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Hotels.comprice match guarantee policy

I had booked with hotels.com for my trip to Las Vegas (4/26/2019~4/28/2019) although I saw lower rate on Agoda.com because Hotels.com offered price match "guarantee" policy. However, when I submit my request to their customer service, it's being denied/rejected with excuses like "oh... the rate that's showing on Agonda.com does not include fees and taxes. Also your captured screen shot does not include cancellation policy." Fist of all, Hotels.com charged separate amount for taxes and fees. Mine was 134.48 on top of 251.28 per night per room. In addition, on the page where you submit your price guarantee request does NOT require you to capture cancellation policy.
(My captured screen shot does show room type, number of guests, check in & out dates).


However, when I spoke with 3 different CS managers, the responses were "You did not follow our policy and other customers are doing it the right way" It seems they are just trying to come up with excuses not to deliver what's being advertised on their website.

My desirable resolution would be a refund on rate difference.
- Hotels.com: $251.28
- Agoda.com: $209.00
- 2 rooms for 2 night - I should get a refund of $169.12

This is beyond acceptable customer service on hotels.com, and I'm really disappointed by how their "managers" handled this situation.

price match guarantee policy

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    Hotels.comrefund not received / unethical behaviour

    I had booked two different hotels for the same dates (from 11.03 to 13.03) using the Hotels.com platform .

    I canceled one of the bookings shortly after, by realizing the mistake. Then I saw that the refund was only partial. It was refunded 26, 86€ out of 134, 29€.

    I am a frequent customer of the hotel "Seibel" and usually book through Hotels.com. I suggested that either they should provide the full refund or use these nights as credit for another time, since I regularly stay at the same hotel.

    The hotel "Seibel" had confirmed that they did not receive any money from Hotels.com. On the other side, Hotels.com says that they cannot provide the rest of the refund because they cannot reach "Seibel" hotel, although Seibel hotel already contacted and informed them!

    It seems that Hotels.com is trying to avoid the refund and being unethical. It has been already almost 2 months that I am trying to get this amount back, without success.

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      Hotels.comrewards program

      Not accommodating with rewards program. Unaware of the expiration date and due to health crisis my rewards expired. When I tried to redeem it was 2 months past expiration date and the supposedly had "nothing we can do about that". Poor service. There is something they can do...but they chose not to. I understand having policies surrounding rewards; however, there should be some consideration for the loyal customers...but no.

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        Hotels.comcancelling partial reservations

        On Feb. 15th, 2019 I booked 2 rooms. 2 Kings for 2 nights at the La Quinat in Tyler Texas. Email confirmation #[protected]. On April 10th, 2019 I revised the reservations. Changed one king to 2 queens (same date and same number of nights). Also got an email showing the same confirmation #, along with the changes I requested.
        The day of arrival (Arpil 19th) I was informed that part of my reservation was cancelled. I now only had one room reserved through Hotels.com. My request of change was never made. My traveling was changed from 3 adults, to 3 adults and 2 children. Now I have no reservation for my children. I called Hotels.com, which was a complete night mare. At 1st I was informed that Hotels.com would find me another location for the other part of my family. I chose this location because I am not from the area and it was close to the venue of the wedding I was going to attend. To place part of my family in another location was a ludicrous idea. Quiet appalling if you ask me. We traveled in one vehicle, and to ask me to split us up is pure stupidity. I talked to the hotel manager and he showed me a room with a king and a pull out couch that could accommodate my children. While on the phone, I informed Hotels.com that they have something else to accommodate me. For the next hour, I was told over and over again that this location did not have 2 queens and they would find me another location. I told customer service over and over, that I was not going to another location, that I wanted to take what they had to offer. Poor, poor customer service. Four times I was put on hold for over an hour so that the hotel could be called to see what they could do for me. All along the manger at the hotel and I were telling the customer service the same thing. At this point, over an hour on the phone is unacceptable service to resolve this matter. I requested more than once that the room they cancelled and never rebooked be paid for by Hotels.com. I was only given the difference of $80. I couldn't even check in because of all the drama and back and forth, I was pressed for time and had to be at a rehearsal that had close to no cell reception. I could not check in until 8:30 pm when I got back to the area. Time was taken away from me. My children had to see how much stress I was under, they could not understand. And as a result, I wasn't even given inadequate compensation. This has been a terrible experience, and I travel a lot. I booked this 2 months out, and to only given $80 off a bill that was over $400 is not enough. Bottom line, someone did not do their job correctly. I feel as though I should not have to pay for the room that was cancelled and not rebooked on your end.
        I am available for further questions.
        Nataly Desouzaneto

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          • Updated by ndesouza · Apr 22, 2019

            No resolution yet

          • Updated by ndesouza · May 12, 2019

            Was given a "blanket" response at first. Requested it be re read, was told there is no resolution. Have made complaint with BBB, Consumer affairs, next step, small claims court.

          Hotels.comfailed to provide refund within provides timeline

          We booked the wrong room. Had it canceled and was told the refund was processed within ten minutes. We were told by both the hotel and hotels.com it would be refunded within 7 buisness days. It's now been 8 we contacted hotels.com to find out that they never processed it and said we weren't eligible for a refund. They cleared that up and told us we would have to wait another 7 possibly 14 buisness days. We asked them to expedite the process because they never intended on refunding us which is shady and we asked to speak to our persons superior. She refused to give us anything except the general customer relations email and wouldn't let us speak to upper management. Her name Maria Carmela, after asking again to talk to her superiors ended our chat abruptly. Don't trust hotels.com or their customer service.

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            I made a booking using your web page for 6 nights at the Berkshire hotel in London. my confirmation no is [protected] for R38 799.39. You can imagine my dismay when i went onto the hotel sight to find I could have booked directly through the hotel for R32 000 and have a better room and that it included breakfast. I have emailed before and asked for a response. Please reply Carren Emary

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              Hotels.comrefusal of refund

              2 days ago, I called the toll free number for hotels.com to speak with a customer service agent "Jessica" after leaving a hotel I reserved for 5 nights in the Los Angels, CA area. I checked out due to the on-site hotel having construction and due to the noise I couldn't sleep. I went on 2 nights with only 8 hours of sleep. Horrible experience and reserved another hotel for 2 more days. Once I arrived to that new hotel, I found out they too had onsite construction and called to cancel my reservation and requested a refund. The agent then refused to book me on another hotel then once I spoke to her manager they confirmed they will refund me the money with no additional charges. I said, "good bye" and hung up the phone, 2 days later I haven't received any email confirmation and call just now to find out why and confirm that the refund was still active, I ended up talking to the same horrible agent (now with a crummy attitude) and she said they we're un able to complete the refund due to me hanging up. I explained to her in the English language once a customer calls for a complaint and they confirm the problem is done and the customer says "goodbye", it means the call is done. She then continued to insist I hung up with no notice and explained again, "I said Goodbye" which meant we were done with the call. Its been two days now, with 6 confirmations saying they will refund my money which I just now received a email conformation that they are processing my refund. This call center has people that are hard to understand, Can't make out what they area saying due to a broken language and they come with horrible attitudes like teenage kids who chuckle at you, interrupt and say, "yeah, go ahead and make the complaint, do what you want". Horrible service, do not call these guys if youre upset because you will get nowhere with them, even after they confirm a refund on the phone over 5 times and you hang up saying goodbye. The staff there should not have a job in customer service

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                • Kd
                  Kd Battu Jul 08, 2019
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  horrible experience in Italy. we were travelling as a family of 4 and booked a b&b in Palermo for 20th june. when arrived to this place called YUDINA B&B in Palermo, the owner looked at the confirmation and refused to give us room as we only paid £24 as shown on hotels.com website. He demanded extra £50 . contacted customer service numerous times and spoke to most unprofessional people. Its very hard to understand them as they are speaking in broken English and very rude on the phone. there was no help/advice from hotels.com at that point. After wasting 2 hours, I ended up paying extra £50 to this B&B to save time and frustration with the family. I was using hotels.com from last 2 years, but now after this experience decided to use booking.com instead.

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                I scheduled an overnight stay in oxford ohio at hampton suites. I got there at 11 pm and was told there was no room reserved, yet hotels.com still had us as not having canceled. We had to waste an hour trying to find an alternative hotel. We are now staying in a disgusting hotel that cost even more than the hampton suites. All we were offered was a $75 voucher. I am most unhappy and plan to leave scathing reviews everywhere. There are cum stains on the couch in this room. Totally disgusting!!!


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                  Apr 04, 2019

                  Hotels.com — double booking/ refusal to refund

                  Hello I was messaging one of your agents last night but have lost record of case number and name of agent. I...

                  Mar 29, 2019

                  Hotels.com — city premier apartments, sheikh zayed road dubai, 0000 united arab emirates

                  Dear Sir / Madam I am currently staying at the City Premier Hotel and Apartments located at Business Bay in...

                  Hotels.comcomplaint process

                  I arrived to my hotel in Thailand around 5pm and then had to change rooms three times in four hours. The first because the lock on the door wasnt working, the second because the bed had a large (what looked like urine) stain in the bed, and now I'm in another sub standard room but I just need some rest so I'm putting up with the leaky shower. I contacted Hotels.com via Facebook and chatted with an employee there, I explained the situation and even provided photos of the stain, leaks, broken shower etc thay said they would call the hotel and come back to me. They did. Though their response was "We called the hotel but sadly, we were not able to get their approval to refund/compensate you about this. We would appreciate your understanding. As our valued customer, we'd like to offer you a 25.00 AUD coupon which you can use towards your next prepaid booking with us. Please let us know if you would like us to process this." WTF? So a falling apart hotel needs to sign off on any refund?? and, now I'm out in a really awkward situation as my complaints have been passed to the hotel thanks to hotels.com - they made things worse not better. I now have to stay here another two nights, change rooms again (this third room that I slept in has two beds in it and is booked out in a few hours by a family), and risk getting no/average/malicious service(?). I just want to leave and stay somewhere else but I can't without a proper refund. Oh, and I'm a girl travelling alone. Thanks for stuffing up my holiday hotels.com :(

                  complaint process
                  complaint process
                  complaint process

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                    Hotels.comhotel booking

                    To whom it may concern

                    I am formally lodging a complaint about the handling of my online booking. I have now made 3 phone calls to you to try and cancel a reservation.

                    After explaining the situation and asking for my booking to be cancelled I was told that the Ibis Budget Hotel would not allow this booking to be cancelled without penalty rates. I only booked the hotel 2 hours before!!

                    I rang the Ibis budget Hotel to enquire as to why my booking could not be cancelled given the circumstances and short space of time between booking. The hotel did not receive a call from Hotels.com staff at all- and she was happy to cancel my booking.

                    On calling back to you, I was put on hold after speaking to someone in payments and never put through to billings but was left in the line for 15 minutes until I hung up.

                    This is a total breach of confidentiality and client service. I expect a response to this situation and an explanation as to the reasons why I was lied to and then left waiting on the phone.

                    Your attention to this situation should be urgent and immediate. I await your response please.

                    Maureen Fraser

                    Sent from my iPhone

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                      Hotels.comwrong ticketing information

                      I booked a package deal for me and my girlfriend. The system you have or your employees pushed our names together so they do not match what is in our id. We missed our flight, we missed a day of work and have to buy new tickets due to tsa not letting us board. You should compensate for this loss. It is unnacepptble. This whole fiasco by one of your employees or system you have in place caused this. If I dont hear from someone or something to resolve this issue I will be filing a complaint with every imaginable agency that I can find. The part of this expeirnce that has both of us the most upset is missing out on work as we have major responsibilites that we have to be on time for. This could have devasting consequences for us in our work not being back when we were scheduled too. This comnpany needs to to make this right as I have used you for years and am a member

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                        I have purchased a many of times with company and never a problem. Last month booked a hotel on my phone due to a glitch it deleted my 10% code and reversed my £ transaction to $. After 2 hours on the phone a manager said that he can refund my card with the 10%. 3 weeks later and I'm still waiting for this refund. I have called over 10 times and no one knows what they are doing. They keep saying wait another 7 days. I am now really fed up with what is going on.

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                          Hotels.comHotel rewards

                          I signed up through your mobile app last year around June or July 2018 and booked hotels through the app. While doing so I was collecting hotel reward points. I received a confirmation that i earned 1 or 2 hotel reward points on each booking and I have the screen shots to show that I did earn points for those bookings. I called on March 4, 2019 to see if I could redeem the 13 points that I know I have per the screenshots from my completed booking and the customer service person stated I was not enrolled and enrolled me. I told him I was enrolled back in June or July of 2018. He then escalated my issue and said someone would contact me be Friday March 8th. No one did. I called today, March 11th and was told sorry by another customer service person, sorry not sorry you are our of luck. If I wasn't enrolled in July when I booked all of the hotels, why would I get a confirmation stating I have earned points. I was not just an email subscriber, I downloaded the app and created what I was supposed to to get an account. I would like all of my previous completed hotel stays credited to the account they now have created since they cannot seem to find my other one. the account number is 4951448 and my name is Jan Tillman. I would also appreciate someone contacting me regarding this and letting me know when it has been taken care of. My phone number and email is: [protected]@yahoo.com [protected]

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                            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                            Hotels.comI tried to use the price match guarantee and got a lazy way to not fix anything

                            I called today 03/05/2019 from skype but my phone is [protected]. To express my inconvenient of why hotel.com for the first time is charging me too much difference for galatia villas, santorini compared by expedia.com.in booking total of charge was $264.96 and expedia $180.30. The first one answered me, checked on both web site and said yes there is a difference and tried to match to be $192 and that is the max that he can get. I told him still is not the same. So he transferred me to a lady call maya. She was lazy and with a cold voice is go and reserve in hoteles.com first and then file a complain and I said not logic to do that, if you can check the 2 prices and if you can match I will pay now on the phone with you. The answer was that is not an option. When I insist.in a very borry and lazy way she said she accessed expedia and was the same price $264.96 I said it's impossible to be the exact same prices if am seeing it at $180.30 even the first guy saw a lower price than the $264, she said so I am free of choice to pick witch web site. I told here you are loosing a loyal client that way and a sale, I asked where I can send to her a screen shot to see what am seeing, she said send it to billing but you have to reserve first. As I was very angry I told here here what I will do. I will book with expedia and I will file a complain with your name on it and screen shot attached to see that there was a mistake and you didn't care to fix it. She said you are free to do what ever you want and she is just following the procedures. I guess as a loyal customer and if you check my account you will see that I am using hotels for my tourism business now. But with that way of treatment I doubt if I will be using your site or other one as she said that I am free of choice. My experience with hotels.com was very good until today. Action is needed

                            I will attach my purchase from expedia today so whoever cares can believe that the client was right

                            I tried to use the price match guarantee and got a lazy way to not fix anything
                            I tried to use the price match guarantee and got a lazy way to not fix anything

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                              i called again customer service and they provided different steps to follow

                              • Updated by Ehab Faisal · Mar 05, 2019

                                very bad service

                              Hotels.comcancelled my reservation to a dream vacation and never informed me

                              I had a booking with hotels.com for a dream vacation to Hawaii. My confirmation number was [protected]. The reservation was for 4 nights from February 17th through 21st in Haiku. After travelling from NYC and arriving at the hotel, I was informed that the they did not have any reservation for me and that the booking was cancelled by Hotels.com. I called hotels.com and Mark, the attendant informed me that the booking was cancelled and for some reason I was not notified. He could not tell me how and why the booking was cancelled. He could not forward me to anyone to file complaint or direct me to how to file a complaint. I went through hell trying to get another booking for the same 4 nights. Hotels.com only has a chat room to file complaint and it does not allow me to send my message. John

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                                Hotels.comprepaid card fraud no help with any department

                                You can get to any department to help with a stolen pre paid Card.
                                If you call they with transfer you number to number. My thought is they don't care about the Customer. Why is there a customer service number but they say it's the Silver Club rewards that will help. Then they say it Cash star. Cash Star says Customer Service. And there are like 2 to 3 number for each of these. It's on hotel.com to me it's there card. Yes I forgot to say hotel. com gift card department is in there too. Someone took $349.90 off a Hotel.com card of mine and they will do nothing. Please Don't Use Hotel.com

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                                  Feb 11, 2019

                                  Hotels.com — hotel booking

                                  Recently my sister in law passed away . I had to book 5 rooms for the family to attend the funeral and...

                                  Hotels.comcustomer service agent - victoria

                                  I was hung up on twice by a customer service agent named Victoria this evening. The first time, she was repeatedly speaking over me any time me or my husband asked a question. I asked her to stop speaking over me and asked to speak to her manager - to which she hung up on me the first time.

                                  I called back 30 seconds later and (without initially realizing it) I was again connected to Victoria. I explained that I was hung up on after an agent kept speaking over me and I asked to speak to their manager for help on redeeming a gift card. She again hung up on me.

                                  She represented the absolute worst customer service I've seen in years and has led me to discontinue using your website ever again.

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