Greyhound Transpertationwheelchair seating

T Sep 05, 2018

Upon boarding bus from Sacramento to reno after earlier problems with restroom I discussed in prior complaint as we were going along the seats behind the wheelchair of mine kept creeping closer and closer to seats in front of me when we stopped in truckee the seats had closed up to the point my knees were up into my chin when I advised the driver she fooled with the seat momentarily and said nothing can be done at this time now hear I am titanium rod in left femur left hip screwed in place left clavicle still not healed fully and 3 compression fractures disc in lumbar area as well left heal still healing from 2 reconstructive surgeries and c4 yhru c7, discs in neck still in healing stage from motorcycle accident August of 2017 and here I again had to tell the driver the solution to the problem not only that I had to get down on the floor to release the belts holding wheelchair from rolling around than had to rehook the safety belts to the chair myself now thru all I have been thru I feel a refund is not asking too much at this time

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