Home Depotnot sending out bills to make customers payments late

D Jul 14, 2019

I had the same issue as 5 others I just read. Cancelled the card because no bill for 8 mos. Called homedepot today and they said I can pay off the remaining balance at store, even through I cancelled the card. For 8 month I received nothing and every month called and recorded the customer service reading me back my address. Phone number, account number and for 8 month I had to go in store to pay. My credit score is 779 I wrote in my letter to attorney general and they do this to make you late on a payment. This is Citibank and Homedepot. I urge each person not to get this card and use another card if you like to shop at homedepot. I know, have a Lowes card but, have reported this to Channel 5 & Channel 7 in Massachusettes and the Better Business Bureau has been very helpful. This is a scam and the customer service people treat you terrible. Pay it off. Contact your 3 credit card bureaus to let them know what these people do to lower your scores. Let's get a class action suite going...I wont stop working on this...and will update this when I receive a statement . Of course my MA State Rep said dont count on it so we are working with Attorney General by email and letters

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