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CB Computer Hardware HP Repair service not fit for purpose!

HP review: Repair service not fit for purpose!

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11:53 am EDT
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I first arranged to have my PC repaired 2 weeks ago. It came back a few days later and had not been repaired the same issue remained. I spoke to agents via Whatsapp and they arranged to have it collected and repaired again. I just got the PC back and it is still not repaired, it does not even turn on now! How is this level of incompetence possible in such a large company as HP?! What kind of lazy incompetent people are employed in the so called repair department?! I tried contacting someone on Whatsapp and no one is responding. I phoned and selected for someone to text me, no one has! I have never known such bad incompetent service and will certainly never buy another HP product ever again!

To add insult to injury when I finally got a replay on Whatsapp I have to wait 3 "working" days for someone in complaints to contact me, which means 5 days because of the weekend. As you spectacularly failed to repair my PC twice you should have made and investigation into it immediately. Never, ever again HP!

Desired outcome: Fixed and working as new and expedited.

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