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Complaints & Reviews

wrong model delivery

I purchased Hyundai Verna from Lakshmi Hyundai kukatpally branch in March 2010. At the time of delivery they delivered 2009 model vehicle for the new price. They have written the model in insurance papers as 2010. I have given several mails to them but there is no reply. my family members went to show room but there is no proper reply from the showroom management.
so, i am requesting your kind self to help in this regards,
thanking you,
with regards,


I was looking online and found a car that I was interested in and called to see if it had been sold. They...

poor service

My car (Hyundai Accent DL4C AJ 4020) had damaged by accident on road. I gave my car to Deep Hyundai Wazirpur for claim/repair but they almost took more than 3 weeks to fix it. They repaired some of body parts and said they all new. At service centre, when they repairing my car, gave some dent on my car. Deep Hyundai still have my car and ask me to left my car for more 3 days. Over all I am not satisfied with Hyundai Service. I have maruti ritz and Honda city. they are best in service.
Deep Hyundai is really poor in service.

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    sandeep garg Apr 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello Sir,
    My self Sandeep Garg. We have been fitted CNG kit in my Gatz car from DEEP HYUNDAI wazirpur, industrial area, New Delhi, we went to deep because they joint with HYUNDAI but there work very poor. they charge much more from other CNG kit co. after that there CNG kit create many
    problems. it is not working properly.
    kindly tell us what we do if HYUNDAI DEALER WORKSHOP will be done work like this.

    DL2F EF 3000


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poor service

This is very unfortunate to experience the poor service of Hyunadi which have been claiming 24 hours service. I dougbt that Dibrugarh Borah Hyundai must not be well equiped or doesn't have well trained mechanic as well as poor service manager to trace out a fault in a car. VERY SURPRISING!!!

Should my and my friends/relatived/known/and near ones car be from Hyundai????IT IS A BIG QUESTION?????SHOULD I RECOMMEND THEM TO BUY A HYUNDAI VEHICLE AFTER THE EXPERIENCED THAT I HAD?????

My runnng car( VERNA - DISEL AS-23F-0099 THREE YEAR OLD, DONE 58000 K.M) suddennly stopped and gave strating problem on 16th of this month which has been reported to above mentioned authorised service center ( i.e. Mr. Mrinmmoy Debnath, service manager-[protected]), as provided by your road side assitance personnel.NO action was taken onthat DAY to locate the problem and i had to leave the vehicle there only.

Car was sent to the said service center on 18th of this month for necessary repairing. It was disappointing to see that the service manager did not respond to any of my calls till 21st October, when i have BEEN dying to know the problem with my car. The service center is more than 65 km away from my residence so i could go personally to find the problem out. The service center must be having shortage of well trained mechanic and equipments to trace out the problem with my running car which suddenly stopped on the said day.

It took them seven days time to let me know that car might be having problem with the high speed CRDI Fuel Pump which will cost Rs. 86, 000/- for new repalcement. They told me that they cannot gurantee anything if it is sent for repairing and fitted back. it might last for 3 month or might be more than THAT or might be less than that also.

It is very deprresing to see that Hyundai Vehicls are so high in cost as far as maintainence is concerned.The longivity of such an expensive spares is only 3 years ?????/What car should a hardearned salaried person be targetting to buy now????
I bought the car after seeing hyundai's clim---mentioning very low spare parts cost???/???

I still have suspect that have the mechanic checked the vehicle properly or they are doing trail and error game with my car???? Hyundai vehicle's spares last only for 3 yrs.

I am Hrishikesh Singh, working in Beesakopie Tea Estate, Doom-Dooma, Tinsukia, Assam [protected]) owner of the above said vehicle and has got the following complaints:

1. Very poor service - no responce - road side assitance;

2. Service Manager did not respond to the call of querries;

3. Taking long long time only to trace out the problem - that is doughtful - as they are suspecting one day one part and the other day day the other parts, which is making me worried?

4. Why the Disel High Speed Pump cannot be repaired????If it is repairable why cannot be guranteed?????

5. Why the parts which cost is Rs. 86, 000/- last only for 3 yrs. very surprising????How a harearned salaried personcan afford to keep on changing the spares every third years??????I cannot afford to spend such some of money every third yr.in my car over and above doing all car servicing in time.

6. Shuold i ever purchse any of the Hyundai Vehicls ever???????If posite then why????

7. Why experts technical person cannot be sent to look into definite problems pertaining to the car??????

wiring issue and battery leakage


I purchased an i-20 era model in June 2010.
Right after purchasing the car I got a music system fitted into the car from a shop adjacent to Samara Hyundai in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. This is the dealership from where I purchased the car from.
They refused to fit a system in the car and thus I went to the shop adjacent to it.
The fitting was done coupler to coupler with no wiring touched otherwise - speakers were hyundai fitted.
After driving 4-5 kms my car's EPS system went off and power steering came to almost a standstill. The speedometer also stopped working.
For 5 days in a row I was made to get the car to the Mayapuri service station to check the issue; but the problem was not resolved.
They then sent me with the car to Hyundai Motor Plaza in Mathura Road, Delhi to check the concern.
The engineer removed the music system and the EPS started working.
On contacting samara dealership as to why such an issue occurred; I was then told by the sales team that this car cannot support a music system (though the speakers are fitted).
They have yet not been able to give me a concrete revert as to why a music system cannot be fitted into this car.
Since then, I am driving the car with all front wiring out (its a new car) because the front facia of the car had to be cut for the system fitting initially. Samara claims that they do not have another facia.

Another problem that has come up now is that after switching off the car and getting the key out still the front two power windows can be operated for about 2 minutes. With no battery connection, how is this possible?
Going to the service center again and sitting there day in and day out has already lead to a major harrassment in the past. I dread what's going to happen now.

Would request support from anyone who can help me out with this situation. I am planning to go to the consumer court and take this up at a legal level now.


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Rip off

I recently returned my Hyuandi for end of lease.My car was

inspected prior to turn in and was found to have no damage

and no charges were issued.So a few days ago i got a letter

in the mail that said i owed them $400.I called them and

they said the charge was because i did not buy or lease

another Hyuandi.They also said it was in the contract when i

signed my lease start up at the Dealership.The dealer never pointed this out to me.So heres my

question.Is this ethical or even legal.I also think this

could be even prejudice as i will decide what vehicle i want to buy.I think Hyuandi need to investigated.

fraud in delivery

well, i didn't expect this from hyundai, the problem i m facing now a days is, i booked my i20 asta model with 1 lakh & the sales manager promise the delivery date with in one month, but after 1 month i asked about my car, he refused my delivery of car by saying that hyundai has automatically changed the order as it convert my asta model in magna .So how can i take that delivery, i don't know what to do? So plz help me out from this problem ?or just tell me wat to do, the sales manager gave me 1 more month for my i20 asta model.

rear shelf brake light

Do not buy a hyundai!!! Hyundai purposely designed a safety flaw in their sonatas. The rear deck brake light can not be reparied by owners. It requires a costly and time consuming visit to the dealer to replace the bulb. E-mails to hyundai confirm that they purposely left out instructions in their owner manuals requiring the visit to the dealer or a purchase of a repair manual. But the actual removal of the buld is near impossible. Do not buy a hyundai!!!

problem was initially misdiagnosed

On Friday the 2nd October I explained to the service consultant that the central locking (locking function) doesn’t always work (intermittently) and that the demister was also faulty. The consultant phoned me later the day and quoted me R544 for the repair of the central locking and followed with another call for the repair of the demister. (Total R1443 – demister and central locking). I was informed that the parts needed to be ordered and that I should return my vehicle on Tuesday 6 October. Upon collecting my vehicle on Tuesday, I was informed that the demister is still faulty and that I should take it to an auto electrician, although I was still charged for the demister switch which they replaced. Upon testing the central locking at home – it still didn’t work at times. I returned the vehicle on Thursday 8 October. I was then informed that there was indeed nothing wrong with the demister switch, and that they would credit me for it. I was also told that the “alarm box” is causing the central locking problems and that I will have to replace the box. So the problem was initially misdiagnosed, R 1443 later and neither does the demister switch or the central locking work properly.

scam letter sept 2010

I received a letter in the mail that told of the great demand for used Hyundais and that they would buy back my Hyundai Sonata no matter what I owed on it and no matter how old it was and not matter if I bought a car from them. The letter also had a $4000 gift card toward the purchase of a new car. The trick was that it had to be from certain dealer inventory models. After going to the dealership, they told me they wanted to look at my 2008 Sonata. It was in mint condition with 55, 000 miles.
After looking at it, they told me it was only worth $7000 and that they could not cover the $10, 400 on the loan. I pressed the issue that the letter said they would buy it back no matter what the loan amount was and whether or not I bought a car. For the record, my car, when new, had a nearly 22K sticker price and I financed less than 18K, which made it so that I did not have to buy gap insurance. My interest was just over 5% and I had a little over 2 years left on my loan so I definitely had equity in the car.
They told me to pick out a car I liked and then we could discuss numbers. I said I would if he would give me $10, 400 for my car and apply the $4000 gift card as a down payment. he agreed he would. I chose one of the cars that was featured in the ad I received with the letter ON SALE FOR $11, 999 with $169.00 per month in payments. I told them I would buy that car for $169/month if they would apply the gift card for the down payment, buy my current car at $10, 400, and no other money changed hands. They came back after "processing my credit" and offered to sell me the car, but it would cost $270/month. My current car was a 60 month loan for $350/month. I had to ask them 3 times how long the loan was for before they admitted it was 84 months!! I told them that was crazy and followed up by asking them how much was the interest.

They kept giving me some excuse that they were not sure as the "computer figures it." After I demanded they tell me the interest rate, they had to go check. It took 5 minutes for them to check and they told me 10.9%. Knowing my credit score was in the high 700's I knew my loan rate should be 4-5% even though the letter offered 0% financing for 60 months. When I told them the numbers did not add up, they sent the finance manager out to "explain it to me" because I was "confused." Little did the finance manager know that I was a former software engineer that had written complex mathematical programs for the space shuttle and my brother was a former Hyundai finance manager that had taught me everything about auto financing tricks to get more money from a customer.

As the finance manager started explaining it to me, I insisted he show me the numbers he was using. The first lie I caught him at was that he was charging me $18, 900 for the car that was listed in the ad for $11, 999. When I demanded he correct that he quickly reworked the numbers and there was no change in the payments. Then I noticed he had decreased my trade in from $10, 400 to $7000. I insisted that I wanted him to buy back my car like the letter promised. He said he was buying it back, but not for the amount I owed, the difference would be added to the new car. I told him he was not buying it back if he was making me pay the difference between $7000 and $10, 400. He insisted he was buying it back, just not for the price I owe. When I saw that explaining to him the he could not buy back the car for $7000 because it has a $10, 400 loan did not work, I then said that it would be like me promising to buy a car from him, then making him accept $3400 less than the price of the car. He still did not get it.

I then cut to the chase and said okay, forget the new car, buy back my old car. He said he could do that. Then he added for him to do it I would have to make up the difference from $7000 to pay off the loan. I told him that the letter promised he would buy it no matter what was owed and that it also said it did not matter how old the car was or how many miles was on it. He told me condescendingly, read the letter again. I read it out loud for the whole sales area to hear the word for word promise that the letter made. When I finished I asked him are you going to buy back my car no matter what I owe? He said yes, but I had to pay the difference between $7000 and the amount owed. I then told him that he was not honoring what the letter promised and that the words "buy it back from you no matter what was owed" on the car meant just that. Not that he could name his price and that constituted buying it back.

He argued that it was so I countered by asking how is this a special deal for loyal Hyundai customers and added, how was this different from just trading in my car at any dealership? He said it was a better offer. At that point I advised him that I had a better offer last week at Ford. He said I could not get a better offer from Ford because he had a list of their stock and and could not get a car from them for a better price. When I challenged him to honor anything in the letter, he reiterated his offer and said if I am not willing to take their offer they could not do business. At that point, I told him "why would I want to remain a loyal Hyundai customer if he can not even admit the letter was a lie and he was trying to scam me." He walked away and while the salesman was watching him leave, I gathered up ALL the paperwork on the table as evidence and left.

  • Wt
    wtcoo702 Oct 06, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes it didnt take me long to fugure out what they was trying to do and I walked out of the dealership before they had a chance to screw me car salemen arnt their to help you they are their to take you for a ride for all the money they can get haha

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customer service

My husband surprised me with a new 2011 Hyundai Sonata on 8-16-10. While we were waiting to sign the papers I mentioned I wanted to get the windows tinted... the Salesman said they could take care of it, they had a guy that could do it. The cost was just an additional $200. I was excited about that because I knew I probably couldn't get it cheaper than that. So, the Salesman called the "guy" and set me up an appt on 8-25-10 (we did the paperwork and the $200 was tacked on to my loan). On 8-25-10 I called the Salesman to confirm my appt and he had o call the guy and call me back. Of course, he called me back to tell me that appt was going to have to be rescheduled for 9-1-10 because the "guy" was too busy and to behind (I'm thinking, ok didn't I have a scheduled appt?!). So, on 9-1-10 my car still ended up going to another vendor and not the "guy" for some reason. The vendor that actually did tint my windows did a horrible job but honored they would re-do what I didn't like. So, on 9-21-10 2 of my windows are redone and when I pick up my car, guess what?!? My back seat has a cut in it. The vendor is going to pay to have it fixed (I set the appt up with another vendor for this Sunday 9-26-10). Throughout all of above I called Hyundai on the evening of 9-21-10 and spoke with a Manager by the name of Joe requesting the $200 be backed off my loan considering the circumstances and he told me he would get with the other Manager, Phillip Ashmore, the next day and someone would return my call the morning of 9-22. No Call. I called Phillip Ashmore around noon on 9-22 (who by the way was nothing but arrogant and rude) and he said he would get with the Salesman that next morning and someone would be calling me back… And yes you already know, NO CALL! I of course on 9-23 called the Salesman on my lunch break and was told he would have me an answer by the end of the day because he was going to speak with the General Manager Tommy. He also told me in this conversation he would have a problem with me if I burned him on the Hyundai Survey because he had gone above and beyond for me by giving me a car to drive while my windows had to be tinted 2x’s (I am thinking, ok first off I didn’t know that was a favor and second off isn’t that his job, my husband did just purchase almost a $30, 000 car). I wait and wait for the call and again, NO CALL. So, I called today 9-24 and spoke with the Salesman and he said the Manager Tommy would not credit my loan the $200. I spoke my mind and disconnected the call. I will never buy another car from LONG HYUNDAI OF CHATTANOOGA! Talk about a new car experience! I just hope and pray my seat is fixed and you can't tell it ever happened.


I purchased a Hyundai Santa Fe 2003 in 2008 with 30, 000 miles on it. I am faithful to routine maintenace on it, but also because of my warrenty coverage.
In August, while driving my car on a busy roadway, it just quit. I had it towed to a mechanic, he checked it out and said my timing belt went, at 63, 000 miles on it. He went to change the timing belt, which I might add was not under warranty, and noticed the water pump was in tough shape, so I told him to replace that, of course the warranty company wanted copies of all the maintenance records sent over to them before they would cover the cost of replacing the pump. Well, all the records were in the car and the car was on the lift, so that was impossible to do. Anyways, they replaced everything and couldnt get the car started...come to find out my car engine was destroyed!! Over a bad belt!!! I had to ask people for money to replace my engine, because I am currently out of work. I called Hyundai and they basically said to bad, the timing belt should have been changed in 2007, I didn't own the car in 2007 and why would anyone change the belt with under 30, 000 miles on it...I would like Hyundai to refund the money it cost me to get a new engine...$4000.00 - should I say used engine, because they redid the engines for that model in 2006 and of course it would not fit my 2003... This is very unfair to me..and I would like to be compensated for all this.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First of all, you should include who sold you the car and who repaired it.

    Second of all, it's pretty well known that Hyundai timing belts go out around 60, 000 miles. A bad timing belt can destroy your engine. Do your research before buying a car. It's not like it's a secret.

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money is more important than customer service

We bought a 2nd hnd vehicle from HyundaiMenlyn.When we first went to look at the car, it did'nt hve headrests at the back.The salesman said it was locked in the office.We were still interested in the car and signed the deal.He was reminded about the head rests before we collect the vehicle - the sales man was fully aware and said that he will keep us updated. there were no signs of the headrests.The story then suddenly changed to that it was with the previous owner - but will keep us informed and will find out to get it for us after several folowups from our side he phoned my husband saying that there is no headrests.We had to follow up on him every single time.It eventialy ended up in the dealer principal's office where we sat around the table like school children at the head master's office - this man said he will not buy headrests & the car is signed off without a note about the missing headrest.He said the car was sold for much less and that he will offer to buy the car back for the same value we bought it so that they can make their profit. The sales manager was suppose to phone today to follow up on 2nd hand headrest, we had no response.They dont like customers!


We just recently purchased a Elantra from the dealership about 3 weeks ago. On the 14th of September the...

defective car dvd player

Three years ago we purchased a hyundai sante fe' with the installation of a roof mounted dvd player. in 3 years we have had 4 various players installed, none of them have ever worked for longer than a few days. Douw Gamito has been aware of the situation and has claimed responsibility for the poor service and installations. the 1st player was defective and replaced with another unit with the screen being upside down, this was then reraired and re-installed only to not work. the third unit was wired incorrectly which damaged the unit. the forth unit was given as a replacement, but it was not installed and was a very cheap make.incidently we paid R7500.00 for the first player. when the last dvd was installed by Autozone, it was done so poorly. it worked for part of a day and when the sun roof was opened, the material was torn and pulled from the roof. i went to see Ben Robertson, the principal dealer, after leaving 8 messages. his attitude was applling to say the least. all he wanted to do was get me out his office and wasn't really interrested in hearing the history of our problem. he says he is not responsible, i must take the repaired dvd player! i want a decent, working make!

  • No
    Not Satisfied hyundai Jun 27, 2011

    Defective back sit

    On june 17th 2011 i was about to buy the hyundai tucson 2011 model: km8jt3ac8bu307607 and after the transaction completed before i took the car i found out that the back sit was defective, once bended it did not lock back(security issue) and the woman showing me the car told me she cant do anything and its up to me to take the car or not and she left me out and she went in. Obviously I did not take the car but it was the worse customer service experience ever. I would not suggest anyone to buy a car from hyundai.

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peeling paint

Paint on all 4 door handles is peeling off down to the white plastic. It looks terrible, Hyundai says warranty on paint is only 3 years 36, 000 miles. My car is 5 years old with 40, 000 miles. They won't do a thing. Not good advertisement for them to have so many cars looking like this.

stay away from hyundai

I bought a new vehicle from Hyundai Alberton end June, a week later I saw that my color coded bumpers which was sprayed by Hyundai's preferred 3rd party had blotches all over the bumpers due to poor workmanship. I showed Zane the poor workmanship, asking Hyundai Alberton to exchange the bumpers for new standard bumpers as I was not prepared to have them re-sprayed. I was told that Hyundai is prepared to send the vehicle back to their 3rd party and have the blotches removed. Vehicle went back mid July and still no change to my problem (Bumpers). In the interim Zane moved to Hyundai Head Office and I was told to deal with James new Branch Manager. I went back explaining my situation to James, I was told that he would sort this out and have my bumpers replaced - August. It is now September and no arrangements have been made. Two weeks ago I phoned Hyundai Head Office and spoke to Jackie regarding my problem. Once again I was told that she would pass my complaint on to Mark Simon. It is the 3rd week in September and I have no confirmation resolving this matter. I feel that I addressed this matter early enough thus I'm entitled to have new bumpers fitted.

gas line

My wife rented an Hyundai Accent 2010 for a trip to PEI. (We live in Gatineau Que). A squirel ate through the gas line at a camp site and she needed to replace that rental with another from the same company. (The part has to be ordered and will take 10 days to arrive). Now, with abandonment fees etc. this could cost us over 2000.00.

I've heard of rodents eating engine wiring but to use the same yummy plastic on gas lines... Are they kidding?
This should be illegal. Have you heard of other cases like this? Are other new model cars doing this?
We will never rent a Hyundai again.

gas line

damaged wheel bearing not replaced under warranty

I took my car in on 6 July 2009, hyundai's report was the wheel bearings that are still under warranty needed to be replaced, but they needed to order the parts. Since then I phoned numerous times & on 3 Aug 2009 booked my car in for its service & wheel bearings to be replaced on 6 Aug 2009. On 6 Aug 2009 I receive a call from Hyundai while my car service is been done, that the wheel bearings were sold to another customer. I had booked the car in on 3 Aug, where Lettia Williams said the wheel bearings were in stock, when I took my car in on 6 Aug, she was still aware the wheel bearings were there. Since that date I have now phoned numerous times again & made days avail when they said the wheel bearings should be there, but receive no call from them. I have now driven 8 000 kms on damaged wheel bearings.


I own a 2011 Sonata, and at around 3000 miles I began noticing a screeching sound (sounds like metal to...