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H Jul 23, 2019

I am writing because I need help in resolving problems, I am experiencing with an online purchase of Wilshire Estates patio furniture.
On June 8th I placed an online order (WA65941415) a total of 6 swivel rockers, 2 dining chairs and 2 42" square dining tables. The total cost was $2, 862.93. I received all on the promise date. The problem I had was both dining tables had damaged corners. I called your reps and they issued an order to return them (R1654034) and another order (CD71216223) for 2 replacement tables.
When I received the tables ordered on CD71216223, both tables had damage. On one of the tables the damage wasn't really bad so I again call your reps and had issue a return order ([protected]) for one table. They then issued another order (CD71679352).
When I received the table ordered on CD71679352, it also had damage on the corners. I again called your rep and told them about the problems I was having. At this point, they referred me to a Resolution Expediter, D'Shayla T. at 1-800-910-6704. On 6/21/19 I received an email from the expediter asking me to send pictures of the tables with the damage. I ended up calling her after I emailed the pictures and explained my situation to her and what she decided to do was replace the table under a warranty claim. I told her that at first, I was willing to accept the one table I was willing to accept but I was changing my mind because I felt that $600.00 tables should not have any damage. She said that she would get back to me with a status no later than 6/25/19. She agreed and said that she would order 2 warranty replacement tables from the company that supplies them. She told me that the it would table 3-4 weeks for the tables to arrive. The Case number is 15474050.
I should mention somewhere along the line, a return order ([protected]) was issued. I believe this was associated withCD71679352.
On Friday, 7/19/19, 1 table was delivered. I told the driver that I was expecting 2. He told me he only had one. I told him that I would call Home Depot to sort this out. Before he left, we inspected the table and found no damage. The problem with this table is it came with no legs. The hardware for attaching the legs was there but there were no legs!!!
I made calls to home depot late Friday and at this point someone is supposed to call me on Monday. I also sent an Email and left a voicemail with D'Shayla.
Needless to say, I am very frustrated with the entire process. We are talking almost a month and a half and I still don't have everything I ordered. I've spent a lot of my time calling your reps, unpacking and packing damaged tables and waiting delivery drivers. As a customer and a former employee of Home Depot, I shouldn't have to work this hard to spend my money.
I would be remiss if I didn't mention that ALL of your reps have been very professional and responsive to my troubles. But…. I still don't have what I paid for!
I am hoping you can help resolve this issue because if I can't get the tables, I'll have to consider returning the ten chairs we purchased. (Two Chairs were purchased on WA65732581 because there were no store samples to sit on.

Hayes Davis
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