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Reviews and Complaints

Jewel-Osco verified

meat department

I was going to buy meat from the service case when I overheard one of the employees tell the other persons that the block has not be cleaned in over 4 months. I was shocked by what I herd, so I went to say something about it to the store manager, the response I got from her was as if I was bothering her.
I really like shopping there but after what I experienced I don't feel safe about buying anything from there anymore.
I really hope someone check into the matter

Jewel-Osco verified

meat freezer

On Saturday September 8th 2019 I went to the jewels food store to purchase a couple items mainly I was looking for imitation crab legs so I can make me a seafood salad as I was purchased that I looked down and it did the freezer to me freezing they had a package fresh catfish I suppose it was fresh but all this trash they put non-food on top of trash and pretty much they whole freezer section where you pick up the fresh meat was just not cleaning un -sanitized to me I do have a picture that I took I shall earn $100 gift card for this because the manager they not doing what they supposed to do in that store as fast food we got to eat

meat freezer
meat freezer

Jewel-Osco verified

chicago, illinois 60613

This store is filthy. The parking lot fence is broken. The grass has not been mowed. The clothing donation box has been over turned. Clothes and trash all over the lot. The front of the store has not been power washed for years. This Jewel store looks like it belongs in the ghetto. Management has been notified numerous times ( Zero results). The coolers in the store do not work ( as a result when you purchase chicken etc) it goes bad very quickly. Large freezers leak on the floor. It smells. Rats have been seem ( in the store).We have finally contacted the Department of Public Health and the 46th ward city office and encouraged an inspection. Albertson foods has been contacted ( corporate ) no response.