Jet Airways Indianegligent check in, extremely unhelpful and rude behavior

S Mar 22, 2019

Dear Madam/Sir,

I was travelling alone on NZ Student Visa on 7th March 2019 from BOM-AKL via BKK and SYD code shared between Jet Airways and Qantas Airways (PNR: O8FUEQ).
As per schedule, I reached the airport and was checked in till Auckland. Having my travel itinerary with the staff, she only checked my NZ student visa and issued me my boarding pass till Auckland and did not mention anything about the Australian Transit visa. The entire Flight details of my travel must have definitely been displayed on her screen.
I had to go through mental torture once I landed in Bangkok.
Qantas Airways refused entry because I did not have an Australian Transit Visa. I was then directed to the Jet airways staff in Bangkok to see what could be done ahead. The staff gave me two options 1-to go back home, 2- to take an alternate flight directly to Auckland. They left as soon as I decided on booking my next flight from Thai airways to go directly to Auckland from Bangkok the next day costing 22, 855.00 THB (PNR :NQFQ97 - this was done with the help of my brother). The airline did not help with the bookings.
However, Thai airways needed a confirmation letter stating my ordeal until now. Qantas Airways could not issue me the letter because it was Jet airways that brought me to Bangkok without checking my transit visa at Mumbai Airport itself.
On calling your customer care, they refused to give me any such letter neither provided any assistance. Also, the Transfer staff at the Bangkok airport was not supportive at all and was adamant in saying that he could not do anything for me and I will have to do everything on my own.
He did not even allow me to speak to his superior and just gave me the call center number to call. When i asked how do i call them when I don't have international calling or the local currency to make calls. He just shook his head and repeated that he can not do anything.
This was highly unacceptable behavior towards your customer who was also a student.
Having no option left, I had to cancel my booking with Thai airways and book a return flight home for the next day costing THB 10155 (PNR: NWDZYO), get visa on arrival and get my luggage myself from the lost and found section. Again with no help by your staff here. The Qantas staff helped me locate my bags.
However, my ordeal did not end there, while check-in the next morning to return to Mumbai, the staff was again not helpful even after stating my reasons for traveling back. The senior staff there said and i quote "it is not our problem" that i have to go back. The staff at the check in counter were extremely rude. I had to pay THB 4480 for excess luggage. Being on a Student Visa to Auckland, I was entitled to carry 45Kg. They did not even have a swiping machine to accept cards and I had to convert my NZ dollars to pay the cash.
Immediate action needs to be taken against staff at Mumbai Airport for checking me in for Auckland without checking the transit visa.
Why was I checked in till Auckland without checking all the required documents? It is the job of the check in staff to check whether I posses all valid Visas before issuing me the boarding pass. This implies lack of job knowledge.
The ordeal I was subjected due to the poorly trained staff and their unprofessional behavior is unacceptable and was emotionally very taxing to me and my family.
There was no reply on the tweets and DM done by my family on twitter to the jet airways handle as well.
The DM done by my brother was replied to after 40hrs.
I need FULL REFUND and COMPENSATION immediately for all the hassles i have had to suffer on your account.
Action needs to be taken against the staff in MUMBAI and BANGKOK for their negligence, unprofessional and extremely rude behavior.
This sort of harassment is appalling.
You are running an airline and your staff should be well trained dealing with paxs.

Jet Airways India
Jet Airways India
Jet Airways India
Jet Airways India
Jet Airways India

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