Jet Airways Indiaflight cancellation

J Apr 11, 2019 Review updated:

My Booking reference : BILJAG

My name is Jayshri Parekh. I had a flight tomorrow 12th April 2019 with Jet Airways and it was cancelled at the last minute. I was not given any warning and all I received was a message with no advice as to what to do next or whether I will be accommodated on another flight. I have been trying to contact the Jet Airways contact centre here in the UK but nobody is answering. This is completely irresponsible and now I have to find a last minute flight which is going to cost a lot more.

This is absolutely unprofessional and I am very frustrated with the position you have left me in. I have flown with Jet Airways many times and I am shocked that this is how you treat a customer of so many years.

You cancelled the flight so you need to accommodate me as soon as possible. I need to be in India before 15th April.

Please reply to me ASAP.

My email is j. [protected]


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