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food made me sick

About 2:30pm 5/24/09 I went to Hardee's restaurant. I ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger meal and an apple...


The hardees commercial of the harlot dressed in a slezy dress, setting on steps with her legs apart, her...

food quality

On monday, may 18, 2009 at approximately 11:00 a. M. , my husband, my aunt, my cousin and I ordered lunch at...

opening time

Store is supposed to open at 5:30 each morning. If the regional manager is there, it does. The only problem...


I visited the resturant on Tuesday, May 12, 2009 during the lunch hour. The person working the drive thru window seemed to be frustrated with the busy crowd, which is understandable. However, when I was there at the window waiting to receive my drinks that were ordered, the lady was filling one cup and reached for the lids with the other hand, grabbing both at the same time. She was unable to seperate the lids with the one hand so she proceeded to use her mouth the seperate them, then placed them on the cups. When she turned to hand me the cups I informed her I didn't want those cups because I sat there and watched her use her mouth on them. She seemed even more agitated as she throw them away and fixed more drinks for us. As this was going on a lady (whom I thought was a customer), was leaning on the counter talking with another employee. She then came into the kitchen area and fixed her a drink then walked back out. This lady was dressed in what seemed to be her pajamas that looked to have been very dirty.

Because of my work schedule I was unable to address the problem with a manager at that time so I returned to the resturant that evening when I left my job and asked for a manager. When the manager came to the counter she just happened to be the lady from earlier that day whom I thought was a customer fixing her own drink. When I told her my experince she told me that the lady shouldn't have done that and she offered me a free combo the next time I came in. Her work uniform looked just as unkept as her daily attire. It looked as if it had been worn several times without being wahsed, not just faded but filthy.

I reported the incident because of the health risk of passing who know what kind of germs, and for this employee to get more training if needed. I don't know when or if I'll return to Hardee's therefore I didn't want a "free combo".

Thanks for allowing me to voice this matter,
Tamora Rippy

  • Ge
    gerri May 14, 2009


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  • Pe
    Peggy Boggs Mar 01, 2011

    I just went to Hardee's for a quick drive thru lunch. - LOL - no such thing there!!!
    I just sat for 30 minutes in line with just 3 cars in front of me. I sat and watched 4 cars pull out of line and drive off. Then when I got to the window the girl apoligizes for the wait and tells me that "the people in the back won't do their job"!!! They are losing alot of business because of their inability to move their order along. I won't go back though - I will go to Arby's or Wendy's or somewhere that services their customers!!!
    Terrible service and then the food was horrible too!!! Sad!!!

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no air conditioning

For the last two weeks the air condition is not working in the lobby.
I have spoken to three managers so far and all they can say is that
The office know's about it.
So do something !!!
They said that in the back was cool but no air in the lobby. There was a lady who got too hot and got dizzy and had to leave because of the heat.
When I was there I looked at the thermostat and it was 86 degrees
In thre and it was only 10:30 in the morning.
Please fix this problem before someone gets sick or hurt.

  • De
    debbie Apr 26, 2009

    it is hot in the lobby at hardees, no ac.

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I understand that companies use tactics to gain sales, but this commerical with the "lady" eating the...

vulgar commercial

The Hardee's commercial featuring Padma eating a hamburger in a manner illustrating sexual behavior is disgusting! This commercial is very inappropriate for anyone to have to view but especially children. Whoever is behind the making & broadcasting of this commercial has no respect for women and views them, as the commercial says, "A piece of meat". Until this commercial is pulled from the air, Hardee's will forfeit my business. Obviously money is more important to Hardee's than human respect & decency.

  • Co
    CommonSense Apr 16, 2009

    Loosen the bone Wilma.
    Your TV has buttons on it, if you don't like what you see PUSH ONE.

    -1 Votes
  • Ms
    msdianna Apr 19, 2009

    This commercial belongs in a porn movie not on telivison where children of all ages see it and imitate what they see. I'm very offended by it and it do turn it off and yes I've complained to Hardee's.

    1 Votes
  • Mi
    michelle Apr 21, 2009

    lets get the porn off main stream tv

    1 Votes
  • Co
    CommonSense Apr 21, 2009

    Lets get the prudes out of our lives

    -1 Votes
  • Ca
    Campanula Apr 21, 2009

    Instead of getting the prudes out of your lives how about we put the perverts in the closet. Lets put all these men back in their place.

    If you choose to indulge in perverted sexual behavior, do it in a private place, not on public TV. Obviously you men have no respect for women or children. It's a shame that your minds have reached such a state of depravity. Why don't you get off your tv watching rears & be REAL men. Real men respect women!

    By the way, Mr. Jason Tillo, I weigh 110 pounds. I'm not a fat couch potato watching the idiot box. Perhaps you are and that's why you are defending pornographic commercials. Contrary to the Hardee's commercial, women are NOT a piece of meat. Women are NOT here for your sick, sexual pleasure. Sex was created by God for 1 man & 1 woman in marriage. Woe to those who call evil good!

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  • In
    IndEpthfemale Apr 28, 2009

    I think everyone that says these things A. no nothing about marketing and B. didn't listen or watch the commercial C. knows absolutely nothing about a passion for food, freedom of expression, and symbolism. You all are missing the point. First you would've had to read Padma's book to understand the context of which the commercial used it. Secondly, you would have to understand that for food lovers every where (especially chefs) eating great food is a very sensual experience. They derive the same pleasure from the experience of tastes as lovers do foreplay.
    It's not porn people! Apparently, nobody who posts these comments have ever seen porn, even soft core porn. I'm a woman, and I am not offended by this commercial because I used to work in marketing for a few years. What people find offensive is usually because they are uneducated and do not see the whole picture. Sometimes that is the fault of the advertising/networks. Mostly because of time constraints, etc. things tend to get lost in translation. I wonder if everyone who complains is also calling the axe company, burger king, tampon companies, penis enhancement agencies, etc. It's only offensive if you are easy to offend. Try talking to your children instead of shielding them from the f***ing world. In the long run you are doing more harm than good by not preparing them for what is truly out there.

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food complaint

We came and ordered two sets of 2 for $3.00 double cheeseburgers. After we have gotten our order, we checked and noticed the burgers were extremely greasy and made the bun soggy. Also there were no napkins. All and All the food taste great but the service needs to improve some.

  • St
    Stephanie Owens Oct 11, 2014

    Restaurant #222
    We ordered two sausage biscuit and added cheese. Cheese was not added. They handed us two slices of cheese so we could put it on them.
    We ordered two ham Frisco sandwiches and received one slice of ham on sandwiches (see attached photo for verification)
    The service from employee and Michelle and manager Rebecca was "sorry" and that was it.
    We were treated rudely and the service was very unsatisfactory. I will not recomment anyone to visit Northhill Hardees in Minot North Dakota

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recent tv ad

It's pretty sad that Hardee's, a family restaurant, feels it has to choose it's most recent TV ad to show during primetime TV. It's not an ad for a family - it is a sexual ad for men. Hardee's has lost my business.

  • Ta
    Tammy Apr 16, 2009

    I agree!! I refuse to encourage such profane marketing tactics and will no longer purchase any Hardee`s product. Its almost to the point where it is indecent to even allow our children to watch a commercial. America wake up!!! We have the power to put and end to such repulsive advertising.

    1 Votes
  • Al
    Alex May 18, 2009



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  • Bf
    BFilo Mar 18, 2012

    What does it say about their food when they have to resort to porn-like commercials to sell food? And shame on American Idol for airing this commercial with so many kids watching. Will never eat there again.

    1 Votes
  • Ou
    outragedmom Oct 03, 2012

    I am right with you all who feel hardee's ads are just wrong. what the heck does eating a hamburger
    have to do with this sort of ad. Porno is right. I will never eat there either, and I plan to have everyone
    I can to write in. Anyone know who we can complain to, to actually get them off the air?

    1 Votes
  • Sd
    SDWof MN Oct 03, 2012

    Here is a link ( if it works )... http://www.hardees.com/contact/contact_form I STRONGLY encourage everyone to as they say "drop them a line" and tell them what you think about the commercial. If enough people comment to them directly, eventually it will get to the right person. Maybe even send them "a line" every day until you get the right response. You could even request to speak with the person in charge of the advertising.

    1 Votes
  • Ou
    outragedmom Oct 04, 2012

    copy and paste or cut an past in web browser
    and you can send your complaint directly to Hardees

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There is a regional manager who is the most incompetent man who I have ever seen. His name is William Yiesley and he runs a few Hardees restaurants in Kentucky. That man is rude and has no sense of how to run his restaurants whatsoever. I thought customers were the ones who are important. We keep your business from shutting down. I see no concern he has whatsoever for his customers nor his employees. What type of people do you put in management and what exactly do they do?!?

  • 2f
    2fedup Mar 26, 2009

    I have met this man you are talking about. He is just as you say. I do not understand these things myself.

    0 Votes

store closed 45 minutes before posted time with no resonable explanation

On march 21 st 2009. I went to the drive-thru at Hardee's in clayton at 10:15 pm. expecting someone to...

very rude workers and management

i was hugry so some friends and i stopped for a burger as soon as i walked in a worker stated sorry but we...

unfair pay practices

My daughter works at hardee's while also attending college. She has worked off and on for hardee's for 8...

13 comments Carterville Food

slow service

We are in Hardees every Sunday morning after church. We meet 3 other couples their also. They very seldom...

Sleepy Eye Food


We frequently receive coupons for use in your restaurants. While I do appreciate the coupons and they do their intended job in steering me to your restaurant versus other fast food restaurants, I am extremely frustrated with the hoops, cartwheels and headstands required to use those coupons. My family (usually 3-10 of us) visit your restaurant near Dandridge one-three times weekly. Our choice is often breakfast, when they actually serve breakfast until 11am as you advertize, which is about 50% of the time. I've been in your restaurant when they stopped serving breakfast as early as 20 till 11. I've watched you lose money when people walked out the door because you had no breakfast. I've taken my own money elsewhere at 10:45am. Once again, this morning I took my money (money for breakfast for 4) elsewhere because I had a coupon you sent me that I couldn"t use. I fail to understand why I could get a free biscuit if I spent $2.99 for a biscuit but I couldn't spend more money $4.99 for the combo and get the free biscuit. Does that make sense??? Apparently to you, your company or someone in it, it does. Soooo, you lost a sale this morning and tomorrow morning and next week and probably for several weeks to come because you wouldn't take the coupon you sent without me jumping thru hoops, turning cartwheels and standing on my head. So I spent my money at Cracker Barrel and it was a delicious breakfast.

rude employee

I go to Hardees every Sunday morning to get my usual which is a side grit with cheese and a side sausage patty. Almost every time I go I have the same experience with this same rude cashier I have complained to her manager but it seems to me like her attitude has only gotten worse. The other Sunday I sent my husband to get breakfast unfortunately my grits were left out of the bag and he brought it to her attention when she did decide to give him the grits which he paid for she stated that the next you dont have your reciept you aint gone get no grits first of all she did not use the correct english and last we will no longer spend money at Hardees.

  • Ja
    james belk Oct 23, 2008

    Was she black?

    0 Votes
  • Ca
    carolyn spell Nov 10, 2008

    i went through the drive-through at the hardees on hwy 24 in roseboro, n.c. waited for our food for 15 minutes . The drive-thru cashier picked up the order and stood there holding it ipushed the window open and asked if thatwas my food order, then she walked by to get our cold fries came to the window said have a nice night you ###ing ### as i was pulling off. I stopped my car went back to the window and asked what her ###ing problem was, she wouldnt respond. today is nov. 10 2008

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My husband (Tom) and I were comeing home from pigeon forge.. We decided to go different way instead of I 75.
We went toward nashville... We were on highway 40w. We decided to stop and hardee's to eat. Tom went in to get food... He came out and said.. I dont think you will like your choc. Shake.. I looked at it. It was watery. I walked back in hardee's. A girl asked me what do I want... I said I want a choc. Shake not water. She grabed it from my hand and threw it in the trash.. And proceeded to make another one (With a rude attuide) not saying a thing to me... While she was makeing the shake I walked to the tables and picked up comment card.. (The girl was lucky.. I would have like to show her what she could do with that shake) the girl came back to me and handed me the choc. Shake, saying to me heres your shake. I ask her what her name was.. She said cassie.. (If she told me her right name and I spelt it right) the shake was better but still not thick... I left, and my husband and I sit out side with our little dog eating.. And I filled out card.. It ask location.. I went back in and ask the location.. (Sence we didnt know area. ) cassie said the location was peavine.. We were in ky. I checked on computer to find peavine ky so I can get you the right name and store number... But I couldnt find peavine.. So the girl lied... We were on 40 w going to nashville.. I hope you can locate her and store.. Cause someone else might not be so nice.. And show her what she can do with the shake... There is no reason for the rudeness of this girl.. We visit hardee's in louisville and radcliff areas... 3/4 times a month.. We love your breakfasts... But when we decide to pass threw that area again.. We wont stop at that hardee's... Again... Promise you that... If you dont mind please let me know.. If you can locate this store... Thank you delia

  • Mr
    Mrs Klaws Sep 14, 2008

    Looks like you really showed them. They will be out of business before you know it.

    0 Votes
  • Dc
    dciulla Apr 16, 2009

    Jason you are an idiot...

    Why do you slander people and stick up for those that are RUDE? What ever happen to the customer is always right..

    Oh I forgot, your too busy pulling up your pants and shinning your stupid gold tooth.

    Lets not talk about spelling, I have read your post... PLEASE!

    0 Votes
  • Normally I would side with the person posting the complaint and not with Jason. However did appear sort of rude in this letter. That saying "The customer is always right" is outdated if they act like her.

    No offence dciulla, but you are no better than him by calling him an idiot and stooping to his level. Here is an idea, we all know he is a troll so ignore him.

    0 Votes
  • Also half these people replying to him and telling him to get a life are probably him on another account. He admitted in one letter that he purposely makes spelling and grammar mistakes to attract trolls to poke fun of him. I am sure(if you are not one of his other identies) that he is making fun of your responses.

    0 Votes
  • In
    IndEpthfemale Apr 28, 2009

    Here is what I think...I worked at Steak n Shake and the customer is not always right. There were people trying to scam them all the time. Oh my eggs weren't cooked the way I asked...they'd return their damn plate twenty times until they got it for free. Yes I'm sure this person was rude, but there are a lot of rude people in the world. That's when you speak to a Manager. Oh wait...don't they have a complaint line or something like every other place? Wouldn't it be better to take it up with them instead of posting it all over the internet? Hmm...no guess not because that wouldn't be the more "grown-up" thing to do.

    0 Votes
  • Zo
    zookeeper13 Jul 31, 2009

    Lol! I know the Hardee's in Radcliff, on Knox Blvd. Once we ordered meals there. It took them over 6 minutes (there is actually a clock you can watch!) and we got 23 french fries with our order. It was supposed to be a go large.

    I'm glad they at least do breakfast right, because dayam. Heh.

    0 Votes


While eating at this Hardee's we notices 3 employees sitting in a car in the lot, smoking. As they...

to many problems

I am so sorry to say but the management of this store is so out of whack. Everytime I come in thy seem to alway have a attitude problem. They seem to not know what they are doing at times, and they treat their employees so harshly. If I was the general manager of this hardee's I would firer all of them that are in charge of managing this store of thomasville, ga. I regret to say but I have heard form my friends that this store is in need of a drastick change and I agree. In my opinion something needs to be done as soon and quickly as possible.

  • An
    anonamous411 Aug 13, 2011

    Some people need to understand that working in a fast food restaurant can be quite difficult specially dealing with unpleasant costumers. I am a young man at the age of 23, i visit hardees just about every day in thomasville, ga. Also i am a resident of Thomasville, GA. From what i have observe from visiting hardees so much, its not always the employee or manager who has the problem its the customer. Sad to say but it is true. Hardees of Thomasville, Ga has some very nice an pleasant employees and managers. I must say the managers at this store are doing a very excellent job of taking care their customer when a problem arrives. So before you judge someone, think!

    0 Votes

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