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Resolved poor customer service

Today I went through the Hardee's drive thru in Casper Wy and while I was placing my order the drive...

Resolved bad food, no food

I hope that you pass this along this to the Hardees CEO, and I hope that he or she had a good breakfast because I did not. My daughter went to the Hardees in Lebanon, Indiana, around 10:30am this morning. She goes there for me because I am disabled. I like the breakfast selections and it's right across the street from where I live. She ordered four breakfast sandwiches (among other things) and only received two. One of them had a long black hair sticking out of it. As a result, my wife and I paid for breakfast this morning without actually eating any. Hope you had a nice meal this morning. After seeing the hair, we obviously didn't want to take a chance on anything else we received.

I called and asked for the Hardees Manager. She didn't seem to care about what happened and showed no interest in trying to get us our food. Because my daughter had already gone to work, there was no way to go back to the restaurant to get the replacement food. She also did NOT give me the 800 number for complaints when I asked for it. She did give me the phone number of the District Manager. When I finally spoke to him, he also seemed to care less about what happened to me and showed no interest in makiing it right.

Having owned several businesses over the years and having managed fast food restaurants when I was younger (a KFC and a Burger Chef), I can honestly say that the people I spoke to were useless in terms of preserving customer loyalty or making things right. My wife also once worked as a Fast Food Restaurant Manager at a nearby Popeyes and agrees with my assessment of this situation from a purely business point of view.

Thankfully, I was treated much better by the person that took my complaint over the 800 number that I had to look up online for Hardees. She deserves a raise!

By the time that someone who identified herself as the Vice President of Operations called me, I had already decided that I wanted nothing further to do with Hardees. Two days ago they forgot part of my breakfast, a day ago they forgot a small fries we ordered at lunchtime and today, well, I already told that story.

The Vice President in charge of Operations did offer my money back. Well, that ship has sailed. I didn't want money, just the breakfast I paid for. Besides, a refund cannot make up for being so dissed or replace a missed meal. I guess that the Pizza Hut and Subway store up the street just got a once loyal Hardees customer. Subway has nice breakfast sanchwiches and I love Pizza Hut's Pi'zones.

All I can say is that when it comes to Hardees, buyer beware and check your food before eating it for goodness sake!

  • St
    Stopthebs Nov 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    No wonder you owned several businesses and now don't what they do, go bankrupt? They offered your money back and that wasn't good enough for you? Since there is no making you happy, what is the point of this reviews? It seems to me you are one of "those" customers and they are happy to get rid of you.

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  • Ga
    gabby1953 Nov 02, 2011

    Sounds like a mess, and, why are you eating all this fast food? Why are you disabled? If I found any nasty hair in my food, ugh! I am with you on that! Maybe teach your daughter how to cook nutricious food for you, may help your disability as well...just saying. It would be cheaper too, so maybe pay daughter to cook good food...win win

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  • Le
    Leevonsmith Nov 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Looks like stopthe bs is behind in all votes for coments. Check out his profile

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  • St
    Stopthebs Nov 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Icheck out leevonsmiths profile. Only comments about me. I write the truth and only the truth.

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  • Le
    Leevonsmith Nov 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Stopthebs You dont write any truth. You just troll this complaint sight to dog other peoples heart felt valid complaints.

    -1 Votes

false advertising

I would like to complain about hardies new standards as was explained to my by one of the workers. I usually visit Hardee's number 7 in Greenville SC. Today I orderd a loaded omlet biscut-it was not good at all. The egg was hard and cold and the omlet was very flat not enough to even consider loaded (I believe Hardee's may want to stop the flase advertising) About a week ago I had the same issue when I odered the breakfast burrito. This was a mistake, it was horrible, barely had anything in it and it was cold. I called management today and spoke with someone who had no management skills she just brused me off like she could have cared less..Well I believe this was my last time visiting ANY hardee's location unless you inprove on your food and staff !

Resolved rude managment

The Hardee's in Wilkesboro NC has some really rude managment. There's this one lady manager, she has a really nasty mouth tword her customers and i have been setting in the dinning area and have heard her curse and yell at her employee's we are a very christian family with a young child, i don't want to eat in a place like that with my child and family, and have to listen to that. I really think who ever that womans boss is should fire her or demote her and teach her how to act and the right way to treat her customers and employee's. I can tell you that i will NOT be eating at that Hardee's agian as long as that woman is running that store.

  • Qu
    Quinton Floyd Sep 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So what did they say when you wrote to corporate headquarters?

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Resolved filthy

My husband & I stopped at a hardees in portage, in for breakfast around 1 week ago. We had eaten at many before & the last one we ate at was in kokomo (Which was awesome!) anyway, we walked in around 8:00 a. M. No customers in sight what so ever. The place was filthy! Tables needed to be cleaned, floors had pop & ketchup dried on them (Looked like they have not been mopped in a month) bathrooms were disgusting! The toilet paper that goes in that big holder? Was on the filthy floor! We went to the counter to place our order & the counter girl picked up a dead fly! (She did not think we noticed, but we did) anyway, we went on our merry way w/that in mind. A week later decided to give it another chance & stopped by for breakfast. Same thing! Floors filthy, dried ketchup & pop on the floor & counter tops. Garbage on the table & floor not picked up! The windows were really smudged and dirty! Then, I got an ham, egg cheese croissant; hmmmmmm... ? It was hard on top & soggy on the bottom. Took it back, they gave me another one; no better. It was gross! Man, I think they need to do an episode of undercover boss in that place! We have been to many hardees in illinois & indiana. No complaints in illinois or kokomo, but this one? You can bet your money we'll never go there again! I can understand to some point if they were busy... But there were no others customers in there! And most of the staff was just standing around & chatting! Are you hearing this... Boss man?

  • Je
    jeff84 Jan 14, 2015

    The carterville Illinois location is the same the table are dirty floors there's fingerprints on the boor on the glass in the doors. the bathroom dirty. they had a crew person that was homeless living in a tentcome to work every day happy the matter what was going on in his life he came to work happy just talking to one of the GM's about what's going on basically was just said WowI went in there couple days ago or a week ago not feel that way like I was he said that they said he quit I asked why he said he asked for a raise didn't give it to him so he quit Undercover Boss needs to be in the Hardees industry to look at everything that Hardees does even on red burrito thank you

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Resolved everything

I have numerous complaint at this particular Hardees.1) People usually get 1/2 hour for lunc beginning at noon to 12:30 this I have heard the manager allow people to take breaks and instantly the place moves slower, No one including the manager have a sense of urgency to get peoples food out. Yesterday JUNE 17, 2011 my party and I arrived at 12 on the nose ordered our food, counted 13 orders taken and watched people in the drive thru and walk outs get their food and leave. We got our food at 12:19 which did not allow us time to eat and get back to work at 12:30.2) the one employee has large dreadlocks wears his hat on top of the bunched up dreads which looks silly and walks around so slow we joke he might just slip in a coma. We have witnesses him on many occasions sweep off the seats with a filthy broom instead of a damp clean rag. 3) NEVER order a burger with a hamburger bun order the frisco burger with toast the bun is alway old in taste and texture, and there is good reason they wrap it up like they do it keeps the bun from crumbling we sit and watch people eating...its Hilarious THIS PLACE IS A JOKE, NO ONE SMILES, NO ONE HAS A SENSE OF URGENCY, OR CUSTOMER SERVICE, THAY ALL MUMBLE. WE CALL THEM DAY-WALKING ZOMBIES

Resolved bad experience in city stars branch

I just came back from citystars branch... I really had a very bad experience thier... I oredered their new burger wrap... But what the worest could be !!!
Burger is not cooked well... Sandwich is not hot... And what make it so bad is how the manager and the staff of the branch was looking and was dealing with each other !!!
And to my surprise... They refused to give me katchup with teh sandwich... No comment !!!

failure to give change

On Monday, May2, 2011, my daughter and I stopped at Hardee's in Carthage, NC, while on our way to see my grandson play in a golf tournament. The bill was $5.95 and we gave the clerk ma $20.00 bill. The receipt shows that the change was $14.05 but no change was offered. In our haste we left without the change, and were not able to go back by the store to ask about the change. How do we check to see if the error in not offereing the change can be rectified

Resolved service / food

I have a problem with hardees of brundidge alabama. I have called there regional manager several different times in reference to the service and the food. The regional promises to correct the problem but it has not gotten any better. Then on top up everything else you pull up to the drive in window and are asked to put up and wait even though there is no one behind you! The regional manager said that that was against company policy but yet the employees to do it! It pisses me off!! But what really makes me mad is that it has become the standard for hardees and the other fast food places in this country! The owners do not give a ### about their customers. That can be proven by how long it takes them to get back to you about a complaint!!!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Hardee's Restaurants's response · Apr 28, 2011

    Sorry to hear about your experience. The unit you are referencing is a franchise location. Please contact our corporate guest relations number with your concern so we can address. We take pride in giving every customer not only a great burger, but a great experience, too. 1-877-799-7827.

  • Ro
    robert Levins May 17, 2011

    I am writing this email in regards of the leadership you have in place at drake ave store in Huntsville. I been working for this company since June 18, 2010 and on may14 2011 i had to finally call it quits. First of all i had been promised a raise for at least two months and it never came evaluation what my GM called it but she never ever tried i been making service times for that company for as long as i can remember. I know everything there is to know when it comes to the back line cook position i felt as though she didn't make a attempt to get me a raise and she knows that i am worth it if not more. Also Ms Gwen talked to me with no respect on the 14 she cursed and said some things that wouldn't come out of a GM mouth i was trying to explain to her that the shift before did none of there cleaning duties and she kind of blew up on me flexed her position on me saying if i don't like the way she run her store i can leave and all kinds of things were flying out of her mouth. I worked for Hardee's when they use to sell the whole chicken way back in the day and i have never felt so belittled or disrespected in my life she has no professionalism and is a terrible GM she has here pick and choose of who she wanted to give the raise to and honestly no one in the store works as hard as as closing back line cook. I think there was numerous amount of ways to handle the situation other than blowing up on a loyal employee i am very displeased with her attitude as GM thats why i had no choice but to quit because i see that things in that drake ave store will never change you can check my record i am one of the best cooks she had and she talked and treated me like nothing im wondering when the corporate office is going to do something about it. If you need to contact me on this matter my name is Robert James Levins Jr. and my phone number is 256-425-8482 thank you i hope to hear from someone soon because something has to be done.

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Resolved poor management

I have been a resturant manager for almost 20 years, in several different types of resturants, I can honestly...

5 comments Rutledge Food

Resolved horrible management

I went into the hardees in Champaign Illinois about a month ago. There was an older man who had a black shirt on and his name tag said BoB. He was filthy and disgusting in appearence. He was wearing sweatpants, had facial hair, and was overall just dirty. That was not the only dirty thing. The other was his mouth. He was so rude to his employees. He yelled at one young man in front of us and I know he had to have hurt his feelings. One of the other female employees had to advise him not to talk to him like that in front of customers or at any time. Now that is sad. She would be a better representitive than him any day. The thing is that I go in there quite a bit and it was not that he was just having a bad day. I have seen him look like this every time. He is so rude and am not sure how anyone like him could ever run a business or be the chosen one to do so. I am officially not going back to the Champaign Hardees ever again until this complaint is resolved and the manager is sent to a customer service course. It is sad that this is all that they have to represent themselves as a company.

poor management (unprofessional)

After my girlfriend was a loyal employee for eleven months, she was constantly coming home crying and telling me how she was having problems with her manager. Every night she had something new telling me that her manger was harassing her about and I quote, "being a young spoiled white child". She said that she felt like she would never give her a break when she wanted one but because she was a part time worker she was not obligated one, but other would get a chance to take one. Well I finally convinced her to try and sit down with her and let the manager how she feels and try and work it out, so she did. The very next day after talking with the manager, she walked into work and was took off of schedule. Well she looked over that but then when she tried to get her last check, the manger refused to give it to her unless she sign a three write ups that was recently just made that day but dated four weeks prior to her termination. So she refused to sign them. She found her a new job at subway a few days later and as soon as the her old manager found out, she volunteered herself to call my girlfriends new job saying a bunch of unecessary lies, resulting in her not getting hired at her new job. I think is so unprofessional to try and cause this much torment to someone after trying to be respectful and solve a situation. I really hope this happens to anyone else.

  • Ms
    mspapa55 Mar 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The website works excellent. You have to give the recruiter the 5 digit number to use for verification. More and more companies are using employment verification sites to avoid lawsuits.

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Resolved badly prepared, unsanitary and shorted food

I went into the aforementioned Hardee's drivein a little before midnight and ordered the 5 piece chicken strip meal. Though I was the only one there and only one other car came throught the drivein, I was told to pull over the side and waited what seemed a very long time for my order. When I got home I had three overcooked pieces instead of the five that I paid for. The BBQ sauce I ordered was not there. The Texas toast was hard like it had been sitting on the counter all day with a third of it smashed like somebody stepped on it. I complained online and recieved an email from Hardee's that management from the store would contact me. No one did. I will not eat there and advise others to do the same.

Resolved worst service ever

Dear Sir,

I want to register this complain for the treatment i received from your restaurant HARDEE'S.
The delivery service for Hardee's in Egypt is the worst service ever.
I made an order through Otlob.com at 1:00 am the order was routed at 1:08 am and it was supposed to be delivered within 45 min., the order came at 2:15 am and of course i refused to take it .
You and i know that in such cases anyone from the restaurant should call to apologize or to tell the customer the cause for being late like KFC always does, but the great managers in Hardee's Egypt find it normal and they never care for such one customer, and allow me to say this :They do that because no one observes their actions.
I have to admit that the service in the restaurant is good, but after this situation i will never enter this place again and will never recommend it to anyone i know.

AMR Mohamed

Resolved didint get all my food and manager was rude

my wife went thru drive thru this morning before work was in line for over twenty miniutes and the food came out wrong she was running late for work so she came home with the baby to drop off the food because after twenty miniutes it should have ben rite wrong. so i called to complain and the manager was rude and very disrespectful and hung up on me so i tried to call back to ask what her bosses number was she would not give it to me she was verry rude and finally she gave me the number for their store and hung up on me yet again so when i called the number she gave me it was her again tellin me she was going to call the cops for harrasment but she gave me the number to call hmmmm how nice if she would have given me the number in the first place we wouldnt b doin this so i had to call another store to get a number where i could complain

Resolved sanitation/health

Three times I have witnessed unsanitary conditions at the Harrisburg Hardees restaurant and have addressed it with the manager on staff. To no avail or any form of correction. The issue being, food preparers not wearing protective gloves while handling food. I have witnessed the men not wearing gloves, wiping their noses and continuing to make breakfasts. The first time, the manager said the fellow didn't like to wear the gloves; second time the manager said, they don't have to; the third time, manager said, "oh sorry, I'll send him home". Well, I work for the State of Illinois and I know the Public Health Dept. doesn't handle complaints like this but the local Health Dept will. . .I've given Hardees ample opportunity to address this issue and clearly they have not seen a problem. Disease in foods spreads fast and this time I'm headed to the Egyptian Health Dept. . .and if that doesn't work I'm going to the local newspaper. Please address health issues with your Hardees employees and make sure they follow the State Regulations.

Resolved waited 25 minutes in takeout lane

Last night, after a long day at work, I decided to go through the take out lane at Hardees to pick up some sides and tea. I placed my order, drove to the window, asked if I could add a tea to my order. The guy at the window told me it would take 6-8 minutes to make the tea. I said forget it, I will just take what I ordered. He did not listen and added the tea to my order. This was at 6:05. I was asked to pull to the front as not to block traffic and they would bring my order right out. At 6:25, I get out of my car in the pouring rain, go inside to see what was going on with my order. The person who was suppose to be filling my order was just walking around just like nothing mattered. I asked another person if they knew anything about my order and I was told no. When all was said and done, it took 3 people to put together a side order of mashed potatoes, slaw, green beans, 2 biscuits and tea. At 6:45 I left Hardees with my order. Ask me if I will "ever" darken the door of Hardees again??? How many people does it take to fill an order at Hardees...should be the new joke and how long!



After i order from Hardee's via otlob.com it count 45 min then later someone call me from hardee's El Bakry and said the order will not be delivered because your are outside the covered area or the order was routed wrongly to El bakry branch please call the call center.

I called the call center. Then I told them that this is not the first time to order from hardee's at this area and am an existing customer, He told me wait on hold and then he answers sorry you are not an existing customer you don't have any data on our system may be it was deleted. I am sure that from about 3 month i was ordering and i receive the orders. It is not my problem that they lost my data or delete it accidentally. I was discussing with him that am living in area the nearest branch El Shams Club abd el hamid badawy and its far away maximum about 5 min or 3min. He told me wait i will check with the branch manager. After that he reply's sorry the branch manager say you are outside the covered area. Sorry we will not deliver the order. I want to ask him but i didn't you are saying that you will not deliver it after i have waited 45 min.

And also it is not the first time to order from them and from the shams branch.

  • Ah
    ahmed elmohandes Nov 06, 2010

    i made an order on 6/11/2010 at 6:20PM and after 3 calls to the complaints team i received the order at 8:15PM and refused to take it as it's the second time during 3 months which is not accepted. ELHARAM branch management is the worst management allover EGYPT.

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Resolved poor food, service, order incomplete and no receipt or napkins. all of this after waiting over 15 minutes being pulled forward

went thru drive thru and ordered food. It took me 20 minutes to get my food and my order was not complete I drove back around to get the rest of my food and a receipt and napkins. I ask for my receipt but still did not get one. I ordered a monster burger combo medium size, onion rings and 2pc snack my total came to $15.56 The burger was old and dried up the biscuit in te snack was hard. Manager was during draw counts only 3 customers the whole time I was there we all got pulled up and orders brought out to cars this was 12:50 in the afternoon. I think it would benefit your business if your manager would be more aware of what was going on with the customers..Thank You . Annie

bad delivery service

Dear sir,


I ordered a delivery from hardees egypt alexandria somuha branch from this web site http://msn. Otlob. com
Today 8/8/2010 my order was @ 2:39 am and I wait 45 minutes I did not receive my order then I called hardees hot line they told me my order is on the way within few minutes will be there I wait 20 minutes more also my order doesn't appear I called the restaurant they told me few minutes now it is 4:45 am my order does not come to me and I am keep calling them the employee name answering me is kareem and I am calling 19066 the hot line for hardees

I am sorry but this is the last time ordering from hardees and up to now I did not receive any call from hardees egypt

Order number: 5389744 order status: routed with delay at 2:39 am

Order name: ehab amed
Order mobile: [protected]
Captured image from my order:
Http://img822. Imageshack. Us/img822/3226/hardees. Gif
Website order: http://msn. Otlob. com

bad delivery service