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2:05 am

Hyundai - harrowing experience with dass motors

My father is a Doctor practicing in Roorkee. He owns a Santro and has always been a Hyundai man. He had never thought of any other brand of car Maker since 2000 till the time we had an extremely harrowing experience with DASS Motors, Meerut. My father’s car was hit parked in front of an eating joint close to meerut and was hit by a Balero from the front. We had the car towed to meerut and showed it to DASS Motors, Meerut, they estimated close to 50, 000 INR for the complete repair of the vehicle. We agreed to have it done with Hyundai(DASS Motors) rather than having it done outside where complete repair was estimated 15000-18000. The car was promised to be delivered in 5-6 days. I kept following up for the car and the car was finally delivered after 16 days with the claim that the vehicle has been kept longer for the testing. When the vehicle was delivered it was in an absolutely bad shape with the long list of items which cold have been noticed in the vehicle if it was driven even once. The list of pending item goes as below

The steering of the car shook badly when the car was started.
It was not possible to drive the car if the AC was switched on, the car would just stop and would not move because of the load.
The dashboard shook vigorously after switching on the AC.
The Horn was not working.
The car made strange noises from every where.
The clutch of the car was just hanging loosely.
The bonnet was replaced with no color matching done, the difference in color could be noticed clearly from a distance of 15 meters.

I spoke with DASS Motors and they promised to do all this and deliver the car in 1 day. I took off from work and handed over my car to DASS Motors at 9AM in the morning with the promise that car would be delivered by 2PM. I was told that I would be charged separately for all this work again because I did not notice all this when the car was delivered. I called them up at 3PM and was told that the car is ready and could be taken away. I reached DASS to find that the condition of the car has further worsened, uptill morning my car used to drive straight after leaving the steering straight but now my car was moving left. I complained to them about this and they did something which made my car moving right. I was later than 6:30 pm by then and my car was not done completely and the staff at DASS motors was extremely rude and abusive, challenging not only me but the other customers as well. Seeing the abusive nature of the staff, I decided to take my car in the worse condition after paying the bill of 5000/- and spending whole day of work at Service center.

I and My father had great faith on Quality of Service provided by Hyundai but this experience with DASS motors opened our eyes. We had planned to buy i10 on Sunday but having got the worst car service experience on Saturday we decided to try Maruti and Chevrelot Cars as well.

I couldn’t believe that any authorized service center could be so careless, incompetent, rude and abusive towards the needs of the customer in such service oriented Market.

Gaurav Sapra

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3:57 pm

Hyundai - worst customer service

Would surely give a zero start to this dealer.

1. We went to buy a Car and we were giving complete cash down. I was told me the first sales guy saying they will not pull my credit history and later they did without me knowing about it.

2. After we bought the car, I had to go home and get my insurance and no body bothered to talk to me ask the sale was done.

3. The Finance guy had assured me that the registration will be done in a week and when i try to follow for for the first time, the Sales Manager Shan Pedro, picked up and said its going take more than 2 weeks for registration and When I asked him that I was told the registration is gonna take week, he said I was wasting his time and was not willing to transfer the phone to finance guy, Shan pedro said he cannot waste peoples time as the ball stops at him and said If I call again he will cancel my registration and hung up the phone. This was the first time I called and hardly spoke for 3 minutes.

Worst customer service. I have logged a compliant with Hyundai America customer support. Please do call Hyundai America and post your complaints.

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Update by Prad
Jun 04, 2008 3:47 pm

I would surely give a zero start to this dealer.

1. We went to buy a Car and we were giving complete cash down. I was told me the first sales guy saying they will not pull my credit history and later they did without me knowing about it.

2. After we bought the car, I had to go home and get my insurance and no body bothered to talk to me ask the sale was done.

3. The Finance guy had assured me that the registration will be done in a week and when i try to follow for for the first time, the Sales Manager Shan Pedro, picked up and said its going take more than 2 weeks for registration and When I asked him that I was told the registration is gonna take week, he said I was wasting his time and was not willing to transfer the phone to finance guy, Shan pedro said he cannot waste peoples time as the ball stops at him and said If I call again he will cancel my registration and hung up the phone. This was the first time I called and hardly spoke for 3 minutes.

Worst Customer service. I have logged a compliant with Hyundai America customer support. Please do call Hyundai America and post your complaints.

Mar 03, 2008 12:52 am

I went to see a car for buying here in the evening. It was one of the most horrible experience.

1. I went alone. 3/4 people pressurized me into buying a car

2. I didn't even test drive the car.

Their real face became visible after I paid them.

3. they didn't even clean the car and asked me to take the car out of the lot.

4. They charged an exorbitant interest rate.

5. They added random things like GAP insurance etc. into

the price without even giving me a choice.

BY the time I bought the car it was 11 PM in the night. The thrust the car through my throat. [Of course I was foolish enough to not to walk out] - They said things like we have stayed for you even after the scheduled close and now you should buy it etc. etc.

6. The next day when I went to ask them some details, for them I didn't even exist - I got reply literally "can't you see I am busy - wait outside"

7. When I wanted to cancel the GAP insurance [random things they added], they hiked the interest again by 1.3 %!

To add to all that I got into an accident within a week of buying it. Lesson learned - Never buy a Hyundai Car even if you blunder to buy one, don't make it a double mistake by buying from these cheaters.

[This happened when I was living in California]

Jun 11, 2008 1:45 pm

If you have an immediate problem than you can wait a week or two to resolve it is a waste of time to call Hyundai Customer Service. Their reply is we will investigate you complaint and then contact you in a few weeks.

I bought a used 07 Sonata Limited three weeks ago. I told the sales person and the finance manager at the Hyundai dealership that I was buying the car at this time to make a 2800 mile trip starting on the 16 of this month. Last Friday I got anxious about getting the registration, the Finance manager assured us that it would "come in" today wed the 11th. He agreed to overnight it and to call us when it was in the mail. when I had not heard from him by noon I called and was told that the paperwork had just been sent to the NY DMV yesterday and that it probably will not be back for a week ( this is a NJ Dealer who says they frequently deal with New your residents) At this point it seems I may have to drive my 97 GMC Jimmy which on a good day gets 17 mile per gallon rather than the Hyundai at 29-30, on this trip. I asked the dealer for a loaner and they say they will have to get authorization from the owner of the dealer ship. But and hour and a half later they have not gotten back to me . I am running out of time. The Hyundai regional office says the have no control over a dealer selling a vehicle for which they did not have title. and that Hyundai has no responsibility for my inconvenience.

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6:02 am

Hyundai - sudenly caught fire

I had purchased new Hyundai car Accent GLE model in Aug2007. The only version available now. Its black color car and so far it has run 14000KM.
Yesterday evening I was driving back home form office in Andheri Mumbai and on the way had filled petrol ( 22liters).
On eastern express highway near Vikroli the car suddenly caught fire. The flames were so bis and it caught fire so suddenly that in 2-3 minutes the bonnet was ozzing out flames. I could manage to come out of car some how specially when the car is fiited with power stearing and windows and Autocop accessories.
The car was very smooth and was stable. Never thought it will give such problem. The left side headlight is melted along with battery and so many things inside. Two service visits were completed so far in warranty and it was never brought to notice that the car would have any such problem.

Please let me know if some one has faced such problme. The insurance claim is launched but service center have give first has opinion that the claim would not be of much help and I would have to spend on plastic parts and metal parts as they are not covered in insurnace.

If some one wants to share similar problems please do so it would help me in resolvin the matter.

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1 comment
Aug 08, 2008 1:22 pm


I'm writing this from Kerala. In Kerala itself 3-4 incidents were there Hyundai accent and santro caught quick fire. How i don't know the tech reasons. you should sue against the company for ur life and loss of money. Anyway i found one thing don't buy hyundai cars.

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12:25 am
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Hyundai - carefull

I regret you inform you that I mr. sabu john purchased a hyundai accent gle from your branch — hilton hyudai, karamana, trivandrum-, kerala — engine no:g4eb7m183931, chassis number :malcg41gr7m185233j, on 14 decembr 2007, but recently I came to know that the front right side door has been repainted already before the purchase date... im not sure whether this vechile is new,

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Update by sab john
Feb 20, 2009 7:36 am


Oct 13, 2010 6:24 am

I Agree with the comments above, Anybody who buys a Hyundai car, beware its a substandard vehicle and will drain your resources through very expensive service (Preventive Maintenance as they call it) and even substandard customer service.

Apr 10, 2010 12:53 am

Yes, very true both Hilton and Popular motors in Trivandrum are cheats. If you ever taken your car hyundai car for service, they prefer replacing the spare parts rather than repairing. It is meance now and maintaing a santro cars is 100 times expensive than maintaining Toyota Innova.

Jan 21, 2010 12:16 am


I have purchased a Sandro GLS car on 01-09-2008 from Hilton Hyundai Opposite Juma Masjid, Thattamala, Kollam, Kerala .Engine No: G4HG8M 493716 and Chassis N0.323565F, My Registration KL-2AB 9761 . At the time of purchase many Golden offers were given to me. I am a Government servant and I submitted NGO Certificate to the dealer. There was an offer of Rs. 4000/- cash back for Government Servants. I requested many times to the dealer but did not get the cash back and no response. So I kindly request to take necessary steps immediately to get my money back.

my E- mail [email protected]

Jun 09, 2008 6:49 am

Its not HILTON HYUNDAI, Its POPULAR HYUNDAI residing at karamana. I agree with the comment. Since one of my friend also had a miscerable experiance with Popular Hyundai. He took one new santro from Popular hyundai. After 2 days he got one service bill of more than 50K. He crosschecked the engine number and chasis number specified in the bill with the vehicle and its matching.

So the Popular Hyundai is a big Fraud. Its an unpopular deal they does with others.


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11:00 pm

Hyundai - unprofessinal attitude and harassment to customer

No response from Hyundai India, Now they want to refund booking amount instead of Car.
I have couriered following letter to The GM – Sales and Marketing, 30, Mohan Co – op Ind. Area, Sarita Vihar, Matura Road, New Delhi – 44.

Regret to inform you till date I have no update either from Customer care/ Suhrit Hyundai/Head off Hyundai.

Please resolve the issue asap.
Dated – April 22, 2008

Subject – Complain against Suhrit Hyundai/ Need Delivery of vehicle immediately.

Dear Sir,

I have registered my complain Ref No – 1-12411877, send a mail to [email protected] but no response from their end.

I had verbal conversation with Mrs. Pushpa Negi (General Manager, Suhrit Hyundai) 9891970752, but she failed to resolve the issue and talked very rudely.

I have booked I-10 Magna (M), Champagne Gold, 25 days back with a promise that I will get the delivery within a week.

1) I have paid INR 10, 000 as booking amount that credited to SUHRIT services p ltd. S-6, Building No 18-19, Gulmohar Community Centre, Yusuf Sarai, New Delhi - 16.

2) I have selected this vehicle from Auto Expo Delhi and exchange my Maaruti with Hyundai, I incurred a lose of Rs 10, 000 exchange bonus because didn’t have the delivery on time, I have sold my old car and facing the hardship.

3) My daily routine has been hampered, my job require extensive traveling and every day I have to pay Rs 1200 to rent a car, total expense Rs 25, 000 approx.

It is quite surprising that the people are getting this car same day and it has been not delivered to me till date, its almost one month, approved loan A/c no 13019741.

4) I have booked the car and expecting the Delivery in the holy days on Navratara that has been passes now.

I never expected such painful service from Hyundai, I was in touch with you representative Rahul -Contact No - 9999765931.

Please compensate the loss and deliver the car immediately.

Md. Manzar Sohail Nazami

Contact No - 9910247071

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I have purchased a Hyundai EON Sportz on 21/10/2011 from Utkal Automobiles in Bhubaneswar. The sales person Mr SANGRAM was very co-operative before my buying the vehicle. But once the vehicle was sold he just dissappeared. Even he is not bothering to give me the money receipts . I am not sure whether he has deposited the money or taken it to his own pocket .

Sep 07, 2009 12:23 pm

Similar behaviour has been showed to me in BHubaneswar, Show room details is: (Utkal Automobiles Ltd., 3/3/61, Chandraka Integrated Industrial Complex,
Mancheswar, Bhubaneswar - 751010, India.
Ph: [protected], 2580998
fax: [protected])

The person showed me the demo car with lot of features and confirmed me about some part of the acessories are free. But after delivery he became a different person. in just 5 days he said me the there is no more offer and more importantly he didnt convey me that thing before selling also. when i asked him to give me the seat cover he said they will cost me extra 2500/- untill i pay this extra amount they will put my cheque(for registration) on hold. I bought TWO HYUNDAI I10 in same month, one for my parents and another for my wife. so there is a refferal amount I should get as per their policy, but he denied that because he said he is following up this case for last 20 days so no refferal (this follow up money will go to his pocket).

More importantly the way he behaved was untolreable. He challenged me that I cant do the registration unless he wants. Then who is he? the chief justice of supreme court probably. He is making his own law time to time. if he finds a suitable person whom he can cheat then he will do that immediately.
The sales person name is PARTHA SARATHI.

Did I make the mistake buying 2 cars in same month and not getting the refferal amount even a simple seat cover(already commited for free) for which i have to pay extra 2500/- and finally the tone he used for the payment of 2500/- and giving me threat not to go for registration personaly as he will not allow me to do this.

Thanks & Regards,
Pratap Parida

Sep 23, 2008 3:26 am

Sub: Complaint against the Hyundai Showroom “A1 AUTO PVT. LTD Auto Pvt Ltd.” at Saki Naka, Andheri, Mumbai.

Following for your kind information and necessary action.

I booked my dream car “i10 – Era” from Hyndai Authorised showroom called “A1 AUTO PVT. LTD Auto Pvt Ltd.” at Saki Naka Andheri on. I was thrilled to own such a great car!

Alas, I was disheartened with the kind of service that showroom gave me and the problems I am still facing todate.

Dealer A1 AUTO Pvt Ltd promised me to give following accessories for company set charges. Also I was promised that I will be given “Mud pads” and “Parcel tray – fibre type” by the Sales person and the person handling the accessories.

I was left with no choice than to take the deliver of my car on 27th August without following fittings:
1) Incorrect tuning of the engine due to which she consumed much more fuel than the standard information.
2) Original leather steering wheel cover.
3) Mud pads
4) Parcel tray.
5) Company fitted Digital Clock.
6) Body Colour Mirrors.

It’s a rainy season in Mumbai and driving a car without mud pads on the roads spoiling the own car and the vehicle behind this car. I wanted to decorate my car with the parcel tray, which is still pending. Original leather steering wheel cover was fitted incorrectly when I took the delivery and then it was refitted, but not so professionally. I was asked to contact directly to the person who does tuning of the Hyundai vehicles.

Moreover, I have been promised for the refund of Rs 7, 000/- as a discount offered by A1 AUTO PVT. LTD. I was promised that within 3-4 days I will get the cheque from Hyundai. Due to this I made my full payment for the car and till todate waiting for the refund.

While fitting the accessories my mobile hands free where stolen from the showroom premises, for which the authorized accessories fitting incharge had promised me to refund it. But in this case also I have not yet received the hands free.

Though the Sales persons behave in extremely good manner, I have still not received the above mentioned items. I am very much disappointed with the Hyundai’s behaviour towards the customer. All my happiness died down due to repeated arguments and repeated promises. From the date of delivery of the car till todate I daily give reminders to A1 AUTO Pvt ltd Hyundai showroom. Somehow matter is not being solved at all. I really feel that I have made wrong choice of Dealer to buy my first car.

I am forced to lodge this complaint and expect a quick and effective response from your end.

My contact details are as follows:
Name: Bhushan A Acharya
Address: Acharya Niwas, 2nd, 29, Park – Road, Vile – Parle – East, Mumbai – 400057.
Contact No. 022-[protected]/ [protected]
E-Mail: [email protected]

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11:03 pm

Hyundai - servicing

I am in Hyderabad and we are trying to get our Accent Hyundai repaired by Talwar Hyundai service center. The service center is very pathetic I dont know how the owners are proud about their service center. we had the following complaints:

1. Whenever the petrol tank was fulled totally the car would swtich off and needed t switch on and would only run smoothely after the tanks gets half. And the milage is unbeliveable it gives 3 to 5.
2. We had the white smoke coming with horrible smell.

I gave the car at 10.30am on 18.04.2017 to Mr. Kiran Kumar who said he will diagonise the problem and let me know by evening but didnot give any feedback till evening and I had to call them and findout. After much fuss he gave the call to Mr. Pavana Kumar said to be the Floor manager which I doubt.

The solution the Talwar Hyundai guy gave was that the pertol tank and pump was to be replaced with new as the tank and pump was damaged and that if we replace, my car not givr the above said problems. So i had gone with it. We were asked to take the car on 19.04.08.

We went to the service center met Mr. Pavan Kumar he very confidently said that there will be no problem and asked us to run it for 1000km and said we needed to go for overhauling of the engine. Trusting him I had paid Rs. 12, 800 and took my car. Before that I had given the car in 18.02.2017 and was billed Rs. 5, 800.

I had to take my car keys from ther security on which the car no was wrongly written instead of 4500 it was 5400 and saw my dusty car placed near the gate, it was so pathetic I had to clean the car before I could take it out. This shows how the Talwar Hyundai service is. Inspite of informing Mr. Pavan Kumar the FLoor Manager that I will coming to take the car, he didnt even bother to check. As soon as we took the car my husband who was driving said that there is a problem and they had taken us for a ride. We went back and asked Mr. Pavan to test drive but he convinced that the car is ok and wanted us to get it back after 1000kms of running.

The actuall problem which I had been telling them that the car stops when we fill the petrol had not been checked at all, when I took my car the petrol tank was half and it was running fine. They didnot even bother to check on the complaint I had given.

2 days later when we filled petrol, car stopped we somehow managed to take it back to the Talwar Hyundai service center. This time we spoke to the Manager Mr. Kulkarni, He was another over acting fellow pertened to know everything. He had asked for the earlier reports of our car but their people could not find any data on my car which is very strange. Then we insisted him to take a test drive and called Mr. Pavan Kumar. After a lot of agruments Mr. pavan Kumar said he had removed the Fuel tank and Pump on suspicion and not any technical reason and agreed that the tank and fuel pump would have served me futher.
And without any job card they took the car and said they would correct it. And the manager promised that he would come along for a long drive to test the milage and the car condition after filling the car.

They call me in the morning and say that the carborater is the problem and the problem is rectified, the car will not stop it the petrol is filled. They were again Lying, they didnot fill the petrol full to check the problem. After I told them that I will go public they was some action but still I dont know how to trust them.

The owner of the Service center will not be available, so whom to complain about these people who took our money . how will I get my money back if Mr. Pavan Kumar had used his stupid brain and took a wrong discussion. There are so many occasions that I was unsatisfied with the service, they had damaged my car bonnet and it is rusting now, we had to fight to get our mirror fixed eventhough it was in the job card, they didnot check the headlights of the car before giving. The list can go on.

I need help to solve the problem. How can I go public, I need everybody to join hands and takeout some solution. Even the owner should know the his Service center and showroom underneath his nose is horrible . The qoute which Hyundai has "Trust driven by service " is useless in India.

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Apr 29, 2014 10:07 am

My brand new Hyundai Accent went for its first service in January, where I asked them to adjust the rear sensors that started to fall in. When I received the car back, the bumper was damaged and Hyundai even told me they don't do accident repairs. After fighting and explaining that they actually caused the damage, they agreed to fix the bumper. I took the car in for the bumper to be fixed but still the scratches could be seen and it had to go back. I eventually received a loan car when my car had to go to the panel beaters and had the loan car for a week. When I received my vehicle back, the scratches could still be seen and now the censors were broken as well. Hyundai told me that they had to order new censors and that it would take about 2 weeks to be delivered. After 4 weeks I had to phone them to find out what's happening. Truth is that I don't think they ordered the censors and hoped the problem would just go away. I then had to wait another 2 weeks for another loan car to become available. It is now 2 weeks later, and the car is still not fixed. The are now having a problem with the censors and say they THINK the tow-bar is activating the censors. I mean its been in all 3 months now, can't they figure it out, and I have to beg them to let me know what's happening. I have now tried being nice, I've tried shouting, I've tried threatening but nothing seems to work. I honestly don't know what else to do! Stay away from Hyundai Sandton - their after service is shocking!

Sep 13, 2010 4:37 am

This is Sugandha Agarwal. I am an old customer of Hyundai, had I10 Reg. no. DL3CAL6440 and recently purchased Hyundai Accent Executive- CNG (inbuilt) on 30 June’10 from Hyundai Motor Plaza (New Delhi).
Unfortunately I had an accident on 9th Aug’ 10 and the estimate for the car repair is around 50 K, when I approached the Hyundai service centre they told me that CNG is not endorsed in the insurance( Tata AIG) and the survey and claim can only be done once CNG get endorsed into that.

I started following up with the showroom guys and their agents as well for getting it done. Till date after more than two months of my purchase I did not get my RC and when I got everything checked in order to get it fast I found out that Hyundai has lost the form- 22 for my car due to which the authority is not releasing my RC and since the endorsed RC is yet not received so the CNG could not get endorsed in insurance due to which I kept suffering badly since I was using cab from 9th August’10 and had to pay a huge amount to that also the car was in the worst condition.

Finally I Started writing regular mails to the Vice Presidents of Hyundai Mr. Ashok jha, Mr. Ashish Anand & Mr. Arvind Saxena, but when I did not get any response from Hyundai after hundreds of calls and mails, I had to get my car repaired from my own pocket where I paid around 25, 000/- from my own pocket, the original parts were done from Baltic Hyundai and the repair work got done from a local shop since I was not in a condition to spend 50, 000/- from my pocket. And spent around 15, 000/-

I just want to aware you of the problems I have been facing from past more than 2 month due to this irresponsible and careless attitude of Hyundai, also since a lot of money has been wasted due to this issue and I have been harassed badly many times by Hyundai so would request you to raise my concern to the higher ups and compensate for my losses made due to Hyundai ASAP
[email protected]

Jan 29, 2013 12:40 pm

My Car-Hyundai Accent caught fire while driving. it was 1 year 7 months old. can we file a complaint to the company for compenstaion and do we get it. or should we approach the consumer forum. please suggest.

Jul 20, 2009 6:27 am

sir my accent gls model starting very comfert but running was verry missing

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5:29 am

Hyundai - serious safety problem in hyundai i10

I have purchased “i10 Magna” car from Sanjay Hyundai, Pune. This car was delivered to me in the second week of January 2008. My car has developed two faults twice in less than three moths of use, when the car has not even run 3000 km.
1. On April 07, 2008 major accident was averted when my car suddenly stopped in the middle of the road, when I was negotiating a ‘U’ turn. I was later told by the mechanic of Sanjay Hyundai that the left side axle had come off.
This is a serious problem which can cause injury to life and property of driver/passenger. I consider my self lucky that no fast moving vehicle banged into me when the car stopped suddenly in the middle of the road.
2. In the month of February, Wiper motor of the vehicle suddenly started and stopped, on its own, without switching on the wiper. This was a problem was solved by replacing the wiper motor.

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1 comment
May 02, 2009 10:41 am

This could be a dealer problem because I have seen Sanjay Hyundai selling demo cars. It could be because of that too.

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3:18 am

Hyundai - charger not working and mobile back side body coated automaticaly skrach

This is 2nd time complain :
(1) My order No. 620001009
(2) I have puck up mobile by courier in end of january
(3) Warranty period 1 year
(4) Mobile wil work one and half month its ok and
after one i have have to put charge my mobile and
suddanly what happend i dont no, it is
automatically charging stop and it is not work at
that time to till date my mobile is not working,
so pl help me.
(5) My mobile back side battery cover coated it will
automaticaly removed and Mobile looks is very bad
so pl help
(6) And also my ear phone is not working properly. So
pl needful help and send me charger as early as
possible to start my mobile and also other item pl.
I hope we needful help for me as early as possible
above to

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1 comment
Apr 08, 2009 4:10 am

MY order no. is [protected] .

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1:33 am
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Hyundai - piece of junk

Bought new. Std. xmission. This rice burner has had it's 4th Xmission in 2 years. Submitted claim via legal council and it was refused by Hyundai. Provided all necessary invoices proving 3 Xmissions had to be installed. Did not have the 3rd installation performed by Hyundai dealer. The rationale being that Hyundai garages may not be properly trained and perhaps a private garage would know what they were doing. My garage informed me that that type of flywheel had been tried unsuccessfully by US car makers and was shortly abandoned due to the piss poor design which caused an inordinate number of replacements. I'll never consider another purchase of this piece of junk.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

1 comment
May 13, 2008 11:54 am

Thanks for letting us know... Too bad for Hyundai, I was about to buy it... :0/

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12:12 pm
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I have purchased one Santro XL car from your Trident Hundai, 100 Feet Road branch on 17th Sept, 2007 and I was promised from the sales person to give Rs. 10000/- exchange bonus to me in one month. Till today I have not received the exchange bonus, I am just getting assurance of another week and each time I contact the sales office. I have been getting such...

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12:24 pm

Hyundai - service and sales

On 02/19/08 Malcolm Madison and co-signer Carmen Madison financed a 2007 Dodege magnum from Hyundai of north Jacksonville for 34,835.60. All legal paper work was presented to the General Manager Joe Cutaia during the sale of the vehicle like current pay stubs, proof of address and etc. The sale contract was signed by all parties and a down payment of $200.00 was given to the sales rep Bobby for a final deal. The payments on the 2007 Dodge Magnum was to start on 04/04/08 at 481.05 a month. The General Manager Joe Cutaia said all taxes will be financed in the total of the vehicle and Malcolm Madison nor co-signer Carmen Madison would have to pay that up-front. The deal was final with $200.00 down. The 2007 Dodge Magnum was given to Malcolm Madison at the end of the deal with all final paper work in hand. On 02/22/08 Malcolm Madison received a call around 4:30pm from General Manager Joe Cutaia of Hyundai of north Jacksonville saying for him to bring the vehicle by the store to get the vin# scanned and for the bank to inspect the 2007 Dodge Magnum. When Malcolm Madison arrived to Hyundai of north Jacksonville he was greeted by a nasty sales rep in the finance dept. The sales rep asked Malcolm Madison what was he doing there and Malcolm Madison explained that he was to bring the vehicle to the store so they can scane the vin# and let the bank look at the car. The nasty sales rep in financed ask Malcolm Madison for the keys to the 2007 Dodge Magnum and then walked off with his keys with no explaination. Then the nasty sales rep told Malcolm Madison to find a ride home and kicked him out the store located at 3333 north main street, Jax fl 32206. The General Manager Joe Cutaia lied to Malclm Madison on what the visit was all about. Hyundai of north Jacksonville treated Malcolm Madison like he was a dog on the street and gave him no explaination on what was going on that day. Malcolm Madison spent his hard earned money on the insurance and down payment for the 2007 Dodge Magnum so he can get back and forth to work to feed his kids. Hyundai of north Jacksonville kept Malcolm Madison down payment and also kept the vehical to this day with no explaination on why they did what they did towards Malcolm Madison. No customer should never go through this type of treatment from any company at anytime.

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Apr 23, 2008 9:44 pm

My daughter purchased a car from North Florida Hyuandai and almost two months later they made her return the car stating that the deal did not go through. I'm in the process of trying to determine what steps are needed to prevent these people from continuing with their deceptive practices. By the way, the trade in that we gave them was returned to us without the steering colum cover and their maintenance dept had done some work on the car.

Mar 13, 2008 1:56 am

Another idiot, sue the crooks for every penny they have. Fl should have ambulance chasers that would fight over this one. It's a win win for the lawyer and the dummy that gave the keys to them.

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9:08 am
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Hyundai - payment

Dear sir,

On 12th febuary 2008 ill give advance Rs. 10000.00 to Suhrit Hyundai S-6 Building No 18-19,Gulmohar Community Center,Yusuf Sarai.New Delhi:110016 for my new i10 magna as per there executive Amit Malhotra they say that we give u car at old price on 25 th feb from 13th feb price are increasing but on 24th ill asked Amit Malhotra about car he said we not give u a car on old price. ill said him ok return my advance money he said that we cut some charges but i tryed to ur else showroom they not chargeing any thing for cancel booking.

on 25th feb ill give request of my cancelation of booking but i still not receive check from shruit hyundai daily they say tommorow.

on 13th of feb ill register my complaint on your coustomer care center by phone on this no. 1800-11-4645 complaint no. is 1-11324714 still i not get any status from your side. they people also saying we talk them we talk them daily i am calling at your coustomer care stil my problem is not solve

please solve my problem as soon as possible

with regards
amit saini
45 masjid moth
south extension part-II
new delhi-110049
mob:- +919818483461

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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6:34 am

Hyundai - frequent probles leads to quality issues

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am owner of Hyundai Accent with following details:

Model : Accent GLE
Colour : Noble White
Registration Number : MP - 09 - 8934
Engine No : 129963
Chessis No : 143599
Date of Purchase : 23-12-2005
From: Harsh Automobiles (P) Ltd. Indore

Recently I observed some unusual sound from the silencer of my car and took the vehicle to newly opened Hyundai service center “Kasliwal Automobile” and after inspection they told me that the silencer drum completely rusted and worn out and I have to buy a new one. This vehicle is giving regular and repeated problems since day one of purchasing. Please find below few of the observations:

1. The Car used to pull on right side from day one.
2. Made “n” numbers of complaint on this issue but problem does not got resolved
3. All the tires worn out at a run of 40,000 kilometers only and I have to got it changed at my expenses.
4. After that on much of my persuasion the problem got resolved
5. Internal wiring torn off twice and every time we had to struggle to get it covered under warranty.
6. After giving turn signal the Indicator lever not used to get cancelled automatically. The problem finally got resolved in April 2006
7. Switch Assy–Power regulator gone bad.
8. Mostly I drive my car alone and runs on good road still the rear left shock absorber gone bad and replaced in Jan-2007, the same again started leaking now.
9. When we installed Car radio in Nov-07 we found that the Antenna is not working and the service center refused to repair/replace it under warranty.
10. I am sending my vehicle regularly to the service center for periodic maintenance as advised in the service book and apart from this there were many occasions when the car was in service center.
11. Rusting is a very slow and gradual process, why the service center people have not informed me about this and why they have not taken any corrective steps.
12. My car gets parked on dry floor and runs approx 2000km per month.
13. Indore is normally a dry place The range of relative humidity varies from a minimum of 50 % to a maximum of 85% so the environmental conditions are not responsible for the rusting.
14. it is definitely a quality issue with the raw material.

All these frequent problems are sign of defects in manufacturing and lack of quality control.

I request you to kindly look in to the matter and arrange to resolve the issues by either replacing the vehicle or get the vehicle inspected thoroughly by your engineers and get corrective steps so we can be assure of trouble free services on our investment.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Rajkumar Jain
Business Automation (I) Pvt. Ltd.
110 Shalimar Corporate Center,
8- South Tukoganj, Indore 452001 INDIA
Ph: +91 731 2519114
Fax: +91 731 2519035
Cell: +91 98260 51911
email : [email protected]

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12:00 am

Hyundai - illegal service denial!

I bought a Hyundai Elantra 2006 from the Egyptian market, The Authorized and official dealer in Egypt refused to conduct any service on the car at my cost, because they said "we took a decision only service Hyundai cars bought from us at Egypt and your car was bought originally from Saudi Arabia and then came to Egypt and we don't want that to happen so we took that decision".

So my question is:

1- Should it be broad casted to the world , don't come to Egypt with your Hyundai car because if any thing happened to it during your stay the official dealer won't service the car and you are stuck. Hyundai cars are only good for use in the country you b0ought it from and it should stay their.

2- The Hyundai's Mother Company doesn't keep track of its dealers behavior and abuse of customer, they can spend a lot of time and effort on improving their cars and that will be wasted because of their dealers giving them a bad name with their bad behavior of their customers.

3- I am waiting to see if the Hyundai mother company will contact me because if they don't that will confirm my suspicion about their poor job of trying to satisfy their customers.

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12:00 am

Hyundai - noise and front tyres!

I had purchased the Hyundai Verna CRDI in the month of May'07 and before to that had been a fan of Hyundai cars as I owned a Santro and upgraded myself to Verna and frankly speaking am very satisfied with the vehicle but there is a issue which is lingering every time I start the vehicle and run i.e. the noise level of the diesel engine is very high inside the cabin and if you roll up the windows with AC on it makes you feel you are driving a very powerful tractor and secondly the front tyres within this short period have worn out and the rear tyres are fully OK , I have been driving vehicle for past 18 years and this is the first time I have something like this and am very puzzled whether to keep this vehicle or sell it within this short duration, I tried contacting Hyundai and every time they ask me to contact the local workshop and they as usual try to fix things but are unable. I do not what is the long term solution and whether ever Hyundai will listen and pay attention to its loyal customer who is now on the verge of taking a drastic step of lodging a customer complaint in court of law.

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Feb 11, 2011 12:55 pm

I also have a Verna which I bought in Aug'2008. My car has done 30, 000 km and I am changing the tyres as they are completely bald. Seems that 30, 000/- is the upper limit for tyre change.

Sep 29, 2009 2:54 am

what is the use for typing the complaint here, no use for typing here complaint

Sep 07, 2009 2:29 am

hyundai verna under warranty period with running 28000km tyres worn out, despite reminding, agree to give 25%discount, by chandigarh customer sales manager mr varun sharma, why not full replacement, when there was mechanical defect observed by mechanic of authorize service station,
let me this customer policy of hyundai, when sell the product
it will ruin the name of reputed company
despite reminding they did not heed on customer complaint

Sep 07, 2009 2:24 am

hyundai diesel car verna is nigtmare car, frequent problem in evry where, tyre worn out is major problem,

Mar 30, 2009 3:27 am

Yes I do have the problem. I guess we made a wrong choice of buying a verna. God help you if you have cloked 73000 kms...

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12:00 am

Hyundai - engine overhaul

Hi...i have a Hyundai santro Xing XG bought in year 2005. I have been having issues for over a year that the car would give a jerk while driving. In the beginging ,more than a year back, i just used to feel a very little jerk while idling but no problem in driving. Bought this to the notice of the Service Center but was given some lame explanation and told that it won't effect in any way. But for the past year or so i started having this knocking while driving as well, so this time went to another Service Center as the one owned by dealer near to me got shifted. Now this one is also an Authorized Service Center of another Hyundai dealer. So they did some work and fixed the issue where the jerk was very slight when idling. So after some time it came back again and went to get the car serviced and got the issue fixed again. So after several time of issue re-arising it it finally has been diagnosis that the Engine need overhaul (have got it checked from 2 different service cneters) as there is oil coming in spark plug in one of the cylinders. Now my car would be 3 yrs old and has just run 38k KMS and i have got it regularly serviced. Now my concern is why it happened as its just under 40K KMS and also how would it perform and what would be its life after the overhaul. Any comments?

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1 comment
Feb 26, 2009 4:19 am


I also have got the same problem.What did you do.I am planning to refer this to the consumer courts

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12:00 am
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Purchased a used 2003 Elantra from this dealer with 63K. When I mentioned the unusal action of the clutch I was told by the salesmen the clutch had been changed at 30K. After several months the cluth completely failed with a bill of $1200. The warranty sold with the vehicle did not cover this part and the business manager refused to pay any part of this bill. This stealer (opps) dealer is not honest and you should stay way

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12:00 am

Hyundai - terrible experience!

Hyundai Heavy Industries Limited is the Kuwait Oil Company's Contractor for NTF,STF & MAA Crude Export Project at Ahmadi, Kuwait. HHI is a Korian Co., but has many nationalities as their staff at here. They are recruiting staffs from India, Philippines, Thailand, Srilanka like many countries. As the project is going to finish they are harassing the employees a lot by forcing them to work up to 12 hr. (10hr.compulsory with out Overtime-as per their contract + 2hr(with 1.25% OT) (6am to 6pm) to 17hr.(6am-11pm). The food and accommodation providing for the other countries people is very bad than that of Koreans facility. While they are wearing good Jacket in this heavy cold season, due to some managerial interfere they are not ready to provide the same to others who is working in site/field(QCs & Commissioning team), even though already issued and advised to distribute.

They are very much forcing the employees to work 15-17hr per day and also all the seven days of the week. In Holy Ramadan Period also they were disturbed the employees a lot by changing the duty time by noticing and verbal for more than 5 or7 time; and they did not provided the declared & noticed half day(6am to 3pm) (14th October, 2007 Sunday) and forced us to work without OT.

Now they are already informed to KOC, the 1st January and 10th January (National holidays) as working day by their letter no HK-2644 dated 23-12-07, but not yet noticed for the staffs.

Koreans are very much harassing the other country people specially Indians. They are forcefully keeping the passports as soon as receiving their staffs at Kuwait.

Please do for our favor.

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Mar 10, 2014 10:53 pm

complaint is laziness's why tolerating this indian a work is a work and must be done on time if they don't like the system then resign

Mar 30, 2008 3:40 am

i dis agree to this complaint...because this complaint is an indian origin..which most of them are very lazy// they think only of their work but not the job...hey, wake up lazy heads..lols

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12:00 am

Hyundai - no action taken on my written complaint lodged with you on

I find it rather disturbing to write to you again about the irresponsible attitude you exhibit towards your customers. Earlier I had written to you about the unsatisfactory service at your showroom (vide my letter dated 12/11/2007) I have received an auto generated reply from you that you have received my letter and also a call from your Delhi Office. I have also received a casual enquiry call from your local service centre in this regard but after that I believe the progress on this issue has been stalled from your side deliberately. I am entitled to demand a reply from you as to what action you have taken on my complaint.

Kindly revert back to me at the earliest in this regard or I shall be constrained to take the matter to the relevant consumer forums.

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12:00 am

Hyundai - manufacturer's certificate

Dear sir ,
Inorder to get concession in excise duty for the cars ment for disableds, I have applied for manufacturer's certificate from Hyundai Motors India Limited through M/s Kothari Hyundai Pune(Car Dealer). After enclosing the necessarymedical certificate etc(Annexure-II) the same was sent to HMIL through said dealer in June 2007. But uptill now no communication is being made from the dealer or HMIL.They are not even taking my calls.As I have submitted the original documents I am stuck up .
Kindly look in to the matter let me know the satus of my manufacturer's certificate.
Thanking you .
With regards.
Yours sincerely
Sanjay M Pangavhane

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1 comment
Mar 10, 2008 10:15 am

i purchased my santro car in june 2006 from sharma hyndai ahmedabad. that time they people forgetten about hypothecation of car loan. after one year they remeber about that thing. after i send my rto book with neceesary documents to mr. mahesh acharya and mrs.kulkarni (sales manager). but after four to five month they not return my book and documents. they misplace my rto book and documents. they not properly reply and properly answer this thing . i also complaint to mr. surendra sharma owner of sharma hyndai but they also not properly answers.

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