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CB Computer Hardware HP hp envy printer and forced usage of instant ink

HP review: hp envy printer and forced usage of instant ink

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I bought an hp envy printer not realizing that instaink was a program that basically controls your printer and when you dont refill your ink when hp wants u too they then freeze your printing abilities. I was not told about being able to use different ink when I purchased this printer nor did hp make that option known but they did force feed me all hp insta ink prompts and made it the only option that I was aware of at that time. I now have a frozen printer that they want money from me to unfreeze. I just found out about the lawsuit in regards to this exact type of situation. Im beyond upset. I calkkled customer support and they would only help me if I had money to pay them. I am a student, and I am disabled and I didnt have money for food this month and they expect me to pay to print from my printer. This is beyond disgusting and I am appauled by the nerve these people have. I challenge hp to do the right thing but I doubt that they will. Taking advantage of people this way is horrible and I want to know hoe they get away with this disgusting behavior. I will never ever support hp or any of their products ever again. Any company that is willing to take from the poor in this mannor should be slapped with multiple lawsuits and fined.

Claimed loss: 200.00

Desired outcome: 200.00 so i can either get a different printer

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