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HP — laptop experience 40787

25 Right past my 30 day warranty the computer is acting crazy, can't control the mouse, some of the keys aren't working, magnifying goes in and out, can't shut down...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companyproduct is showing 1500 errors and warnings-bought in 11-20

I purchased my item on 11/20-it has been acting up-showing 1500 errors and warnings-which is very unusual for a new computer. I had one 9 years ago, never had any issues. This computer came with no info-papers showing what your virus protection would be or software that is being used-nothing. I should of known there was something wrong. I was told this computer seems to be like a 10 yr old computer. On the page that lists all your software that should be on your computer are all showing-BLOCKED-all up and down the list. I am really upset that this is happening, I'm 73 years old and trying to get help. The computer item number is-682147-order # [protected]. Info I have also is-Hp laptaop -dbOxxx serial #CDN9412TCZ PRO # 7XN29UA#ABA. i Was told I could not get a new computer being 30 days has passed. It seems to me that this was a returned item and I ended up getting it-with no kind of info on a new computer was ever received. I liked my other computer, I purchased one 9 yrs ago-when I opened it up, there was a page showing how to use the computer- info on what virus was the protection or warranity on computer, they showed the software that could be used-I had no INFO- nothing. Please take this computer back-I can't get all worked up and worried the computer could crash. I'm retired, so the computer is being used just for my personnal use, and games. Please help with this.

HPdefective hp laptop

I bought a HP lapto model: 15-DA0027NI on 25 May 2019. Your policy states that you'll only refund within 14 days. The laptop gave me problems shortly after this period and has been in for repairs 3 times now.

I'm using the laptop for business use and everytime it goes in I'm losing income. I'm not happy with this product, I thought that HP products were reliable until I receive this laptop.

It's now in for the 3rd time with a another fault (Device not found), previous repairs included replacement of the hard drive & keyboard. It now seems like I've bought a defective product and now have to everytime sent it in for repairs when faulty.

Propose resolution: I'm willing to pay in the additional amount to buy a HP Pavilon laptop with better specification -if you can assit me with my refund.


Contact Details:
Ashley January
email: [protected]
Cell: [protected]

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companyhp monitor

I'm here to complain...several weeks ago I set up my desktop computer but was having a problem with the monitor...if you moved it a little the screen would go black...something was wrong with the cords in the back of the monitor. I called customer service and they told me they would send me a new computer cord. I never rec'd it. I get a call today, was on the phone for half an hour and went round and round about the cord...then they tell me to send the monitor back...I think it's best to try to see if a new cord is what is needed...I'm not fit to box up this monitor...LET'S TRY THE CORD FIRST!. SEND ME A NEW CORD!

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companyhp officejet 5258 fax/printer

i am so sick of typing about this my head hurts, i will say never buy a hp product, its trash and u get no help, they should all be terminated, yes the Chinese, cause u sure cant speak to a american. system wont let you speak to anyone, it dont want you to, its plain junk, maybe they will see this and call me. i also seen, they charge u a fee to talk to someone, believe that. selling crap like that should not be legal. i bought at sams club a 5258 office jet printer, its junk

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companyhp unable to make delivery

On the 1 November 2019, I purchased a laptop online from HP Pavillion 13 -au 0085 tu . I was informed that delivery would take place on or before the 11 November 2019. On the 12 November 2019, I received an e-mail to advise that the Laptop was not available. I was further informed that delivery would take place in the next three to four weeks, but this was not by any means a guarantee. I was further informed that the sales department would call me to discuss, an alternative compatible laptop. This obviously did not happen. I had to chase after HP. I must stop here to state that I was lied to, at which point I became extremely angry and cancelled the deal. I am now informed that I must wait 5 to 10 business days to receive a refund. The interesting thing is that the laptop is still being advertised online, with delivery date being within 15 business days, this when HP has no stock. When I drew this to HP's attention, they were very apologetic and informed me they would correct the situation immediately, well they have not, so another smuck is going to get caught, just like I was. It is also frustrating to deal with HP, as all calls are redirected to the Philippines and you hold on forever to get an answer, because the caller needs to consult his colleagues.

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companycrappiest tech support

I got a brand new laptop for college, which I am extremely grateful for. However, as soon as I got it the screen was already flickering. It got to the point that I couldn't even login it was flickering so much. I called tech support 3 times, which never fixed the problem so they told me I had to ship it to them. I told them I'm a college student and it's a requirement that I bring a laptop to most of my classes. They told me not to worry, that it takes 5 days max. I didn't get the box for four more days and then I sent it out on a Monday. They told me I would receive it by Friday because they expedited the shipping for me. Friday went and no computer so I call them and they tell me they just received the computer, even though I was told it only takes A DAY to ship. So I wait and then they tell me 5 days max again. Then I receive a text saying they never got it so I call them and ask them why am I getting that. They said they have no idea. Then I get an email that my computer won't be here for another 3 WEEKS. I call them and tell them I can't do that, I will fail my classes. I ask for a refund they say that they can't do anything else for me I'm just going to have to wait it out. I get it back and it's fine and all, but now I can't switch out of S mode to download needed apps for school. I chat with them online after trying all the videos online that show how to. They take 20 minutes to tell me to just call them. I call them they tell me to online chat which I've ALREADY DONE. I call them again and then they say that no one is available to help me so they'll call me back in 15 hours. I've never known such [censored] service ever. This whole ordeal has been a nightmare and all I'm asking for is a working laptop.

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companyhp envy 13t

August 2019 - Purchased top of the line HP Envy 13' for commuting and six weeks later it stopped connecting to the internet. I called HP and they took me through the process of checking online to no avail. Then after transferring me several times to different personnel they said I had to return it for repairs.. OK... we did that. They promised it back in a week, it took nearly two. When it was returned the laptop was filty, like someone was eating a cheeseburger while working on it, I had to clean it and then when I turned it on, it worked for two days then the same issue!! I havent had it for two months.

October 2019 - Same issue. Went through the transfer of calls, the disconnects, the "escalations" ... guess what? I have to return my laptop again. I asked can I just get a new laptop? NOPE! Only after three attempts at repairs THEN THEN.. you only get a refurbished laptop. That's [censored]. So I asked can I get my money back? Yes, but get this... its prorated! What is wrong with this picture?

I am now reaching out online to as many places I can to post this problem. And I am trying to find top level execs at HP to send notes to, this policy is just wrong.

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companycustomer service and product quality.

I bought my brand new HP 15 laptop in July.
at the end of September the hard-drive decided it wasn't going to work anymore. HP HP customer tech support said it was a corrupt version of the operating system meaning windows. So we went through the troubleshooting process and they decided that it was the operating system so they sent me a USB drive which I received two days later with the recovery media on it because I was unwilling to reset my computer and lose all my pictures of my family excetera excetera.
I received the USB recovery media USB drive attempted to recover the media off of the hard drive of my so-called brand new HP laptop and it did not work I contacted HP customer support service tech again to get help or to find out why it wasn't working he said that he would contact me with their higher level tech support and he put me on hold and they closed at waited on hold for 45 minutes never got through to anybody called the next day ask to speak to a supervisor got put on hold left me on hold for an hour still never got ahold of anybody they said that that the computer might need a new hard drive and that they would make the order so it could be replaced via me sending my laptop to them. and then replacing my hard drive and returning my laptop to me however they could not guarantee that my pictures and everything that I had on the hard drive that went out would be saved or they would not even tell me that they could put it on a flash drive so I so I still have it.
I paid 600 plus dollars for this laptop and it lasted two months and now I can't get HP to fix it even though it is under 60 days after the day of purchase as far as my opinion goes I'm never buying another HP in their customer service has gone to crap they don't want her there warranties they dont not out to satisfy their customers. As far as I'm concerned they can have it back however I bought it in California and just recently moved to Alaska so I can't take it back to the store I bought it from because they don't have the same store in Alaska that I bought it from in California so I can't return it of course HP won't refund the money into this piece of crap laptop back so I'm stuck tracking up the $600 for this HP laptop as a loss. However I am going to contact a lawyer regarding this because it is still under manufacturer warranty and I purchased extended warranty so either way they have to fix it but I don't want cuz HP is not what it used to be I will never buy another HP laptop never recommend one to anybody ever again.

  • Mr
    Mr. Helpful Oct 03, 2019

    I'm not aware of the HP rebate guaranteeing data. That's up to the individual user to keep a backup.

    If you're not aware of how to boot the system with a seperate drive and backup your data, get it to a local service tech before sending it back.

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Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companyprinter and hp laptop

bought a lap top two years and a half ago. It quit charging. Best Buy sent it for repair and told me it's the mother board. cost $200.00. told them no. I bought another hp identical to the first one. Plugged in the power cord into the old computer and it worked fine. Bought a new cord. sold the old one. Couple weeks later the hinge broke. can't close the computer. Taped it up and it worked a little while. finally the whole thing just totally quit working. bought a new Lenovo ideapod 330s. Love it. Tried to print on my 1510 series printer and it keep cutting off the pictures I put on there. I do the bulletin for our church and I spent 2 hours trying to get it to print the bulletin for church. Kept cutting off the pictures. Went to my wife's Canon printer and it printed fine. When I copy anything from the internet to Microsoft word, the printer won't print it. I have to use my wife's Canon and it prints fine. Just letting you know that I will not buy anything that says HP.

Hewlett Packard, aka HPthe whole computer

I purchased an HP Pavilion x360 about 2 months ago from Best Buy in Fort Wayne, IN. The first issue is why would anyone put the on/off button in the middle of left side? I am constantly having to restart what I was working on because if I even get close to the button, it shuts down. Some times the computer just shuts down for no reason. WORST COMPUTER I HAVE EVER WORKED WITH. It is almost impossible to get anything done. Talk about frustration!!! The screen will split when there is no reason for it to do so and I don't do anything to make it split. It's a nightmare to get back to just one page. Don't know if you will do anything, but I firmly believe I got a lemon. Have no money to buy another one because on a fixed income. Had to charge this one and am still paying on it. Please let me know if you will make this right or not. Thank You.

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companyelitedesk support

I have been an IT Consultant since 1996 and I have been recommending HP Products since day one. I push clients to purchase the Elite series in particular for the improved support experience. Thankfully the quality of the systems in recent years has been exemplary and we have rarely need to use this support but, it is still an easy sell. Recently we have had to use it and your bureaucracy has provided anything but an "elite" experiencce.

On August 26th we began researching Blue screen crashes on a brand new PC installed as part of a hardware refresh along with numerous other systems. We updated drivers, firmware and even reinstalled the operating system. By August 30th we had run out of options and contacted "Elite" support for assistance on a hardwre issue. It took until September third for "Elite" support to agree to schedule a technician. We were assured that the hard drive is the failing component and were assured by the "Elite" tech and his manager that the new drive would be imaged from the old so that the computer would be fully operational after the swap.

First the techcician missed the scheduled appoitment on September 4 and then informed us on September 5 when he did arrrive that the drive he was installing was blank - without even an operating system! Our attempts to escalate the issue and receive the support promised fell on deaf ears so I had to dispatch a competent tech to fi x the problem at additional cost to our, in addition to all the downtime on their new "Elite" PC, they had to pay to have broken hardware replaced! To add insult to this injury, the problem is still not resolved as the computer continues to crash.

Based on this ongoing debacle, I see no reason why I should continue to promote any HP hardware to our clients...nevermind the higher cost "Elite" systems.

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company — unauthorized use of debit card

July 2nd, 2019, I put an online order in that totaled $207.20. The order did not arrive on time. I called and someone named Linda put in an order for a Saturday delivery. However...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companyhp deskjet 3835

I bought HP DeskJet 3835 printer 2 weeks ago, but I have a bad time using this printer. Although this printer works fine, sometimes this printer did not print and behaves like it is actually printing like produce the same printing sound which usually happens while printing. I don't know what to do with this printer, I went to the store from where I have bought this but there it was working fine. If anyone can help me with this is will be good for me.

  • Pr
    Printers Support Aug 09, 2019

    We are the experts in printer support and our technicians are available 24*7 to troubleshoot your printer issue. Please visit our website

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HP Laptop — laptop resolution

Dear sir, I again told that please help me for my laptop problem. I bought my laptop on 17 March 2019 and today 18 July 2019 . HP Manager working on it but they note repair...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companyhp printer

I've read all these complaints about Hewlett-Packard and I myself have gone through a similar problem with unqualified people running the customer service . There clearly is a problem with outsourcing to different countries your customer support program therefore my only course of action being a smart consumer is to do the research or ask the dealer the questions about customer service if they are outsourced and to simply Boycott, companies that engage in this business practice . Clearly the shareholders are pigs and just trying to maximize their profits . HP is dead to me I suggest consumers know how businesses operate prior to purchase. Good luck all.

HP Laptop — charging connection point problem

I bought a HP 360 Laptop from Harvey Norman 360; At time of buying I was told all about warranty and extended warranty so I end up buying extra two years extended warranty a...

HPhp sprocket portable photo printer, print social media photos on 2x3 sticky-backed paper - red,1

paguei um produto(HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer, print social media photos on 2x3 sticky-backed paper - red, 1) e chegou outro, uma anel.

Dear customer,

Your order has been successfully paid. We had received your order.

We will process your order as soon as possible.

It usually takes 1-7 business days to process your order in the factory, and then will sent out ASAP, please wait patiently.

The information of the payment is below:

Product Information: HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer, print social media photos on 2x3 sticky-backed paper - red, 1

Payment No.:PS1904270114423418

Credit Card type:master

We will ship your goods as soon as possible. If the logistics company give us the tracking number, we will email you immediately.

Please wait a few days patiently.

If you have some problems please reply this email.


Best regards!

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Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companycustomer /tech support

We purchased an HP 15 laptop in May 2017. In March, 2018, we had to send it in and have the hard drive replaced. At that time, we purchased the extended HP Care Pack Service Plan, that went for one year. In April, 2019, we began having problems once again. My daughter does college full-time online, so could not send it in until May. We took it to a local repair center who ran a diagnostic. Sadly, hard drive... again. This is a computer that sits on a table 90% of the time and is rarely moved or transported.
Today, I spent just under 2 hours on the phone with HP, being transferred to 7 different people. In the end, all they could tell me is that this computer is not worth repairing, but should be replaced. FULLY at my expense. CERTAINLY NOT with another HP!!!

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companyhp smart friends-a scam!

Please have a Manager or Supervisor contact me immediately about:

HP Smart Friends service I purchased last year in 2018.


I am being lied to I believe by a guy on phone with an Indian accent who says my HP Smart Friends service

Never Expires!

This is ridiculous!

I am outraged by this services lies!


I want to cancel my service and get my money back or else I will take further action with the appropriate US Government Agency regulating this incident! I am very serious about this! I mean business!!!

My name is:

Donald Kasper

My Cell phone is: [protected]

E-mail is: [protected]

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companypavilion g6- 1b39wm notebook pc

Purchased lap top from sam's october 2018. Serial number: cnd80252gf.
Have had in for repair three times. The third time it could not be repaired, due to an issue with the battery. I'm told this is an issue that hp knew would happen to some lap tops. Now we have an expensive computer that can't be fixed.
Profit at any cost. Right.
When we replace this computer, it will not be with any hp product, and will tell others about the defect.

Billy wells
1182 howardstown road
Hodgenville, kentucky 42748

Phone: [protected]

E-mail: [protected]

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companycomputer purchase

The HP website says "Get your PC fast" This is false advertising I placed an order H327857924 for 2 systems on March 8. Was told they would ship April 5. Then got an email saying they would ship April 22 at the latest. Talked with support they took some money off and actually promised me that they would ship no later than April 22. Well April 22 has come and gone. I called them on the 23rd since my order still shows that it will ship on April 5. (they never updated it) Was told they didn't know when it was going to ship. Maybe the next day. It didn't. On the 25th they told me that they had 50 systems shipping but couldn't say for sure that my 2 systems were 2 of those 50.

They didn't hesitate to charge my credit card, which I know is there policy.
Now I have a customer that is really mad and hopefully I will not lose him as he has been a customer for years.

  • Updated by Bill Kelley · Apr 27, 2019

    Here is a copy of the log file from me contacting them again on April 27

    04/27/2019 09:04:56AM William Kelley: "I placed an order H327857924 for 2 systems on March 8. Was told they would ship April 5. Then got an email saying they would ship April 22 at the latest. Talked with support they took some money off and actually promised me that they would ship no later t"
    han April 22. Well April 22 has come and gone.
    04/27/2019 09:05:22AM Agent (Lina O): "Hello, my name is Lina. I’ve read your question and am ready to assist you."
    04/27/2019 09:05:44AM Agent (Lina O): "Welcome to our Warehouse Sale!"
    04/27/2019 09:06:23AM Agent (Lina O): "Let me take a look at your order, William."
    04/27/2019 09:06:54AM William Kelley: "Talked with support they took some money off and actually promised me that they would ship no later than April 22. Well April 22 has come and gone. I called them on the 23rd since my order still shows that it will ship on April 5. (they never updated it)"
    Was told they didn't know when it was going to ship. Maybe the next day. It didn't. On the 25th they told me that they had 50 systems shipping but couldn't say for sure that my 2 systems were 2 of those 50.
    04/27/2019 09:07:59AM Agent (Lina O): "I apologize for the delay, William."
    04/27/2019 09:08:17AM Agent (Lina O): "I have checked here, still there is no update regarding on this order."
    04/27/2019 09:08:51AM Agent (Lina O): "What I will do is to send a request for an update of your order and you will receive an email with the update within 1-2 business days."
    04/27/2019 09:10:32AM William Kelley: "That's great, takes a computer computer company like HP 1-2 days to find out what is going on with my order. Completely ridicules"
    04/27/2019 09:11:06AM Agent (Lina O): "I really apologize for this inconvenience, William, however that's the best thing I can do here in my end."
    04/27/2019 09:12:37AM Agent (Lina O): "Rest assured that the update will be sent to you within 1-2 business days."
    04/27/2019 09:13:52AM William Kelley: "I need the computers, I have a customer that is threatening to cancel his project with me"
    04/27/2019 09:15:41AM Agent (Lina O): "I totally understand that, William."
    04/27/2019 09:15:56AM Agent (Lina O): "I will send an update regarding on your order."

    Still not resolved

  • Updated by Bill Kelley · Apr 30, 2019

    I cannot believe that HP cannot tell me when my computers will be sent. It's over a month. Got this today 4/30/2019
    Dear William,
    Good Morning!
    I am still monitoring your order from time to time. I don't have a ship date to provide yet but will get back to you shortly as soon i have one.

    If there is anything else we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact us at 888-476-3988 between 8 am and 8 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. Any team member would be delighted to assist you!
    Simon Morales
    Supervisor Store – Customer Service Team

    Nice that it comes from [email protected]

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companyinstant ink service

HP recently "updated" my Office Jet Pro 8710. This "update" disabled web services, and suddenly rendered my printer unable to print anything as I received an error message stating instant ink cartridges could not print without a subscription to instant ink, which I have had for several months.

HP is apparently much more concerned with maintaining an ink revenue stream than they are about their printers actually working.

  • Jc
    JCHolt May 09, 2019

    I had same problem. When I called to cancel instant ink was told the day it cancels none of my ink will work. I have had unused ink from8 months ago and can’t use. I’ve paid almost $90 over last 8 months for nothing. Escalated it and was called by jerk

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Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company — printer

The customer service rep was very nice but what a run around trying to get replacement for new printer never used and defective. Asking for my credit card info to get replacement...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company — laptop

I took the HP laptop into Best Buy today since that is where we bought it. They wanted $149 shipping to their service center and then it would probably be shipped out to HP and be...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companyhp 3070a printer

Error message 'Ink cartridge missing or damaged' prevents any further activity such as the printer's toolbox from being accessed.
A search on the web suggests this a new lockout that has been installed remotely by HP to prevent using third party cartridges.
I'm about to bin the printer and buy an Epson eco print, but the initial price deters me a little. Does anyone have some advice on how the defeat HP.

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company — officejet pro 6968

I have purchased a printer in the last year when I did also signed up for the instant ink program recently my wife and myself have fallen on hard times e hardly use our printer so...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companywarranty repair & customer service

I have had HP laptops for 8 years, but I am done with the company. Every time I call customer service, they are rude; they hang up; they cannot provide basic information. DO NOT BUY HP PRODUCTS if you care about how you are treated.

I have had to have three warranty repairs (I paid for the extra warranty). Each and every time, I have received completely inaccurate information about the status of the repair and two of the three times, the issues were not resolved!


Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companytech support, cheaply built product, ripping me off, worst customer service ever

I have never experienced such horrific customer service for such an incredibly poorly built product. First off, I purchased a Pavilion x360 Convertible laptop and I loved it.
A few months after I had it (less than 90 days) the letter "P" popped off the keyboard and I wasn't even touching the keyboard. I was putting a flash drive in. I called HP and they gave me the usual script and I asked for a Supervisor. I work from home and purchased this laptop specifically so I could do my work so time is of the essence.
They opened a case for me and I was told my FedEx box would be shipped overnight and I would need to just send back with provided label and I would have it back 9-11 business days from the date they receive it. 6 minutes later another Supervisor called and said in order for me to get that turnaround time I would have to buy the extended warranty. I said it felt like I was being ripped off and he became very unprofessional saying he wouldn't push my request through. I hung up and spoke to someone else who claimed to be a case manager and he has followed up with me.
However, after speaking to someone today who confirmed my laptop is scheduled to be delivered on the 12th, I receive a text telling me the 24th and it is on hold. WTF?!! At this point I just want my laptop with the P missing. At least the key still works.
Or I want a refund.
Either way, this company and all its' employees need to be shut down. I have never been so angry in my entire life.

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company — hp service

I sent in a brand new pc back to HP because it quit connecting to the internet 3 1/2 weeks after I bought it [couldn't return to original box store because I had it 3 weeks or...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companyproduct out of specification

I bought a laptop from, an Amazon company. The laptop received was 500GB only against the specified 1TB. As a consumer, I have to face the inconvenience of all the return process besides not getting right product on right time. Such experiences will never encourage consumers to buy online from a reputed company like Amazon.
The refund process should also be made quicker and smooth.

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companylaptop hard drive

My wife bought a brand new !!! HP Laptop. Less than 30 days and the hard drive crashed! Brand New? My wife is in graduate school, so slightly important to have her laptop. Not only do we have to wait til wednesday to get laptop, but had to pay 100 dollars to the Geek Squad at Best Buy where purchased to back up the data on her laptop!
HP just saying to us, oh well, this can happen though rare. Doesn't care about our headache or expense to remedy this. My wife will never buy HP again and I know where I work, I will stress never using HP products.

It wasn't the quality of product, HP is great, but the response of customer service.. WOW

Hewlett Packard — the company, the customer service, and hp pavillion x360 convertible

It all started with needing to purchase a notebook. Chose HP for no specific reason. Should have figured it out from the frustration of trying to order one on line through the HP...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company — printer office jet 6950

On 06/09/18, I changed the cartridge on my printer HP Officejet 6950 - Cost of the new ink: £88.96 . The printer did not print in black. I contacted the customers care department...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company — hp laptop

After purchasing an HP Stream I discovered that I was unable to download the updates necessary to continue using this laptop, because the RAM was used up upon first operation of...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companyofficejet 5255

The printer seems OK but had problems with faxing called no help they hang up on you. You call back and they again hang up on you. Customer support is the worst I have ever seen. I will never buy any Hp product because of the lack of support. All started because cant fax large files call hp they say it is phone line so call phone people they say it is fine. This is over months of time i can scan fax but not feeder fax sound funny but not so funny. Buy new printer and guess what same thing call hp and get hung up on twice again now for sure I am done with HP. DON'T BUY HP PRODUCTS UNLESS YOU DON'T NEED SUPPORT YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN !!!

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company — product

Hello recently i had purcahsed two laptop's from HP(Hp omen ce070tx and hp gaming pavilion cx0140tx) and got both the product's defective.For hp omen i got my money back but till...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company — hewlett-packard / hp envy x360

Hewlett-Packard/ HP Development Company, Usually I am extremely satisfied with the quality and precise eques performance of the HP development software. I am not putting thi...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Companyunexpected charge for tech support

I called HP tech support and was bounced around to 3 different people. The last was "Diego".
I was charged $179.99 for a one-time fix and pitched a 3-time and a one-year "plan"!
There was no expectation of a charge until they had control of the computer and had done some work (unrelated to the printer problem as nearly as I can tell).
I had a problem with the HP printer which was printing in miniature off the web. At the very end of the 5-HOUR SESSION on the phone, the tech finally addressed the printer problem which was that it wasn't configured properly to be used with Firefox browser.
I'm not real tech savvy but I know that running graphs about the CPU does nothing but look impressive. They did that at the beginning, for nearly an hour while telling me I had thousands of errors, virus, etc. NOT!
In short, they will talk a good story, no mention of charges for what has always been free tech support... hard to understand, get control of your computer, pretend to work on the problem for a couple of hours, tell you that the charges are $$$$ and demand a card number before they will continue.
Have bought HP products for years. Never again.

Hewlett Packard — tech support/possible scam

My HP Office Pro 8600 printer quit working between printing things about 5 minutes apart. I went to the website and started chatting with someone. She explained that I needed to...