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I own a 2011 Sonata, and at around 3000 miles I began noticing a screeching sound (sounds like metal to metal) from the steering column every time I turn the wheel. The noise isn't extremely loud, but it's definitely noticeable. I took my car to the dealer, and they acknowledged the sound but said to come back after the break in period of 12000 miles. The car now has about 15000 miles, and I recently took it to the dealer because it was still making the noise. The dealer had a Hyundai rep come in to look at the car and the rep said that the car had nothing wrong with it. So I went back to the dealer, and pointed out the noise to one of the mechanics after the Hyundai rep had already been there. Again the mechanic acknowledged the noise and said that it was probably some "clock spring". The dealer supposedly replaced this part and said the car wasn't making the noise any longer. I go to pick up the car and notice that the noise is still there. At this point I didn't even argue with the dealer because I was already frustrated. Now I contacted Hyundai consumer affairs and they said that there is nothing they can do because the Hyundai regional rep has the final say. I also want to point out that my wife also has a 2011 Sonata and hers does not make that noise. I'm afraid that this noise can turn into something dangerous and I don't know what to do.

I have a video with sound that I captured with my phone, and posted it on youtube. It's kind of hard to hear the sound because it was captured with a camera phone, but if you turn up the volume on your pc, you can definitely hear it.


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May 26, 2011 5:47 pm
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I am very sorry to hear that. I am having the same agony as you have with my new 2011 Sonata Limited. I have just purchased new Sonata on May 8, 2011, and I am having transmission problem already. I was driving down on a flat highway and I heard a big thump noise from the front end. I thought I had driven on a pot hole but when I looked on a back mirror, there wasn't any hole or object on the highway.

Since the noise, transmission started to downshift. I feel like driving on a 3rd or 4th gear on 70-80 miles per hour driving down on the highway. Engine noise to accelarate the speed became enormously high. Even at slow speed on a local roads, transmission won't shift as it supposed to. And the condition remains constantly. All it happened when I only put on less than 400 miles on my odometer.

So I took the car to the dealer for inspection. On the first visit, they said they have reset 'transmission adaptive learning' (I have no idea what that was), and told me the car is ready. I took the car to drive back to home. It was same. Nothing had been corrected with the problem. I was so frustrated and furious. (the service dept people were so rude and cold at all time).

I took the car back to the dealer today for the second time, and I urged the service center to have someone to take test drive on my vehicle. I was riding with a mechanic while I was sitting at passenger's seat for 25 minutes, we drove around 20 miles to test the problem.

Shockingly the mechanic said it's perfectly normal. Despite all my mouth blows, the mechanic said there's nothing they could do for my car further. So I had another man in the service center to take a test drive. They agreed. But the result was the same. They're saying to me to drive the car until the transmission is totally down. And there was nothing I could say further to them.

Now I am planning to take the car to Transmission Specialist to have the car diagnosed and then ... to a Lemon Law Attorney to pursue legally.


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