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Complaints & Reviews

pathetic service center

I went to the Talwar Hyundai Service center at Tolichowki, Hyderabad on 27th June 2007 to get the wind screen replaced as I met with a minor accident. The service adviser there (Mr Arshad, ph: [protected]) does not have the common mannerism and respect for customer and behaved as if he was doing a favor to me.

The jobs written on the job card were: 1. To replace the wind screen and 2. Replace the wipers. They made me run around the service station in the morning by calling me the next day saying the car is ready whereas the repair was no where near completion. They dropped me back to my office after making me wait for 45 minutes and promised to deliver the car by 2.00 PM.

The car was delivered at 2.30 PM but only the wind screen was replaced. The wipers were not replaced and they were not functioning properly. When I called him he mentioned there was no stock and thats why the wipers were not replaced. when I insisted I should have been informed about this, he shouted at me saying "go complain wherever you want, I don't care. We do not have stock and hence we did not complete the job".

This is the way customers are treated by Hyundai and they flaunt about their happy customers... PATHETIC

  • Pr
    Praveen Kumar M Dec 21, 2009

    If you go to talwar ... Please call yourself a FOOL and beleive me you will hang yourself.
    I read bad reviews but still I went to talwar beleiving that reviews might be wrong... But if you do that go hang yourself

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  • Go
    Good Hyundai Service Centre May 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have shifted my residence to hyderabad (mehdipatnam) recently from mumbai. Want to give my Santro Car for servicing ánd minor repairs. Can anybody suggest me a good Hyundai service centre in and around Mehdipatnam or Tolichowki area?
    Syed Haseebuddin

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Re: Hyundai

I bought an accent last year (accent 2006), and this year, the hyundai in Syria said that there is a problem in this car. The problem was found in its driving wheel , and they added that it causes a lot of serious car crashes .They offer to change the whole system of the driving wheel by paying 400$ . I wonder if this problem is serious and really was found and if it is, I wonder if we should pay this amount of money, especially that the problem is in the system made by you, and wasn't caused by drivers.

Please send me your reply to this address :
the problem i talked about is in Syria...

Yours Faithfully,
Aws Alkhalil.

horrible after sales service

I would like to inform you that i purchased a new santro xing-xo from your borah hyundai showroom situated in tinsukia (assam). I was very glad to be a owner of the new santro zing, but after the first servicing of my car i was very disappointed. It really made me feel that i have done a big mistake by purchasing a hyundai car, for i didn't got the after sale service from you. I thought that your after sale service would be much better than that of maruti or atleast not below that, but i was very much surprised that ur service was not upto my satisfaction. I would rank it as 0.5 out of 10. I purchased a new santro xing from ur tinsukia showroom on 19-04-2007. Just after 45 days i gave it for 1st servicing.

On arriving at your outlet i had to wait their far an hour or more to get a job card. Then i had to tell them if i had any problem. I sighted them 2-3 problems. To my great surprise they checked only the things that i complained and nothing else. After 15 min, they said that your car is ok and you can take your car after 15 min which they i think required for washing.

Well, to me my car was handed over in a very dirty condition after my first servicing fully covered with dust. The internal cleanliness was also very dirty. It seems that the company don't have a vacuum cleaner in their dealership situated at tinsukia (assam).

  • Dh
    Dharm Veer Choudhry Dec 29, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too facinging the worst situation about my sentro car And the behavior of the dealeris so horrible and arrogant that I will never recommend any one to buy any Hyundai make cas

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  • Ma
    Manish Nanda Jan 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    not satasified with car service

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incomplete poor servicing

This email/letter’s purpose is to demonstrate the unacceptable level of service from Trident Automobiles with regards to the vehicle mentioned above. Service levels have been on the decline ever since my Santro was purchased from Trident in May 2003. The latest series of incidents proves my point and deserves further action/resolution from Hyundai Motor India Ltd.

Chronology of Events:-

• Vehicle given to Trident service center Indranagar for routine six month check up on 07 Feb 2007. Repair Order R200701913.
• Horn was tuned but customer not informed about this at time of delivery.
• Horn malfunctions. Car is brought back twice to be fixed.
• No resolution – Customer complains that horn not working. On insistence Mr. Preetham Shetty (service supervisor) dispatches mobile service unit to customer residence and fixes horn – why wasn’t issue fixed correctly the first time around. Poor quality customer service.

• April 14 2007 – Vehicle meets with minor accident – impact into central median. Axle damaged and A/T transmission fluid leak.
• Call made to Hyundai Mobile Service. Mobile Service hand off to tow truck /crane service. Invoice No: 1156, Spot Crane Service.
• Vehicle towed to Sheshadipuram facility. No follow call from mobile service to let customer know if car has safely reached Trident Hyundai Sheshadipuram facility?
• April 16 2007 – no call from body shop re: car condition/estimate. Why?
• Body shop not aware of transmission leakage until customer intimates them. Why?
• Repeated calls made to body shop for estimate – NO RESPONSE.

• April 17 2007 – Estimate number: S200701041 received for total of Rs 3,20,386.98 – More than the value of the car and enough to buy a new Santro Xing!!
• Complaint emailed to [protected]@tridenthyundai.com and [protected]@tridenthyundai.com about the over-priced estimate.
• Standard generic response provided from care – no empathy, no one cares!
• Call received from Srinivas from the body shop Sheshadipuruam apologizing and revised estimate faxed.

• April 20 2007 – Revised Estimate: S200701041 received for total of Rs. 58,884.33 How has estimate dropped suddenly from 3.2 lakhs to 58k? Why the discrepancy?
• Customer gives ok to commence repair work April 20, 2007

• April 25 2007 – No follow up calls to give customer repair updates? Why?

• Late April 2007 – Call received from Trident Ccare asking how car is after service. Car is not with customer but still in garage. Why does Trident Ccare not have up to date information about repair status? Very unprofessional and irritating.
• Repairs carried out at very slow pace. Estimate covers replacement of axle, suspension, rims and transmission pan and gasket etc. No mention of any torque converter damage/issues.

• May 03 2007 Vehicle ready for delivery on 03/05/2007. Customer requests delivery from Indranagar location instead of Sheshadipurum location.
• Service adviser not aware care is at Indranagar location. Customer made to wait for 3 hours.
• Service adviser in a hurry to get payment. Customer insists on a test drive first.
• PROBLEM:- On Test Drive, Transmission not shifting smoothly. Why was vehicle driven a long distance from Sheshadipurum to Indranagar in such a condition?
• Service advisor Srini runs engine diagnostic – discovers problem with sensor.
• Srini not available the next day. Cust handed over to Preetham Shetty.
• Second Call received from cust care center about perf of car after repair. Once again car is still with Trident – unprofessional and irritating. Cust care and garage not synced on status of vehicles. WHY?

• May 06 2007 – Fault diagnosed – Faulty Solenoid. Part to be ordered from Chennai – Delay of 3-4 working days.

• May 15 2007On Delivery on May 15th, problem not fully fixed. Mechanics give up and don’t know how to strip transmission apart – additional costs. Mention Maruti has easier to fix auto transmissions. Cust pays Rs 55,360 RO R200702322 and R200706355. Adviser mentions it will cost another Rs 50,000 to fully fix transmission. Why was this not mentioned earlier??? If Trident Hyundai cannot fix, who can???
• Horn not working. Repeat of issue of Jan 07. Customer not happy.
• No survey provided to customer at time of payment. Why?
• Vehicle still in not 100% driving condition. After 4 weeks in Trident’s care.

• May 25 2007 – Customer checks A/T transmission fluid while engine is running and in Park - Fluid levels at the critical ‘low’ mark. Why?

• May 26 2007 – Vehicle taken back to Hyundai. Service Adviser Preetham Shetty admits A/T fluid not topped up properly when transmission was being inspected/repaired. Tops of fluid. Why was this not done properly?
• Faulty Horn inspected – Invoice D [protected] – Preetham advises replacing horn. Cust agrees.
• Vehicle driven back – Left indicator lamp not working properly. Call to Preetham – Left Headlamp assembly wiring not connected after horn replacement. Why???
• Upon customer insistence, electrician dispatched to customer residence and issue resolved. – very sloppy service and sheer negligence on Trident Hyundai’s part.


• Why did I have to inform the body shop about the transmission leak? Hadn’t they fully inspected the vehicle yet?
• Why is Trident’s follow up system so screwed up? No one has the decency or common courtesy to keep a customer looped in. The Ccare department has no clue about the status of vehicles being serviced. Obviously a reflection of the professionalism and attention to detail Trident stands for??
• Why was there such a variance between estimate number 1 and 2? Regardless of a repair being paid for by cash or insurance claim, an estimate provided should reflect the proper labor and parts charge required to get the vehicle to a 100% fit condition. The damage in my car didn’t’ mysteriously change over night.
• Why was the vehicle driven from Shehsadipuram to Indranagar when the transmission wasn’t fully inspection/work fully completed? Tirdent Hyundai caused further damage to my transmission during that drive and I hold them fully responsible for this.
• Why was the vehicle not test driven prior to delivery?
• Why was an estimate given when the service team did not fully know how to fix the problem? I can assume a FALSE estimate and promise was made to me.
• I was charged Rs 55,000 and my car is still not a 100% why???
• Why was no survey provided to me at time of payment like they usually do???
• Why was there NO follow up phone call from Ccare after delivery?? Why is Trident not willing to take my feedback? They cannot accept responsibility of their own faults and don’t want you (the manufacturer) to know this! How can this be a trustworthy dealership to do business with – NOT???
• Why the transmission fluid wasn’t fully topped up? Why wasn’t this double checked and I can assume more damage has been caused to my transmission because of this negligent behavior!
• Why wasn’t the headlight assembly put back together after fixing the horn?
• Why does a Hyundai repair team quote Maruti as having easier transmissions to fix? Should I have taken my car to Maruti for repairs? Why kind of customer confidence does this instill?? I can assume Hyundai repair folks can’t fix their own cars!


Mechanics at Trident Hyundai are NOT following proper checklists or guidelines set forth by Hyundai Motor India Ltd. Work is there for un-professional and incomplete leading to numerous customer issues after service work is under-taken.

Trident Hyundai has not been able to scale with the massive growth in sales volume. Their service centers cannot handle the load and do not have proper qualified personnel to fully satisfy their customers. The dealership slogan “Drive Home a Relationship” is thus false advertising as they cannot deliver what they promise.

What should have been done?

The customer should have been updated at all times about estimate/repair progress. A 4 week turnaround time is unacceptable considering the magnitude of damage in this scenario. Work should have been completed in 2 weeks maximum.

The Trident team should have consulted Hyundai Motor Company India Ltd and diagnosed the problem, reverted back to the customer and endeavored to fix the vehicle instead of wasting time and coming across as ignorant.

Considering the damage caused to my transmission, whilst under Trident care (driving the automobile when unfit to drive, fluid levels lower than permissible levels), Trident Automobiles should fix my transmission free of cost and pay me damages for inconvenience caused. No effort to apologize, provide a rental car or help fix the issue has been suggested thus far by Trident.

  • Th
    The Customer is Always Right Jul 09, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's a pity such dealerships have let you down and took time to empathize and respond. India has a long way to go with regards to customer service. Instead of apologizing to the customer and trying to rescue the situation, the dealer tries to justify actions and prove that the customer is to blame.

    They need to be responsible and fess up to mistakes and then assist the customer and change a negative situation to a positive one, to win back customer confidence. That is proper customer service.

    More people need to fight for their rights and complain in consumer court and take stories to consumer boards such as these and to the media to expose poor customer service.

    Jai Hind.

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  • Sa
    Samir Choudhry Jul 28, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Evidently this person has a lot of time on his hand to key in this long complaint, especially when he is not even the user of the car. However what he has left out are the crucial issues these are best discussed in person with him.

    The actual user, the father of this person, has confirmed in writing that he is completely satisfied with the services rendered.

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  • Mo
    MONKEY MAN Aug 20, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    People should buy a Japanese car instead cause Korean cars are rubbish.

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  • Ca
    Car Freak Aug 21, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    24 days ago by Samir Choudhry [send email]. Evidently this person has a lot of time on his hand to key in this long complaint, especially when he is not even the user of the car. However what he has left out are the crucial issues these are best discussed in person with him.

    How would the idiot above know about this situation and what does the owner's father have to do with this?

    Obviously this guy is talking through his behind.

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  • Sa
    Samir Choudhry Jan 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Car freak who ever you are this is my phone number, +918023462530, if you have the balls to call me do so and not only will i show you who is talking through whose behind, I will also show you who the idiot is.

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  • Ne
    NeerajMaurya Jul 07, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The issue here is generic & we do face such problems; the basic reason being that we over-trust a certain company & just allow any representative of the company (experienced or not) to play with our product. Most of the cases, the first guy to put his hands on our hard-earned product (in this case -- a santro) is generally a new-under-training one. When a few lot of these experimental guys play hit-&-try game, do they realise that the problem is serious and subsequently the case is handed over to the seniors. Also, the problem as mentioned in the initial stages to the inexperienced guys is seldom reported to the seniors (or the more experienced). In this case, as I understand, is that the customer was really fed-up & frustrated & just wanted to take deliver of his vehicle from the service centre... for this he may have certainly signed the satisfaction slip. But please note: how can you make a customer satisfied just by getiing the car driven a few metres and getting a physical inspection done? It certainly will take a few or maybe 100 or even 1000 kms before you realise that the car is still faulty. The guys at the service centre are just trying to cover-up their mess & eventually saving their jobs. The customer is certainly not making adventure trips to the service centre-- no one wants to make a trip to the service centre unless he has some issues.
    I would request you (the customer) to take the case to Hyundai, Korea (just email on their site); better still... email (the same matter will do) to all Hyundai sites of as many countries available (get into their contact/ support/ feedback, etc.).. Then only can you put pressure on these service centre guys & get results. Hyundai is a reputed company; & remember a bad salesman does not mean that a departmental store is also bad--- fight man! fight direct!! Let Hyundai Worldwide know. Bye & Hope your issue is resolved soon!
    Neeraj Maurya, New Delhi

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poor paint quality / dont waste money on hyundai products!

I bought a new hyundai elantra on 14 feb 2007 for my wife, the vehicle paint has started developing pin holes and chipping it seems as the vehicle is repainted or the company has started using sub standard products and are fooling their customers. So dont waste money on hyundai substandard products / save your money.

  • Je
    JennieLiving Aug 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Last August we bought a Hyundai Elantra from Fusillo Hyundai in Grand Island, NY. After one winter we discovered rust spots. We assumed it would be no big deal. We called the dealer and were told they could not help us and they would contact Hyundai about it. It has now been months. Our calls aren't returned and we have 4 more years of payments on a car that rusted in the first year. We have never bought a new car before and I am so disappointed that we wasted our hard earned money on this company. We are affraid the car won't even hold up long enough to pay it off!

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hyundai india customer service and dealer (m/s. popular hyundai) cheating customers

My father-in-law bought a Hyundai Getz car from the dealer Popular Hyundai, Cochin in October 2017. He was offered an exchange bonus of Rs 10,000 for selling his old car. He submitted all papers to the dealer on November 21 2017. However, when he called up the dealer later, he was told that they somehow misplaced all papers. Subsequently, a 'Sales Advisor' (one Mr Rony Varghese) from the dealer came to his house and collected the papers again. When he called up in April 2017, he was told that the cheque has been received, and is waiting for signature from the Secretary - who was on leave. When he called up in early May 2017, he was told that the exchange bonus has been rejected!!.

We went to the dealer on Saturday, 12th May and met the Sales manager, Mr. Abraham. He did not listen to us properly, and was speaking over the phone, and looking at the computer when we were explaining the problem. He first told us that the cheques are being issued by the dealer, not Hyundai. However, when we questioned this, he changed his stand, and started telling that it is Hyundai who issues the money. He also showed us certain documents which he told are 'cheques' that have been issued. Upon close examination, it was found that these documents are just some challans, not any cheques. He was not ready to show us any documented proof regarding the rejection of our exchange bonus by Hyundai. We had to come out of the room since he was not at all listening.

I had called up at the customer service number, and spoke with two representatives - Sruthi and Neha - on 12th May. They told me that they will inquire and call me back, which has not happened till now.

I then sent an email complaint to the customer service on May 14th, and one Ms. Aashika Singh told that they will contact us soon. This has not happened till now.

I suspect that there is a unholy nexus between the Southern India Region Sales department, the dealer and its Sales Advisors, who have pocketed the amount amongst themselves, and is now trying to hide it, These men and women are tarnishing the image of the Hyundai company. I am going to file a case against these folks. So guys, beware of the dealer M/s Popular Hyundai India ---- NEVER buy car from them.

  • Ku
    kumarmanand Apr 14, 2010

    On April 8th 2017 I visited your Peeragarhi Outlet (Deep Hyundai Service Centre)for second free service of my
    Hyundai Getz DL4CA J7330 at 8.45 AM Sharp which proved to be a worst
    ever experience of my life and which does not suit to service level
    being provided by company of your repute.

    I was assisted by Mr. Sushil Sharma, advisor who asked me to collect my
    vehicle at 3.30 pm but on my request he agreed to handover it at 12.30
    but unfortunately it was handed over to me by 3.30 pm. It was so
    unmanaged there that i was moving here and there to get the needful
    done, i was searching for person for wheel alignment, i was searching
    for person to do touching work etc. Mr. Sushil Sharma was initially
    very helpful but with the number of customers he almost forget about my
    job and started ignoring. I went to Mr. Rajesh (Manager on site) and
    requested him to do the needful as i had to pick my daughter from
    school at 1.00 pm but he disappeared from them and i was waiting for
    wheel alignment to be done. Interestingly at wheel alignment not even a
    single person was present and i waited there for almost one hr and when
    Mr. Sanjay came there he said that as the Car has driven only 5200 kms
    it needs not to have alignment. Here i would like to ask if i had
    informed earlier that my vehicle does not need any alignment i would
    not have wasted 2 hrs there. I finally left from there at 3.30 pm and
    the overall experience was so worst which force me to say that service
    quality was of very low level in comparison to what is being promised
    by you and i would not recommend any one to visit that workstation in
    near future. All, Sushil Sharma, Rajesh Kumar and many more were
    totally unprofessional and unhelpful. They people don't understand the
    importance of customer time and pain.

    Request you to do the needful to avoid re-occurence of same in near


    Manoj Anand

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  • Da
    daniel naidoo Jun 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My wifes car was having a problem starting, apparently waht we have been told is that this is a common problem yet, the car had to go in 4 times for the problem to be rectified, hopefully this is the end of the problem. I have been given an email address to lodge a complaint, its been a month now and i have not received any feedback to date. When my vehicle was taken in, my car was used to drop my wife off at work. My concern is they have courtesy vehicles and they dont use them to pick and drop off customers. Yet they clearly state that the provide this service. I took my vehicl for my 1000 km service and clearly told the guys at the service department i will pick my vehicle at 17hoo, yet without my permission my vehicle was dropped off at my work place and my keys given to a third person who i didnt even know. This is the first service department i see provide a service like that, other companies bend over backwards to offer their clients good service. Specialists who dont know what they are doing, wake up guys.

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rattling sound from steering column

I have this Santro Xing erlx purchased in May, 2006. This is indeed a cool machine specially on city roads and of course on highways, with superb driving comfort. However, the teething problem is a rattling sound that comes from somewhere near the steering console, once the car hits a bad patch of the road.

One of my friends has confirmed that he too has the same problem (his car would be about by 2 months older than mine) . On enquiring with two HASC, they say that Santro does have this problem all through... and the issue is currently on the Hyundai's drawing board. What do the other owners have to say??

Krishnendu Chatterjee
Kolkata, India

  • Pr
    Pramod Chauhan May 20, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Even i am encountering similar problem - rattling sound somewhere near the steering column / or within the dashboard...

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  • Ja
    jas May 28, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am facing similar problem (rattling sound near the steering column) with mine may 2006 model santro. When i showed it to service center they told me its nothing to worry and the sound was normal... even i was wondering how come its not an issue, now i ll get back to them..

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  • Sh
    shashibk Dec 06, 2009

    i own a 2008 model santro gls erlx and experience same rattling sound whenever it hits even a small patch of rough road. The service center people told me that this is a coomon problem in santro and they were kind enough to let me test drive some of the newest santro cars in the lot and to my surprise i found same sound in fresh santro also. This thing has been brought to the notice of company and the customer service center person has assured to reply within a week.
    lets hope for the best.

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poor and expensive servicing!

My Car Santro XG 31000 kms - HR 51 S 6181 was serviced at Nimbus Motors Noida workshop recently and following...

under performance and noise in new car

To whomsoever it may concern,

I bought a hyundai verna vgt ( crdi ) on february 15,2007 from rama hyundai, okhla. The car is just two and a half months old. It has been driven 3300 kms till date. After covering the first 900-1000 kms there was a very peculiar / irritating noise which was different from what the diesel engine makes.

On showing it to the authorized hmp showroom at mathura road at the first service ( 1200 kms ) they said they recognized the noise was there and wud check and revert. They did not do a damn thing and the noise still continued.

I was terribly upset and went back to rama hyundai workshop to get it checked. They were cooperative enough to check and give time to the car, finally they caught hold of the problem, this was the ticking noise from the hlas ( hydraulic lash adjusters ).

They said it wud be changed and we need time to order this part before it can be changed. The day this check up was done ( april 30, 2007 ) since then the car is under performing, it has lost pick up, smoothness and the boost it earlier used to have, it is working like any old generation non crdi unit. Between [protected] rpm it is simply dead. I have lost my patience with the car. I have visited the workshops atleast a dozen times but the car is not working alright.

My objections are as below:

1 ) why is there a fault in the new car , are they not being tested / quality controlled before dispatch ???

2 ) are sub standard materials being used by hyundai on a rs 8 lac + car ???

3 ) why are spare parts not available readily ? ( they take more than a week to be available at the authorized workshop ) unlike hondas and toyotas as i own them.

4 ) is the staff adequately trained to handle this new product after almost a year that the product has been launched ??

I seek your help / solution in rectifying the problem with the seriousness it should be given so that i do not feel ashamed about being associated with hyundai.

Please consider this complaint / request with top most priority so that the problem is solved asap and i may not need to take any further action.

K regards
Saurabh kapoor

  • Fe
    Feel The Fire Apr 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I’ve planned to buy a Hyundai Verna CRDi Sx ABS in Last week of April 2008 from M/s. Morani Hyundai, Jaipur (Rajasthan). I was served by an executive called Mr. Subhash Meena, who is indeed a very courteous, polite, understanding and responsive person, I finalized, booked & gave him a Cheque of Margin Money on 15/04/2008 and was cleared from my bank account on 17/04/2008.

    The booking was done on commitment of his (Subhash Meena’s) immediate boss, so called Sales Manager (Team Manager), Mr. Amit Manu (Ex-Honda Employee) who is 100% un-professional, Un-reliable, and even un-faithful to his employer (Which I sensed after talking to him regarding the status of my car over telephone calls made to him) he assured & gave me a sure-shot commitment to that the car will be delivered positively by 22nd of April 2008 as they didn’t had that variant & color in stock and the logistics takes about 7-8 days to reach from Chennai (Hyundai Factory) to Jaipur.

    On my phone call to him on 22nd April to know the whereabouts of my car, he said “All the cars are dispatched from Chennia Factory of Hyundai on 21st & will take another weeks time to reach Jaipur as our seth ji (Boss) was unable to send the advance payment DD to them (Hyundai Company) because of two reasons: i) Insufficient Funds ii) His main concentration & interest is in selling Honda Scooters (Honda-Pleasure)”. They are authorized dealers of Honda Pleasure Scooters also.

    I told him “What the hell!!, You’re telling me this now??? You tell me the actual about the status of my car now” he said “I’m Sorry Sir, I’ll try to arrange your car from Kota, Bikaner, Ajmer or Alwar, just wait for my call I will revert back to you after an hour”, for which I’m still waiting.

    I was desperately waiting for his call till 25th then finally called up Subhash Meena (his junior) to know the status of the car, he asked me that he will let me know after talking to his boss Amit Manu. He called up Amit Manu and was replied harshly that this is not office hours (9:10pm) and you sleep peacefully & let the customer f**k himself, I’m on leave tomorrow and day after is Sunday, on Monday we will see what can be done. This was narrated to me as it is as the boy is innocent and does not understand politics.

    We have 3 dealers of Hyundai now in Jaipur, but I seriously feel that Hyundai is not keeping up good track on the HR or recruitment of staff at dealer points. These people are all un trained, un professional and makes silly commitments and then vanish keeping the customer nowhere. The girls kept at the front desk of showroom are mostly belonging from sub-standard hindi medium based families and are more keen in talking to their boyfriends over the cell phones in the corners of the showroom keeping the customers waiting to respond for their queries.

    I’m going to be a new customer of Hyundai; god knows when will I get the delivery of my car and what will happen with after sales service with these people.

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  • Mo
    Monica Nov 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Read my bad experience... http://www.carwale.com/Research/ReadFullUserReview.aspx?rid=3025

    I was given a damaged car!!

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  • Jl
    JLKKJN Sep 11, 2009


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  • Dr
    Dr Jahangir Aslam Jul 05, 2011

    I've a Hyundai Verna CRDI; for the last few days it's steering oil has started leaking. The local dealer from where I got my car says that the whole steering needs to be replaced. My car is 2008 model and till now there has been no major issue but this one, kindly reply back with a reasonable solution.

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designed without a front dome light

My complaint is that this vehicle, the 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited, purchased from King Hyundai in Deerfield Beach, FL was designed without a front dome light. Specifically, when you approach your car in a dark parking lot and initiate the keyless remote or if you unlock the car with the key, there is no light in the front part of the car that goes on even when the door opens. As Hyundai puts it, they designed the vehicle without this front dome light.

Since vehicles have had dome lights that go on when the door is opened for many years, it is surprising that Hyundai would choose blatantly to eliminate such a useful safety feature.

You might say, why didn't I notice that when I purchased the car, I could only respond with who would think that one would have to verify such a basic feature of a new vehicle prior to purchase. Do we need to verify that our new car purchases have batteries, parking lights and air filters in the future? I guess "let the buyer beware" reigns supreme at Hyundai!

Respectfully submitted,
David J Nace

  • Gu
    Guenter Heilmann Apr 27, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same complaint about the dome light, I just got my 2007 Santa Fe serviced (April 27), when I was waiting for my car in the show room I took a look at the new 2007 Santa Fe, When I got in the car I noticed that the front dome light when on when I opened the door. I went to the service department to ask about this and he had no clue why mine did not work. He asked the service tech. and he said that mine did not light up when you open the door, mind you I bought this 2007 Santa Fe in October and now it is April and they fixed this issue with newer cars (6 months?) He said they can't upgrade mine. So I think I am going the write to the Corporate headquarters to see what they say, and also the Nat'l Highway Safety dept. to see about a recall on this issue.

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warranty and competition

I have Hyundai Elantra 2006. I have got my car serviced from authorized dealers all of them and now i have got problem in car and they say we will not give you warranty because i have not got the service done from them and they will not give the me warranty and asked me to go to the same dealers from where i got my car serviced done for the warranty. This is cause they have competition with other dealers here. Why will the customer suffer cause of there competition?!

air condition system replacement

A copy of email to The General Manager (Sales & Service) Hyundai India:

I am the owner of Hyundai santro regn. no. TN01P 3519, presently at the Ambattur works of KUN HYUNDAI, at Chennai, for periodical (non-warranty) servicing.

My car has steamed 54,350 KM so far. I have not encountered any problem with regard to my airconditioner, except slight reduction of cooling effectiveness.

I handed over my car for general servicing on 13th instant to KUN HYUNDAI ambattur service station. Next day I was informed by the service technician Mr.SAM that there is found traces of gas/oil leak from the compressor, warranting its replacement at the renewal cost of Rs.24,000/-. As the car is about four years new, I could not understand the reason to effect such costly replacement only after four years of use. When I visited the works to examine the problem, I was shown oil trace at the casing of the compressor. As the cooling was to an acceptable level at the time of giving the car for servicing, I instructed not to replace the compressor, but only carry out cleaning of the evaporator coil - air side. Later the same evening, I was informed that the evaporator coil too was leaking and recommended for renewal (at an approx cost of Rs.4000). I once again visited their works to appreciate the problem.

This time I found that the evaporator cooling fins were clogged severely with dust and dried up tree leaves.

It appears in my assessment that severe clogging of the evaporator coils be the main reason for the sequential overpressure of the system which resulted in joints giving way and subsequent gas leaks.

The Kun Hyundai works have confirmed to me that they have no facility for factory reconditioning of the compressor or the evaporator coil. The only remedy according to them is for me renew the components at an approximate cost exceeding Rs.30,000/- inclusive of tax etc. THIS IS EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE TO ME AND IS UNAFFORDABLE, particularly for a car which is only 4 years old,kept under periodical maintenance care of the Hyundai authorized service agents through out.

I have found the reason for clogging of the evaporator coil fins is due to no primary air intake filter and no sieve which would screen entry of abnormal particles like even tree leaves. There is also no easy access to the fin surface on the air side to periodically clean it, without breaking open the whole unit from the freon gas system. This also warrants further recharge of refrigerant and oil, which is an avoidable cost.

Therefore I am of the view that there is a fundamental design flaw which has given rise to the expensive replacement of the compressor and evaporator units.

Further I wish to point out that there is no expert air conditioner technician in the KUN Hyundai factory. People who handle presently are not even aware of leak testing with test lamps; nor they are aware of vacuum testing of the system to ensure perfect sealing of the refrigerant system.

In the light of the above explained to you, I request you to consider my problem on merits of lack of design access for periodical maintenance by owners using Hyundai Santro cars. I request you to grant free replacement of the parts concerned. Further, I also request you to make a modification for the outer plastic cover gaining access to clean the evaporator fins on the air side, without disturbing the refrigerant pipe system.

I trust my request would receive your prompt consideration.
Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

1543, Ram nagar, Collector nagar
Anna nagar west extension, Chennai 600 101
India. Mob: [protected]

  • Dr
    Dr Gurpreet Kaur Jun 13, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Charged me for replacing a new silencer but actually didn't replace it. In a way its fraud.

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  • An
    Anand Bhai Dec 29, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been using a santro xing for the past 5 years.and within these 5 years, i have been to the service shop many a times just 4 it's a/c complaint.The car, got to appreciate it's good traits, has got one of the best steering and handling system.It has always provided a smooth driving experience, but not a great travel experience in terms of comfort.Travel during noon time has especially been unbearable due to its poor cooling effect.Last day itself, i was on a trip to attend a marriage with my family.we traveled during a relatively warm morning, not a really hot one.We had traveled with the A/C on.but half-way through the trip we had to switch off the a/c and travel with the window open, as it was cooler that way.We had decided to travel by the car instead of the bus, because we would be fresh even after the travel using the A/C.But the car, THE SANTRO XING, just cheated us in every sense.It was after this experience that i enquired other customers of the same car.They all have experienced the same problem in relatively hot conditions.If the A/C is not effective in hot conditions, what is the use of installing such an A/C.I am right now thinking of moving over to another brand.

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manufacturing defect

I brought a hyundai television from a dealer by the name adhishwar electronis, bangalore, india, 6 month...

manufacturing defect in cars gear system

I received a check today 49.95 and guess what the funds were not available. This checks are no good you can contact t-bank dallas tx and they will tell you after they finish laughing at you. I just got off the phone with mr klein the ceo and he told me money is there. He tries to turn your words against you. I never told him he stop payment but thats his answer to everything. You can contact him at [protected] he will tell you this is his home # we all no that to be a lie. The routing # on check was [protected] the account# [protected] which i believe now to be a dummy account. So guys please check to see if your check has this numbers if so don't deposit into your acct and later get more fees for overdraft. Call the bank to see if it is a good check. The typing this i juts received a call from mr klein 5:01 pm ct and he told me the check is good he verified it by the manager. I asked for the number he said he didn't have it and fore me to just cash the damn check. I am now speaking with laura at t bank and again she saids the funds are unavailable and now she is checking with her supervisor. She states the account is open but the funds are not available. T-bank number is [protected] as of now its 5:15 pm ct and i am on hold with bank i was forwarded to sue the manager and she was really helpful i was told mr klein first name is jeff his account mgr at t-bank her name is lee ann stames her number at work [protected] i am not saying she has something to do with this rip off but it really looks crazy for her to say he has funds in the account and the csr name laura an dantoher csr so not available and the manage r sue states funds not available. I hope this help.

warranty compliance denial

Hyundai Verna CRDI, a product of Hyundai Motor India Ltd. was purchased by me on 22.11.06. The wind screen...

piece of crap!

I just bought a New 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe and was very excited at the time of purchase. However on the day I went to pick up my plates for my new vehicle the check engine light came on.

I took the car immediately to the nearest dealership to find out why. The service dept. At that dealership was very nice but after 3 trips there they couldn't fix the problem. We then took the car back to the original dealership (mind you at the time of the first visit we only had around 800 miles on the car. They said they would look at the car and try to fix it. They've had the car for 4 days soon to be 5 and so far no answers. I'm asking the dealership to stand behind their name and give me what I paid for a new car that works without having to go to the shop every week! They said if they couldn't figure it out that we could file a complaint and they would back us up and try to help us out. I have to drive this vehicle to work and back (mainly at 4am and 11pm) on roads that don't have a lot of traffic. I also have to transport my child in this vehicle. I bought a new vehicle so I shouldn't have any worries, but frankly, it is now a vehicle I don't trust. I had a kia once and have already had the run around with dealerships not standing behind what they sell. After 26 trips to the garage with my kia I just gave up and drove a car that was a piece of crap for several years. I then bought a hyundai and had good luck with it so I bought another one and ended up back in kia hell!... I realize at this point i'm just venting and I really hope the dealership comes through. If they do i'll be sure to give them the proper praise. However, if they don't and they continue to yank me around I will be forced to contact everyone I know anyway I know how including the local news to get results that I feel comfortable with. Thanks for listening, i'll let you know what happens.

  • Ia
    I am NOT scammed May 16, 2008

    Actually, you can insist on another car. Fill out the complaint form and insist. This one is a lemon if the dealership can't even find out what is wrong. We have an '07 and Love it. Good luck!

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  • Da
    darci May 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am on the fence about if i should buy a santa fe, your post was very helpful, seems if you are lucky enough to get a good one, thats great, but if you happen on a bad one, it is "lemon Hell"...

    i have read complaints where people have waited two and three weeks for their santa fe to be repaired, i am afraid to take a chance on this car...

    thanks for posting your story...

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  • Jo
    joe Jun 10, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was wondering what happened at the end of the day with the santa fe?

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identity theft by car dealership

I purchased a car from them in Oct. 2004. On July 2006 a person was sold a car by Rick Case in Duluth, Georgia. The application had my name, social security & birth date on it and the loan was approved by Hyundai Motor Credit. The address did not match. The person did not have my driver's license and turned out to be 20 years younger than me. I was told by the finance manager at Rick Case that it was an error and my credit would be corrected. It has been suggested by an investigator at Hyundai Credit and my local police dept. that it may have been an inside job. What we suspect has happened is that the salesperson that sold the car in July 2006 used my information to qualify this other person for the car loan. Of course now the person has defaulted on the car loan and neither she nor the car purchased can be found. I will pursue this matter to prosecute this person that used my information and I will never trust Rick Case nor Hyundai Motor credit again.

  • Fr
    Freda Jones Mar 08, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This matter has been settled to my satisfaction. F. Jones

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  • Su
    Susan Edwards Jan 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Shows the irresponsible attitude that we found at Rick Case Hyundai at I-75 Dealership in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We bought 2 cars, there in October, 2007. We knew that we wanted Korean make cars so the salesman didn't have to sell us and he didn't have customer service skills anyway, trying to sell us cars that we already wanted. He kept going on and on about the cars and was annoying. We bought the cars on Sunday, the repair dept. was closed. We were told that we were supposed to get 2 tool kits with the cars. They were very accommodating accepting our checks. We returned 2 weeks later to find that there were no tool kits set aside for us by our salesman, Ralph, or anyone else. But they were promised to us and in the book for customers there is a page given to the tool kits that customers get with buying a car. I spoke to Jay the manager, he said they don't make the took kits any more - this was still in 2007 and we won't be able to get the tool ktits. Finally, after a long discussion he agreed to make some phone calls to other dealerships and get back to me. He never did get back to us either by phone or by e-mail. The checks for our cars were cashed. He had no problem doing that. Finally, I was back there yesterday by which time almost all the salespeople knew about the story of our family not getting the tool kits. I went to Jay again and he again smiled and said there are on tool kits available . There was a salesman there with him then. I told him that I didn't hear from him for 2 months about the tool kits. He smiled. No apology, no nothing. Then finally he said that he will call the Honda dealership down the street and try to get the tool kits for us. After an hour of waiting the tool kits arrived. No apology for my inconvenience, no nothing. He had a bad attitude.

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  • Ni
    nicole henry Jan 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a sonata from the rick case hyundai IN DAVIE FL 2 months ago were i used to cars as trade ins a honda accord and also a mercedes which they allowed to be reposessed from there dealership after all the paper work had been signed off on the agreement was for the car to be paid off in full. THEN TO REALLY TOP THIS SCAM OFF THEY ASKED ME TO RETURN THE SONATA SO NOW IM CARLESS AND STUCK WITH A REPO MR AUTHUR BANKS AND JEFFREY ROWE TRUE SCAM ARTISTS YOUR RUNNING A EXTREMLY SHADY ESTABLISHMENT!!! RICK CASE SHOULD BE SO PROUD BUYERS BEWARE SHADY REDNECKS.

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  • Id
    IDtheftVictim01 Sep 11, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've had my credit information compromised by Hyundai Motor Credit Finance Corp. I have never bought a Hyundai, nor would I ever buy such a car. But somehow, someone attempted to purchase a car through their credit corporation in my name. If anyone else has experience this problem, please tell me what you did to pursue legal or FTC actions. Thank-you

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  • Ke
    Keith Rogers Mar 21, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My mom traded her Explorer for a 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe back in 2009 and everything went smooth. On November 20th, 2010 while at the dealership straightening out the service agreement my mom wanted, but never got, the sales manager Mr. Alan R. Theriault talked my mom into trading her 2009 Santa Fe for a 2011 Santa Fe. Two month later my mom had an incident and filed an insurance claim, only to find out that she did not have insurance, even though she paid for it for two months. Unlike the first deal, when all the paper work was taken care of for my mom, this time the insurance transfer was not done. The reason given was "too bad, so sad, we did it for your the last time but forgot this time; it is not our practice to do that for you; but it is really your responsibility. They led us on and on with that sales BS for 3 months now, until they finally fessed up that they didn't treat her with the same "customer service" as they did on the first deal. So for a mere $1, 600.00 that it cost our family to fix her car, Rick Case Hyndai or anything else has show what they really think of their customers. They will loose more way more than $1, 600.00 worth of business. Instead of having my mom being an advocate for them, as she was (4 other referals which yielded 2 purchases), it's now all bad publicity. Buh Bye Rick Case.

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crankshaft of my santro xing 2004 model is defective!

I purchased a Santro xing from Hyundai from a Kerala dealer of Hyundai India. The product did just 28000 km...

fraud by hyundai dealer at pathnakot, punjab india

I purchased Santro XO(Metallic) color Real Earth bearing Chasis Number MALABSIHR6M959319*J & Engine number ...

flood affected car!

The following email was sent to the management of Hyundai.But they are not ready to give us a new car, rather they are saying that they will replace the defects,which is obviously not right because we have already paid for a new car.So why gave us an old car.

After doing a proper research me and my family decided to buy Hyundai Santro Xing XL which is one of the best small cars through your authorized dealer LA Motors Pvt Ltd (D Nahur Road Road, Dalmiya Estate, Opp P & T Colony, Mulund West Mumbai 400080).This is my first car and we were waiting anxiously to get the delivery which is financed by HDFC Bank.

I had asked your dealer to show me the car before registering it. The dealer replied saying the car goes for registration from Bhiwandi yard itself and also mentioned that he has no one to accompany me to see the car at Bhiwandi. If he would have co-operated with me to inspect the car before registration this situation wouldn't have not aroused. Since the dealer assured that he has a tie-up HDFC bank and I relied on them thinking that the bank has got many transactions with your company, and I would not be cheated.
When I went to take the delivery after registration (which was done without my inspection) from the above mentioned dealer today i.e. 23/11/06 at around 14.00hrs with my mechanic, It was to my shock & surprise that I noticed after opening the bonnet of the car it is a flood affected car and the engine was completely rusted which even a lay man like me could see. Inside the car there were no screws fitted on the door and above the windows the tin was rusted.

When these defects were shown to the Workshop & Showroom Manager (Parag) they agreed to replace the rusted engine rather than giving us a car which is in perfect condition and told us to come and collect it tomorrow. After that I went with my mechanic for a test drive and noticed that there was defect in the engine as well. After spending huge amount of money, I do not want to buy a car which is flood effected, rusted and in which the water has entered in the engine.

I and my family now request your company to either refund my money or replace the car as it is flood affected. Though I have tried my level best to come to some understanding with the dealer but that has been of no use. If you can help me I would be highly obliged otherwise I will have to recall the bank loan and also request you to refund my initial payment of Rs 45000/- which I have paid to the dealer receipt.

I expect from a professionally run organization like Hyundai to get back to us with some positive solution at your earliest as my family is very keen to own a brand new Santro and not a flood effected & rusted car. This car was supposed to be presented to my daughter as a gift for her birthday from me and my wife but due to this inappropriate service we could not do the same and are highly disappointed.