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Lack of service

On Saturday, 2017/03/05, my nieces and daughter booked early and went for the 22:00 movie, Logan. Before going in, the 3 of them ordered popcorn, drinks, sweets and chocolate, paid, and went in the cinema. They were not served their purchases, even until the movie was over. They went to the booth after the movie, but no one was there to complain.
They are 3 young girls, out to celebrate one of their birthdays, but they were very disappointed, and "robbed" as they had paid for a service that they did not get. They only told us of this when they come home on SundAy afternoon. Please investigate this lack of service.
Thank you

Unauthorized charged on credit card

I ordered some wrinkle cream in May. When the shipment came in the mail I returned it straight away at post office never has the product left the post office. Thought nothing of it then on my credit card within. Month had 623 dollars worth of charges for diet pills and creams and even products for burn victims. Creams to lighten my skin. I'm a white female weighing 103 pounds and have never been in a fire !!! I called the phone numbers no answer to most the others just stated that I ordered the stuff. When I said I had returned it straight from the post office they never responded. I talked yo my credit card company and cancelled it the products at the post office I took down the item number and transit number. At one point I called three if the numbers on my credit card associated with the purchase. Got a run around. And all times I talked to the exact same person. Screw you JOICE. You are working for a scam company. And would never admit to selling any of the products!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM

Unauthorized charged on credit card


wrongfully charging my visa

These people have been sending me bottles of something I ordered a free sample of. I have sent them back...

Laptop should be repalced

I purchased the Gateway NV77h in February of 2012. That laptop went back for repairs 4 times in 2012 and ha...

Hard Drive Crash

I bought a Gateway NV55S02u on or around December 28th, 2011. It is now less than 2 months (Feb. 24, 2012) later and the hard drive crashed! I am a full-time volunteer for AmeriCorps and use my laptop everyday for work. I work for a non-profit and literally do not have an income. Granted, maybe I should have used an online cloud storage program, but seriously!?! TWO MONTHS!?! Of course, when I send the computer in it will take about 3 weeks for them to fix it, but they don't even TRY to save the data??? They are not responsible for loss of any data, is what I was told... Well, who is? It was not my fault that the hard drive failed. If I want to try to save my data, they said I should go to a local service technician. Their service technicians can't do it? I think part of the warranty should include making an attempt to recover data. I will definitely not be recommending Gateway, ever... As this was my first experience with them and they didn't even try to be helpful.

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emachine is a Bad Computer

I purchased an E Series Desktop machine from Wal-Mart on January 7, 2010. This computer was purchased solely for the use of my two young daughters (3 & 4 years old at the time). They used it on average of 5 to 8 hours per week to play games on websites such as PBS kids and Nick Jr. In addition, they downloaded pictures from their toy cameras and my older daughter occasionally typed on the word processor. The only other use was if we had a guest in our home that needed to check e-mail or use the internet, which probably happened less than 10 times in the year. Last week, the computer refused to boot up. My husband and I tried to fix it; including trying to reformat the hard drive, but nothing seemed to work.
This morning I contacted e-Machines support and was told that the hard drive of my system had gone bad and that I could send it to the depot and they would replace the hard drive for $199 plus shipping. I then called the warranty department to see if they could help me, since the computer was approximately 1 year and 1 month old. I was not expecting it to be repaired for free, but I was hoping that they could work with me on the repair costs. I was told that my only option was to mail it in for $199 plus shipping. I purchased the computer for $398 and after one year I would have to pay 50% of the original cost to fix it. Needless to say, I am quite frustrated and I will never purchase an emachine or Gateway computer again.

  • Tr
    Trvkell Feb 25, 2011

    Well if your Hard drive is truely bad you can buy a new one depending on the size for far less than $199.00, matter of fact you can get a 500Gig at New Egg for $38.99 plus shipp. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007603%20600003274%20600003290&IsNodeId=1&bop=And&Order=PRICE&PageSize=20
    All you would have to know is if it is a SATA or IDE, buy it format the drive and load your operating system from your boot disk that came with the computer or the boot disk you created when you first set it up.
    It sound like they are going to rip you off with that kind of price.
    How did your husband try to format the drive? And with what software? You can download free formating software from the internet and format the drive and make it active so you can load your operating system. http://www.brothersoft.com/hdd-low-level-format-tool-75265.html
    I would bet that your hard-drive is fine and something happend to your MBR, master boot record.

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  • mustsoftware Feb 27, 2011

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horrible apartment complex

This is the worst place i ever lived. The people there are ghetto as ghetto can get. The grounds are full of broken glass and used needles and the people that work there are rude and do not know how to do there job. God forbid something breakes down in your apartment IF they get around to fix it it will be only patch work to get you good for a day they use used parts from vacnt apartments it will take them weeks to fix your heat and air. they instruct thier matienice to do as little as possible to fix whatever is wrong. i know my husband used to work there but he quit he couldnt live with himself knowing that the way they fix your a/c or heat is dangerous and against code!!! and if you work there and quit they only give you 7 days to move out and refuse to pay you what they owe you!!! they still owe my husband 800 dollars !!! warning to all NEVER LIVE THERE unless gang activity is your thing!!! this place is so scary the local pizza places will refuse to deliever there. dont believe me call a pizza place in edmond and ask if they deliever to the complex!!! thats just crazy if you ask me...

  • Ma
    MakaylaB Dec 18, 2012

    This complex has come along way! i used to live here 2 years ago when it was Broadway Village and now im back and they changed the name to Gateway and changed the whole place. Im so glad something was done! Its much better here!

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  • Ta
    tabbyann68 Jun 29, 2014

    I wouldn't recommend this place at all. It looks pretty with all the updates but the use any excuse they can NOT to open the pool. The maintenance people suck but are probably very overworked since they are constantly changing. Everything is just a patch job and not truly fixed. I've had my air break down 3 times and was having to fix some things myself. The bugs are better but initially was over run with VERY large roaches. And then they expect 60 days notice even if your leaselease is up!!!

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Don't ever try to Google Gateway support. I bought a used laptop on EBAY, and I was very pleased with it, until I tried to burn a DL DVD. After numerous tries with different software, downloading firmware updates, et al, the number I Googled for Gateway support got me connected with IYogi, which is just a scam for $169 to "check your software". I had no problem burning DL DVD's on my old system, but Gateway is obviously unavailable (at least here in the U.S.) for any kind of tech support. To make matters worse, they called my phone # back eight times within 10:51:37 pm and 11:13:50 pm and when we answered (the first couple times) there was no answer. F companies that can't have true tech support, and I really want to know if IYogi is a Gateway partner.

  • No
    NONO to Gateway Sep 03, 2009

    Gateway computers are not worth purchase when customer service
    and warranties are so very poor.

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  • Aw
    A. Williams Nov 23, 2010

    I too would like to form a complaint. Because the tech support person led me to believe for two hours while on the phone that my system would be fixed absolutely free. During this time he was supposedly attempting to help me with my system for 1.5 hrs, then he asked me if I had another computer inside my house. He then romotely went onto the desktop and viewed files, and supposedly found infected files or whathave you. Then told me that in order to fix my computer, then he would have to charge me $169. I was ferious, and asked to speak with a supervisor, he didn't resolve the issue, and held me on the phone an additional 30, although I suggested that it was not necessary to repeatedly repeat himself. He then stated that my complaint of them having practiced misleading/deceptive trade was not legitimate, because the tech did try to help me with my computer initially for two hours free of charge, but would now have to charge a fee. 11-22-10

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  • Iy
    iYogi Jan 11, 2011


    Thank you for your valuable feedback. iYogi takes feedback very seriously as we endeavor to improve our services with every interaction.

    iYogi is not affiliated with Gateway in anyway though we provide support for most makes and models of computer manufacturers including Gateway.

    We would like to investigate this incident further and would like the opportunity to resolve any technical issues that may be persisting on yuor computer. May we please request you to provide us your full name or subscription ID and date of the incident?

    If you'd like to reach out to us directly then please write in to [email protected]


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  • Ma
    Margarita32 May 08, 2015

    I ordered a laptop on May 1st, 2015 and I have been waiting for it all week. I went to the website to track my order and I see that there is a note posted to my account that my order was cancelled. I never cancelled my order and the money was taken out of my account. So where is my Laptop?!

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didn't receive my $100.00 rebate check back



I purchased a Gateway MX6956 computer on 11/28/2006 from Best Buy #302 Skokie, ILL. The unit worked without any problems until August 2007 when the Sprint Mobile Broadband PCMCIA card failed to power up. However, the same PCMCIA card as well as the Sprint Mobile Broadband service do work in my Toshiba notebook computer. I worked with Sprint Technical Support and Gateway Technical Support and it was determined that the computer would have to be returned to the Best Buy Store for service. I returned the computer to the store three different times for service. After each time I returned the computer it was out of service for 3-4 weeks, I was then informed that the computer was ready to be picked up and no trouble was found. However each time I returned to the store to pick up my computer I brought the Sprint PCMCIA card with me and had the personnel at Best Buy test the computer with the card, it failed each time. The card will not power up which was verified by the support staff at the Best Buy store . Each time they sent the computer out again for service after verifying that in fact there was a problem. Each time the computer was returned to me, the only service performed was that the operating system was reinstalled.

After receiving no satisfaction from Best Buy I contacted Gateway. The computer has been sent to the Gateway Service Center in LaVergne, Tn seven different times for service of the same problem, PCMCIA card slot will not power up. It is then returned to me as No Trouble Found, No Failure Claim Description Provided, even though I had spoke to Gateway Technical Support on the phone and provided a description of the problem prior to sending the computer in. It was determined by the phone support personnel through their troubleshooting procedures that the computer would have to be returned for service. The telephone support personnel had determined that the mother board would need to be replaced.

It was returned to me after the seventh time for service from Gateway and the computer continued to fail. I called Gateway and spoke to David, Employee GWNR107 and was told there was nothing else they could do to resolve the problem.They do not know what is wrong and cannot repair the computer. It was just my tough luck and I should not bother them anymore. Needless to say I was astonished at the poor quality of service provided by a representative of Gateway and asked to speak to a manager. I was then connected to Tiffany who refused to provide me with an employee ID. The conversation began very pleasantly and I was happy that I was finally going to get this problem resolved. After I had explained what had transpired, the tone of the conversation changed. I was informed that in the four months since I have been attempting to get this computer repaired that the warranty no longer covered the notebook. She told me that I did not have an extended warranty and that there was nothing Gateway was going to do, they are unable to determine what the failure is and I should just forget about the problem and not bother them anymore. End of conversation.

I believe that I have been more than patient in dealing with an arguably incompetent organization, Gateway. I now want a complete refund of the price I had paid in order that I may purchase a new computer of any other brand but Gateway. This was my first Gateway computer and most definitely will be the last. I will be able to provide documentation of the three service tickets from Best Buy and the seven different service tickets from Gateway, as well as sales receipts, upon request. I want to add that I am composing this email on my Toshiba Satellite notebook computer using the Sprint Mobile Broadband service PCMCIA card to connect to the network. The same PCMCIA card and service that will not work on the Gateway computer.

Stay far away from Gateway

I have the Gateway monitor Modal# lp2207. I was gifted it by a friend who tells me it was purchased in December of 2009 from Walmart. When I fired my computer up one morning the little orange or red light on the monitor turned blue and then shut off. It looks as if the monitor is completely off. I have to unplug the monitor from the wall and then plug it back in to get the monitor up and running. You have to unplug it and plug it back in a number of times until it fires up. I told the support guy this in a chat message and he told me it was not a monitor problem. Thing is I hooked it to two other computers and got the same result. He said it was out of warranty, and then said he needed more precise dates of purchase to determine that. So I learned nothing from this chat session with Gateway.


Hello, I have a complaint! sorry to bother you.But, here we go! I bought a laptop last yerar from best buy. Right before my warranty died my hard drive died. I called gateway explained it to them they said my warranty was active. BUT I NEEDED TO SAVE everything on the hardrive or I would loose it.. I said I have no way to do this! well, they replaced the hardrive did saye my drivers... BUT I HAVE NO WINDOWS..AT ALL NONE THIS WILL CAUST ME JUST AS MUCH AS IF I WOULD HAVE HAD SOMEONE TAKE CARE OF IT FOR ME!! WITH NO WARRANTY.. I will never buy a gateway again!! never!!! I work at a newspaper and will tell everyone how bad of service I had...I am not computer smart..thought I woyuld loose my pictures maybe..things like that..had no idea I would loose everything! now I have a computer that is not..in any way back to normal!! thank you GATEWAY...DELLA STANFIELD FRANKLIN NC 28734

Read more: http://www.justanswer.com/tags/computer/Gateway?r=ppc|ov|1|Computer+%2D+Top+Brands|Gateway&JPRC=1&JPKW=gateway%20computer&JPKD=[protected]&JPDC=S.std&JPAD=[protected]&JPRQ=gateway%20computers&JPAF=txt&JPCD=[protected]#ixzz0p31s0kCL

I would never buy another Gateway product nor would I ever recommend that anyone else do so ever

After having a positive experience with the first laptop I bought from Gateway, I bought their top of the line CX 200X convertible tablet PC for about $2, 500 and I paid for the 3 years extended warranty. For the first couple of years, I did have problems and they had to replace the motherboard twice. That was an inconvenience BUT nothing like the latest transactions. They had sold the extended warranty services contracts to some other company. That company is not in bankruptcy and the 3 phone numbers for that company that Gateway customer services still hands out to customers are disconnected.

I would never buy another Gateway product nor would I ever recommend that anyone else do so ever.

Tablet PCs are shipped without a Windows repair disk, and files get corrupted seemingly weekly

I cannot even believe how low the quality control is at Gateway. Tablet PCs are shipped without a Windows repair disk, and files get corrupted seemingly weekly. The tablet pens stop working after about 4 months because they didn't check if the manufacturer used appropriate materials - the steel spring and aluminum battery get so corroded that the pen stops working. My battery won't hold a charge at all anymore, I have to plug it in to use my computer. I don't know what they think quality assurance means, but to me it means never buying another Gateway.

poor customer service/support

bought a new gateway laptop in July 2009 because it was cheaper than an HP/Dell. hard drive has now crashed, found out that i need to ship my computer to Dallas to have repaired. this would take 3 - 4 weeks, as a student this will not work for me. i replaced my hard drive myself, as vista was preloaded, i contacted gateway to obtain a copy of the vista disc. i was told by gateway support that i need to pay up $25.00 to have the disc sent to me however they will pay FEDEX to ship my computer to Dallas and back to Canada, replace the hard drive and re-install Vista all under warranty.
this is dumb, no wonder they will be bankrupt soon. it would cost over $200.00 for them to ship, replace my hard drive.
or send me a disc which i rightfully own at a minimal cost ($5.00)
management needs to pay attention, as this company's credibility is greatly tarnished by a total lack of meaningfull support. because of this i will advise everybody i know, not to buy a gateway laptop just to save a few dollars. you get what you pay for.

  • Sf
    SF67guy Jan 20, 2010

    I used PCs for years. I didn't matter what brand. They were all terrible. Then I bought an Apple. Buddy, it just works. Nothing breaks or crashes. It's amazing.

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Huge mistake

I Purchased a 1, 000 gateway lap top in Dec, of 2007. The computer worked fine until Feb, then it started freezing up and shutting down on it's own, I called into gateway 3 different times asking for help, they would suggest things to try and they even sent me out a battery, they were thinking it was a battery issue, or maybe it was reheating. Finally they told me they apologized for all the problems I had been having and I would have to send it in for repair, I remind you I had only had this computer for 2 months, It had never left my house, and it had it's own home on a new computer desk. They told me this process would only take 10 15 days turnaround time. So I received the box THEY sent me and I mailed it off happy I would soon receive my computer back in working order what a HUGE mistake. Three weeks later I still had not hear a word on my computer, after 4 hours of me calling trying to find out what was going on, I spoke to a Nancy in laverenge TN she said there was nothing the company could do, and that the mother board had MOLD on it and was ruined. WELL let me tell you, that computer did NOT get wet in my care.

This was not acceptable to me, I am a responsible person who is still paying on this 3 month old computer. I called and called and was giving different numbers to call and over a 2 week period talked to 8 different people, and NOT ONE could help me. Then a man TIM, from corporate finally called me back I explained this nightmare to him, thinking surely this man will help me out, He was RUDE, and told me the same response sorry there is nothing we can do, Your motherboard is moldy.

NUMBER one I did not have the computer long enough to grow mold on it. Second I am still paying on a computer that had to get wet in shipping, or was wet when I received it as a christmas present in December 07, and that would explain why it never worked correctly in the first place.

Please Please dont buy from gateway! I have never been treated so disrespectfully in my life...

  • An
    angskyi Dec 30, 2009

    I strongly agree, due to the fact I am right now going through the same problem with my laptop, i bought only 9 months ago and have sent it back 3 times going on my 4th. Any one who would know of a good address to write the company, please post it..

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Terrible company

I teach college level multimedia and art courses with sophisticated software such as Combustion, Maya, 3D Max (totalling more than $20, 000 of software installed on computer) so I needed a high end system at home. Purchased FX610 X Gateway Computer August 2017 with three year on site service agreement. Computer arrived, right out of the box with broken speakers. I called Gateway who told me they needed MY CREDIT CARD TO GUARANTEE THE RETURN OF THEIR BROKEN PRODUCT, and had to return units at my expense for their repair. If mail carrier lost the returned units, my credit card was charged for the replacement units. I kept speakers, replacing them on my own.

Short time later, 24" monitor broke. Black screen showing nothing. Strings of calls to Gateway Techs said monitor could NOT be broke regardless of my black screen. Phone fights with Gateway ensued under my service agreement, finally after months of chasing Gateway, they replaced the monitor with the above policy where I had to return their monitor with MY CREDIT CARD as collateral for their broken equipment.

October, 07, computer still under warranty, dies unable to work at all. For 14 weeks I chased Gateway who denied anything was wrong with my computer. Gateway blamed internet bugs had infected the system DESPITE THE FACT THE UNIT WAS NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET. After dozens more calls to Gateway Techs during November, December 07 and January 08, who denied anything was wrong with their broken system INSISTED the issue was faulty software (which my service agreement did NOT cover) SO nothing was done. System was unusable and still under warranty. As part of a large college, I brought my software disks into our IT department to check all disks...not one piece of software was faulty, successfully installing and operating on computers other than Gateway. Recalled Gateway support with added fury because NO WORK could be done, the system was completely down and under a service agreement, courses were delayed, new coursework could not be prepared, graduate research was unable to be completed. Gateway Techs do NOT respond, hang up, disconnect, shift calls to offsetting departments, repeating the same issues ad infinitum with no results, read prescripted answers that DO NOT ADDRESS THE ISSUES AT HAND.

Finally, after screaming calls to Gateway, mid-January 08, one Gateway Tech (Rebecca) ordered the replacement of the unit's hard drive. Their tech arrived, took out the old hard, put in a new one and left before the new one could even run through the paces of reinstallation. All work contained on the computer disappeared with the old drive so the new hard drive had to be configured. Called Gateway again testing new hard drive and could not access PING address of computer. Gateway insisted the unit HAD to be connected to internet to get ping address which I would not do. Owning Autodesk high end software that needed to be re-keyed with new hard drive, I asked about accessing the PING address. Autodesk led me through three SIMPLE steps to find PING address that had been logged into Windows XP, so obviously the unit did NOT have to be connected to internet nor Gateway does NOT know it's own hardware. This system shuts down at will, still cannot create any work and demanded refund from Gateway to purchase a reliable system. Filed complaints with Better Business Bureau, Illinois Attorney General who advised me to get an attorney, throwing more money and time down the drain that I DO NOT HAVE, nor should I have to. This is not a BABY system. My system, still under warranty does not operate.

THIS SYSTEM HAS BEEN FAULTY SINCE THE DAY IT WAS DELIVERED, is still under a paid warranty, does not work AND THERE IS NO RECOURSE TO THE CONSUMER BECAUSE GATEWAY, A LARGE CORPORATION DENIES EVERYTHING. THEY HAVE MY MONEY, I HAVE NOTHING and the states within which they do business allow them to continue to string consumers along, take their money offering no solutions to equipment that does not work.

  • Valerie May 12, 2008

    I bought one desktop a couple of years ago. It of course stopped working. I sent it in along with the included software. They returned the computer, without the software and not fixed. I needed the software to do any repairs on my own - Gateway insisted they no longer made cds. Big deal. I wanted mine.

    About two years later I purchased a laptop. This piece of crap would just turn itself off randomly if you touched it. Now it turns it's self on and off repeatedly. The only way to stop this is to remove the battery.

    How can a company continuously make a product of inferior quality? It's amazing.

    Do not ever buy a gateway. Shoulda gotta Dell.

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  • Ur
    Ursula Dec 15, 2008

    Sent a computer in to gateway to be fixed after buying the best warranty available. They said it would not be a problem, just send it in, the motherboard has gone bad. Sent the computer in and was told it would be done in 5-7 days. Two weeks later, i called them back because i didnt get my computer back. They now say, there wasnt enough information when they got it so they didnt do anything. Including call me to find out what the problem was. Im guessing there support people dont have a service ticket program so they cant put any notes in when customers call.

    Now it will be 10 - 15 days more, and when i said i needed it back faster, the support person said " So does everyone else".

    At least the people in india doing support are polite. Cant understand them but they are polite.

    the only good news is the 2 computers my

    kids are getting for christmas will NOT be from gateway.

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  • Carsten Cumbrowski Jan 17, 2009

    now they not only deliver grap, they also stopped supporting it alltogether, regardless if you paid for a long-term service and warranty contract with them or not. You think that I am joking? I am not, see for yourself here:


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  • Md
    md7820u Sep 03, 2009

    I just recently purchased a Gateway computer, model# md7820u, 3 months after i bought it, the harddrive failed, when i tried to contact them, on several occasions, they said that they would get back to me . They actually have several calls on file from me . When i asked to talk to a supervisor, he told me that maybe, it had erased the operating system, and he proceeded to make be buy the backup discs, which weren't included in the original computer package.Well, of course, u can't backup a computer that doesn't have a harddrive.Finally fed up, i had it fixed by a specialist, which cost me about $250.00. I am still waiting to hear from them, could you do anything about it, please ?
    I bought the computer on 02-03-09, which they said a one year warrenty.attached is the receipt, and a copy of the work order.
    Thank You

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  • Rh
    Rhytm Dec 16, 2009

    I bought a laptop from best buy three weeks ago, but it only had 14 days to return it, well on the 15th day it died. It was a gateway so I now have been waiting 16 days and gateway still can't tell me what is wrong and when the parts are coming in ?? And most of all I think they don't care either. It seems this is going to be a bad trip down the poor service road. It is too bad, gateway had a good name at one time, before Acer bought them. DO NOT BUY A GATEWAY OR YOU WILL BE LIKE ME SORRY!!!

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  • Sh
    Shmaq Feb 02, 2010

    I bought a Gateway laptop 1/7/08 from Best Buy. The day after Christmas in 2017, the right side of the screen went out. They told me to mail it to Temple, TX and they would see if it was covered under warranty. They called and said the screen was cracked, which I still dispute, and said the replacement screen would be 449.00. I called them and told them they must be crazy, to ship it back and I would get it fixed locally. I called around and the screen can be replaced for 150.00 total. Mind you, when I sent them my computer, I shipped it UPS and paid 41.00 to get it packaged so that it wouldn't get damaged and paid to insure it. When I got it back this week FedEx, they didn't even secure the laptop. You could hear it sliding in the box. They wrapped it in a plastic bag and that was all. I called to complain and was told I would have to call the support number but no one would help me there. The screen has not been repaired yet and I don't know if any further damage has occured because of the poor way they shipped it back. They were upset because I didn't let them fix the screen for what it would have cost to almost buy a new one so they did not bother to make sure it was returned to me undamaged. I work for a large company who used to use Gateway exclusively. Not anymore, they now use HP because the customer service was awlful after Acer bought them out. I'm going to take a page out of their book. I don't ever plan to buy another Gateway computer. We plan to buy a second laptop this year, but it won't be Gateway I can assure you. I am very, very disappointed in their customer service department.

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  • Co
    Connie Utcher Sep 04, 2010

    the form or metal tanks and aircraft in our back yards (I should along with the bad porducts that now fill American dumps.All of the good American companies have, or are being, purchased by foreign governments - metal to make, or remake, the products is being provided by America. The metal is then converted by the foreign companies to lastic parts that fail once returned to America where the products themselves show up in our dumbs.

    Most disturbing of all questions - How much time will it take the subject metal to arives in Amirican backyards in the form of tanks, airecraft, and guns.

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  • Ol
    Olbrukere Jan 29, 2012

    I bought a Gateway computer one of those all in one computers last years in August. I got the extended warranty for it, which cost me about 160 dollars for the warranty plan for 3 years. They told me that this plan will take care of everything would happen to the computer. Now i have a dead pixel on my monitor and its really bothering me. I called them to get it fixed for me. They told me that the monitor has to have at least 4 dead pixels on it in order for them to consider fixing it. That makes no sense. One dead pixel or 10, it don't matter i paid for the plan. I think Gateway is full of it and everybody should be aware and read between the lines when they purchase any product from Gateway. They are not a honest company at all.

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  • Jb
    jbfirebird Jan 29, 2012

    dead pixels are common in monitors. all companies that i know of wont replace a monitor without at least a few dead pixels.

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Defective Computer

I bought a Gateway M2404U Notebook Lap Top from HSN last year and have recently discovered that it wont print. I've tried connecting several brands of printers to it and nothing happens. I spent at least 15 hours and hundreds of dollars on their tech help site, spent money on recovery software because it was discovered that the computer also would not format or burn discs and thus, I could not download them off their site. I sent the computer to Texas for repair and they (unauthorized) charged me $200 despite the fact that I am still under warranty. And when it came back from Texas, it still would not print. The HP printer and SUB cable work perfectly fine when connected to another computer. I have contacted HP, they made the same suggestions for fixing the problem that Gateway had already tried ad nauseum and said that if that doesnt work, it isnt their problem because it has been proven that the printer is fine. Finally after more phone time with a Gateway senior tech, he told me there was nothing more they could do and suggested I contact Gateway and see about getting a new computer because I was under warranty. After 3 days of being pawned off and shuffled around (calls went to India) I finally managed to get a person who said basically, 'Tough luck, it's not our fault. Our computer works perfectly fine.' But it doesn't. It wont print. It wont connect to a printer that is perfectly functional in every way. Gateway says it is a "third party" software problem and won't honor the warranty. There is somethin seriously wrong with this lap top, but they won't listen. They don't care. I've done everything they have asked of me, performed every task required, spent hundreds of dollars trying to resolve this issue and Gateway pretty much took my money and kicked me in the face. I've also contacted HSN and they tell me that it isn't their problem anymore. No one will take responsibility for this faulty computer.

  • Ga
    Gateway Sucks Sep 30, 2009

    I have exactly the same problem with my Gateway Laptop!! IT WONT PRINT!! I have tried numerous printers that work prfectly fine in other laptops and operating but fail to print in this machine. I have contacted RapeWay and after many many hrs of robotic conversatios with their customer service team in India, I have relized I BOUGHT A LEMON!!! I tried to get an answer from the Geek Squad from Best Buy wich is were I purchased this lemon, and they are also washing their hands. I will never buy from Best Buy, Gaeway, and Microsoft. The can all KISS MY ###!!!

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  • An
    angrymama73 Nov 17, 2009

    I also purchased this lemon from HSN for my daughter last year for christmas. I still have a month left on warranty but one speaker doesnt work (never has and no one would fix it), now it wont go past the start up screen and the darn thing wont even charge. I had to pay for a friggin recovery disk and that dude from india wouldnt speak up or even speak where I could understand. She is 11 years old and this was supposed to work fine for her. I have an acer desktop and a dell laptop that my oldest daughter has had for more than 4 years without any problems...well serious ones...I got a call from hsn last month...they didnt give me credit for my last flex payment and keep telling me I owe them even when they have the reciept. I will never...ever...shop with them and Im taking my little girls computer to our IT department at work to see if they can fix it properly. Thankfully it wont cost me anything if it needs major work. Oh, and yeah...it never would print...cute laptop pink...but its giant pink turd in my opinion!!!

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  • El
    Elizabeth Nick Jul 28, 2010

    I have the same problem with my Gateway I got From HSN it wont print and the charger has stoped working three times i have had to replace the charger three times

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Unethical business

This company is unbelievable! Gateway is the most unprofessional incompetent company I have ever had to deal with. At the end of April 2009 my internal cd drive broke which was of course after the warranty had just expired. So, I called gateway. I proceed to give the customer service rep my make and serial number off of my computer. I pay for the $400 part with my debit card. After waiting for nearly six weeks I finally received the part. I tore my computer apart and when I went to install the new cd drive there were no instructions and it was the wrong part. After calling Gateway I was told that gateway did not carry the part I needed and I would have to contact their corporation. Amazing that after giving them all of the correct information on my computer, they could still screw up so badly. I ordered the correct part from their corporation, received it and installed it with no problem. However that was not all I still had to deal with returning the incorrect part to gateway. Of course, they do not include return shipping labels with their orders. So once again I had to call gateway and order return shipping labels. Another 7 - 10 business days. The labels never came. So again I called gateway. Another set of labels would be sent, another 7-10 business days. Finally the labels arrived. I packaged the part & sent it back the same day the labels were received. I tracked the package and it arrived at gateway on July. Two weeks later I still had not received my refund. I called gateway and was told my order was being "processed" and if I did not receive my refund in a few more days, I should call consumer refunds. Another week goes by but no refund. This is a company which follows unethical business.

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