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Complaints & Reviews

awful quality products

The wireless headsets stops working or just static after about 30 minutes of use. Comes back on at random after a while. Took it to the dealer, changed batteries on the headsets but the problem still not resolved. Seen other Odyssey owners describe similar problem. The wired speakers don't cut of when the headsets stops working. The problem is also on the wired earphones at the 3rd row seats.

I have a Honda Odyssey EX with DVD. It is a 2005 model. If you had this problem and the dealer fixed it for you, I would be interested in the solution so that my dealer can fix it.

rear shock absorber

I purchased unicorn in November 2007 in Saphire Honda, J.P.Nagar, Ban and found problem with the mono...

do not get honda accord serviced by milford honda service center

Do not take your car to Honda Milford CT, Service center for repair, I had a extremely bad experience. In May2008 My car starting vibrating and was not able to take a pickup, these guys took $92 as diagnosis and said the Fuel injectors needs to be replaced and charged me total of $734. after 4 months the same problem started, these guys took $300 for diagnosis and thereafter said the four injectors are again bad (which they can replace) but the main problem is Oil Tank is rusted and needs tobe replaced. They gave me estimate of almost $2700 ($1200 for parts and $1500 as labor) and said if I will get Fuel tank replaced by them then only they will replace Fuel injectors (which were in 12 months warranty)
I told them that this fuel tank was not ok in May 2017 then at that time they should have diagnosed this issue, I would have donated the car at that time (may be) or got it corrected by some other repair shot.
Now they are refusing to change that warranty fuel injector and are saying that this will be done only If I am ready to spent $2700 more on this car.
Their manager Earl Mistri sounds to be just another person (No professionalism),

Please do not repair your old honda car from MILFORD CT, Honda dealer otherwise you may also experience same issues

I also wanted to know if there is any way I can logde a customer complaint against these peopole


  • Ad
    Adam Younus Aug 22, 2009

    I was provided advice from John G, his profile is on the following link, http://www.justanswer.com/profile.aspx?PF=13120563&FID=27. There was a problem with my cruise control where sometimes it would engage and on other occasions it would not, so thus I spoke to John G as I felt he was best qualified for my question.

    He answered my question and advised me to purchase two parts which I did for £150 and another £60 on labour. These parts the break light switch and the steering wheel switch were installed but to no avail as it continued to sometimes engage the cruise control and on other times it did not. I have asked for a full refund as his opinion was worthless. You can contact me on [email protected], if need be.

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  • Bu
    buttassanal Jan 21, 2010

    i am a trucker. drivin in my truck~ ~it's a butt! it's a truck! it's a Butt Butt truck!

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  • Lu
    LunaChica May 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We bought a car from Honda the last November during winter. Last week, when we turned on the AC and it didn't work. So we took the car to the Honda service and they informed us that the warranty doesn't cover it. They said, the car was hit by a outside small object(stone) and made a hole and that is how the AC broke.
    My parents two cars (Toyota Camry) are also driven on the same road, and nothing has happened to their vehicles. - Their cars are more than 2years old as well. Why did that happened only to my car (that too a new car, being less than 6 months old) Couldn't that be a manufacturing defect? Even if it was hit by a small stone, how can it be create a hole in the car - I mean what kind of material is the Honda accord made of ? No one has ever heard of this kind of problem either.
    The service said insurance will pay it and since this is not a accident case, insurance refuse to pay it. The cost of the repair is $940. This is a mechanical error! They are accusing it was our fault that the "small object" hit the car. How can they prove the small hall was caused by a small object, couldn't it be a manufacturing defect?

    Also when we went to buy the car, we were first planning to buy a old car that was drove 2017 miles for $18, 000. Suddenly the manager came in and said we will give you a brand new car for additional $1500 - making it $19, 500 and when my refused, they made a deal for $19, 000. That night, they drove the car from Virginia (We live in MD) and gave us at 10.00 pm. Was that a planned cheating?

    We called the case manager and he even refused to reveal is his last number of contact higher authorities? Help us.

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dealer is compellin to buy accessories with scooter

I bought new honda aviator from Regent Honda, Faridabad.In which after 2 days I noticed that there is gap in the speedometer cover with the cover where light is mounted.I have take it to the dealer and dealer sent it to work shop for repair, but the mechanic didn't repair the lock in stead he used adhesive to join the both covers.
And the manager ther told me that it is repaired as bolt was loose, but i noticed the adhesive on the cover.

  • Su
    sukumar Apr 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I booked Hondashine bike.

    Its all morethan 15 days over, even till today iam waiting for the delivery.

    i dont know the logic behind, however it is causing more in convineince to the people who love to go for the honda bikes.

    please have a look at this.

    i have booked in Autofin motors pvt ltd, uppal hyderabad.

    Hope this issue is taken care.


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  • Ki
    kiran KR Apr 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir

    i bought honda unicorn on last october 2007 ( KA-04 EV 8479)
    the bike is vrey good .
    last week i gave my bike for thied free service on 11-04-2008
    at HAIKU HONDA old madras road Banglore (7910 km done)
    l am not satisfied by below points
    1. They had replaced my front disc brake pad with old one & cheated me, but i did not notice at time of taking back my bike. i use to see once in a week while washing it not weared, again i went back those people response properly then they changed brake pad & they told that honda spares quality is not good so we had change this pad for 8000 km & they charged me Rs 308/-
    2. Unskilled laboues
    3. Stillrn more than 1 liters petrol at time of servicing
    4. Sceaches on bike
    5. when i went 2nd time they told " we dont have time come when we are free".
    6. No proper washing
    7. I waited for more than a hour for service adviser
    so please do me needfull
    Thanking you
    Kiran KR

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  • Ra
    RAJNESH KUMAR JAIN Jun 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer



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  • Vi
    vincent matthew Aug 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i vincent from gulburga(karnataka) has ordered for aviator and around 2 months i hav waited for it i did'nt got any positive response from u or ur dealer & i had taken shine & meet accident within 15days after taking it. i m studing in p.u.c2nd year i got a need wid a vehicle now i decided to take Dio dlx this time i hav waited & 2months passed away. Damn! now i got nerves & i m going to take herohonda plesure but my father had trusted u & ur company he had changed around 8 modles of honda now he's using honda civic u better take a fast action & i m accepting to release thz vehicle on AUG of 15...& my cell nos: 9980527320, 9449174469...

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  • Ha
    haribabu Jan 07, 2009

    no response from honda motors sainikpuri - hyderabad-andhra pradesh

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  • Ha
    haribabu Jan 07, 2009

    no mileage compliant attend for my honda aviator - 9246507317 - hari babu, very bad on sainikpuri-hyderabad-andhra pradesh honda staff people..

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  • Ra
    rajendra prasad more Jan 28, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i had extended warranty for my honda unicon bike but i switched the dealer from vikas motors to aradhana motors both are authorized dealers two months back i got my clutch plates changed from a authorised dealer but now of a sudden my bikes engines got down i went to the dealer aradhana and showed my extended warranty book they just ignored the matter saying they will not entertain this is this fair why then the hell the dealer asked for extended warranty i will move consumer court against this

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  • Te
    Team Unicon Apr 04, 2011

    The listed issue is not related to Unicon Investment Solutions (www.uniconindia.in). We request you to kindly get in touch with the concerned company for the resolution of your issue.

    Best wishes,
    Team Unicon

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  • Ya
    yash pal Nov 25, 2011

    SUB:-REQUESTING TO TAKE ACTION AGAINST Your Honda DEALER shuban sai honda ., Najafgarh delhi., , ..Regarding..

    I Purchased HONDA COMPANY stunner bike (DL9SAJ1957) on 12th oct 2011. from shuban sai honda, Najafgarh, delhi

    my new bike complants before and after serviceS complants AND im full dissatisfised.

    Did I made mistake by purchasing a very poor quality Honda bike??????????? In my life time i have never heard and experience the poor service & product, 1.brake noise while apping brake.

    2, foot rest & body vibration while appling engine on road 80km speed
    3.silenser scrtch in worshop coming in service time
    4.my vechical puchsing time number provdind dl9saj1953 but aCtually no in docomentaion dl9saj1957.why??????????????????

    In honda India Ltd website they have mentioned about the Quality policy, but if this their standard of quality then for God sake it should not be display on their website to misguide the customer.

    but they are not able to rectify the problem your Service Manager and don't have any manner how to talk to a customer & your supervisor not able to rectify the problem

    whenever iam asking dealer says roughly speaking and telling stories but im not satisfaction on delear

    MY HONDA stunner VEHICLE FRAME No.ME4JC40CHH8057679..,

    ok sir what ever itmay be your dealer was mentally harassing till know. Iam not able to bare harassment. Hence I requesting and i hope you take proper action against The Dealer. Please take neccessary action against The Dealer, shuban sai honda, Najafgarh, DELHI(DL)INDIA
    Thanking you sir,

    yas pal

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bad service center

Few weeks ago i send my honda city to SERI KEMBANGAN honda service center to service my car, the guy told me that i need to make an appointment on the week day for servicing. I so angry about it, since that is not much car is waiting for servicing and the guy attitute is very bad. After that i send my car to other service center, they no need to make any appointment. I hope the top management will take action and hope will have some more improvement.

  • Dd
    ddan Sep 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think if the dealership makes appointements then make on, Just because a joes garage does not make appoinments.Dealerships are busier and a lot more customers than those side garages.I work at a dealer and appointments are better for all

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  • Az
    Azri Aziz Jun 23, 2009

    Thanks for the info ... btw, appointments and actual work done on the car are two separate things. The appointment made allows you discuss about your car with the service advisor without having the queue up like the rest of the walk in customers. However, work done will be processed based on the current day's activity. We always aim to process cars as soon as possible to minimize waiting times!

    Our recent expansion (additional 2 service bays and ample parking), earlier opening hours, and shift-lunch breaks for our service staff will hopefully speed things up for you guys.

    Appointments made at Global Amity will also be processed separately than those of walk in customers. Hopefully, the new system we are practicing will shorten the wait times (especially for service appointments).

    Pls bear in mind that the busiest time at any service center is usually in the morning (7am-1pm). For a normal service, you're far better off making an appointment in the afternoon. (pls call and check how long the service would take).

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  • Az
    Azri Aziz Sep 15, 2009

    Stay in touch with us and be updated with our latest development:

    Facebook : http://www.globalamitysdnbhd.com

    Twitter: http://www.HondaKL.com

    Hope to see you on FB and twitter! :)

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stay away

I am a female customer that bought a car that was labeled Certified from this dealership. I have had a whole week of headaches. The salesman made all kinds of promises to do everything that needed to be done before I signed for the car. I purchased the car late in the evening but realized that detailing would be necessary and new tires. The next day I discovered it also had a cracked windshield as well. I made four trips in four days for scheduled appointments; each day it was an excuse to not meet their promises. After the fifth day, I spoke to the head of Used Cars, he agreed with the salesmen and was not going to do anything else to make the sale of the car as agreed. He even said it was an "as is" deal and sarcastically remarked, "You have a good evening". This was not the case when I bought the car. It was supposed to be certified just as a new car with everything covered from the top to the bottom. I have A-1 credit and I could have easily bought a brand new car at another dealer. I signed several papers, which I only received a few in the mail. I would not recommend this dealership to anyone who expects to get what is promised.

  • Sr
    SRM Sep 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I live in Staten Island, NY and had a horrible experience with the financing manager of Honda. The salesman was very good. I decided to re-lease my car and was ready to pick it up. I had my husband come with me during the meeting with the financial manager. First the manager never shook our hands, gave us a rediculous monthly number for a 15, 000 car and was extremely pompous. He talked about how he sells 400 cars a month and he knows what he is doing. My husband got so upset he had to walk out fo the office. I told him to show me the numbers, he did not. He never showed me proof of interest rates, etc. He agreed to give me another car and reduced it by 40/monthly payments. He also refused to tell me how he got to that number. Needless to say, I walked out!!

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  • Mi
    MICHELE Sep 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Ji
    Jimmy112 Aug 22, 2010

    I just purchased a used car from them and they manipulated the numbers and increased the negotiated price of the car. I did not realize what they did until after I had signed the contract. I will be filing formal complains and hiring a lawyer if they will not correct the contract.

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  • 3s
    3shadow Sep 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a new vehicle at Honda of Clear Lake a couple of weeks ago and after everything is signed I left and a few days later I received the copies of the forms I signed in the mail and I almost passed out when I saw the amount. The people involved in sales & finance cooked up the figures in the thousands. Financial Manager told me he sees about $1600.00 in descrepancies but the figures don't lie. So I went ahead and agreed to the $1600.00 that he said will be mailed to my address in 3 to 4 days but it's been 9 days and I left a message for him to call me but never did. I wished that I have done a little more research about the place but mistake was done and I am filing a complaint to the Office of the Attorney General and maybe the BBB, also.
    It took me years to save up for a good down payment and it only took the scammers less than an hour to rob it from me.

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  • Un
    Unsatisfied Customer1911 Jan 20, 2011

    I purchased a used car with an extended warranty there in early August. It took over 5 months to get the waranty paperwork from Honda. When I did get it the coverage was significantly reduced from what I signed up for. My paperwork said $0.0 deductible and 60 months coverage or 100k miles. The new paperwork stated $100 deductible, 36 months coverage or 84k miles. Although the coverage was greatly reduced the price was still the same. I called repeatedly and could not talk to anyone who could help me. I went into the dealership and was told there was nothing they could do except cancel the warranty if I wanted. It basically screwed me from getting warranty cover I could have gotten if I financed thru my credit union. The classic bait & switch.

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  • Js
    jsvla Jun 10, 2011

    For me, the Honda Clear Lake sales manager, Patrick started getting arrogant when he saw he wasn't going to be able to rip me off on a new car. $42k for a new 2011 Pilot is a joke!. That's as much as a small house!!

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engine problem

I have a problem with my Honda unicorn the bike. The bike starts but the moment I accelerate the engine...

water leak — unsatifactory customer service

I recently purchased a BRAND NEW 2008 Honda Accord Coupe. I called and complained of a recent WATER LEAK just above my gas, break and clutch pedals. It rained maybe 2-3 days after (a week at the most), and as soon as I got in the car to press the clucth, water came draining down all over both of my pants legs. Water drained down for about 5 minutes!!! I called and complained and I was instructed to take my car to the nearest Honda dealership, being that I bought my car out of town. Well, I contacted the nearest, and the second nearest, and the third nearest... Nobody was able to see me immediately, and not only that, I would have to leave my car and I wasn't even offered a rental or a loaner car!!! WTH!!?? I JUST bought this car! It's not even 30 days old yet!!! So now here it is 2.5 weeks later and my car smells like mildew when you leave the windows up too long. And I was just able to drop it off this morning, and they still couldn't offer me any car to use!! Nevermind MY EVERYDAY LIFE!! I am at a loss; disappointed; pissed to say the least. I either want a new car or some compensation for my troubles! I am having to "catch a ride" with someone b/c HONDA came up short! Not cool!!!


  • Cl
    Clara Solomon Aug 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I feel this guys pain. I just bought a new Honda Accord EX V6w/Navigation. It is leaking extremely to much around the doors after a good rain. When I open the doors water splashes out on me and others.

    Took car back to the dealership for them to check it out.

    Call the Manager and told him if they are not able to find the leak I want a new car. Well, this was their response the car has depreciated since taking it off the lot and i would have to pay $2000 more to get a new one. What are warranties for? A lemon is a lemon no matter whether on or off the lot.

    Frustrated, but I did get a loaner, a big Dodge Ram pick-up, that still does change the facts.

    Oh well! I will see what happens, I think I will call the headquarters for Honda dealerships.

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defective brand new car

I will like to bring this matter up to the public, so that in the future the customer who wanted to purchase a Honda car will not be taken for a ride.

In January 2008, I purchased a brand new Honda 1.8cc IVTEC in Malaysia. After a week driving the car i started to experience defects on the quality of the parts.

Tthere was a knocking noise that comes from the steering then followed by the brakes vibrates each time in brake.

The front wheel will produce a cracking noise at least 2 to 3 times a day. It could be from the absorber arm.

The front arm cover in the interior of the cover was not fix properly.

The rubber on the back seat door was not fix properly.

The is also noise from the back wheel section and this could also be the coz of the back absorber arm.

The driver side power window cannot function properly and many more minor parts that was not fix properly.

I send my car to the service centre and informing the service advisor of all this issue. The funny part is my car was send to the service centre for more than 8 times for the same issues, and each time they said they have rectified the problem.

At one point of time my car was sitting in the service cebtre for 1 week to get the steering issue done but unfortunately it was not.

I have send countless e-mail to Honda Malaysia stating all the inconvenience that I have gone thru, but all seem to go on deaf ears.

Till to date i still have the same issues, unsolved.

So people out there, Pls think more than 10 times if you were to buy a Honda car.

You can write to me at [protected]@gmail.com

  • Pl
    PL Sep 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agreed with you. The Honda Malaysia "Customer Service Centre" is terrible. I sent my car for the 1st servcie about 2 months ago at Jalan Chan sow Lin, Pudu and when the car is ready for collection, I discovered that there were substantial scratches on the paintwork running from the front bumper all the way till the end of the driver door. When I email my complaint to the dealer and Honda Malaysia, Honda Malaysia did not offered a help but instead ask us to deal with the dealer. As for the dealer, not even a phone call from the manager to follow up on the issue.
    As of now, I had yet solve my problem.. Anyone have the Honda Malaysia CEO or Honda Japan - email or number?

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  • Ch
    Chan Voon Leng Nov 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too agreed, They seem to take our feedback lightly.Till today i am still waiting...???????

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  • Ho
    HONDA SUCKS! Mar 24, 2009

    i've been waitng for my new car for more than 3 months already. Their sales dealer are worst! no professionalism to their customer. should we write a complaint letter to their CEO or much more better to do a compaint coverage via press to get more attention?

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  • An
    Anthony Show Jun 26, 2011

    I agreed with you. The quality of Honda is terrible, I have the same problem, my 5 years old Honda City has to change the wheel Bearing almost once every 3 months. This ridicuous!
    Can anyone from the Honda help me?
    Pls email me [email protected] if you have a solution.

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  • Sv
    S.Vikneswaran Aug 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi, I bought the Honda Civic 2.0 in March 2011.
    On the day I went to collect the car I found out the paint works had scratches and swirl marks all over the car, front bumper and left side tail light was not aligned properly, driver seat top cover and rear interior cover was not fixed properly and rattling sound inside the car. The rear right hand side door had problems with the door jab.
    On the collection day I highlighted all this issue to the salesperson and to my shock the salesperson told me that I’m better off then others because others have more serious problems then the issues highlighted by me.
    Yet the salesperson told me ‘what can you expect from cars assembled in Malaysia’. That is quite a statement from Honda authorised dealer. I was told that they will resolve the issues for me during the first service.
    I went to J.B dealer where I bought the car (Wang Loo Motor Sdn Bhd) for my first service. All the issues were not resolved till to date. They try to align the tail light but it just got worse. They removed the rear bumper to align the tail light but did not fix the rear bumper properly. The try to repair the rear door but they made it worse. Now it's harder to close the rear door.
    I just wonder, did Honda management give the mechanics an adequate knowledge on how to repair the cars?
    After bringing up the same issue to them for three times, I decided to call the customer service hotline 1800 88 2020 on 11 Aug 2011. I spoke to Suren the customer service officer, I highlighted all the above mentioned issues to him I heard him typing it down and he asked for my contact number. After taking down my contact number, he put me on hold. After about one minute my call was ended automatically. They did not call me back till today.
    I just wonder is it worth it to spend that much of money to buy a car which is assembled by super lousy people at the Melaka plant and after buying need to waste our time bringing up the same issue over and over again with useless service centre who can’t resolve the issue?
    I’ve decided not to drive Honda cars at all.
    I’m going to sell the car I’m using now for good.

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starting trouble, not solved by service center

Starting trouble of 'Pleasure' two wheeler purchased. Not resolved by service center. Beware all!

  • Ra
    ranverr singh tyagi Nov 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hai, i am renveer singh tyagi from ghaziabad (u.p.).i purchased hero honda glamour.its regestration no is up14-as-2514, i purchased this in 30/10/2008.from globe agencies, delhi meerut road, ghaziabad .
    when i purchased this bike then i feel that my bike rear wheel i have a big problem, its bubling I complane about this in the agencies, but he not understand my problem.he say me that come in afer8 days .after 8days i go there he not doing solution my bike .I say that if he note solve my problem, then i go to court for hero honda company.1st and 2nd to agencies.with in 4 days .

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  • Su
    suresh Mar 10, 2009

    This is suresh from hyderabad. I bought "HERO HONDA KARIZMA "R". My problem is that it is not starting morning from purchase date 01.10.2008. My registration number is AP28 DA6066. please try to solve this problem soon. I showed in service center also but still problem is not claer. means we should wait till half an hour by bearting kick and self..
    y this problem is coming i want the reason urgent...

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  • La
    lalit Apr 17, 2009

    hey i am lalit from sirsa{haryana } i purchase a new cbz extreme ...but with the 10th day of my purchase it give me so many problems..the bikes headlight supportr will got destroyed ...i go to service station they told me to change this part by paying 700 rs ...this is rediculs...n after that my bike"s gear lever got destroyed
    what is this??
    i pay approx 60000rs for my bike n it give me this kind of problems still
    i m a busy person
    i had lot of works

    i think that i would suit a case agaisnst hero honda company...

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  • Am
    amitjatinarora Sep 03, 2009

    i purchased hero honda splendor plus three months before but i ma facing starting problem from last one month. I went to service centre but they couldnt rectify the problem. The service centre guys told that there is no problem in the bike but when i drive my bike more than 5 kms the same issue arises and because of it i am facing too many problems. It gets stopped after very 2-4 minutes.


    Rohtak haryana

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bad service

I have a 2 year old (2006) Honda Civic which is still under full warranty. I dropped the car 9 days ago for...

no statements and late fees

For months we have not received monthly staments .Late fees, higher intrest rates, phone calls from people that you cant understand their english give you the run around tell you it must be the post office not delivering the mail.As I am typing this my husband is speaking to another rep from GE money bank and getting the same run around saying statments have been mailed or we should pay through the internet where the statement is being sent (which is it?). The e-mail they`re supposedly sending it to is`nt even the right one which is why we could not find it, not that I would pay through the Net anyway. We simply want our statement in the good ol US mail! ps the rep says she is sending us a statment via us mail we will see in a few days if comes or just another person trying to get me off the phone.

sound while taking & releasing clutch

I purchased Hero Honda Passion Plus motorcycle on 26th June’08. There was manufacturing defect which I reported next day to the dealer “Amit Motorcycles (P) Ltd – Kolkata that there is sound while taking & releasing clutch in 1st & 2nd gear (mostly in 2nd gear). Dealer advice me to go to service station they will do the needful. The motorcycle given to Service station on 4th July (Km reading 180), they delivered me on 7th July. At the time of delivery the sound decrease up to 50% but not totally solved. After 2 days the sound increases as same as before. Again I reported to the service station & they have taken the test drive and assured me that they will rectify the problem on first free service because the part required is not in the stock. On 21st July’08 I have given the motorcycle for 1st servicing. On 22nd at the time of delivering I noticed that nothing has been changed in my Clutch problem, the Sound is coming as it was. I have not taken the delivery of my vehicle and advice them to rectify. As per their supervisor the sound coming while taking & releasing clutch is the normal sound, but I proved them wrong by driving another Passion Plus at their service station, then they agreed to rectify. Yesterday a call comes from service station that my motorcycle is ready and the problem is also shorted out. Today I went to take the delivery but after taking trial drive found nothing have been changed in the sound of Clutch. They want to satisfy me in various ways, technically practically but I did not satisfy. I just want my problem solved, why my motorcycle sounds while other motorcycle not including the same model. My motorcycle is still in the service station. I have been harassed from the first day of my motorcycle purchased till date. My faith with HERO HONDA is gone.

  • Aj
    Ajit Nov 19, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Kindly furnish your contact details .
    You may contact Kolkatta office for the same
    ref. www.herohonda.com for the contacts

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  • Jy
    Jyotirmaya Dehury Nov 26, 2008
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    Yes same thing is happening to my New Hero Honda Passion Plus also. So friend if you will get anything to resolve this issue, please let me know.

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  • Ra
    Rahul Dev Sharma Mar 07, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I have purchased a CBZ Extreme, Lovely Bike, There was no agonizing factor, when I bought & traveled 400Kms the next day., Then When the 1st Service was done, I found While releasing the Clutch or Pressing it, there is a thud sound coming somewhere near the Chain area or maybe clutch box..I took it to them, they said that is normal, But, I tried other peoples same model bike, it never produces that sound!!!, I complained to Hero Honda Kolkata, they advised me to bring the Bike to Baguiati Service center, they took whole day heard the problem, discussed about FORK ( which helps the gear to shift) Delivered the bike, but the sound was more this time, i usually had it only in 2nd Gear, now it is in all the gears A loud thud when you drive slowly behind any vehicle in any gear yes 1st gear too.The service people tried to satisfy me by treating as a VIP, changed whatever I pointed out ( Some plastic items, Side indicator, Head Light etc) but the problem was not solved, then yesterday they took away my bike by sending an engineer from the service center
    He returned the bike around evening 21:00 hours. He said that I did not find any problems, I have made the bike smooth & lighter, your bike seemed heavy while driving!!! I said I did not face that kind of problem.He also said I have loosened the rear Disk, it was very hard, !! Now I have to press more to enable the rear brakes, The Thud problem is still there, I dont know who can help me.
    The Road side mechanic says the Problem is with the Chain + Sprocket + Collar.Nothing inside gear box.Who will listen, I called up the Hero Honda guys now they are avoiding me!!

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  • Ra
    Rahul Dev Sharma Mar 07, 2012
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    Verified customer

    !!! Yahooo !!! The Bike was repaired perfectly as good as new by Vinline (Hero Moto Corp), The Sound has vanished, & the problem was just a Damper Rubber broken !!!I drove today at 113 KmpH speed, I tried every means The Bike stands as good as new.
    Keep it up Hero Honda.
    Thank You Very Much..

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terrible service

In February, I had a Lamda/Oxygen sensor replaced by Casey Honda in Athlone to get rid of a "check engine" light in my Dashboard. This is on a 2000 Honda Accord. I took the car for NCT and it failed due to emissions in July. I took it back to Casey's and I got a call back from one of the staff who told me that the part that was replaced in February was replaced badly and had caused the problem. I asked them if I was going to be charged for this to be fixed and they said they would call me back. Customer service didn't suffice and I didn't get a call back. I ended up going to the garage myself because it was almost 6pm, time for them to close. On getting there, the receptionist who seemed wary to tell me what was going on proceeded to tell me a mixed tale that my car needed a new CAT sensor and a new Oxygen sensor and what I had been informed about previously was wrong. I smelled a rat, they were changing their story. What sort of professionalism is that? They also told me that it was going to cost me more that 400 Euros to have the problem sorted. Is this how you do business? Fleecing people by telling them different stories, I'm appalled by how Casey Honda treated my issue with a lot secrecy and deviousness. I would not recommend anyone to go to them.

harrasment in a work place??

As a regular custome to this dealership, Today I was in for service for my 2008 Accord. It looked like some sort of meeting had just got done, and I had a few questions on a 2009 Pilot they had in the showroom. All of a sudden, I heard yelling and a short male, indian complection was yelling and degrading a salesman for what sounded like something he didn't have any control over. Now I'm no expert, but should this type of behavior be going on in a dealership showroom with other customers?? It appears that the short gentleman was a manager of some type. And he's in charge?? What does that say for the rest of the customers in the building?? I paid my bill and left. No one should deserve to be talked to this way by any employer. This individual should be working at his morels and anger issues in front of others. Everyone has right to speak thier mind, not like that. There are 2 sides to every story and the one on the recieving end never had a chance. You should avoid this dealership and the management there as well. Unless you choose to be a victim like the others that work there.

Resolved did not honor extended warranty

Took my Honda motorcycle in for repair. They would not do repair because they said there was rust inside the drive shaft cover. If the cover is leaking then the cover is faulty and any damage done should be covered. The dealer and Honda both accused the other of refusing the repairs. I paid $700 for the warranty and $175 to the dealer to tell me that they would not cover the repair.

I want Honda or the dealer to take responsibility for repair or refund the $875 that they took me for. And I thought Honda was reputable, boy was I wrong.

  • Mo
    Mostafa Shayesteh May 10, 2009

    This is Mo Shayesteh. I bought 2 cars from Honda. One Honda Acord 2006, and one Honda Civic 2007. At the time that I bough my Honda Acord, I was told that I will get free tires. Now, it is time for Free tires that was a part of my purchase order . Yesterday, I took my car to Honda dealer that I bough my car from (Crown Honda of Southpoint - Durham, NC). Their Service Manger (Matt Mann) refused to deliver, whatever, Honda sold me (and he was very very un-professional). Honda must take the following actions; 1- take car of my free tires that was a part of purchase 2- educate Matt Mann (Service Mgr) on how to deal with customers. I am expecting a response, as I will not give-up (and after today, I will tell my relatives & friend to not buy Honda cards, as I can not trust Honda, any more).

    Additionally, I called Mike Leslie, Sales Manager (from Crown Honda of SouthPoint), he told me that he will ck into my concern, and will call me back. He didn't. I don't trust Honda anymore, and others should do the same.

    Mostafa Shayesteh (919) 845-1321

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I am cheated by hero honda service center

I bought my Hero Honda Splendor NXG bike this January after driving the bike for about 3 months one day my bike got puncher in an highway so I went to a nearby workshop and changed the tube, after changing the tube I felt that my bikes back wheel moves to the left side while driving so I approached the Fort Point Hero Honda Service center at Mahim Mumbai, the supervisor there told me that It is happening because of the tube so it has to be changed, I told him to change the tube and i asked him to do the powder coating also but in the evening when I collected my bike I found that the tube was not changed and no coating was also done, when I spoke to the senior supervisor (Khan Bhai) he told me that we have changed the tube please trust me.

I took my bike back and I experienced the same problem again now my bike has slipped twice and I fell down. Luckily I got no injury as I was driving slowly both the times. Now I am feeling that I have done a mistake by buying a Hero Honda Bike. I don’t know whom to approach.

I think I will have to file case against Hero Honda.

  • Su
    subash Sep 24, 2007
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    I have brought a new hero honda NXG, but I don't have the bumper, saree guard etc., I have to pay extra charges for those things. Is it sooo... Wont these things come with bike by default... Anyone suggest.


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  • Al
    Allen R Jan 01, 2008
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    Hey i got all that with the bike...

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  • Sa
    sachin Nov 15, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Dear All,

    My name is Sachin & on 09 Jan 08. I purchased a Hero Honda HUNK Bike &i am facing lot of problem in it & i am very disagree with the service of Hero Honda. I was treated by Hero Honda & regarding this i had speaked to Hero Honda Engg: but no action taken till yet... Can any body help me in this Regard...

    Thanks & Regards

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  • Sa
    sanjit a patel Nov 21, 2009

    i am sanjit, i have buy a new passion pro from surat, it is fail to start... some time it stumble down it self.. it is very smoothless.. i have meet big accident for this misbehavior oh bike.. when i live my bike in 1st gear, it is almost off, some time when i drive in 3rd or 2nd gear it has many big problem like if i leave leaver it autoliver my bike...and so i become very scared.. if i send it to service he says that i have to ride it for 500 km, but u tell me how can i ride my bike this way..? plz send my request to hero honda... my id is [email protected], send me regard. i will give full detail about my bike, i have buy my bike 3rd nov..

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manufacturing defects

I have purchased a hero honda hunk on 28.03.08 & i have faced 4 defects. I too it to service center and they...

bad service

I had purchaed a herohonda hunk from an authorized dealer named Ace motors Calicut kerala at before the first...

a/c not working b/c of a rock

My husband and I purchased a brand new Odyssey Van in June 2006. Absolutely love the van. We have had no problems until we realized our air conditioner wasn’t working recently in May 2008. Our van only has 24, 000 miles on it. I called Fairfield Performance Honda service and was told if it is a rock that damaged the condenser it is not covered. I said, a rock and she replied; yes rocks can damage the condenser. My husband and I never have heard such thing. Without Honda even looking at my van they already knew exactly what was wrong. So that day I got a phone call from service and sure enough they said a rock has damaged your condenser and it would not be covered because that is consider road debris and it will cost you 800.00. The service person said they see this every week and then he said I mean once a month so I was curious and got on the internet to see if anybody else have had the same problem and sure enough hundreds complaints with the same problem. I contacted Honda America Corp and they said sorry it is not covered because it is road debris damage. It’s not my fault and thousands of other consumers fault that they poorly designed the Honda Odysseys and Honda Accords. I noticed on the new 2008 Vans and cars they have a protection on the front now. But that’s not fair for all the people who have purchased a van or car 2007 or earlier. I think that they should have a recall on this matter and fix the problem. I didn’t pay $30, 000.00 for a van to have this problem. They need to put some kind of protection on the van so it doesn’t happen again. I just want to let all other consumers beware of this so they don’t make the same mistake we did. I am contacting the Consumer report, Better Business Bureau all news media and papers until this problem is taking care of. I already have one local TV station doing the story. If we would have known this problem before we wouldn’t have purchased it. I think Honda is treating their customers very poorly on this matter and should definitely have a recall.

Thank you for listening to my complaint and hopefully we will get this solved.