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Jet Airwaysbaggage mishandled and lost


Baggage mishandled recently on blr-bru-jfk route.
The bag did not arrive at jfk, was declared lost after three weeks.

Jet airways - we fly you anywhere, but your baggage can go anywhere!

That's their new tag line! Travel the airline at your own risk! If you have to (Which I don't see why you should) do not check-in any baggage. The chances are high that it will not meet you at your destination!

Because, "jet airways - we fly you anywhere, but your baggage can go anywhere!"

They may fly you safely anywhere but not your bag. Please don't pressurize them to carry both, you and your bag, safely. They simply cannot do it!


  • Ta
    tar_d Mar 28, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I lost my watch on my flight to Kolkata. Which was found by jet airways Kolkata. After my request it was sent to mumbai.I lot it on 2nd Feb it was found on 10th Feb and sent to mumbai on 18th as the email tells me (from Kolkata). Now since 18th of Feb until today I'm getting no single answer from Kolkata or mumbai. Kolkata says it sent it, mumbai says it didn't receive it none of them are doing anything about it. Its best n more than a month now. Hopeless behaviour!
    > > I'm sending emails and calling jet airways every single day but with no success
    > Its one and a half month now!
    > Hopelessly disappointing!

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  • Aa
    aashu2710 May 19, 2014

    Hey.. Even they mishandled my bag and lost it. I don't know how to claim for my bag. So please help me to claim for my bag because I m a student came to Canada for studies.I need your help

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  • Hn
    HNGINIGE Jul 26, 2013

    If I say that I had the wost experience in my life at Jet Airways, I am sure no public will be surprised. It was such an unprofessional, lethargic, attitude that this airline had towards me and my family.
    On 19th July myself, my husband and my two children aged 11 and 6 all excited in seeing their grand parents after so many years reached the airport at 6.40 a.m. in order to catch the 9.30 a.m. Jet Airways flight ex London to Colombo via Mumbai.
    We were in the check- in queue and our turn arrived at 7.25 a.m. after waiting from 6.40 a.m. We were served by pregnant Jahida at the counter and when I gave the two passports she was very puzzled as to see that my passport, bearer Himali Ginige Palihawada has got two children included in the same passport instead of individual. This is a very common situation where mother has got the children included, but for my astonishment she did not know. Thus she had to walk out of the counter and check with different people on this and started weighing my baggage exactly at 7.50 a.m.
    I agree and understand that my baggage were excess and Jahida advised to buy another baggage from the excess baggage counter and arrange the bags accordingly and the remainder to pay as excess which we we had no other choice. My husband before leaving the counter asked her twice what if we get late in doing this process and she assured that we can go through if we reach on or before 8.30 a.m.
    We rushed to the baggage counter and purchased a baggage for GBP 45.00 and started re arranging the same. Once we were done we came back to the queue around 8.15 a.m. Another counter called us and I handed over the passports to the lady ( counter next to premier) and she started with the check-in process. This is the second time that I handed over my passports to a Jet Airways counter.
    Whilst we were been served this lady so called supervisor with no manners at all came towards the counter lady and started complaining about a mistake the counter lady had done like check-in guest by wrong name and wrong baggage tagged etc. She is such an unprofessional that she did not even excuse herself or care that there's other people at the counter to be served. She brought the two other guest that Jet Airways messed with and placed them ahead of us. We were given the passports back and asked to go to the other counter as the lady who was handling us had to sort the issue.
    Not to mention that I had to put the baggage back to the trolley and go with my children here and there like gypsies in the airport. As mannered people we could not bypass the guests who were been served and had to wait longer for the next turn. By this time couple other counters were closed. We were so impatient and finally our turn arrived and it was Jahida again. Handed over my passports again started the extremely slow weighing process and had the excess baggage to be paid . Again we were held until she finds out the excess baggage rate from the ticket service counter. My only question and concern was why on earth they have to ask the rate and keep us on hold??? Usually either there should be a tariff ready to go or the staff should be prepared well before taking over their shift. All these proved how lethargic unprofessional Jet Airways was and every minute counts a lot to us.
    My husband rushed to the ticket counter to pay for excess and I was waiting till Jahida finish with the check-in. No idea what took her so long, This supervisor I would call her heartless, unprofessional, un-mannered individual named Neelam reached our counter asked whats going on and Jahida replied that my husband went pay excess baggage, with no apology, she rudely meanly said that we cannot go and she is going to close the flight!!!
    All I heard was our hopes gone and my little girls started crying and nor could I hold onto my tears. I saw couple of counter staff crying as well as it was exactly 8.30 a.m. Jahida repeatedly said if Neelam says okay she will proceed. My girls begged from her keeping their hands together like praying, she ignored us totally and was hanging on a call for 10 mts!!! How nice is this, I finally said through my tears whilst you are on this call please let us check in, as this was not our fault. We were the culprit of Jet Airways service failures.
    My husband been a very fatherly person would do anything for our children, not to mention him seen crying before he repeatedly said that we do not need any baggage please let us go.. She was very rude gave my children such an attitude and walked away. The counter girls whom she took the call from told it was purposely she was hanging onto the phone, two counter staff as they saw exactly what happened continuously told me to complain and they were kind enough to give her name as Neelam.

    We stayed in the airport until 10.00 p.m. as Rizwan ( ticket counter) assured that he can help us to get for Evening or Saturday morning flight but failed after such a long wait with the children leaving home at 5.00 am. and left the airport at 10.30 p.m. After all this dramatic reactions and attitide the ailrline had declared us as " No show passengers".

    We had to pay GBP 1600 extra for Sunday morning flight, stack the baggage in the baggage locker with another additional GBP 100 at the airport. This was all because we were terribly treated and mishandled by Jet Airways.

    Appreciate if you can look into this immediately as I would claim this legally and inform and reach the authorised bodies as much as I can.

    Working in a hospitality industry in London my only recommendation and advise for hotel guests is not to use Jet Airways at all in your life simply because they are so unprofessional and extremely rude.

    My details re to the 19th July flight
    Name Himali Nayoma Ginige Palihawadana
    Flight Jet Aiways 9W 119 departure 19th July 09.30 a.m.
    589 [protected]

    The above is only mine, if you refer surname Palihawadana there will be three more passengers of my family to travel on this name.

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  • Re
    Realness Jun 11, 2013

    Have you considered that maybe you all were being rude? Rude employees are a result of rude customers. You cannot expect to get excellent service if you are rude. It would be the airlines best bet that you never fly with them again. Check your attitude first.

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  • Sh
    SHejmadi Jun 07, 2013

    We are very unhappy with the way my family was treated at boarding on Jet airways Flight no 9W336(Delhi to Mumbai Saturday June8th 2017-departure 8.05). My husband and 2 kids below 7 years of age had been travelling for more than 24 hours from Houston and had already missed one connecting flight. They were routed through Jet Airways from New Delhi to Mumbai by British Airlines. The flight was sligtly late and my husband and kids rushed through immigration and ran as fast as they could to reach the Jet airways check-in for boarding this flight. They still had 25 minutes to go but the lady at the check-in did not allow them to check-in and were told that boarding was complete. She did not even have the courtesy to hear them out, she just refused to check them in and started talking on the phone. There was absolutely no consideration given to the fact that he was travelling alone with 2 kids who were already worn out after such a long journey. Clearly, we are very disappointed with this attitude. The consequence was that my tired family have to wait in the airport another 6 hours for the next flight. We have travelled a lot and have never had such a bad experience with any other airline. Unless, I can be assured of some strict action will be taken against the staff on duty, Jet airways will definitely be off our list for domestic travel within India. I will also be sharing this bad experience with as many people as I can. We were under the impression that Jet airways offers much better service than its other Indian counterparts. Well, this incident has disproved this.

    And for the lady at check-in who was on duty the morning of saturday June8th, I can only hope that you go through something like this with your kids some day to regret your actions.

    Expecting some kind of action against this rude lady on duty. She is unfit to be an airline employee.
    Shilpa Hejmadi

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  • As
    Ashish Surana Oct 18, 2012

    I booked an open ticket with Jet Airways PNR EUJWZH, they have this special offer for students to book open tickets so that students are not burdened by price hike as students generally don't know the exact dates. I am trying to book a ticket for 16th December, but can;t do that as the flights are booked only business class is available which will cost me extra $1000. Now, i stand helpless as any flights i book now are almost double the fare. I feel cheated because Jet promote themselves as student friendly airlines and try to catch attention of students with special allowances for them, but its absolutely useless if you cant book a seat for which you have paid in 7moths, although i am trying to book 2months prior. The only reason i chose Jet over other International airlines was because, its long travel and i would served Indian food and have Indian entertainment on flight.
    I woud request JET to please look into this matter as I cant even stay here as my hostel also shuts down, and I eagerly want to go home after 7months.My parents can't shell out extra AUD1200, as we are from service class and am already studying on education loan.

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  • Go
    gopans Aug 07, 2011

    Would like to complain about mising item from my Baggage .A Blackberry Bold 9700 Mobile number [protected]
    Passenger Details
    Gopakumar Sivaraman
    Travelled from Sharjah to Kochi in 9W 561 Jet Airways on August 5.
    Missing Blackberry with the battery.Only that item is missing probably that was the samllest item attractive.
    Baggage Tag Number 05899W357295
    Stuck as i dont know how to proceed for the complaint .is there any CCTV there in Luggage area ?Most probably it happened in Sharjah Airport.

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  • Kr
    krish523 Jun 16, 2011

    I bought a Jet AIrways ticket from Madras to Singapore and another ticket from Bangkok to Bombay,
    Having missed the flight in Madras I approached the Jet airways counter. I was informed that there is no seat available fro the next 2 days. I took another airline and landed in Singapore. I checked Jet airways and found out that this was wrong information as seats were available. On calling Jet Airways I was shocked to learn that even my next flight from Bangkok to Bombay was cancelled with no refund.The customer service was rude and impolite and was reading from aprepared text.
    Never fly Jet Airways and never book a ticket from them directly. Always buy from Expedia which offers some measure of protection

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  • Aj
    Ajeet Sanwalia Jun 07, 2011

    On 1st June 2017 I flew from Jakarta to Singapore by Garuda Airlines (GA832) at 16:30 and from Singapore to New Delhi via Jet Airways (9W17) at 23:00. At IGI Airport, New Delhi 3:00 am, I did not receive one baggage at the arrival belt and lodged a complaint at the Baggage Loss Counter.

    I was told that my baggage would arrive the next day (3rd June 2017). Due to this inconvenience, I had to cancel two first class train tickets to my hometown. The starting of my holidays and the excitement of enjoying them with family members was ruined! My time and money was wasted!

    Anyway, I received my baggage on 3rd June 2017 in the afternoon. This was my daughter's baggage and I had to stay back in Delhi to receive it. And since I could not get train tickets back to my hometown immediately, I had to go on 6th June 2017. After reaching home, my daughter was very relieved and relaxed as all her belongings were in that baggage. However when she opened the suitcase, several items were found to be missing - Oriflame Cosmetics, Jewellery Bag containing gold, silver and artificial jewellery, Imported Chocolates, Ladies clothes and "Music Angel" Speaker.

    I am extremely disappointed because I am a frequent flyer for the past 18 years and this has never happened before. I travelled for the first time by Jet Airways and believe me it has been the worst experience for me and my family. I vow never to travel this airline again and will suggest others not to do so too.

    J. Ajeet Sanwalia

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  • Pr
    PRATISH BHATT Apr 01, 2011

    Had booked 2 tickets for my wife ( bhattacharjee, ranjana) and my daughter ( bhattacharjee, tanisha) from lax -bkk-ccu and return to lax. thai airways issued the tickets. on return, from ccu to bkk on january 15( for my wife) and on january 5 ( for my daughter), jet airways changed its departure time from ccu to bkk from 11.45 am to 1.35 am ( see details enclosed). this was taken completely by surprise since confirmed booking was done and the ticket was paid for by us and suddenly jetairways changed its timing. this had resulted a halt of over 12 hours in bkk with no faults of ours. thai airways rebooked the ticket ( see details enclosed) with the changed itinerary but they refused to give us a hotel accomodation at bkk. we requested jet airways to give us a hotel accomodation which they refused. we had no choice but to cancel the booking. thai airways charged $ 200 for cancellation fees. we feel that with no fault of ours ( because jet airways changed its departure schedule from kolkata to bangkok) and not offering any hotel accomodation inspite of over 12 hours halt at bangkok, we should not be penalized for this cancellation charge. hence, we would request you to kindly make good of this loss of $ 200. the check can be mailed to:

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  • Ra
    rajeni nair Jun 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I am a frequent traveller and while travelling from kuwait to mumbai and for the first time that i used the jet airways, i lost expensive watches from my baggage where in the lock was broke open and my clothes were all in a mess and my belongingd were missing. i had given a written complaint on the same tday o the jet airways personnel at CST terminus. they also provided with some phone nos and since monday i have been trying to contact them, but i have been unable to contact anyone from the jet airways. as i am residing in pune and it is not feasible for me to go the airport. i have used many other airlines, but this is the first time that i have lost my belongings. i regret to say it is really careless on the part of the airlines not to be in touch with me after one week and i am unable to contact them. hope that i will get a response after writing this complaint from the sirlines.

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  • De
    deliciaa Fern Dec 22, 2009

    I was taken aback with the rude and cheeky reply from the telecheck in representative. was inquiring if i could reseve a bassinet seat for my 3 year old. the lady's reply was " obviously no you cannot do, when i asked for her name, she repeated it 4 times. my name is parul... your speaking with P A R U L, my name is parul...which kind of make me feel like i was deaf and she kept on talking in a high tone. its sad how they treat a platinum customers as well.

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  • Ak
    a kayes Feb 07, 2009

    i was travelling to bangladesh on the 05/01/09, when i got to dhaka airport my luggage was tampered with, the lock was broken which i managed to cut my finger with, a few of my items was also missing, i filed a complaint in dhaka, the only place plane stopped at was delhi airport where i had to change planes. i have not heard anything from anyone about any compensation towards my missing belongings, my bag number was 9w916711, carrier flight number w121/05jan/gw272/06jan. my airline ticket number was [protected].
    missing items were sony digital camera £150. nike trainers £85. jeans x2 £120.
    i would be greatful if someone can get back to me regarding this matter please.

    mohammed abul kayes

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  • Aa
    Aarti Jan 02, 2009

    I would like to share my most unpleasant experience with Jet Airways, causing me to boycott travel with Jet Airways ever again. I was travelling from DEL to EWR via BRUSSELS with my 2 small children aged 6 and 9.

    Due to weather conditions in New Delhi (Fog and low visibility) on 12/29/2017, the flight was delayed for 11 hrs. Took off from IGI airport at 13:00 hr on 12/29/2017. Passengers were boarded onto the flight at 2:00 am.

    1) The 11 hrs from 2:00 am to 13:00 hrs passengers were made to sit inside the flight. While the crew was changed, there was no thought given to the sufferings of the people on board the flight.
    While no-one can control the weather, efforts were not made to deplane the passages and provide them with open space for breathing fresh air or stretching their legs or buying food/drinks for their family, the captain "Mr. Chawala" provided very infrequent updates, randomly within 3 or 4 hrs or even less frequent. Lets not talk about common courtsey of providing a update by the hr or 2. Kind of a long shot to expect if they treat passengers like a cattle herd that has been ringed into the plane.

    2) Once the plane took off, the only meal served on the plane was Breakfast. Breakfast on a noon flight that arrived in Brussels after 8.5 hrs.?? There was no snack provided by the crew. On asking the air-hostess on board, she indicated that they did not have any food on board besides the desserts that was no consumed by the first class passengers. Since we were not let off the plane for nearly 20 hrs, I did not have any food to provide to my children and I had not catered for this disaster.

    3) Landing in Brussels at 17:00 hrs Brussels time, caused me to miss my connection to Newark. Ground staff did not provide any OPTION for people travelling to US to continue their onwards journey either via London or Toronto. Night stay at Sheraton was a decision forced upon us. Blatant disregard of customer rights and options. The very next flight was the 10:10 Jet Airways flight from Brussels to EWR. Is this a coincidence of Jet staff forcing their convenience down our throats. Repeated requests to upgrade to Business or First Class were completely ignored by Vinod and Ali Waleel, the ground staff at Brussels.

    4) Vinod and Ali Waleel provided upgrade to passengers travelling to JFK and not to passengers travelling to EWR. While the plane from Brussels to EWR was completely empty in the first and business class. Beats me, how one can explain this partiality and also blind eye to simple humanity towards a single parent travelling with 2 little kids. Shocking and no compassion.

    The very least I would have expected was an upgrade based on Jet airways callous customer service and I will make sure that my family and friends in the US and India are completely aware of what to expect from Jet Airways

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  • Du
    Dude1975 Aug 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am sure I am not the first person to be whining about the damn situation with the Indian Credit card companies. Welcome to the world of organized extortion. Its a shame to what these companies are doing to all of us. I wont be whinnying about the fine prints, high interest rates, annoying loan phone calls, annoying customer services BUT their modus operandi. I have lived in USA for past 10 yrs and have credit score of over 800. I have about 5 credit cards from USA, 3 of them have no limit. Never had no issues with them.

    I been traveling to and fro from India. And once was approached by Jet airways for their gold card. I was using the card when I was in india and made sure everything was paid on time. After few months, I saw that there was late fee, and contacted the customer service, they responded that check was never received whereas I had the proof that it was sent on time. It took me almost a month to sort it out, and conclusion was that, the accounts department of the CREDIT CARD company screwed. They said, they will be reversing the charges, but they never did. I kept following it up from USA but few months passed by. When I got back to India, I saw there was a letter from collection agency. That made me furious. Moreover, I found out that my account of canceled. I sorted it out with the citibank people. I was relieved that the damn thing was over with.

    I went back to USA and came back to India after 1o months, and saw number of letters from citibank, asking me to pay over 100, o00 (1 Lakh) rupees to settle my account. I told them that my account has been canceled for over an year. But they refused to accept it. I asked them about the details, all the statements, they didn't provide me anything. Finally, a representative told me that a charge of 24, 000 was made for some insurance stuff. I had no idea, who had made it and how it was reflecting on my statement despite the CC was canceled. As soon as they knew i was in town I started getting threatening calls on my cell phone. I left again. I decided to completely ignore the whole issue. I keep getting letters, asking me to settle or they gonna sue me. I even got a letter from an advocate that legal action will be taken. They think i am one of them ignorant people that will budge to their threats. I know my rights very well.

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  • Va
    Vamsi Rao Jan 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I traveled to India on 11th Jan 2017 on the Jet Airways flight 9w11 .I saw a travel adapter in the in-flight catalog priced around 40SGD. I bought it with my Amex Card. Now when i see the statement it shows as 313SGD billed to me. There is no one i can talk to regarding this complaint. I have lost the receipt but i have the transaction reference details from Amex which they can double check but no one is responding to my e-mail.

    Beware people!

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  • To
    Tony van der Sluijs Dec 06, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am an ordinary traveller who lost his entire ticket to India simply because I hadn't thought of preparing a visa. A human mistake, but where most flight companies would offer the chance to change the departure date at a small cost, Jet Airways have lied to me, made it impossible to make the change at the airport, accused me of dishonesty and cancelled my ticket, keeping the £450. Authorities are slow or unwilling to offer any help. Police don't investigate, as in so many cases, ombudspeople and Watchdogs are 'too busy' or 'cannot help' - so this leaves the ordinary good-willing traveller absolutely helpless. In a civilised world, passengers ought not to be treated like this! It's time flight companies lose their unimpugnable status.

    The short version is that I had bought a ticket to India, but was turned down at the airport for not having a visa. However, instead of being given the chance to make a new reservation on another date, at a reasonable fee, I was told I had lost my ticket entirely. Curiously, the Duty Officer at the airport as well as a letter afterwards received from the General Manager confirm that I should have been allowed a new reservation provided that it was made immediately. Just so, immediately after being turned down, I had tried everything in my might to book a new date, but Jet Airways staff members told me it could not be done and I had to dial a Premium Rate Number, where I never got to speak to a representative. Most bafflingly, the General Manager bluntly denies this has happened and for that reason sees fit to escape his responsibility. In addition, I am told my ticket was a non-refundable one. This seems odd as well, since the type and conditions of the ticket are nowhere stated in the e-mail confirmation I received and I have paid a standard fare, with no indications of a discount being given anywhere at the website.

    My conclusion is that Jet Airways does not take customer service seriously and is an unreliable company to fly with. On a more serious note, I believe fraudulent activities take place behind the screens, as indicated by the strange experiences I have had at the airport and their subsequent denial by the General Manager, Mr. Raj Desai, who was not there. I have been misled, lied to and accused of being dishonest. I believe I speak for thousands if I ask that Jet Airways should not be allowed to get away with this (I should!). Despite improving European regulations, flight passengers still tend to abuse their power, knowing that there is not much passengers can do.

    I will be happy to pass on a detailed list of problems I have had with Jet Airways to anyone interested.

    How many other people have received similar treatment by Jet Airways, seeing £450 or more embezzled by Jet Airways staff without ever seeing India? Let's team up and put pressure on these inconsiderate and corrupted businessmen.

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