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Hewlett-Packard / HP - Print at your service lease printer lease program

Your HP PAYS (Hewlett Packard Print At Your Service) division sent me a fraudulent lease contract that stated the lease printer would be serviced & receive toner. I received USED DEFECTIVE old model. The control panel died after a few weeks & HP Pays said they did not service or replace the model & it does not qualify for toner replacement. FRAUD!

Desired outcome: Termination of Fraudulent Lease Contract 500-50285072

Dec 30, 2021

Hewlett-Packard / HP - Duplicate order cancellation issue and 15% restocking fee

placed laptop order H346757624 I didn't get any confirmation or didn't see any in order history. So I placed new order again H346786218, then I noticed two charges in credit card and immediately noticed hp support to cancel anyone one of the duplicate order, it's been more than 15 days and now I have already received one of the order and I have been trying follow-up several time to cancel duplicate order but received response stating the order can't be cancelled.

Please be noted I raised cancellation on the next day itself but due to Severe Weather issue at HP customer care they took time to respond and now they raised return for the order H346757624 with restocking fee of 15% which is cheating the customer for the issue on HP side .

They just keep passing the time saying the customer care center is closed due severe weather and delivered the one order H346757624 and they said other will be shipped in Jan 2nd week of 2022 but will not cancel that

Desired outcome: Needed restocking fee waived off for the return of the order H346757624


Hewlett-Packard / HP - Almost 4 months of waiting and not accepting cancellations

order number: H344164448
Date 9/13/2021

I ordered this laptop from hp store. https://www.hp.com/ and it's been 3.5 months. they are changing the shipping date. So I contacted them several times. They just giving me false hope. then they offered me canceling because of the delay. I requested for cancellation and refund. They are now saying that they denied my cancelation and asked me to wait. I waited agein and then again they changed shipping date and I didnt receive my refund and product. I want legal action and refund.

Desired outcome: Full refund immediately.


Hewlett-Packard / HP - Hours wasted. Didn't receive product with option I paid for.

HP PO# [protected]
Customer PO# CE08327027

On 12/04/21 I ordered a 15t-dw300 laptop and specifically ordered and paid for a backlit keyboard. I received the package on 122021 and began the setup process and started to test functions. Since it was specifically ordered and paid for, I tested the backlit keyboard, and it did not work! I spent hours troubleshooting and trying to figure out why it was not working, performing all the suggested fixes. Finally, the next day, I called HP customer service for help troubleshooting and after some time I was told that the computer did not come with the option. I just wonder if the factory in China follows quality control testing because the option was on the checklist. I was told I can have it replaced with a new one, which I am. The problem is the time I already spent on the setup and troubleshooting. I was transferred to the sales department and after spending over two hours on hold, an agent never answered, and my phone died! I'll have to try again, I guess. I am now also going to have to wait for the unit to be returned and the corrected unit shipped back to me. There's no saying how long it will take and how long I'll be without a computer.

Desired outcome: I want to be compensated for any out of pocket charges for the return. I would also like to be compensated for my time and frustration.

Hewlett-Packard / HP - not received

I received a confirmation from HP 11/19 that entire order was shipped that day. I am still getting nowhere and I have called HP 10+ times. I have been given the same as well as different info. I was given various phone numbers to call, some do not work or I need the serial number, I don't have items. I have called FedEx no one seems to know where the shipment is. HP said they had put a claim in, FedEx said no claim and it was shipped to be delivered with no signature request. Now FedEx says it was delivered 12/6 PLEASE HELP ME!


Dec 20, 2021

Hewlett-Packard / HP - HP order # H346637243

I placed this order on Dec. 6 and paid for a three day delivery. The order has not even been shipped on Dec. 20. I have tried to cancel the order several times, but their website does not accept my cancellation. When I am connected to an agent, I receive a message that they are not taking calls at this time and to try again later. This has been going on for nearly two weeks.

Desired outcome: Cancel my order

Dec 20, 2021

OP you are aware that shipments are delayed due to stock being non existent cause of the ports and the current pandemic [low staff to handle the transport] right? i had to wait about 3 weeks extra for my computer cause of the delay. a model i'm working on...is 2 months now waiting for the next 8 shipments of parts [each part shipment is sent separate or in one shipment]. just give it time and it will come.

Hewlett-Packard / HP - Lap top

I phoned h p to fix my laptop it is still under warranty for 10 months I just had it and now there is a picture on it and it will not leave the screen I can not get into it they told me they would send me a box to send it back and guess what they never did so I phoned again and the same answer and again they gave me a case number and that is all they did I really would like to get this looked after case number is [protected] laptop sn 5cd134j1h2 pn 12b99ua the person I talk to even got into my phone and looked at my computor and said it was broken and that is is under warranty I payed 627.14 and I received it on oct 19/21 and I just made one payment I can not afford to pay for something that does not work


"i" "WOOD" do the same thing if "i" "PAYED" that much...

Let it power down, then turn it back on.

Hewlett-Packard / HP - HP OfficeJetPro8035e

The printer isn't able to copy in color: too much yellow and blue banding showing up when trying to copy photos.. I was 2 hours on the phone last night with one of your techs; he tried EVERYTHING. Still not working correctly. The printer is a lemon! I called my local Staples store where I purchased the printer, asking if I could show them the defective photos; they said I had to deal with the Spaples tech Support Plan people, so was on the phone with them for about 20", doing multiple tests, trying to resolve the issue. They then said I had to deal dorectly with HP; 2 more hours on the phone, with multiple tests - cleaning heads, removing cartridges in the printer, putting new ones in, etc.

I had a HP 6700 printer before this printer and never had an issue. NOT happy with HP product or the customer service.
Machine purchased on July 20, 2021.

Desired outcome: New machine!

Hewlett-Packard / HP - Service!!! Where is all this great support!

I've spent more time on the phone and throwing my hands up in the air in the last 3 weeks than I have slept in the past 5! Buying a print that has two drop of ink before it runs out, what a flipping...

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Hewlett-Packard / HP - 19m27ea serial number 5cg03904zl

I bought this laptop a year ago for my elderly mother, she passed away recently so I have the laptop again. It is the worst laptop I have ever owned. It is painfully slow. It has a ten minute start up time, it takes 5 minutes to access the internet and forget about using apps with it. I am disgusted that I paid nearly £400.00 at Argos for this rubbish. Unfortunately my mum rarely used this laptop so didn't complain to me about it or I would of emailed you before this

Desired outcome: Sort laptop

Hewlett-Packard / HP - printer ink

i have had numerous HP printers over the years, i have yet to get anything over 20 pages from a single black ink cartridge, is this done purposely to sign up for their ink jet service? or is done to sell more ink cartridges? in either case i thought it was just coincidence but after years of buying HP ink cartridges i've come to the conclusion HP doesn't sell fully loaded ink cartridges on purpose, it's bad enough they are the most expensive on the market as it is..

Hewlett-Packard / HP - Printer technical support


Everyone wants their share! Terribly disappointed with how the HP Technical Support Team handled my printer malfunction. I recently upgraded to Windows 11 as suggested and prompted by my computer. Little did I realize a normally functioning printer would become a master spewer of blank paper and hieroglyphics. After running the suggested diagnostics and getting nowhere I called HP Technical Support and started explaining my issue. This resulted in the customer support person disconnecting our call and not calling back. With a second support person on the phone I was told that the drivers of my printer would not support Windows 11 and had to be installed. This came with a price tag. A fee was charged to complete this action. HP get yourself together! I could have and should have just gone out and purchased a competitive brand. HP you are a technology company. An existing customer should not be required to pay for drivers to run its products. Never again.

Desired outcome: To vent and an apology from HP!


Hewlett-Packard / HP - Employee

I was trying to set up my hpdeskjet1255 and this guy calls I hung up on him a few times and he insist he will help me with setting up the printer well said it would cost 130 and I refused then he said it is 100 for life and I did it well he did work on it and never got it working and he is suppose to have asked a teck one was name Alex and the other Sam they never ever got my printer worker and do not trust anyone to get it working a pop-up keeps appearing I refuse because of these guy and also he had control of My computer and went into my bank account and took the money even when I told him to get out of there. I got a telephone number [protected] and he also left email address when withdrew the money [protected]@gmail.com
I called and never got a return call and would like my money refunded and feel these guys need to be investgated
thank you
Sharon Robert

Desired outcome: To look into this and refund my money

Oct 29, 2021

Hewlett-Packard / HP - Pavilion laptop

So I was trilled when my boyfriend bought me a new laptop for Christmas and decided to give it to me early. I opened the box turned on the computer and the screen quality was bad and I mean really...

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Hewlett-Packard / HP - HP Smart program

I have used HP Printers for years and wifi connection is always a problem. I have had to reload the interface program several times over the lifespan. The HP Smart has been an improvement until today.
I have owned this HP printer and connected by HP Smart for close to a year now. I scan with it regularly. Today however the HP Smart would not permit me to scan until I created and account and signed in.
I did not buy the printer so you could have my information. I do not give out my cell phone and contact information easily. I want us of my printer in the way I bought it with no encumbrances to HP.

Desired outcome: Allow me to use HP Smart without a sign in


Hewlett-Packard / HP - Office jet Pro 8030

First let me say that the printer is only about a year old. I bought it during the early pandemic. I was initially a little surprised by how flimsy the paper tray is and how you have to struggle to open and close it to load paper. What brings me here is that I have gotten a message that the paper tray is open whenever I try to print. I have checked and made sure that it was closed but have continued to receive the message and thus have been unable to print anything. This is very frustrating. When it works, the printer works very well. But this is maddening. I went to Support and been unable to get anything accomplished. When I enter the serial number I am told that the printer was exchanged. What does that even mean? I have the same printer I bought. Does that mean discontinued? Also, because of that I am not even given the opportunity to speak to a human being to possibly clarify something. I wanted to know if I could purchase a replacement paper tray. There's nobody who can tell me, apparently, since Hp doesn't provide service for 8030s. I have used Hp printers for years, but it's highly doubtful that I will continue if I can't get some help with this. I hope somebody reads this and does something.

Desired outcome: Information on where I can get a replacement paper tray

Hewlett-Packard / HP - Laptop Service Charge

I was notified today of a $703.93 charge from HP Service & Repair. A week ago I finally got my laptop back after the battery would not charge anymore and I'd only had the laptop for less than a year so it is under warranty. After receiving, HP notified me that the issue was the motherboard and they would replace but we had to wait for parts. Like everything else post-pandemic that is delayed I didn't think anything of this. We'll next thing I get a message that laptop is fixed and will be in my hands next day. Great I'm gonna be rocking and rolling. Never received any other notice so didn't think anything else. Until TODAY! Why am I charged for this amount? So I called HP. After being transferred 4 times, disconnected 3 times and finally working with CS Alex for an hour, I get informed that I will get a call within 24-48 hours from customer service. I asked Alex why there is no notes on this charge from their side. If I didn't get an invoice and my account with HP had no information related to the charge then how can this be. He was very polite and said I will get a call and they can tell me more. But really? No invoice no information on the charge BUT my bank account is out 700! Geeze I could buy a new laptop with that amount. Why can't I get answers even though I should have been notified BEFORE my account was charged. I was very understanding until now! This is not good customer service at all.

Desired outcome: Refund of the charge $703.93


Hewlett-Packard / HP - HP Pavilion 13 Laptop

I purchased a HP Pavilion 13 Laptop on June 29, 2021. The product number is 1N8K2UA and the serial number is 5CD121BFWL.

Within 2 months of the purchase I began experiencing various problems with it. I can go into great detail if you wish but the bottom line is that I have now had to return this unit twice to the HP repair facility in Texas, been without this unit for just under 3 weeks while it was being shipped and repaired, had to completely reinstall Windows 3 times, each time having to delete all of my already loaded applications, back up my files, and then reload all applications and files, etc. And each time it has been returned from the service center, I have had to completely go through various Windows settings, including upgrading Windows each time with many updates (versus getting a Windows version installed with all of the latest updates).

Things that have been replaced on this unit are the Main Board, the Battery, the Raw Panel, the SSD, and Cables.

I have spent almost 10 hours on the phone or on chat with HP service representatives, and in excess of 20 hours on my own troubleshooting problems, reloading applications, etc. HP can see additional details under Case IDs [protected] and [protected].

Needless to say, I am very unhappy with HP. I have previously purchased laptops and printers from HP, mostly for myself but sometimes for others. With this experience, I can no longer purchase HP products for myself or others.

Desired outcome: I believe I should receive some sort of credit/compensation from HP for the loss of my unit for almost 3 weeks and in excess of 30 hours of my own time.

Hewlett-Packard / HP - HP 5000 paperjam-envy printer

But first, how HP by-passes China traffics for printers After former President Trump slapped Chinese imports with hefty traffics, HP worked with the Chinese manufacturers of its printers and...

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Sep 09, 2021

Hewlett-Packard / HP - 18 month old Laptop falling apart along lid/keyboard hinge

HP Notebook-17-by2500na. Serial Number: 5CG00235QK, Product Number: 8UQ00EA#ABU. Intel Core i3 1TB HDD Silver. Purchase Date: 4th March 2020. Cost: £529. It is now out of warranty. I have purchased HP laptops for many years. The above laptop is only 18 months old and has always been handled with great care. I am 76 years old. It has never left my home. I am its only user. It has only been used either on a table / desk or my lap. It has never been handled roughly or dropped or ever suffered even the slightest physical trauma. I have not had any problem with it but recently as I was opening / closing the lid I could hear a "clicking" sound emanating from the silver "hinge" which runs across the bottom of the screen. Within a short space of time I noticed that the bottom of the screen on the right hand side of the "hinge" was coming away from the body and slight dropped at that end. The black plastic "frame" around the screen was also coming away from the screen surround. I tried to gently push the bottom of the screen back in place but there appears to be numerous plastic connectors/teeth so I could not push the bottom of the screen back into place. So, I have purchased ANOTHER similar 17" HP Laptop only to find that it too has the very same "hinge" running along the bottom of the screen connecting the screen and the keyboard. I am now very worried about this. It may be a design fault. However, I cannot afford well over £500 for new HP Laptops every 18 months due to this assumed weakness in its construction. I just want the problem resolved as cheaply as possible. Really hope you can help me. Mr Ashton Email: [protected]@aol.com

Desired outcome: The "fault" addressed and repaired as cheaply as possible (sorry I am a pensioner)

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