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I have done a car service, but I found that my car headlight is not working after service when I got back home.
When I sent my car back to southside honda service center, after technician did service check, the service manager said the light burned off and replaced with new light and that cost me AU$ 40.90. I cannot understand what this logic. Before service, my car light is working well. After service, my car light is not working any more. Then I have to pay extra money to replace it! Who broken my car light?
Service manager said it just burned off because your car is too old. What hell!!! More confuse. My car is just 2 years old. It's 2010 Honda CRV. And It just run 28K. Is it too OLD? If it is, I need to doubt what the quality of Honda car!!! I cannot believe Honda is so poor quality car until I heard from this service manager. Unbelievable!!!
Then I asked whether this is in my Warranty. He said that is not in warranty. I am confusing again, then what has been included in the warranty. It's like we paid for warranty, but got nothing!!! Even a light bulb.
At last, service manager said he just did the service and doesn't need to explain the quality. What staff Honda has??? As a service manager, a higher level management staff, he did not have a good explain for the service and not have no confidence with honda brand as well. He also doubt the quality of honda since he thought 2 years honda car is too old and the light is burned off natually is normal. He believe honda car part is 2 years lifecycle. If it is like what he said, then I need to say Honda is rubbish car. And no one should purchase it!!!


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    Loz Sep 22, 2008

    I purchased a new ST1300 in March this year and within days of owning the bike it began to surge and miss at about 100 Kph, the selling dealer can not fix it, contacted Honda MPE, bike in perth for a week and not fixed, Honda MPE have decided that the bike is ok the way that it is as well as the incresingly noisy gearbox, the bike has only done 1500 Kms now, They write that they can be of no further help.

    Save your time and hard earnt money and GIVE HONDA PRODUCTS A MISS THE WARRANTY IS NOT WORTH SQUAT.

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