J&T Expressservice & delivery delay @ j&t branch georgetown01, penang

F Feb 14, 2020

Tracking No: [protected]

Fyi, this parcel sent out 10/02/2020 and reached branch georgetown 01 on 11/02/2020.

But this parcel haven't sent out until today (14/02/2020 3pm) and the status shown "parcel overnight" in the branch for 3 nights.

Some more, no body pick up the branch phone during these 3 days. Also, the careline did not help me to solve the problem, keep telling me we don't know what happen and will highlight to the branch only.

May I know the reason why the parcel overnight at that branch for 3 nights instead of do the delivery for just 15 - 20 minutes distance???

service & delivery delay @ j&t branch georgetown01, penang

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