Jewel-Oscopharmacy employee

E Dec 30, 2019

I went in today on my lunch break as I always do and have been doing for several years the wonderful gentleman that are usually there were off today. I always purchase my few makeup items at the same time as I purchase my medication I have been all along with the normal pharmacist that are there. But today there was a fill in person an Asian lady I tried to call to get her name but got no answer she refused to ring up my items with my medicines she told me I needed to take to front of store I have limited time at lunch and get off work late in the evenings. There also was no one else in line. I always purchase together so was unable to get medicine she was very rude I love this pharmacy and have never been treated this way by anyone there not even the other lady who fills in I am very very upset with this treatment I received today. Is it your policy to refuse service to people

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