Hyundai Motor Americahyundai sonata hybrid 2012


I took my car to maxon Hyundai on Route 22. I did not have an appointment (about 2 weeks ago). I was refused service. I had brought my car in previously (with an appointment ) and complained about a busted plastic engine protector that I broke when I hit a pothole. At the first visit the technician recommended I not get it fixed because it was to expensive to fix (almost $500.00). I left without getting it fixed. The dragging on the ground got worse. So I came back to get it fixed. Someone in the service dept. told me to go to the parts dept and order the part. A lady escorted me to the parts dept. When we got there the technician asked me what I wanted to order. I said I don't know the part. I asked the lady and why I was ordering the part and not someone in the service department who knew what I needed. She went back to the service dept. and came back with a post it not with two different part numbers. I asked her again, why isn't someone from the service dept. ordering the part and letting me pay for it. I told her I was uncomfortable with this process. I followed her back to the service dept. where she was waving the posted note in the air saying "can you talk to him he doesn't understand what part he needs", or something to that affect. by this time I was frustrated and asked the lady to raise the garage door so I could leave. I called the service department later that day to complain and whoever the lady was in the service dept. that answered the phone said she could not hear me on the phone and hung up on me. I called the main number and they could hear me just fine. I told them someone hung up on me. The service there has never been great, but this particular day it was horrible. Now I am looking for another service dept. to fix my vehicle. I think they should fix my vehicle for free and someone should get to the bottom of this poor service cultural at this Maxon Hyundai in Union, NJ

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