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CB Computer Hardware HP Faulty pc, terrible customer service

HP review: Faulty pc, terrible customer service

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I purchased an all in one desktop over a month ago. I did not use the PC straight away as I was away and by the time I noticed that the USB ports on the side of the monitor were not functional, it had already passed the 30 day money back rule by a day. I mentioned to every staff member that I spoke to, that the ports on the monitor recognised a device being plugged in but was not able to open it. I was told I could not get a replacement, even though the PC is a month old. I agreed to have it repaired. I took time off from work to be home for the collection and the redelivery. I received a phone call a few days after the PC was with HP to ask what the issue was even though I went through this several times. I once again explained the situation and unfortunately after having the PC redelivered and 'fixed', I was very disappointed to find out that nothing was actually done. I spoke to another staff member about the situation and asked for an email contact to help me get a partial refund. The staff member refused that option and instead wasted over an hour of my time trying to remotely fix it. He said the BIOS recovery was corrupted and that I should try live lens. We were unable to try the live lens because I had to leave for work, I said I would contact someone today. I've sent another message this morning to sort it out with no response. It is very disappointing to know that a PC that cost a fair amount of money cannot be replaced because it has been 30 days since I purchased it when I had no fault in it being faulty. I did not notice the fault initially because I use the PC for creative work and did not need to initially use the slots.

Desired outcome: Partial refund, I don't want another failed repair.

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