J&T Expressdelivery

A Jan 11, 2020

I ordered an item from Shopee and this is not the first time I ordered anything online. I never experience any problem until this time. The Shopee App indicated that I received the order even though I was at home on that day they said they delivered. I called Shopee and they told me to check with J & T and I tried calling them but no matter how many time I call, nobody answer, the phone kept ringing. I complain to Shopee and they did an investigation and the result was in favor of the seller. I was not pleased with the result. I finally decided to check if they leave the item in a box outside my place and they did. I am angry because the delivery person did not tell me that they put the item in the box, no whatsapp, no message and nothing. I even went to another website to buy the same item. Now I have 2 of the same item. When other courier company place anything in the box outside my place, they will whatsapp me with some photos of where the item is, how it looks like and my apartment door number, so that I am aware. I even have to whatsapp them back with the OTP number before they can consider the items delivered.

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