protected]

Email: [protected]@hotmail.co.uk

You are welcome to Citi Bank Plc. The payment Bank for Toyota Global Award. We are pleased to be at your services. We are Regulated and Stipulated by the Financial Service Authority (FSA).

After receiving confirmation from the Toyota Global Award Office that you are one of the AWARD WINNER, we are presenting you with the following options with which you would prefare to receive your Award funds of £750, 000.00 (Seven Hundred And Fifty Thousand Pounds Sterling Only) in our possession. You are to make your preferred and affordable choice from the options listed below for us to remit your funds to you in your country.



You will have to open a new Bank account with this bank (CITI BANK PLC) and it will be registered for International Transfer and note that you can make transfer online which will take 24hours to get the local account in your country. After the Opening of an account, an account will be openned in your name and the Account Number and Pin Number will be forwarded to you to enable you have internet access into your online account via our official website.

Account Opening Fee:...£10
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Dispatch Of An ATM CARD: You shall receive an ATM CARD which your award prize money has already been credited into. This ATM CARD can be used to withdraw money in any ATM MACHINE in any part of the world, but the maximum is (£50, 000) Fifty Thousand Pounds transaction daily. The ATM CARD will be delivered to you via our affiliate courier delivery agent to your destinated house address.

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Bank Commission:...£20

Respond to this email by making selection from the above options and also you are adviced to send us the scanned copy of your Driver's Licence, international passport (photo page) or any other legally identifying document for proof of identity.

So if you are ready to make the payment for any of the OPTIONS above, you are expected to notify this office with the specific option so that we can provide you with the payment details.

Your urgent reply will be most welcome.

We look forward to serving you better.

Best Regards,

Mr. Mathew Jones
Managing Director/Chief Accountant
For: Citi Bank Plc
The Approved Bank for Toyota Global Award.
Copyright © 2010. CITI BANK PLC All rights reserved.

note: kindly find out what is fact, i am enclosing the winning certificate as well as tax certificate given me by the above address they ask me his name MATHEW JOHN from citi bank plc uk. and demanded me money to release my fund from tax department as well as high court uk. so i paid some money, i request you to verify all these if it is false then do strong action against them . even i have given him my id proof as well as my account number. have a great day


  • Ka
    karim ramdan Apr 27, 2010

    Good evening
    I am Karim from Egypt had sent a letter to the amount I earned de I want is you know de real and I know you will want A link between you and the bank does the letter D for all people and all people Petksp nor the only one I do not understand I hope you understand me and thank you

    [email protected]


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Resolved car problems


end of lease

My wife had a toyota rav 4 and the lease is up next month. This was the 2nd Rav4 she leased from them. They were not willing to work with us at all on getting a new toyota. We are over the mils and they would not do anything for us. We also have some damage that we would like to get fixed ahead of time. They refuse to send anyone to look at the car. I do not want toyota to fix it, because i know they will charge us more. Also, myself, my wife, and my father in law have all called their leasing customer srvice dept. Thay are the rudest people i have ever dealt with. You would think in these times, they would be nice to pewople. Their comercial about customer loyalty is total BS!!. I will never lease or buy another toyota again. We are actually getting a mazda instead. They are so much nicer to deal with.

  • Gm
    gmbach101 Aug 03, 2013

    I know buyer beware!!! But this was our first time leasing and now it is time to refinance or turn the car in to Toyota for another one. Just tried to go over the Contract my husband signed and none of the figures add up...I dont know where they got some of these figures, but the agreed upon value of the Vehicle is more than the sticker price...which we thought we were getting. nothing adds up and am not happy with their answers...I know we will not lease again...we end up paying way more than the car is worth!

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Resolved my car repair delay

Good Day,

I had an accedinet for almost one month and a half, my issu started when I sent my car using recovery to the workshop. First thing they didn't work on my car excusing that the didn't get the approval from my insirance. The problem is that my insurance said that the workshop is playing around and we sent the approval two days later. Day after day they said maybe it is faxed we didn't see it. until they get the approval, they gave me two weeks to repair my car cause they will change the part for model 2010. after 3 weeks trying to call them with no answe, I was told that the door cant be reparied and the insurance refused to change it and some silly staf and also give us another week. I am really frustrated from their treatment and want to know one thing, why the want customer if they cant service them?

Resolved avoid them, beware


The folks at Right Toyota sold us a vehicle that, unknown to us, had been used in a very rough manner by the previous owner. At the time of purchase we were assured that the vehicle (4-Runner...$24, 000!!!...14, 000 mi) had been carefully inspected and was in excellent condition. The problems, which became apparent within a couple of months, included the steering system, suspension and O2 sensors required multiple trips to diagnose and repair. The staff was unhelpful and unwilling to accept any responsibility for selling a trashed vehicle. They implausibly deny any knowledge of the vehicles poor condition and acted annoyed that we asked them to act with some integrity and offer some sort of recompense (repair or fair trade deal).

  • Dr
    drsysiphus Apr 12, 2010

    Well, Toyota came through. It seems Joe C. from their regional corporate noticed the complaint, and contacted us. He then worked with us over a couple weeks to facilitate a fair trade for a purchase of a 2010 4Runner at a great price. They were willing to work a trade for used as well.

    Thank you Joe C! Thank you Toyota for having him as your ombudsman.

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  • Sw
    swinger Dec 10, 2010

    Like I said you made the choice of purchasing a used car and now am crying like a baby because it is failing you. You shouldn't have bought a used car sold as is.

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  • Ok
    OksanaK Mar 13, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with you. Right Toyota is the worse dealership one could ever go. My situation is devastating. I was planning on returning to Canada because of the new job and went in to trade back both of my vehicles, both financed through Toyota. I did my homework and wasn't planning on purchasing anything in exchange. They pulled out a financial manager and general sales manager to convince me and reassure me that they will complete a paperwork, and I would be able to take the vehicle with me as soon as it's not a new one. I got myself into the contract of 2011 toyota car, they didn't do any paperwork. I had driven this car for less than a month and had to leave the car I couldn't take across the border at their dealership. I lost the money from the trade in that went towards a new agreement, and now they are forcing me to sign a car surrender form to make me liable for the difference in the price if they sell my car for less. Any advice from anyone on what I should do?

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Resolved lied to and humiliated by toyota

This is a letter I am writing to Toyota Canada and Toyota International about an awful experience March 25-27, 2010.

Lied to and Humiliated by Toyota Scarborough

We are writing to complain about the humiliating service we received March 27, 2010 at one of your company’s Canadian dealerships, Scarborough Toyota, 1897 Eglinton Ave. East, Toronto, Canada. My husband had leased our first car through this dealership in November 2006, just before we got married and had an unpleasant experience with regards to the lease negotiations and the price obtained. Since then we had been back to our dealership for a few services (oil changes etc.) and there had been a change in management, so we felt more positively towards them.

Earlier this year, we received a notice about the loyalty program and were asked to come in to discuss an early termination of our lease (due to expire in November 2010). Since our marriage, we had moved an hour away from the dealership so we took off work early to go and see the dealership sales person. We test drove the Camry 2010 and liked it. However, we were not really sure about purchasing a new lease due to our personal circumstances. Over the course of the evening, we expressed our reservations while our sales rep continued to push very hard that we should get the lease so that they could deliver the car before March 31, 2010. This was the first negotiation my husband and I were doing together on a purchase of this size, so clearly we were inexperienced, and should have left at the first sign of discomfort. However, we continued with the process – our first mistake. We weren’t thrilled about the price, but were feeling it was fair.

In fact, our sales rep provided us with a verbal promise and a written note that if we brought him another quote for the same deal with proof in writing, he would beat that price by 5%. When we asked if we could get it in writing from the manager, he said it would then be legally binding and said something about “anti-competition clause/law”. This lead to further confusion on our end that. When we went in to discuss the bill, another manager tried very hard to sell us the dents and dings package telling us that we would be in “the minority who wouldn’t buy this package”. We felt really stupid. At that point, we didn’t even know if all the paper work we had done meant we had bought the car or not. Not understanding completely clearly that the signing that paper for the deposit meant that we had “purchased” the car, we went home. It was 9:30 pm, we’d been there for almost 4 hours and were exhausted.

For the next 36 hours, we discussed the deal and decided we did not want to take the car at this time. The four-hour process had been exhausting. We also wanted clarification on the price, which we received over the phone with our sales rep the next day. Although the price was fair, we had felt strong-armed into the deal due to our inexperience. So, we went back to the dealership to talk to our sales rep, discussing our reservations about the process, and he said he would recommend the dealership return the deposit. We insisted on speaking with the manager present – our sales rep said only the sales manager was present, not the “refund” manager, and asked us to come back after two days. We left the dealership to speak in the car, and then realized we would not be able to make the 2-hour return trek to the dealership on a weekday to discuss the “possibility of the refund”.

So in we went back to the dealership and insisted meeting the sales manager. This proceeded to become the most humiliating conversation we have ever had the displeasure of having. We politely explained our experience over the past 48 hours, that we were very uncomfortable with the deal and could we please cancel it. Instead of trying to help us out, the manager humiliated us by saying that our reason for wanting to cancel the deal was not reason enough! He insisted our discomfort could not possibly be the real reason; it had to be something else, the price most likely. It was the worst 30 minute conversation we have ever had. He basically explained to us that he would not, could not cancel the deal because he did not want to lose business. He did not care that the Toyota brand would suffer if its customers were upset with the negotiation process. He said no one could have sold him anything he didn’t want to buy and that his dealership had been around for 30 years so we could do nothing to ruin its reputation. We even said we were inexperienced and yes, we should have walked out earlier. Showing no empathy, he said the contract was “written in stone” and that even if we had come with a better quote/price, he would not have changed the contract, which means, in effect, that we were lied to verbally (*the note was scanned and sent to Toyota).

To be fair, we don't think the sales rep is a bad guy, but we do think the manager was the one putting pressure on him to make the sale. Anyway, what the manager basically said was we had to purchase the car, and to try to sweeten the awful conversation he would throw in some all-weather mats or a boot liner. $100 mats for 2 days of not being able to sleep? Wow! And being lied to by the only car company that we have been defending to our friends and colleagues for weeks!

You see, we are a family of Toyota drivers. There are five Toyotas within just our immediate family, and both our fathers are looking to replace their Toyotas. The dealership knew this and we thought if we had a good experience there, we would recommend them to our family.

Instead, we are considering letting our deposit of $1000 go because we the whole experience has left such a bitter taste in our mouths. The dealership can keep our money because if this is the way Toyota cares about its customers, we would never like to buy our cars there again. We were loyal to Toyota during the recent recall crisis and this is the way Toyota has repaid our loyalty! We weren’t explained the process properly; we explained our inexperience to our sales rep and manager with no one trying to help us. Instead, we were treated disrespectfully and frankly, we feel like we don’t ever want to do business with Toyota again. Just seeing Toyota on the road since yesterday afternoon makes us angry. Oh, and to add salt to wounds, the sales manager’s patronizing tone and attitude was just awful; why would you tell your customers that you feel sorry for those couples who don’t have children (we don’t have children) because they want their freedom and don’t know what joy children are?! Clearly this manager needs to learn some communication skills.

In his speech while being appointed President, Mr. Akiyo Toyoda said: “Rather than asking, “How many cars will we sell?” or, “How much money will we make by selling these cars?” we need to ask ourselves, “What kind of cars will make people happy?” as well as, “What pricing will attract them in each region?” Then we must make those cars.” Well, we are sorry to report but Toyota dealerships are not following their President’s vision.

$1000 may be a lot of money for us but clearly, to Toyota, our brand loyalty is not even worth that much. We are very disappointed with Toyota because if that’s the way the company wants to do business, it is going to lose many more customers.

  • Di
    dia3766 Apr 04, 2010

    legally you have 7 days to return a lease if you change your mind they can't hold onto the deposit

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Resolved business practice

My son picked out a Scion as his high school graduation present. I did not want to use their financing due to...

Resolved scam

yes, i received an email a few weeks ago claiming i won $500, 000.00 USA + a 2010 Toyota just for having the right email address...i hadn't entered any lottery but i won...out of several people i was a winner..All I had to do was send my Name, age, and which port I would like my car, along w/ my e-mail address and sex. Seemed easy enough...no harm, right...wasn't being asked my D.O.B or address or even bank account info. so I sent in Then came the actual certificate w/ my winning info stating I won the $5oo, ooo.ooUSA and 2010 Toyota wanting to know my bank ing information and a copy of my passport id and photo, along with my address and everything else...telling me the bank was in the phillipines and that once they received my info they would contact me... I sent an email stating I had no bank account and No passport so what would I need to do. I haven't Heard a word since...I wasn't born yesterday..Maybe blonde, but I'm not ignorant...well, here's all the INFO on these guys: maybe you can catch them or something...HERE'S to all the BLONDES who get picked on...T.T. section Bank of Commerce, phillipines, Attention: Mr. Charito Bayani, [protected]@commercebk.net or www.commercebank.com


Resolved false information

I own a Toyota Avalon Limited ID # 4T1BK3DBXAU352699 that was recalled twice for the gas pedal problem. Just this AM I had it in service to finalize the repair. After leaving the service area, noticed that my invoince reflect the following statement" Customer was offer world class inspection but decline inspection" Since no such discussion occured when the vehicle was delivered, I immediately made contact with a Mrs Reid, who claim that this statement is provided directly from the computer and they have no control over this. I must say that I'm very upset abut this, and feel that I have no recourse from a Toyota service center lying to the customer.
Further more, I ask about the paint peeling from my new car rear bumper, and was told that they cannot do anything about this and must write the factory. I previously owned a Toyota Avalon for 10 Years without any problems and so after just 5 months I sure do not feel the same about this new vevicle and yoour service center.

  • Fl
    flyhumer Aug 28, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When you pay as much as $40,000 for the Toyota Avalon you would expect the radio to be equipped to just register your SIRIUS membership. You have to pay an additional $650 for additional equipment of which we were not told about.The Service manager did not even know about this.

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Resolved partial attending of vehicle & irregular delivery schedule

Sub : Service of Toyota Quallis KA03 MB5828 at RAVINDU TOYOTA, BANGALORE

For the past one year I have been using this vehicle registered in the name of OVOBEL FOODS LTD.
This vehicle is Serviced right through in your service center itself from the begining.
After I started using this vehicle I have left this vehicle for servicing for atleast 5 to 6 times.
With deep regret I wish to bring to your kind notice that your service has gone from bad to worst each
time.Previous time after your servicing the vehicle had to spend full Sunday at your work station for the purpose of wheel allignment &balancing.
This time you service team required 14 hrs for what ever service they have done to this vehicle.
The worst part of the service this time is that at 8.30 Pm after full 12 1/2 hrs of leaving the vehicle
at your service station the service technician calls and asks me that he requires a permissionto change
some part. Ultimately the vehicle was delivered at 10.30PM.

The next to worst (anything you can think of beyond worst) thing in your service station is that once
the vehicle is washed you person starts writing down an history for the Vehicle refferring bible,
dictionary, encyclopidia which would easily consume another 30 to 45 minutes. By this time the number
of people swarming aroung would increase (like honey bees).

After taking a booking very promptly why do you enjoy in irritating the customers. Your irritation
reaches Mount Everest when your Service feed back team starts speaking like a parrot. When you do not
wish to change why do you want to show to the World that you care for customers.

I do not expect a reply from anyone since I have decided what ever happens I will not even in my dreams
leave the vehicle for servicing in any of the Toyota Show Rooms.

I feel toyota company is not bothered about servicing since the product of the company would anyway get sold due to its quality. Once it is purchased the customers are in trap. The service center sells countless number of vehicles and will have a service center also. These service centers accept vehicles beyond their servicing capacity.

After leaving the vehicle for servicing the CUSTOMER BECOMES A DOG WAITING AT THE DOOR. This is my conclution to the complaint.

Best & Worst regards,

Resolved oil consumption, ticking noise from engine

I had purchased a 2001 Toyota Celica gt in October 2005 to initially get to and from work, and in 2007 i noticed that the engine was consuming more oil then normal (1 quart oil = 500miles) after the oil was changed at 96, 000 miles, i also started noticing a ticking noise coming from the engine compartment that was only noticeable while driving and i dont know what caused it. I've taken it to Roseville Toyota in California to have it checked out and they kept blaming it on my exhaust, even when i took a technician for a drive to let him listen to the noise, but he still said it was my exhaust. I have taken my car to them multiple time to have them check it out and also had them do a valve adjustment to see if that was it. It's been 3 years now and 133, 000 miles later I'm still dealing with these issues, except now its ticking all the time. Please help, i'm getting tired of dealing with this issue and its starting to get too expensive, having to keep buying oil every 500 miles. I am a college student and i commute to and from school (68 miles round trip, five days a week), and these issues i've been experiencing is so frustrating, and the engine ticks soo much like its about to break down, and the anticipation of when it's gonna break down is getting to be very irritating. I had initially purchased the car knowing that Toyota was known for making reliable and durable cars like Honda, so i decided to give Toyota a try and see if it held up to its reputation, and plus it was an upgrade from my 89 honda civic that i use to have. I've experienced more mechanical problems with this car then my civic had and it was an 89. I thought Toyota was suppose to be reliable, durable, and dependable, i guess not. If i would have known these cars had soo many issues ahead of time, I would have just stayed with honda, at least i know Honda lasts longer then 200, 000 miles.


  • Ex
    ExpertToyota Jun 25, 2010

    You may have distrib O ring, valve cover gasket, cam seal, crank seal, oil pump seal leak. Go to another dealer. Did u change timing belt and tensioner at 90k miles?

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  • Ex
    ExpertToyota Jun 25, 2010

    Fix the distrib o ring and valve cover gasket leak first. Do others with timing belt change for 1 hour extra labor. Search dealer sites for coupons.

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  • Ex
    ExpertToyota Jun 25, 2010

    Change oil pump o ring also when replacing oil seals. Same labor.

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  • Ak
    Akaiser 57 Aug 07, 2010

    This is a similar issue with celicas. I have had 4 Celicas since 1978; the last 3 (the first was sold before 50, 000 miles) have developed mysterious oil leaks at around 50, 000 miles. These leaks have never been properly diagnosed by any mechanic, whether it be a Toyota dealer or otherwise. I can't even begin to determine the thousands of dollars of repairs going into all t he cars, but my last bill was over $2000, and the oil leak is worse than ever. SInce getting the car back from service (a month or so ago and I drive the car very little), I have put 8 quarts in. I want to write to Toyota, but will probably be treated with the same disrespect as others. Anyone have any ideas>

    A. Kaiser

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Resolved kingsway toyota refused to replace or fix the car

I have bought a 2010 Toyota Corolla and the 2nd week a bought the vehicle a lifter or engine noise start...

Resolved break system issue

I have own a corolla altis car after two weeks from delivery date i have complained about large quantity of carbon deposit on the alloy wheels. The dealer neglected by saying it is not a fault. after 5000 KM. of running i again said the same complaint which i have seen increasingly. They have done break drum skimming and replacement of break pads the problem still persists.
when informed about this, they said no problem it will not harm your car's performance, if so, Iam still suffering the problem company like toyota should not make such faulty cars to cheat their customers.

  • An
    Anup Bhagat Nov 13, 2010

    i am having atis bought in oct 2008. noise was coming from day one. we kept the car first at 841 kms. n then after kept thrice befor 3000 kms. every time it worked for just 50 - 100 kms and then again and again noise was coming. we even mentioned it in the feedback for of company and the dealer's. now when the noise has incresed toyota is saying to replace the pads and all and gave esimated expence of Rs 30000. even called toll free no and call center people took all the information thrice but as on today nothing is been concluded...

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Resolved misrepresentation

WARNING: This is a company willing to completely misrepresent vehicles to obtain a sale. They take no reponsibility for there actions. Any business entered into should be done with extreme caution and my recommendation would be to ake your business to a reputable dealer, as many exist.

  • My wife and I bought a brand-new 2009 RAV4 from Sullivan Toyota of Wichita Falls in August 2009. They truly stand by their committment to customer service...every time, every day and everybody! Our experience was second-to-none and the entire staff treated us like family. I would recommend Sullivan Toyota of Wichita Falls to all of my family and friends. I will most definitely be returning regularly to the dealership for all my automotive service needs! They will earn my business again when it's time to trade my RAV4 in. This is a reputable dealership. Thank you for a job well done Sullivan Toyota of Wichita Falls!

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Resolved sold me a new wrecked car

I purchased a (So I thought) new Toyota from pat lobb in Mckinney.not only was the"NEW"CAR previously wrecked in transit or unloading they never told me.

Also the mirrors leak water everytime it rains or car is washed.Toyota sent me to toyota of Irving they had the car a week I paid for my own rental while they repaired their shoddy work.Needlesss to say 2 days after I picked it up it rains and mirrors leaked worse.Dealer says live with it.Now they have the gas pedal recall so I called to see if my camry/solara was included in the recall and they said they did not know to call back.I hope Toyota suffers the same fate as Chrysler and GM because of the way they treat customers after they purchase a car.My next car will be a Honda and Toyota can kiss my ***.