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The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
CompUSAcan not deliver to hotell

I am in US for a couple of weeks due to a buisness trip and found some electrical stuff at compusa that I would like to buy.

1. Tried ordering it with my swedish VISA and it allowed me to tick in the box for the visa but not enter any card nr, every time i tried to pushed "send order" it sait "item missing - please fill in"...did it a couple of times...
then tried paypal and selected send order hoping i would get to my paypal but noooo...samt thing...also tried to click paypal in another menu and then it actually did open up my paypal but when everyting was accepted I came back to the page saying "payment option missing - please choose" ...then tried master card...same thing. This is a REALLY BAD WEBSITE when it comes to info. so messy and so unclear.
Then I read through all the faq i could find and finally found they only do wire transfers to international customers (even though you are in US obiously). SO SILLY .- WHY NOT GREY OUT THE PAYMENT OPTIONS THAT ARE NOT AVAILABLE? Or give a pop up saying that your country can not by with this method please use...

2. I then asked a US colleague who is living at a hotell (as Í am) and who has an "american paypal + adress" to order it. He very kindly helped me out, but got a call the other day where the personell said - "WE DO NOT DELIVER TO HOTELS"

3. So in the evening we decided to cancel the order from my friends account due to the lousy service. But you COULD NOT since it only shows your order and this phone nr to call, where the sour lady gives no information about where else they could send the equipment that we put an order for. Ok home, I know that, but I need it now where I am at - thats what internet is all about isnt it...no boundaries.

SO compusa is a really crappy net buisness.
I am just waiting for a fraudulent wthdrawal from my friends account (theys say they dont charge until deliver but well see.

If it would have been this hard to order in sweden, the company would have to close due to no customers.
Ok thy are cheap on some stuff, but with this rediculous service they should really close the company.

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    CompUSAI will never spend another cent with compusa

    I purchased an HP Pavilion zx5000 at CompUSA. I also purchased the three-year extended warranty plan. Before purchasing this extended warranty I was very specific regarding my questions as to what was covered under this warranty.

    I was told by two salespeople that the warranty covers screen damage, battery replacement and ANY damage to laptop components. This extended warranty cost $369.99 which was almost half the price of the laptop after rebates.

    To cut to the chase, on September 29, I was setting the laptop from my lap to the couch when my hand inadvertently touched the eject button for my CS ROM drive causing it to eject and strike the couch as I set it down. That damaged the drive carriage. When I returned it to the CompUSA store for service, I was told it had to be sent to HP because it was still under the manufacturer’s warranty the first year, but that I "saved myself a whole lot of money because the part was still under warranty."

    HP determined that the damage was caused by customer abuse and refused to honor the warranty. At first I was told by the service tech the repair would cost $387.00. When I questioned why this wasn’t covered by any warranty I was told "well didn’t you read your contract? Does it say anywhere in the warranty that it’s covered?"

    His immediate combative attitude told me right then this is a common occurrence with their customers. Besides his unprofessional attitude he was obviously used to dealing with people like me who trusted CompUSA salespeople who are either misinformed during training or intentionally lie to boost sales.

    Granted, I should have read the contract regarding the warranty but I erroneously trusted CompUSA to be honest. When I read the clause returned in my email by CompUSA customer service, that clause basically states the warranty can be determined to cover basically nothing.

    When a manager called me back I was told the repair would be $285. I still didn’t agree with that charge either but I needed the laptop back so I authorized the charge. When I picked the laptop up I was charged $402 for the repair and tax. I had to pay it because I needed the laptop for business. As another sign of CompUSA’s unprofessionalism I had to call the store to find out if my laptop was ready because customer service reps are either too busy or too incompetent.

    Now here is the real galling part -- while my laptop was in the shop I started talking with HP reps and was given the following answers: HP charges CompUSA only $229 to replace the drive. I could have purchased the drive or sent it in directly to HP and had it fixed for $299. So, basically you crooks at CompUSA charged me $160 to mail my laptop to HP.

    To add to the insult, HP offers a two-year insurance plan for $250 which would have covered this repair but CompUSA does not reveal this. This was the first of two laptops I purchased from the same CompUSA store but you can bet I will never spend another cent with either HP or CompUSA.

    This whole problem could have been solved if HP had a locking device on the CD ROM drive to prevent it from popping out by accident which would have made this a product malfunction which would have been covered by its warranty. We all know both companies make more money with accessories and virtually worthless warranties than on consoles.

    I am glad both companies are doing so well financially that they can afford to lose customers like me -- who spend several thousand dollars a year with them -- due to deceptive business practices.

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      • Du
        Durkadurka May 08, 2011

        Actually, the sales reps are intentionally misinformed by both management and Banker's Warranty Group (the company that handles these warranties). It's only once they've worked there for a month or two that they realize the warranties are utterly useless. BWG RARELY honors them in my experience as a former manager, but constantly trains sales staff and management on how easy it is to make a warranty claim. Of course, the official corporate posi

        Finally, you didn't pay CompUSA to send the laptop to HP. What you did is much worse. You paid CompUSA to order a refurbished optical drive (one that was broken before and has been repaired) through BlueRaven, whose history is also questionable. You paid over $100 more than the manufacturer would have charged you for a new drive installation.

        For any parts not on the shelf of the store, such as laptop DVD drives and many motherboard replacements, CompUSA charges you 2-3 times MORE for a USED (refurbished) replacement than you could obtain an original part for. How do I know this? I'm a former Tech Shop manager.

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      CompUSAI personally would avoid compusa completely due to their complete disrespect for their customers

      Earlier this year I purchased a PC from CompUSA for $400 with an amazing $200 rebate. After submitting the rebate I heard nothing for months, calling in every couple of weeks.

      Finally they told me the rebate was denied. It turns out the rebate was valid for a specific range of dates, and although I waited until 10 minutes past midnight before I made the purchase, in order to comply with the terms, the purchase was logged under the time zone of the company's headquarters (in Central time).

      I am in EST, and they denied my rebate claim based on that. I called in to try and explain and they assured me it was OK. In fact an employee from one department told me they had put in for the refund.

      It’s been months, and I haven’t seen the rebate. So if you decide to risk it, make sure you get your dates and time zones straight. Don't make the same mistake I did.

      I personally would avoid CompUSA completely due to their complete disrespect for their customers.

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        CompUSAincompetent tech support

        Here is the complaint letter handed to the local CompUSA Store Manager and Tech Manager Jorge Artimez on Dec. 1, 2010CompUSA.

        He said no or credit refund would be made because the people at CA Internet Security Ani-Virus and Anti-Spyware (http://CA.com) and Iyogi (http://www.iyogi.net) were liars when they said that the CompUSA did not remove the virus Thinkpoint, or install CA Antivirus/Antispam properly. He went on to say that both lied when the said the PC cleanup was not done. Jorge went on to say that they lied in order to get my money which is just what he would have done if I had sought his help after being at Best Buy.

        Dear Sir:

        The service record 228478/2 for our computer is attached. It shows the computer was checked in November 22, 2010 at 12:29 pm and released at 17:12 pm. The cost was $162.76 and the following services were supposed to be rendered for the sum of $119.99:



        Neither was done according to help desk for the CA Internet Security Ani-Virus and Anti-Spyware, (hereinafter referred to as CA). We paid $39.99 for CA. I contacted the CA help desk yesterday because CA seemed to be performing very slowly. Although at first reluctant to say so, CA help desk had to admit that the virus removals and cleanup were incomplete, and CA installation was wrong.

        CA help desk recommended that we do not return to CompUSA because of the incompetent work done. Instead it recommended that we find another company to fix the computer.

        After reviewing prices, guarantees and services available, we went with SLCI, a subsidiary of Computer Associates at a cost of $169.99 for one year of 24/7 service. The clincher for us to purchase was that SLCI's 30 day guarantee of proper service at commencement or a full refund.

        We came to CompUSA to have THINKPOINT virus removed from our computer. It sold us the $119.99 package and the CA for $39.99. We object to the first charge and wish a credit of $119.99.

        In order to properly install the CA Internet Security version 7:

        1. the computer needed to be cleaned (optimized with the PC Optimizer that CompUSA sold and installed at the time of purchase);

        2. Other anti-virus/anti-spyware programs needed to be removed from the computer.

        CompUSA technician did not do either of the above.

        CompUSA technician did disable THINKPOINT virus on our computer, but did not do the following tasks or advise us of the necessity of doing same:

        1. Create a Restore point.

        2. Scan the computer for other infections, or parts thereof and remove them.

        3. Delete the Temporary Files.

        4. Perform a Disk Cleanup.

        5. Optimize the Internet Explorer.

        6. Check to see that if CA is Working fine

        We want CompUSA to issue a credit of $119.99.

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          • Iy
            iYogi Jan 11, 2011

            Dear Bilbo,

            You have mentioned iYogi as one of the companies that you've had trouble in dealing with as a part of the complaint against CompUSA.

            iYogi takes customer feedback very seriously as we endeavor to improve our services with every interaction. May I please request you to elaborate on the problem you faced specifically with iYogi, the date of the incident, your full name or subscriber ID.

            This will allow us to investigate the problem further, frovide feedback and possibly offer a resolution to you for any technical problem that you may be facing.

            if you'd like to reach out to iYogi deirectly please write in to [email protected]


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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Comp USAsecurity system scam

          Horrible service and lack of knowledge of the products they are selling

          I am a law student studying for the bar. My computer went down due to malware. I purchased this computer less than 6 months ago, brand new from comp usa. They were friendly until I had problems!!

          They emphasized how I should purchase ca security systems to protect my computer. I did. Then when I had the malware issue I called the help desk of ca security systems to ask for assistance in understanding the malware issue. They in turn told me that they could not help and that I needed to pay $139.99 for an upgrade - it was not an upgrade but another company called iyodi. Did not know that they were transferring me to a completely different company along with my credit card information.

          After 4 hours on the phone, 1/2 hour after this my computer completely crashed.

          I called the manager at compusa. He told me that to his knowledge that this company was not part of ca security systems. I then panicked due to credit card information and their access to my pc. Please note they should know this, they walk around with ca security shirts on - all employees.

          Bottom line - my computer has been in repair for over 4 days (law student without access to files), they have worked to get my money back but I had to call at least 10 times, I will never trust this computer for banking, etc because this software did not protect my computer.in my opinion I am stuck with a worthless computer that if it needs further repair will take at least a week to fix.

          Manager went from being a great guy to buy from, horrible at handling and responding to complaints.

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            • Ma
              Martina Sep 19, 2009

              I bought a Sony Vio from Comp USA in Modesto 2 years ago this November. They talked me into buying the extended waranty. The sales man told me it covered all parts. Then the down arrow key fell off the key board and I was told that was not covered. Next in February of 2007 the computer would not power up. I took it to the Comp USA store and they said it was the hard drive and they would fix it. One week later they called me and said the store was closing my computer was not repaired come and get it and to call [protected] to have a box sent to me to send in my computer. I did so and the box was supposed to be sent but it was not three weeks later I finally got some one to send me a box. I sent in my computer and they changed a chip and sent it back. About two weeks later my computer quit working again. This has gone on four times now and my waranty says that after three times I am to get a new computer, but these guys are slick this time they are telling me that my computer has liquid damage even though I did not spill anything on it and they won't fix it or replace it. Comp USA does not stand behind their waranty and they will do anything to get out of it.

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            • Mi
              Michael Rios Jul 29, 2008
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              COMP USA IS STATING THAT IF YOU PURCHASE A DOWNLOAD THAT THERE IS NO MONEY BACK GARANTEE.PRODUCT is REGCURE.THERE IS A SIMILAR COMPLAINT ABOUT THIS PRODUCT THE RUIN THIS LADY COMPUTER AND TRYING TO GET A REFUND IS VIRTUALY IMPOSSIBLE. this is unfair trying to fix your computer while this seller want you to purchase it and after you purchase it, is a big risk and no money back along with a possible broken computer should be loooked into .

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            • Ka
              Karen O'Brien Aug 24, 2007
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              I brought my computer in to be checked after I deleted a virus protection program. I could access all my files and the computer ran, however, it was getting hung up with Verizon's fire wall and it was annoying. I paid to have everything backed up and have them then check it. Of course, I could have driven home and done the backup myself. The service guy said, "no problem, we can put everything on CD's and make it real easy for you." They thought that the operating system might need to be re-installed. I asked that if there were any problems to call me. (My uncle lives out of state but is a computer wizard and I would ship the computer to him.) They said that they would call me if there was any problem. "We would never delete anything without talking to a customer." They also said 1 to 3 days. On the 3rd day, I called to check on the status. Although they told me that it was still being worked on, it appears that it was not even started until day 4. I called them every day - EVERY DAY - to check on the progress. Each day I was told the info was being backed up, to call back the next day. On day 7 I was told that the info was backed up and they were going to re-install the operating system. On day 8 they said they didn't finish. On day 9 they said that they had no back up info and that everything was wiped out with the re-installation of the operating system. Basically, "we knew we should have called, but we didn't" - no one cared. I won't even go into how much personal info, tax info, work info and all the pictures of three grandsons from birth to 7 years old were on the computer!!!!!!! On day 9 I went in - no manager to talk to - blank stares on the tech's faces . . . . on day 10 I went in to talk to a manager. So - they said, if you can leave the computer one more day, we will try to recover some files. Two days later no files. Think twice before you bring anything to them. While I was there two other customers were complaining about services that were not satisfactory as well. CONSUMER BEWARE!!!! It appears that those people working there really don't know what they are doing.

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            • Ho
              Howard R. Green Aug 16, 2007
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              This will be the second COMP USA parking complaint. We shop quite a bit at COMP USA. Over the years I have easily spent $10,000 or more at that store. Their parking sign says the parking is reserved for customers. Since we've spent thousands of dollars there and have business accounts there, I think we qualify as customers.

              So after shopping at comp USA in a company vehicle, my wife crossed the street to restaurant row and when she returned her car was gone. The comp usa staff claimed they did not have the car towed; the towing company claimed comp usa asked for it to be towed, both blamed the police for ordering that the car be towed. When we went to pick up the car in waipahu they charged us for a day of storage even though we picked up the car in a couple of hours; moreover, they required us to sign a form that said there was no damage to the car before they would let us see the car. And yes. They were rude.

              In our case, of course, COMP USA has lost several thousand dollars a year of business. But no one should go to the classes offered at comp usa and park there. If you go out to lunch you'll have tto go get your car in Waipahu.

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            • Nj
              njg May 25, 2007

              I purchased a computer from Comp USA in Waco, TX, on April 26, 2004. My business at that time was photo restorations and the young man recommended this particular computer. I also bought a three-year extended warranty (Gold-3 Year Comprehensive Plan)which was recommended and was told that if anything ever happened to the computer and they couldn't fix it I would be given a new computer. The extended warranty cost $369.99.

              I've been very pleased with the computer until last month. When I returned after lunch one day I could not get anything on the monitor. I tried to restart the computer but after turning it off it would not come on again. On April 23, 2007, just four days before the warranty would have run out I called the 800-number and asked for service. The Comp USA store here closed shortly after I bought the computer so they sent out a private technician to check the computer. He said it needed a new power supply and ordered one. Several days later it came in and the tech came out and installed it. The computer would start then but nothing showed up on the monitor. After spending time on the phone with Comp USA he ordered a new mother board. When it came in he came out and installed it. The computer still didn't work. He sent it to Comp USA in Austin.

              I didn't hear anything for some time so called the 800-number again. They gave me the name of the person over the repair department. I called and he said they had just ordered a new processor and hopefully the computer would be ready in about a week. I didn't hear anything. Today, May 25, 2007, six weeks after the first call, I called him and he said that the mother board was bad so they ordered a new one this morning. I told him the mother board had already been replaced. He just said it needed a new one. I asked how long this would go on before they just gave me a new computer. All he said was the tech said it needed a mother board.

              I called the Comp USA 800-number again to complain. They gave me the number for filing a complaint. I called it and was told that a part had to be replaced 3 times before a recommendation for a replacement would be given. She said it could be taken in ten to twenty times, figuratively speaking, before that would happen. I guess that means that since they obviously don't know what's wrong then every part in the computer will have to be replaced three times, but they only order one part at a time which takes about a week to come in and be installed then when it doesn't work they order another which takes a week to come in and on and on. I told the lady that this could go on for months and she said that it could. She said the only thing I could do was call the store manager and ask him to rush the job. She gave me the number. I called several hours ago and still have not heard from him.

              The lady I talked to on the complaint line said that in my warranty book it stated that this was the way it worked. I looked at the warranty book and finally found in extremely small, very light gray print at the bottom of the page it says, "If a covered component fails three times, covered product will be replaced . A nominal fee may apply." Even if I had read that at the time of purchase I would not have dreamed that little phrase could be blown into what is going on at this time. I wish there was some way to warn everybody never to waste their money on a Comp USA extended warranty. I will go farther though. I will never shop at a Comp USA store again. And if I am ever tempted to buy an extended warranty somewhere else I will first ask a lot of hypothetical questions about it.

              I have retired now from the photo restoration business, but if I were still in the business, being without a computer for this long would have put me out of business.

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            The complaint has been investigated and
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            Before I tell my story, here's a litlte background information on myself:

            I've been building computers since I was 11 years old. I've completed my bachelor's education at a 4 year university majoring in computer science. I not only have years of real world computer repairing experience but the technical education to back it.

            I went here to buy a computer (for my uncle) and was asked nicely by the sales guy to purchase a 30 dollar "protection agreement". I kindly rejected it because I didn't think we needed it. We went home and installed MSN messenger from MSN's site. Immediately after installing MSN, the webcam stopped working. We went online and googled it, we saw some other users having the same problem so I assumed it was a common problem. Since it was a new computer I figured it wouldnt be a problem if we just went and got an exchange--- WRONG.

            Here's where the problem began. The techs asked us to come to the back room where they ran a "scan software" and found 200 infections. This is impossible because the only site that was visited was MSN. The manager and his team went on and on about how I should've bought their protection plan. They kept trying to push us into buying their protection plan... about 8 times. I stopped listening to them talk about 2 minutes into their sales pitch that wrong on for about 20 minutes. My uncle went on to reveal that I was a computer expert but the manager then immediately goes to say "Im sure he's good, but she's (one of his techs) the best. He obviously couldn't fix THIS problem". I was offended but didnt want to argue with an idiot who was talking out of his *** for 20 minutes about buying some protection plan thing was going to help my computer be completely spyware free forever. Finally, when they were done doing their sales pitch-- we asked for our money back because the way they were treating us. The manager refused to give us our money back because there was "nothing wrong with the computer". He JUST went on for 20 minutes how it had 200 infections, a virus preventing the web camera to work, ect ect and that means NOTHING is wrong to him-- that further reinforced my thoughts about his intelligence. He offered a store credit or 15% restocking fee. I remained cool and took the store credit and went on piecing together my own custom computer-- what I should've done from the start. The computer worked flawlessly... I even went on a few high risk sites and had no problems without any protection software. I scanned it with lavasoft, avast antivirus, and spybot... well known software.


            - low selection of computers and brands

            - overpriced

            - terrible return policy

            - manager who does not understand the importance of a repeated customer.

            - nice salemans though

            How do I know compUSA didnt install the spywares themselves? I didn't run enough tests to know for sure but I don't care about that. Maybe one day I'll buy a computer there and run it against a custom computer of my own side by side mirroring every action and see which computer gets infected first. Maybe a class action lawsuit coming in their near future.

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              • Gu
                GurlTech Jul 21, 2010

                Well that sucks you had sh*tty experience with CompUSA. I am a tech that works for one of their many stores and I for one know we do no just go on to customers computers and install viruses, but I don't speak for every technician that works for compusa either.

                Going through your bottom lines, I'll give you the information as if I was talking about my own store.

                Low Selection? We have most of all the top brands. HP, Gateway, IBM, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Msi, Compaq

                Over Priced-wow I just can't agree. Try comparing our prices to best buy! All I hear when customers come in is how good our prices are. They talk on and on about how the Old CompUSA prices were terrible but how the NEW compusa is so much better.

                Terrible Return Policy- eh that can be 50/50. Some customers for whatever reason do not seem to experience problems till after 15 days. From my experience the customers who first purchase the comptuers and really have a problem are back with in 2 days. People who waiter longer than 15 or even 30 days, I just cant deal with most of them. If they had a computer problem when they first bought it why didnt they bring it back as soon as possible??? If it didnt start till after, most of the time is customer induced. But there are the few that do actually have a hardware issue and normally we try our best to help them out if we can exchange it.

                manager that does not understand of a repeated customer-I honestly was thinking about this the other day. Take the idea of a small product. You go to the grocery store all the time. You are a repeated customer!! You do not get sh*t free because you come back alllll the time. Do you want a cookie because you are a normal consumer and you want someone to hold your hand because you spend money like everyone else. Thats not how business works. ----now granted we do give customers a break everyone once in a while, we try to help them out (not sure about the store you went to) but depending on what it is, we cant break all the rules. The manager is still an employee of compusa and can not make rules. He follows them.

                I am honestly happy you had a nice salesman. Sometimes it can be hard for salesman to relate to customers and their needs and being to feel like the salesman is your friend rather than a leech is great.

                Last part about the tech issues, can't help you there if there is a problem with their techs. All i know (not saying this pertains to you) but I have had many customers say Oh i only went to this site or I only went here. When in reality they did go to a well known security risk and did get a virus. All networking websites, coupons, free anything sites, game sites-all can hurt you. And it is also possible you had multiple adaware and cookies and didnt have a harmful virus at all, but scanners will scan them and they will consider them an infection.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Comp USA/TAP Insurance — not honouring 3 year tap plan

              Purchased my desktop PC in Nov 07 along with the 3 year gold TAP insurance.. just recently our pc was acting...

              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              CompUSA — fraud and cheating

              I bought a 57' Mitsubishi DLP projection TV on Nov 2006 and paid an extra $339.99 for the extended...

              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              CompUSAunauthorized billing

              I have a iPod Touch that I purchased at CompUSA (Clearwater, FL)the last week of November in 2007. When I purchased the unit I begrudgingly let the salesperson talk me into buying a 2 year in store 'no questions asked' replacement warranty for $69.99. Over the course of the first year I had a lot of issues with the unit locking up, not holding a wifi connection and then right before the purchase anniversary the battery stopped holding a charge and would die within a half hour of an overnight charge. So I called the store and told Paul (at the store) my situation including the date of purchase and he told me to bring the iTouch in and they would replace it. I asked him to confirm they had the unit in stock because it was a long drive and he said they did.

              So I made the 90+ minute drive to the CompUSA store in Clearwater, FL and upon arriving was told by a rep that they wouldn't honor the warranty. I told him I drove over 90 minutes and asked to speak to the manager. Jay Kurth (the store manager) came out of his office and started to tell me that I had to contact an insurance company to get service on the unit. I told him that I paid 70 dollars for an in-store replacement program and had called to ensure replacement before driving 90 minutes to get there.

              He told me that I bought the warranty from 'the Old CompUSA' and that the 'New CompUSA' was a different company. The last time I checked, when a company purchases another company they assume all liabilities. When I told him I wasn't leaving until he did something for me he threatened to call the police. I called him ### and told him to go ahead so that I could let the police know how CompUSA stole from me. He never did call the police, so I am now going to contact the local TV and radio consumer advocates and the Better Business Bureau.

              Their actions should be criminal and I am blown away how poorly CompUSA treats customers. When I looked through other complaints I saw a consistent history of both the 'old' and 'new CompUSA' ripping people off. I will never buy an extended warranty again. Why doesn't our government protect us from companies like this?

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                • Ro
                  rouschkateer Mar 21, 2011
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  And did you go up there with a copy of the service agreement? No? What a surprise.

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                CompUSA — bait and switch

                I went to comp usa today sunday 2/15/09 approx 11 am to buy a sceptre 32 ' ' lcd hdtv #s197-3214 for $399.99...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                CompUSA — unauthorized charges

                I ordered regcure from paretologic you know that windows cleaner that is supposedly free and it scans you...

                CompUSAfailure to follow there own return policies

                I returned a video card after noticing it was defective, three days after purchase and was told that they needed to call there General manager to return the product... cause it was worth more then $400.00.. After testing the product and also making me wait 45 minutes. After which they said that the store general manager said not to take it back cause he would loose money. I then said they had a return policy and that they should follow it. At that time the Tech manager was very rude and raised his voice saying "I don't have the time for this and that you can take this product and do with it what you will !" Turning around even before I said that they need to honor there return policy. At which time a business sales manager hear the conversation and decided to get involved. He said he could give me store credit and that's all he could do. So deciding that I was getting no where with this and that I still need to return the product I told him I would like a full refund and that I would never buy another product from them or feel that I had to spend money already spent in the store. The return policy states they would charge a restock fee of 15% on the product. But not that they would keep my total purchase and give me store credit. I would of decide on exchanging the product for another but at the time I felt why would I do business with some one that has no consumer honor to follow what they put in writing.

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                  CompUSAanother parking story

                  Yes, I was in the wrong... technically. I parked at compusa, Ala Moana Blvd. We were picking up my wife's permanent visa after waiting almost one year. To celebrate, we were going into compusa to purchase a new flat panel tv. When I got back, I found my car gone and a HPD police officer who had been called in specifically to explain to me why my car was towed. He discouraged me to enter the store as well and told me to just call the towing company. I am not making this s... up. I guess he thought I might go "postal" on someone's a... Not really. I did want to go in and just let them know they lost a huge sale and that I would never return to shop there and that I will make it an avocation to discourage all my friends, relatives, co workers and, anyone else who will listen to my story. It cost me $275 after cab ride and tow charge. That hurts. I am going to do my best to hurt back where it counts... in their bottom line.

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    CompUSA - Bakersfield, CAhorrible customer treatment!

                    CompUSA - Bakersfield, CA

                    Dropped my laptop off to be repaired in june, under my compusa tap agreement. Its now been 3 months. They can't fix it and keep sending it back broken. They authorized, then unauthorized a partial credit, so now its sitting around collecting dust. The scam goes like this:

                    "if" they make a repair, they won't tell you what they repaired, so when the computer has the same exact problem again, like this on has, they can claim the same problem was caused by a different part. They do this to avoid the lemon law issue for repeated repairs.

                    So i complain at the store and the manager at the time gabriel garcia says i will receive a partial refund, and he will let me know the amount in 3 days. 3 days, nothing. 5 days nothing. I visit the store, he has been fired, according to nathan mathhews for incompetence, and the store will not honor his agreement.

                    Spoke to the store manager, nathan mathhews. After driving out an hour to see him, he sent me away for 1.5 hours while he decided what to do. When i came back, his solution was to sell me a new laptop for over 2000 dollars, and give me "employee discount" as a favor. When i complained, he said "the offer is off the table, now you get nothing."

                    I asked why tech never answers the phone or returns e-mails or phone calls and why i have to drive out an hour each way to talk to someone and he says its beyond his control they are too busy. Meanwhile its been 3 months and i have yet to get one single call from the store.

                    I ask him where my laptop is and he says in the back room, not being worked on, not being shipped, just sitting there. I ask him why, he says that things like this happened and things fall through the cracks. There is no accountability.

                    So i call corporate customer service to complain. I have been at this process for 1 month now, not a single return call. I spoke to dee then anton and they both assured me that each complaint has a guaranteed 72 hour window where i will get some type of resolution and some type of call. If i don't, just call back and they will ramp this up.

                    So, 72 hours, no call, i call back. File another complaint, then have to wait 72 hours. No response, and i do it again and a 4th time. No response. I ask for a manager, this is ms anderson, who never answers the phone. So i leave voice mail. Over and over. Never a single call back. Meanwhile, corporate customer service is over an hour each time, and here are the results you get after an hour of hold and musak time.

                    * complete hang up, no response

                    * pick up the phone, breathe into it, move papers around, don't respond then hang up

                    * giggle and hang up

                    * answer the phone and start the hold process all over again!!!

                    * when you do finally get someone they promise the old 72 hour fix, which never happens.

                    So i call regional manager. Mr. Ireland. Call 2x per day, leave messages because he never answers the phone. Not a single response. No one home. I contact online chat, and they tell me its not their department and they will forward to the same people that i am trying to post the complaint about.

                    This is a terrible situation, i have been with compusa since 1987 as a customer, and this is a horrible way to be treated.

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                      Comp USA - Melbourne, FLwarranties misrepresentation

                      We purchased a Compaq Presario laptop pc from Comp USA at 2400 W. Newhaven Ave. Melbourne, Fl. 32904 on 1-17-05. At the time of purchase we also decided to purchase a 2 year extended warranty. I asked the sale associate at that time if the two year extended warranty started after the one year manufacturers warranty expired, and was told yes. So I clarified and said ' so, if I buy the extra 2 year warranty then it will be covered for a total of 3 years, correct?' To which I was told yes, that is correct.

                      Needless to say the pc started having problems a week ago, and I called today 8-1-07 to get it serviced and much to my surprise was told, the warranty was expired. I was told the reason for this was that the 2 year extended warranty started the day we purchased the pc. Now, if the manufacturer warranty covered the pc for the first year, why would I spend $250 dollars for a 2 year extended warranty that was only good for an additional 1-year. Basically, I spent $250 for a 1 year extended warranty. I called Public Relations for COMP USA and was rudely told that I had a two year extended warranty that ran for one year after the manufacturer's warranty had expired. We discussed it again to make sure I was understanding their reasoning 'which made no sense!', and I told her I was going to seek legal advice, She advised me to get an attorney then. I asked to speak to her supervisor, to which she told me, 'I am in a supervisory position.' I told her' mam, everyone has a supervisor, she said she would connect me, and then I was switched to someone's voicemail. CLICK! GEE some public relations office.

                      This is false advertising to tell someone that something will be covered a total of 3 years (1-yr manuf, and 2-yr. extended) and then 2 years later 'sorry your warranty has expired!'

                      I spent 1429.99 plus tax for a laptop computer and 2-year extended warranty for my handicapped daughter ,and now she has nothing! Please stop the misrepresentations on warranties and make COMP USA stand behind their warranty program.

                      Sincerely, Mrs. Wells

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                        CompUSA TAP Programdo not honor tap

                        COMPUSA Store #793 604 Ala Moana Boulevard Honolulu, HI 96813. On July 9, 2005 I purchased an HP Lance Armstrong laptop computer for my daughter attending law school at the University of Hawaii. The salesman suggested I purchase the 3 year TAP program for an additional $369.99, which I did at the time. On August 7, 2005 the laptop failed and it was replaced by COMPUSA with another same laptop. When I picked up the laptop I specifically asked if this will be a problem with the TAP program because it is a different serial number. The repair dept. said it should carry over. On May 19, 2007, school is on break so my daughter took the laptop in for repair. The optic drive in the DVD player skipped and a USB port works sporadically. A problem arose because the serial number did not match my receipt. They claimed they had no record of a new laptop being issued. Funny a computer company keeps such poor records in their computer. They seemed to blame me for not providing the paperwork and insisted I must have it somewhere or I couldn't have walked out with the replaced laptop. Luckily I found the paperwork with the new serial number and provided this paperwork. I receive a call on June 1, 2007 saying the laptop was sent out on May 30, 2007 and it should be ready in ten days. On June 11, 2007, Mike from the repair dept. said he has bad news that the laptop was not sent out due to a discrepancy in the serial number. He admitted it was a foul up on their part. They have to receive some kind of "OK" from whatever company they send it out to before sending the laptop. This is most frustrating. I don't see why they are making such a big thing over the serial numbers. It's not like I stole the computer. I have been a long time customer with COMPUSA with a charge account. Mike apologized and claimed they will expedite the repair and he will call me back to notify me when they send out the laptop. Today is June 20, 2007, and I have not heard a word. I think they don't want to honor the TAP, although they were so "hardsell" on it when I first purchased the laptop. This is my first time dealing with their TAP and it seems they really do not want to honor this and try to find any excuse not to honor it. If I didn't find my paperwork for the replacement, it would have been an even worse situation. If the repair never gets done I should demand a refund on my TAP purchase.

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                          • Ju
                            Juan Jul 01, 2008
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            Serial numbers matter. They identify the computer. The serial number allows the company to know that the customer is not trying to get a computer serviced that is not under warranty. Your issue acually began at the time of the exchange. They should have properly documented the exchange. TAP warranty contracts are being honored left and right. I know for a fact.

                            Do you have a status on your computer now?

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                          CompUSAlaptop extended warranty

                          I purchased a 2005 HP Lance Armstrong edition laptop with a three year extended warranty (TAP) for an additional $369.99. They recommended the TAP because should anything happen it will be covered through COMPUSA. One month after the purchase the laptop had to be replaced by another laptop due to problems with the original laptop purchased. When I picked up the second laptop I specifically asked the technician if this will be a problem with the TAP extended warranty and he said it should carry over. On May 19, 2007, since school is on break, my daughter decided to turn in the computer for repair because the optic drive skips in the DVD player and the USB works sporadically. Two days later I received a call saying that the serial numbers do not match the receipt that I provided for the repair. This was due to the laptop replacement which they did not note in their system. It's odd that a computer company does not keep good COMPUTER records. They asked if I had the paper showing the exchange because they had no record. Is this an accusation that I stole the laptop? I found the replacement papers which noted the new serial number and dropped it off at COMPUSA. On June 1, 2007 I received a call that the laptop was sent out on May 30, 2007 and it should be ready in 10 days. On June 12, 2007 I received a message that the laptop was not sent out for repair because the serial number did not match and the company that does their repair would not repair the laptop. I called them to find out "what is going on?" I thought this was resolved. Mike said due to an oversight on their part the laptop did not go out and they are supposed to receive approval from the repair company before sending out the laptop for repair. I asked him if he received the paper showing the exchange and he replied he did. I guess he forgot to provide this paper when requesting repair. I feel like they are "jerking" me around and they really do not wish to honor the extended warranty. He promised that he will expedite the repair, but I'm not holding my breath. It is obvious that they do not keep any records of purchases or even the extended warranties. So everyone make sure you keep every receipt and records of all transactions. They do not even update their service website which they recommend consumers to check for their status on repairs. I'm not so sure I would make another purchase from COMPUSA after this along with their extended warranty.

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                            • Bf
                              bfremming Nov 18, 2008

                              Continued extended warranty problems with laptops. The story now that CompUSA has closed... Recently, my AC adapter died. I still have my warranty which should not expire until 1/6/2009. However, it seems that the repair network that has taken over for the now-defunct CompUSA is not legitimate. They have no record of previous purchases, and you have to fax them your old receipt. They do not have a physical address to send it to, so they are a a slightly clandestine organization. Anyway, I have thus faxed the documents 3 times. Once after they gave me a the wrong service number. Again after I received the right number, and just today again as apparently they do not update the receipts/documentation in a timely manner. The attendants are not exactly rude, but they appear to be reading "sorry sir" scripts and are so busy talking, they don't hear you trying to express what you have already done. Reportedly, it only takes 48 hours to enter you information, but it can take 5-7 days (or for all perpetuity).

                              Today is Monday. I will call them again on Thursday. I am getting the sneaking suspicion they are simply sitting around waiting for the warranty period to die. I don't think they are legitimate and probably took the lowest bid to extend warranty service to now bereft buyers.

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                            The complaint has been investigated and
                            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                            CompUSA - Ala Moana Blvd. Honolulu, HI — aggressive bad neighbor towing practices!

                            Comp usa 640 ala moana blvd. Honolulu, hi 96813 Manager ken elton; div. Manager louie santos Please boycott...

                            CompUSAan experience that I hope no other individual must endure

                            Complaint Letter to CompUSA

                            Dear Mr. Weiss:

                            Although I realize you will not personally read this letter and I also realize that I am a small one person business and cannot significantly impact on CompUSA, I do feel that I am right and have to voice my opinions/concerns to you.

                            In August 2004 I purchased an HP computer from your Manchester CT store. The reason I purchased from CompUSA was because of the (supposedly) great warranty that was offered. Guaranteed not to be down for more than 48 hours!!! I purchase computers approximately every three (3) years and hand down my old computers to my children and grandchildren.

                            Well recently I had the opportunity to have to utilize my TAP warranty and have found it to be the absolute worst warranty I have ever had the misfortune of using. All of my previous computers were purchased at Staples with their protection policy which was far superior to your TAP program.

                            Specifically on page 5 of the TAP handbook under the heading 'Component Replacement Guarantee' it clearly states and I quote "if any individual component within your desktop computer (CPU), monitor or printer must be repaired three (3) times during the term of your Plan, this Plan will replace your covered desktop computer (CPU), monitor or printer with one of equal or similar features, specifications, and functionality." You apparently have fine print that is not covered in the TAP Handbook. Everyone I have spoken to and shown the TAP Handbook to agrees with me that there was an attempted repair of the same malfunction 3 times. Let me explain.

                            On June 20, 2006 on work order number 214215 a technician was dispatched to my residence to replace a motherboard due to the non-functioning of the Ethernet connection. When the technician entered my home I was using the computer to do my company books. I asked the tech if I needed to back up my computer and he stated ‘no’ replacing the motherboard will not affect your hard drive. After he took out the motherboard from my computer he stated that the motherboard that was sent was the wrong one. He said he would reconnect my old motherboard so I could use it for my books while awaiting shipment of a replacement motherboard. When he tried to reboot the computer it would not post. At that point the stated that sometimes when you remove a part it could make it completely inoperable. I accepted this and would wait for an overnight shipment of a new motherboard. He also left me his cell phone number to call when the part arrived and said he would come install it as he only lived a few miles from me.

                            The part arrived on Thursday June 22 and I did call him and he never returned my call. On Friday June 23 I called TAP and they set up an appointment for Monday June 26 and a different tech was dispatched to replace the mother board. This was done on work order 218705.

                            After installing the motherboard, the computer still would not reboot/post. The technician determined it was a defective board from the factory and would order another replacement board.

                            The third board arrived on Wednesday, June 28 and that evening the second technician came to replace it on work order number 221091 (wo#’s 214215, 218705 and 221091 looks like three documented attempts to me). After matching the motherboards it was very obvious (even to me who is not a computer technician) that it was definitely the wrong motherboard. On Friday, June 30 another motherboard was received (this makes 4 in all) but it was the same type as the one that was received on June 28 and I spoke to the technician and told him so and he did not come to replace it as it would have been a wasted trip.

                            I was able to speak to Lexy Jones of your corporate headquarters - no help there!

                            Also spoke to Nick Makarenko with even less help from him.

                            Also spoke to Kim Lawrence who was less help that Nick of Lexy.

                            Finally on Monday July 3 after conversations with Lexy I received an email from Nick stating to bring the unit to CompUSA in Manchester CT to ‘facilitate’ it to HP. I did bring the unit to the store on Monday evening July 3 and dealt with a gentleman by the name of Steve who was very professional. At that time I paid $69.95 to have a few items backed up from the hard drive (remember the first tech who said should not be a problem?) as I needed at least my email addresses for business purposes.

                            I returned to CompUSA on Tuesday morning and spoke to a gentleman by the name of Anthony and at that time had brought the motherboard I had received on Friday so that he could determine if it could be used or not (this store is approximately 70 miles round trip). He determined it definitely was the wrong board and at this time I left the store as Anthony had indicated they would ‘facilitate’ it to HP (whatever that means from Mr. Makarenko.

                            Just as a footnote, I received notice of attempted delivery of a fifth motherboard on Thursday, July 6 from FEDEX but refused to sign for it!! Wow 5 different motherboards!!

                            I called the store today to find out the status of repair and was told by Steve who I spoke to on Monday the following:

                            It appeared that a connection that had been made bent a prong or connection pin and that is why the machine would not reboot (guess the first tech messed that up)

                            That a motherboard had been ordered today!!!!! (again this is what Mr. Makarenko considers ‘facilitate’

                            Also indicated it may be next Monday or Tuesday before the new part arrives!!!

                            Since this has all been transpiring, it has been 17 days since I have been able to use my computer and do company business to include but not limited to billing!!! (good way to run a business - can’t have money coming in if you can’t make bills out).

                            This has been an experience that I hope no other individual must endure.

                            This machine according to TAP should have been replaced after 3 attempts at repair failed (not my fault HP kept sending the wrong parts - that is between CompUSA and HP I paid for a contract that was not honored).

                            According to Mr. Makarenko DOA parts do not fall under the TAP replacement program, however, nowhere in the handbook I have does that fine print exists. Maybe you should get Mr. Makarenko a copy of the handbook for his decision making procedure, if he sees in the handbook the fine print the speaks of, then apparently I can’t read.

                            In closing, I realize I may not get a reply to this correspondence, however, I will at every possible occasion inform prospective future patrons of CompUSA that their extended warranty for computers is not worth the paper it is written on.

                            I am sure if you speak to Lexy Jones, Nick Makarenko or Kim Lawrence they will remember my conversations with them.

                            The original request for repair was submitted on 6/11/06 and to date 7/13/06 the matter is still unresolved.

                            Company details:

                            Tony Weiss
                            President and Chief Executive Officer

                            CompUSA, Inc.
                            14951 North Dallas Parkway
                            Dallas, TX 75254

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                              • Ri
                                Richard Apr 07, 2007
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                Sorry Gerald, and I'll follow up on this issue

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                              • Ge
                                Gerald Summit Apr 04, 2007
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                Sub: Ric Padican

                                Me and my wife were shopping for a new laptop for our son, we were approached by this salesman named Ric and he asked us if we needed help. I said yes. And basically I was asking him questions about the laptop. What I am upset about is that the whole 20 minutes that we were talking he was staring at my wife. I was watching his eyes, every time i would ask him a question he would answer to my wife. When he walked away to let us think about it, thats when we rushed out the store. And also he wasn't very knowledgeable, he just kept say "Don't Worry, Buy It, It's Very Good". He wasn't in a red compusa shirt, I really hope he isn't a manager. He had a very wise attitude, We're not very computer savvy and every time we had a question or a doubt about the laptop he would us feel stupid. I love CompUSA and I always shop there. I would still continue to shop there but I can surely say that I will never purchase anything from that unknowledgeable and perverted salesman.

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                              • Ka
                                Kathy Mar 18, 2007
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                We bought a laptop computer and virus protection from Comp USA before Christmas. this cost us right at $1,000.00 When my daughter opened her gift and tried to install the virus protection the computer sounded as if the hard drive was giving out. Another disk did fine. The computer expert we consulted said the virus protection disk was defective. We live 80 miles from this store.

                                We tried to exchange the virus protection today and they would not do it because it had been over 21 days. The store manager was rude and told me he would have to "eat the cost" of the $39.99 virus protection. Can you believe that?

                                We were going to look at another computer also today to buy. Needless to say we will never shop there again. CompUSA is not customer friendly!

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