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Complaints & Reviews

scam charges

Three weeks ago I noticed a puddle of blue fluid on my garage floor under my 2007 honda crv and determined it...

awful company

I purchased a new 2008 honda fit a few months ago. The a/c stop cooling. The repair cost $664.00. No warranty to cover the repair. The compressor got a hole in it. The damage came from normal road driving. And could happen again. The dealership repair shop said 'it happens'. Is this a design flaw or poor quality materials? I do not recommend this vehicle for dependability.

  • Ka
    Kapil Raut Jun 19, 2017

    This is hopeless. Same thing happened with me. Sale representative do anything and say anything to sale the car and deny everything after deal is complete. I have 2013 honda accord and my AC is not working .

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electrical defect

Our honda crv 2005 suffered an electrical malfunction last december 1, 2008. It was brought to the dealer honda cars kalookan and was released december 3, 2008 after a fuse replacement. A week after, the same problem occurred. It stayed in their shop until it was delivered back on december 23, 2008 with the instruction of how to replace the fuse when it busts! It did bust several times. We returned the car on january 5, 2009 with a letter to the dealer's service manager. On january 8, 2009, I was informed by the service advisor that they still could not locate the problem. I filed an inquiry and requested for assistance at the honda japan website on january 8, 2009. On january 9, 2009, I received an e-mail from norimasa matsumura of parts sales and service division, honda motor co., ltd. Of japan stating that they have forwarded my concern to honda philippines. I received a call from ms. Mariene celino of honda philippines customer relations management group assuring me of coordination between the dealer and the plant. But still, the problem on our vehicle could not be found! Today, I sent a letter to mr. Hiroshi shimizu, president and general manager of honda cars philippines, inc. Requesting assistance to our problem. Now where do we go next?

Following are content of my e-mail correspondences with honda philippines:

December 19, 2008 (filed at honda philippines web site)

Dear sir,

May I bring to your attention my vehicle, a crv 2005 with plate no. Xrb-194 which was purchased from your company. Said vehicle suffered an electrical malfunction on december 1, 2008. A honda mechanic which went to our house that nit advised us that the vehicle be towed the next day to your shop in kalookan. On december 3, the vehicle was released while the sa advised us to observe the car's performance. A week after, the car malfunctioned again. Mechanics then went to our house to bring the vehicle to your shop.

Through constant updates by the sa, I was informed that the module of the car must be tested by replacing said module from another vehicle to determine if our module was defective or not. It has been a week since and still the sa could not find a module to test on our car. I have suggested through text that your office should request from the honda plant a similar module so that if a same problem occurs, there will be a module to test on.

We are in badly need our vehicle as we also use it for deliveries in our pastry business (mita's bakeshop http://mitasbakeshop.tripod.com). Ever since we bought this vehicle from your dealership, we have been satisfied with your after-sales service.in fact, I always give the highest satisfaction rating whenever I am called for a feedback after every service. But we do need our vehicle specially this holiday season. We hope this request to expedite the repair of our vehicle reaches your good office with your immediate response.

Thank you very much.

December 22, 2008, 4:45 pm
Reply from ms. Mariene celino of honda philippines customer relations management group:

Dear ms. Cinco,

Good day to you!
Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.
We understand the inconveniences this has caused you and we sincerely offer our apologies.
As part of our initial action we will closely coordinate this with honda cars kalookan to gather all pertinent
Documents of your unit and we will also check with them the status of your unit.
Rest assured that we will do our part together with our dealer in addressing your concerns.
Best regards,

Our reply:

December 23, 2008

Thank you for your reply and attention. I called up the hondakal sa to follow up on the vehicle repair and was told that the "electrical module" of the crv was the one malfunctioning. However, I was told that there is no available part replacement and they have to look for one in other dealers or the plant. I am just wondering why that module became defective when the crv was bought only last 2005. Further, the module I was told was sealed, so how come it malfunctioned when the car is only 3 years old? Is this an inherent defect of that model (crv 2005 2.4 automatic). We have bought cars from other makers for the past years and this is the first time we have encountered a major electrical defect in a three year use. This is the first time too we bought a honda. We hope to be enlightened on the car's problem or defect. Meantime we have to suffer the inconvenience of not having our vehicle this christmas season.

Succeeding e-mail letters we sent to honda philippines:

December 24, 2008

My crv was delivered this afternoon. However, I was advised by the sa that after an out of town road test, my car performed well with the same "electronic module" in place. No replacement was made since the fuse which got busted before did not break. I was also advised that replacement fuse has been marked should the same incident occur again. I will have to make the replacement myself if the car experiences the same trouble. This got me worried because I was not given the assurance that my car was fixed! In spite of the 12 days it spent in the shop, the mechanics could not figure out what the trouble was. Now I am left hanging and worried that the same problem might occur again. This situation limits my movement to around the city and not out of town.

I am very disappointed on the service given my vehicle. Much more how it was returned with no assurance that it will perform well. As a consumer, I feel I have been betrayed by honda philippines and its dealer honda kalookan. With this, I have to find ways to protect my right as a consumer.

December 27, 2008

For matter of documentation, I am sending this e-mail. After the vehicle was returned on december 24, my driver used vehicle last night and experienced the same problem when the car's fuse got busted again. After replacing the fuse, he was able to drive the car back home. I need not explain further the inconvenience we are experiencing with the kind of service given to my vehicle by your company which places customer service way below the consumer's rights.

December 27, 2008

Out of curiosity, I read the owner's manual and read fuse section (under-bonnet fuse box). I was advised by the sa that the fuse that kept on busting is the "drive by wire (for 2.4 engine only)" fuse. However, the fuse pointed to me to be replaced when it busted is fuse #8 which according to the manual is "not used"! Is this negligence in properly diagnosing the car's trouble? Or just a way out of not knowing what is really wrong with the car. Further, the manual said that should the same fuse keep on busting even after being replaced with the same capacity, there is serious electrical problem and must be brought to a technician/service shop. Where do I go now when your technicians can't even properly diagnose the trouble?

December 28, 2008

Around 7:00 p.M., I was driving the steep parking of shangrila mall when the fuse busted twice! The moment I stepped on the gas shifting to 2nd gear, the fuse busted and I was left hanging at the steep driveway of the parking lot with motorist at my back waiting. I replaced the fuse, got busted again on the next level, then replaced it again. What a total inconvenience and embarrassment!

mofaz damansara

Honda service centres are one of the worst here in malaysia. I've been to two of them one in klang and one in damansara and both have disappointed me immensely. I finally conceded to take my new crv to a nearby car workshop (the owner, whom i've known for 7 years) to get proper check up and servicing. He was shocked to see the condition of my 1 year old crv, expecially the worn brake pads that have seen started eating into the brake discs which left gaping marks in it. I just sent the car for service 3 weeks ago and the honda mechanics failed to detect and tell me I have no brake pads left for all 4 tyres. I use my car a lot for work and I can't imagine what would happen if my brakes have failed. I had to send the car to the other workshop as I couldn't get an appointment with honda as it was a last minute request after knowing the problem. As I waiting for my car to be fixed in the other workshop, not surpising, another newcrv drove up to the workshop and complained that engine oil is leaking from his car... And no surprise, he just sent it for service last week. After paying rm2200 for brakes and disc replacement, I asked the owner of the workshop how many brand new crv has he serviced and he said he lost count... Probably 20 of more the past few months. He claimed that most owners complained they're not getting the experienced service required at the honda service centres. Servicing are normally done by junior mechanics and are rushed through because of the long queue of vehicles. Hence to all honda owners, if you have to service your cars at honda servicing centres, please do take your car to a more experience and trusted mechanic elsewhere to have it double checked just in case.

  • No
    Noriko Yap Jul 29, 2009

    I totally agree with you! Honda service centre in Damansara is HORRIBLE and appalingly unprofessional. I paid an ungodly sum of money to service my 2nd generation CRV and the foreman changed both my brakepads on the front wheels. Soon after that my car emmited scraping noise which was so loud passerbys stoped to look at me/my car. When i sent my car to a very reliable workshop to get a report, i was told that the brakepads that was fitted into my car was of the WRONG SIZE! It was too small for the locating frame and the only thing holding my brake pads were this tiny clip. In the event of an emergency brake, it could've dislodged and cause my front wheels to go into a 'lockdown' mode.

    I travel with a very young toddler and I am also currently 4 months pregnant. Words cannot describe my anger and horror with the findings. At this rate I cannot imagine how many lives Honda Mofaz put in jeopardy each time they service their customer's cars. Something has to be done. This cannot go on.

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  • Bm
    BMWX5 Sep 05, 2011

    I bought a new CRV from Mofaz Damansara and while the sales person was good, the service centre was terrible. After delivery of the car they informed me about the first service being free based on mileage or time (3 months). When I brought the car in for servicing they insisted that I replace two rear tyres as they were vulcanized. I asked whether this was covered but they insisted this fell under the wear & tear clause so I told them that I would check with another tyre shop before proceeding. Before the time I called back, their service rep already proceeded to install two new tyres and charged me for it. After that, I stopped going to this branch and went to Honda Sumber Auto instead (Section 17, P.J.) and had much better car service and customer service there. I have since sold the CRV after 3 years.

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  • Ho
    HONDA FONG Feb 10, 2012


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  • Ho
    HONDA FONG Feb 10, 2012


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unexpected acceleration

Last summer, my wife complained about our 2005 honda accord v6 almost causing an accident when she hit the brakes at a stop sign at a side street intersection. I took it into schaumburg honda, and they could not find any problems and suggested I remove aftermarket mats, which may have caused the unexpected acceleration for her. The mats were immediately removed, and we experienced no more incidents until today. With temperatures at 1 degree farenheit, I was driving with her to do christmas shopping. We were driving very slowly, no more that 20 mph and frequently stopping. During one of the stop attempts, with about 15 feet separation from the car ahead, the honda suddenly lurched and and the engine revved wildly. Hitting the brakes had little effect as the car seemed to accelerate against them. I hit the car ahead just as I turned off the ignition, causing no visible damage to either car. After exchanging insurance info, I began driving it away, still at very slow speeds, and less than another mile away, the unexpected acceleration occurred again as I braked to stop at a light. This time I was quicker to shut the engine off. I made it back home the 7 miles I had to travel back without doing any of our shopping and parked it in the garage with no further incidents. I called honda service dept, but since it's sunday, the dealership is closed, and no one answered. Currently waiting for morning to get the problem addressed.

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their crap

After having used a "full size" honda tiller/cultivator for years, I bought a harmony fg-100 mini tiller...

poor service

After picking up my new car, I noticed that the right front tire was losing air. I brought the car in and was told that there was no leak. I have had to fill the tire every 4th day. When I called back several times I was told that honda tires are just sensitive. After not being able to find a station with a working air hose I finally brought it to my old mechanic. He found the leak and plugged it. Baron refused to pay for the repair.


My name is sreedhar r, a graduate from bangalore university, mailing this complaint with pain.

As you have recieved the complaint from mr. Lokesh babu, I have been also cheated by these people. I have lost arround 4 lakhs rupees, where I have pledged all our jewels and other hardened money. If these type of things continues, how will job seekers will servive. Who are they, where they are sitting and why do they are cheating job seekers in the name of big firm names.

As mr. Lokesh mentioned, the same people, same address, same person, all the same repeate details.

Please kindly do the needfull to stop the culprit, cheating the innocent people. Sir, my mother is worried and loosing her health,

My family is running in hard and dark light. Please find the culprit and help us to get back our money soon.

xm radio customer service

Honda accords have the great xm radio and we subscribed/paid for a year of service in october 2017. We just...

body repair

It all started when I was involved in an accident with my 2008 honda ruckus scooter. I dropped off my rucku...

poor customer service

I have been attempting to find out if a lawn mower I took into your fairfield, ca sears repair center has been fixed. I called your fairfield local number and your phone tree routed me to an operator, named jimmy, who was extremely rude and unhelpful. When I finally determined that his job appeared to be to schedule appointments for repair, he still was unable to give me any information on how to directly contact sears to find out about something they are in the process in repairing. When I asked to talk to his supervisor, he would not get one for me. He was extremely argumentative and unhelpful. The way I will deal with this is go directly to the department where we left our mower, however I also will think more than twice before I choose to buy something at sears again if this is a sample of your customer service. If you choose to address this with your customer services person "jimmy" who would not give me any identifier other than that, this call occurred between 11:30am and noon on 11/14/08 pacific standard time.

  • Pa
    Paul Misinchuk Oct 22, 2019

    My name is Paul Misinchuk and I am dealing with Orillia Motor Sports. I took my lawnmower into OMS on October 7 2019 and was told it would take a week. I came back in a week and was asked if anyone called me to tell me it was not ready, I came in on Friday the 18th and was told that it was not ready. No one called me . I was told my mower would be ready on Monday the 21st and not ready. I was promised that it would be ready on the 22nd at 9 am. I waited for an hour and when my mower was brought to me it was not fixed. The reasons it was there was the recoil would not pull the cord in, and the drive mechanism was not working properly. Before the boys were going to load the mower into my van, I wanted to check. The recoil would not work properly as before and the drive unit would not work at all. What kind of service is this for Honda. You people should think seriously weather OMS should represent Honda. My phone number is 705-812-3500 and I live T 373 Bay street Orfillia. L3V3X5. Thank you. Paul Misinchuk

    0 Votes

bad service

I got servised my hunk in mangal moters motihari east champaran bihar. I am member of hhpp. My issue is it was my 5th free service and no points given to me and told me we will not give points to free service. Engine oil capacity of hunk is 1200 ml. After adding adding 900 ml they told we don't have loose 300 ml you can get it from out side.
The way of talking of workship maneger was so rude. When I told them i'll complain against you, they said no one can do any thing from hero honda you can compalin. Plz do the needful as soon as possibe

negligence in servicing

I recently serviced my honda civic fron patterson honda ringwood victoria, they ripped me off. They charged...

stay away

Stephen Wade Honda Mazda

CJ Wade, the new GM, of the Stephen Wade organization is one of the most dishonest individuals I have ever had the displeasure to deal with. His blatant disregard for others is evident in the way that he runs his organization. I have purchased 15 plus vehicles in my life, and never have I been treated with such disrespect. without wasting too much of my time explaining the details of exactly what happened, i will simply say stay away. Anyone living in St George, Utah should drive to Las Vegas to purchase a vehicle. Steer clear of CJ Wade and the Stephen Wade organization. They will likely treat you the same way as they have me.

  • Cj
    CJ Wade Nov 22, 2008

    It was brought to my attention that this complaint was posted on this site and I have to say it was shocking to read such strong words about me personally and my family business. All I can say is I would love to talk to the individual who wrote this, an potentially make right what I have know idea I have wronged. Please e-mail me back so I can talk to you about this. You are also welcome to talk to others in the Stephen Wade Auto MGT team.

    -1 Votes
  • Ja
    James Theobald May 11, 2009

    CJ is hands down the most dishonest person doing business in the St. George area. Keep away from this crook.

    1 Votes
  • Fa
    Falstaff Nov 12, 2009

    Oh, you don't want to waste YOUR time giving ANY details, but we should just trust your lame ramblings...get out man, get a life. If you had anything real/interesting/substantial to say then your message would have contained some instances of this abuse you've endured. Same to you J.Theobald, please include at least one example or please don't imagine us caring much. Google "slander."

    1 Votes

jump start kills cars

My 2006 honda civic hybrid needed a jump start because I left the dome light on overnight (I know. I should get what I deserve for this inexcusable mistake!) the next day, I tried to jump start the car. The battery recharged just fine, but the car still wouldn't start because the immobilizer system (security chip in the key that must match the code programmed in the car) claimed my key was unrecognized. I had to have the car towwwwwwwwwwwed!!! To the dealer, who offered absolutely no sympathy (you stupid consumer! Don't you know you can't leave your dome light on? You #!) they then proceeded to keep my car for 3 days and replace some relay module thingy that cost me $700! I filed a complaint with honda of america, which was a complete waste of time. I was at fault, out of warranty, and out of luck.

I would expect to have to pay for a new battery for my mistake, but not a new $700 relay module. This is a bad desgin, don't you think? Do not make the mistake of jump starting a civic hybrid. Better yet, buy a prius.

terrible experience

I was driving a honda while I was studying in the us and it was a pleasure driving it. So I came home after I finished studying in the us to sudan and bought a brand new honda civic 2004.

It was the mistake of my life, the honda dealer we have in sudan is the worst possible. He doesn't give any warranty on the car. They are bringing very bad cars which makes me doubt if these are honda's.

The a/c system completely failed twice in my car. I paid twice for it and without any care from the dealer. The dealer name is elkhabeir motors. I hope they take out the dealership from him because he is giving a very bad reputation for honda.

As for me because of this car dealer I completely changed my loyalty away from honda. I will not buy any honda car unless I see proof that honda cares for its customers

  • Ge
    George Makram Oct 12, 2009

    All my life I was one of the biggest fans of Honda brand, It was a great pleasure when I bought a brand new Honda CIVIC 2007 from your dealer in Cairo/Egypt (Alfouteem). Lately I had a very bad experience which have changed aggressively my paradigm towards Honda vehicle quality and it's dealer in Egypt. Suddenly I noticed a strange sound in the front right wheel, I took the car to the dealer for inspection I've been told that one of the motor supporters had to be replaced (part No.:50820-SNB-JO, Description: MTG RUB ASSY EN). I was extremely surprised and extremely frustrated for two reasons; 1st, I didn't expect at all that I see that problem in a Honda vehicle after a moderate travelling distance (63, 000km)!! 2nd, the maintenance engineer told me that it cannot be changed for free based on the fact that my car still in the guarantee period. Anyway, I had to pay because I had to have my car fixed, but I become really upset with my car and Honda brand. I see that Honda brand reputation is being jeopardized by it's dealer in Egypt, cause simply he has changed someone like me who was a real raving fan of Honda brand to someone who discourage others to buy a Honda.

    0 Votes

auto eco rebate

I bought a 2008 honda fit from t&t honda in july, 2008. I was told this car, as an automatic, qualified for the auto eco rebate. Ultimately this determined my decision to buy this vehicle, as I was originally interested in going with the automatic honda civic, which did not come with the rebate. I may have even went with toyota instead. I was informed this car was eligible and qualified over and over by three different people from t&t honda, two of which were in mangement positions. Now after contacting the autoeco rebate program myself I was told that the automatic fit does not and never did qualify for this rebate. I have emailed complaints and called t&t honda twice in the last 24 hours to speak to someone about this issue but no one will get back to me. I plan on visiting the dealership later today and I expect at least an apology! I was a first time car buyer and I feel like I was taken advantage of and manipulated into buying this vehicle under false pretenses. The dealership themselves gave me the application with instructions to apply soon to make sure I would get the money. They were advertising the rebate with the automatic honda fit as a selling point. The rebate program summed this up as ignorance and uneducated salespersons at the dealership. I believe that they were fully aware of what they were doing and lied to me to make this sale. Now they intend to do nothing about it.

scam honda has of repo the cars

My complain is that I had a bad financial status, and my car payments was $389.00 a month for 3 years I...

awful quality products

The wireless headsets stops working or just static after about 30 minutes of use. Comes back on at random after a while. Took it to the dealer, changed batteries on the headsets but the problem still not resolved. Seen other Odyssey owners describe similar problem. The wired speakers don't cut of when the headsets stops working. The problem is also on the wired earphones at the 3rd row seats.

I have a Honda Odyssey EX with DVD. It is a 2005 model. If you had this problem and the dealer fixed it for you, I would be interested in the solution so that my dealer can fix it.

rear shock absorber

I purchased unicorn in November 2007 in Saphire Honda, J.P.Nagar, Ban and found problem with the mono...

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