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we were driving home from minnesota and stopped near eau claire wisc, for gas and bite to eat. around noon. only people in line, drive thru guy started helping us then aanother man took over. after getting food 3 asian people came in one of whom didn't speak english. he was older man and forgot someting in car and was going to retreive it and tried to exit thru drive thru door on accident when employees yelled at him repeatedly in a very rude way. the threesome left very angry at employee behavior. the man behind the counter who yelled at the older man went on and on after they left about how he didn't do anything wrong and wasnt losing his job or any sleep over the incident. he is probably around 40 years old. it was very rude and embarassing. then another threesome of people came in whom he also waited on and while they were ordering he yawned real big and didn't cover his mouth. the food was also below par and there were gnats all around the soda fountain. the bathrooms weren't very clean either. the staff was overall an embarrasment to the chain. i wll not visit another Hardee's for a long time.

no receipt given my cashier

Hello, I am currently the owner of subway. I have been to hardees willoughby yesterday i. e monday 12th...


I have been a regular customer at Hardee's in SHeridan, AR but about a year ago i started noticing a...

Resolved slow on order/half made

my husband and i went to hardees for breakfast. we both ordered a big breakfast gravy meal combo. the lady said she would bring our tray to us and that we could sit down. so when she finally brought our tray she then informed us that the hash browns where not done yet and she would bring them as soon as they were done. we started to eat our meal waiting on our hash browns, we finished our biscuit and gravy and still no hash browns..why on earth would you serve someone a meal when it is not all there..my husband went to complain & the lady acted like it was no big deal..what kind of service is that from a place that charge a lot for a combo meal & only give you half of your food? come on hardees !! shape up!! no wonder people are bad mouthing you all the...


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Hardee's Restaurants's response · Jun 14, 2010

    So sorry to hear about your experience! Please give our guest service line a call at 877/799-7827. They'll make sure your comments are routed to the right managment team member. Also let them know if you would like a call back. Again, so sorry about this experience. I hope you'll give us a second chance to shine -- this time with our usual Six Dollar Service committment.

    Hardee's Public Relations

  • Ki
    KixStar Jun 05, 2010

    Would you rather she left your precious gravy combo all ready, sitting under a lamp to get cold while the hash browns finished cooking?

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  • Tr
    T.RN Jun 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree! No matter if it is Hardees or Chef Luis of France your food should be prepared properly. I would have just gotten a refund and kept it moving. I have no patience for lousy service!

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  • Ki
    KixStar Jun 05, 2010

    Obviously 2 people who have never ever worked food service.

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  • Ki
    KixStar Jun 14, 2010

    Amazing! Way to go Hardee's Public Relations! It's nice to see a company actually giving a hoot.

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  • Ma
    marie d. miller Jun 14, 2010

    Hardee's Public Relations

    if you were really sorry for our experience you would have offered us a gift card. you are not really sorry for the experience that i had nor do you care. you are too cheap to even compenstate for our meal. both my husband and i are insulted by your offer and lack of caring. stop pretending that you care when you don't. if you really cared and valued us you would have given us a gift card. no wonder people keep badmouthing you. you don't care about our experience and are too cheap to give away free things.

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bad management

i am an ex employee there and the manager shawna has been a manager from hell. she will change the schedule without letting you know about it and then yell at you if you are late, she yells at her crew in front of customers and belittles them just as bad. after many complaints and comment from the customers to her and her boss she is still employed there like nothing has phased her treating her employees just the same as usual. please dont apply there and if you can please dont give the business, because i truely believe they need to be shut down completely.

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I have ate several times at this esablishment but I can promise you that I will not return. I try not to get angry but this wasnt the 1st time this has happened to myself and husband. This hardees has the rudest employees that I have ever saw we stood in line and both employees turned their backs on us and acted like we had the plague. I feel like this they are there to serve us and if they dont want the money we can go else where and a remark for the managers also they need to be taught how to address the public and have a little more respect for customers standing in line because the manager was one of those employees that acted like we werent even there. I feel sorry for anyone that eats at this hardees. As for the food it wasnt all that but the employees need to be fired... And managers replaced!!

  • Wr
    wrstlinbill83 May 26, 2010

    I think you need to be replaced. You must have no idea what you are talking about. Sometimes, we Hardees employees need a break from you people. You get mad whenever your foods not right, when you could easily fix it yourself. And what kind of food do you expect to get from a fast food chain? If its made fast, its not going to be good. Just like a job, if you do it fast, its not done well. So, unless you found a hand in your sandwich, you should just keep your mouth shut!!!

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  • Jo
    JohnSmith89 Feb 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @wrstlinbill83, do you have any idea how ignorant you sound? Granted, in life you can live by the rule of 2:3 (fast, good, cheap; if it's fast and cheap..it won't be good, if it's fast and good..it won't be cheap, and if it's good and cheap..it's won't be fast). However, rather you work as fast food cashier or sit-down restaurant server you are there to SERVE the public. It is just as easy for us to go somewhere else. Which if enough of us do, you will not have to worry about seeing us at that restaurant again because you will have to close due to substantial profit loss. And if you keep that attitude, you will not be able to hold a job anywhere. Hardees trains all employees to provide 6 dollar service which means the service you would receive at a sit-down restaurant. I have worked for Hardees and a few other fast food restaurants as well as sit-down restaurants, in order to succeed you MUST bow down to all customers even if they are wrong because...wait for it...CUSTOMERS Are The REASON You Have A JOB! Yes most of the orders that come back are because of something your customer could fix themselves. But you don't have any ground to stand on because you are getting paid. Many times I have been off duty and cleaned or catered to customers. If a manager tells me to do something other that provide top quality service to my customers, I will tell them where they can put it. I have more to say on the topic, but seeing how this is getting long and I have the just of my point down I am going to leave it at this...The next time anyone visits a restaurant, be it fast food or sit-down, if you are not provided top quality service tell the employees, managers, and any customers how you feel and that YOU Are The REASON for the store being open.

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burger broke my tooth

On February 12th I went thru the drive thru in Spencer at the Hardees. I took my meal home which was a...

terrible quality breakfast potatoes

Man!!!...I've tried those breakfast potatos at least six times and they SUCK!!!...I kept specifically asking for has rounds in the drive up and kept getting those potatoes...finally I went inside and the lady said the potatoes have replaced the hash rounds and alot of people don't like them.., so now I only order the item and don't go for the combo or I go to mcd's...I'm sure those potatos are cheaper to make, but the hash rounds were so much better...from a business stand point this was a terriable move...at least hardees could have still offered the hash rounds as an option and kept stats to see how many opted for the rounds instead...this would have proved that nobody cared for these potatoes...they just plane suck...bad move for hardees...,

Glad to see they finally give up the ketchup tho..for awhile they horded it like it was good...would give you about two/three packs for fries...my god..., and...almost all hardee's operate on a skelton crew, very understaffed...why don't they step above their competition and pay just slightly more to get and retain the best...!!!

bad service

we visited the hardees after church services and was told they could not fix any onion rings or fresh fri...


I wish to write this e-mail as a complaint towards the Manager here in Goose Creek, due to reasons that I find as a Mother who's daughter was employed as of today January 2nd 2010, but had to walk out and quit her job due to the Mistreatment towards my child who I've raised 19 yrs and built up her self-esteem and for this Manager Miss Vicky to just mistreaat her and tare her self-esteem down were in my opinion she did not behave professionally and ethically in the manor a manager should conduct themselves in front of all of those who are employed and were present during the time. Miss Vicky was working with my daughter and humilated her in front of her peers and co-workers at that!. Then not only did Miss Vicky mistreat my daughter she also helped the co-workers baddger her and talk behind her back!!!..So with this situation that has occurred I think and believe the District manger needs to have a Chat with Miss Vicky and have her apologize to my daughter and repair her self-esteem..since it's the least she can do...and I would like a response from this complaint or else the matter will be resolved by a report on your record at the Better Bussiness Bureau..Employee Krystal Faith Marie Soares...Parent Mrs.Donna Palmer..please contact us through my daughters phone number which is listed through your company...Thank-You

  • Lc
    lckraut Jun 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just read your complaint and totally agree with what you have to say. I was a general manager with the company for over 5 years and had a great District Manager when I got there. The District Manager left the company to go on to greener pastures and another District Manager took over and mistreated not only his General Managers but their employees as well. He wanted to prove his power so he berated all that worked for him. He was a short man and I guess this is how it made him feel big. He also lied to make himself out to be the big shot all the time so do not be surprised if the same thing happens down where you are. By the way I am writing from Myrtle Beach so I do know what your daughter was up against.

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drive thru window

Only the second time I have driven through the drive thru to get breakfast. I ordered the same thing as I got...

poor work and managment

Ok... Well this is sad... I actually got on the computer to hunt for the employee complaint number and funny enough.. They dont have it on their website only the customer complaint is. I hate working for hardees. I am a single mother with daycare assitance... If anyone out there doesnt know I only have to pay for half my day but the thing is... Its just me and the daycare... I cant force the daycare to open at 4 in the morning. And even though my availability is only from 6 am to 4 pm... My manager still puts me on the scheduale for 4 in the morning... I live almost an hour away and seeing as how its the only job I could find I kept it... On top of all of this.. I dont have real days off im basically on call... I have been promised a raise twice.. H ave yet to see one but a girl who got hired months after me got hers a week ago... Im not suppose to work on friday mornings due to doc appointments.. Manager dont care he still puts me on the sched just to see if he can make me do it... I am getting so tired of being treated poorly... What sucks even more my manager is practically on his death bed... Has to wear an oxygen tank but smokes with it on and inside the building.. Gross... There is a hold time on all our food... And a certain amount of time you are suppose to keep the food down... He is more worried about our time then he is the quality... He makes us sell old fries.. Get rid of nasty old tea... Use ice cream thats been there for days to the point we have to microwave the ice cream so we can actually use the milkshake maker... Hes pulled biscuits out of the trashcan before to sell them to customers... Pulls meet up from the oil vats before they are fully cooked.. Mostly with chicken tenders.. Because they take longer and we have to cook them to order... If he doesnt like you.. He will change your scheduale.. Make you think you dont work when you actually do and get you fired as a no call no show... He can tend to be rather racist... And he doesnt care if you have already worked two straight shifts but because he is sick and tired he makes you work a 3rd one or he threatens cutting your hours... I hate hardees.. I wouldnt even suggest any food from hardees to anyone.. I dont even eat their food... The lettuce is always nasty... The mayo starts getting a nasty film over it... And bathrooms are disgusting... They dont care if they put you at an inconvience... Ughh I need to stop

  • Ih
    i hate hardees Jan 19, 2010

    My manager is a real B. I work really hard at this place. My manager cut my hours and took me off my job. I am never late and the employees say I am the hardest worker there and I get the job done for the lousing 3 hours I work there every day that I am scheduled. I will find me another job one that can give me credit where credit is due. My daddy always told me I can do anything I want...

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bad food quality

hi all,

today by about 7:30p.m. i called Hardees - Shams club branch - Cairo, Egypt to submit an order for the delivery of Swiss n mushroom sandwich and Cordon blue sandwich with one lare fries with cheddar cheese.
i requested an extra dressing for both sandwiches which was of course with an extra fees.

when the order came i found the sandwiches wrapped badly and with the least dressing and filling that is much less than the normal standard ones. i had a couple of bites me and my husband from both sandwiches and decided not to continue as they were really bad.
my husband called them back complaining about the order and a female responsible for complaints with a very rough attitude was answering him. after a long negotiation they said they'll send us another 2 sandwiches.
The new sandwiches came and they were of that good quality we know Hardees with. but unfortunately, 30 minutes later the customer service in the branch called us again, and for our surprise instead of asking us about our opinion about the sandwiches, the same girl with the rough attitude started yelling of how they received back the bad quality sandwiches that we returned with bites on them!! she told us that we shouldn't eat from them as long as they were of bad quality as we claimed.
we tried to tell her and how we'll find that they are with bad quality without tasting them! she answered back that what we have done is unacceptable !! my husband asked her to connect him with the store's manager and here he come Mr. Yasser Hamada (as he mentioned) with a much more aggressive tone and attitude and with same voice he insisted that we shouldnt have taken bites from the sandwiches.
they left us no other option but to yell back in their faces swearing not to order again and live such a bad experience again.


I am dalia, pharmacist, I have two daughters in a famous frensh school.
I went to hardees - heliopolis - egypt for booking a birthday for my two kids there.
The manager obliged me to present a meal for the parents of my kids'friends althought hardees - maadi didn't insist on this point.
As I have to make a birthday in heliopolis, I book in mc - heliopolis, they were very kind and about 53 kids enjoy the ceremony there.
They presented happy meals to the kids & drink with tarte to the parenst.
For me, I would like to deal with hardees but unfortunately I will not try again.


Well my Husband was employed at this hardees Since feburary until November 09. He has been asking for a schedule change due to transportation issues. He has been written up once that he signed for and had a verbal warning, however still no schedule change. On November 5, 2009 The manager Chanel crossed his name off the schedule, and did not notify him of the changes. He had to find out through word of mouth. He called to see what was going on, and thats when she told him that he has been fired. He called the district manager ( which is her friend) and requested a hearing because he felt it was un fair. The district manager told him that they can fire when ever they want, and that he could not get a copy of the write. Im writing this statement today to seek advice on what to do with this situation please help me.!!!

people handling food

The early morning shift doesn't wear gloves while handling food. If you ask them to put gloves on, they will comply, but shouldn't they wear them at all times if they are handling food?

  • DianeMac Oct 22, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes you are right to expect these food service employees to wear gloves when handling your food.they also should be wearing hair-nets!! nothing worse than seeing someone with long figure nails real or artificial, handling food, you know there's all kinds of crud underneath those nails!!
    its a health issues that you can report to the manager or dehec.

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rude slow and getting orders wrong

hardees in toccoa ga the cashier was very rude to me the family that was behind my husband and got their food first, i went befor my mother-in-law and she got hers befor my husband and me. i went up to the cash register to ask what was takeing so long befor i could get one word out she snaped out that it was still cooking(from my knowlage they should have had it ready it had already been 20 minutes) when i got my food i went to my car looked in my bag and seen that my order of large fries was not in there.(i had orderd the combo #9 plus an order of chilli cheese fries)i went back in to ask why i didnt get my large fries she said with attitude that she had replaced the large fries with the chilli fries thin if posable she got even smarter saying i owed her 1.49 if i wanted to have the fries. i had already payed 8.84 the meal was 5.99 plus .99cent for the large plus 1.29 for chillicheese fries plus tax whitch it comes to 8.84 what should i do


This has happened twice so far. When you order a combo it includes a small drink and side order plus tax. The employee then rings everything up separately and then its ????.59 . If you didn't catch the combo price you pay for the food and walk away. Heres the catch. Everything separately is more than the combo price and then plus tax on there it gets pretty expensive . Ever wonder why every receipt that you get everything is itemized on there. If you look closer sometimes its a few cents but the last time I was there it was .50 Cents for the combo more than the posted price. Breakfast burrito small coffee and hash rounds 3.99. It was rung up separately and came to 4.49 Plus tax which came to a total of 4.81. What happened to 3.99 Combo.

I contacted the Hardees corporate line and they will check due to its a franchise and not a privately owned .. Oh really I bet they will check. Next time are you getting more for your buck, or are they!!!


Dear mr. Andy puzder,
My name is hani fahim it’s a great pleasure writing to you sir, however I have a complaint against hardees egypt, I will explain what happened briefly, I called hardees yesterday at 11.45pm for delivery for only 2 five stars burgers combos and 1 super star burger combo after waiting for more than 50 minutes the order came wrong they brought only the 2 five stars burgers combos and forgot the super star sandwich, I called the customer complaints department 3 times and talked to 3 managers explaining to them what happened there names are khaled & ndash; e-kramy & ndash; sameh night shift in (Maadi branch) and nothing happened till now it’s the second day 5.30pm and till now I did not get my sandwich or refund the money!! Please help and try to teach these people how to work professionally.
Thank you so much sir

manager refused to serve us??

My wife and I and my 28 y/o son went to order from the store drive thru and we had a buy one sandwich get one free coupon and the girl said is it a 2.0 coupon we said no its a buy one get one fre and she again said its it a 2.50 off coujpon and we said no then she didnt let us fimnish our order and to bring the coupon around to the window and she looked at it and said NOW WHAT DO YOU ALL WANT in a mean belligerent voice and we said you dont have to have a attitude with us and she said to ua I am the only one working this side of the window and we said that not our problem we want to finish our order as we never got to do so!!them she looked at us and said I dont need your business after being there for 20 mins and late for work over her attitude??we left wihout our order, she refused us service and I am a disabled and a diabetic needing the food at that time??

  • Me
    Melissa L Aug 13, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would have called and reported her to the manager there, or try the corporate office and let them know how you were treated!

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