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CB Computer Hardware HP HP Advisor pushed BIOS update

HP review: HP Advisor pushed BIOS update

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7:10 pm EST
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HP Advisor advised me I needed to update my BIOS. I did so through the advisor program on computer. After update it informed me the security information (login) had been erased and I needed to reset the PIN. Clicked button and only options they give are to send a text message to my home phone that is a landline and doesn't receive texts or to use Microsoft Password. Can not remember Microsoft password (the reason I use PIN to sign in on computer in first place) and again the only option is to either send a text to my landline that wont take text messages or actually tells you from the cant login screen to go to a website and fill out a form. (keep in mind you cant login to computer)

Called HP help line number and was told I am out of warranty and therefore they would need me to pay them to help fix the lock out the HP Advisor pushed BIOS update caused. I fail to see how HP accessing my computer without my permission after warranty and pushing an update that erases my PIN login and then demanding money to unlock it is any different than the scam companies hacking into people and locking their computers doing the same. Was told they would call me back with more information within 24 hours and have yet to receive the call.

Claimed loss: $3200 original computer cost approximately $2,000 in additional programs I can not access anywhere but from my computer that is now locked.

Desired outcome: HP to either send new computer system to me free of charge on the same level as one I purchased and they damaged or send me check to purchase the same including the programs I will lose over this lockout.

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