Greyhoundracism and poor customer service

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A little over a week ago I took a bus trip from California to Texas for a family gathering. I typically prefer to fly, but when rates are a bit high I'm generally not above driving myself or taking public transportation. This may have been a mistake this time around.

I witnessed what I can only describe as a racially charged incident between the hispanic driver, an Hispanic security guard, and an African American passenger. I'd ridden on the bus with the black man and his two young daughters from Claremont to Phoenix with no incident.

At around 3 AM following our wonderfully timed layover, we reboarded. Shortly thereafter a Hispanic security guard approached him and asked him if his bag was placed above him. The man calmly said yes, and the security guard took his bag without explanation. When the passenger asked for the reasoning behind
the removal of his bag, he was told to sit down because he was "being rude." The security guard was gruff. I realize that you have the legal right to search our stuff when we board, but he treated this man poorly and scared his 3 and 5 year old girls. Then the security guard walks off the bus and the Hispanic bus driver gets on and proceeds to start verbally accosting the man, and then accuses him of being both drunk and rude. The man replies that his mother died from alcohol abuse, and even if she hadn't, he wouldn't be drinking around his two young daughters. The bus driver continues to argue with him and call him rude, and then steps off the bus. The security guard gets back on and calls the cops on his cell phone.

The passenger's 3 year old starts to weep and the 5 year old holds her closely to comfort her. After talking to the man briefly (I mentioned that by purchasing a ticket, we give them the right to search our stuff, even unfairly, and that If felt they were trying to provoke him him), and I could attest personally that the man did not smell like alcohol. He finally leaves the bus to avoid getting arrested before his children. I met him at the next stop in El Paso (my bus arrived late on top of all of that) as he was permitted to board another bus.

There was nothing found in the search and the police had no reason to arrest him.

I was so upset by the incident that I did not use my return ticket. My family flew me back from Texas at the last minute so that I wouldn't have to endure another exhausting trip in which customers are treated as inconveniences at best. My family often frequents this route to visit me, and this is not the first time an incident like this has occurred. My mother nearly got kicked off of the bus for trying defend a lady of Indian descent and her children from similar harassment.


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      Nov 05, 2011


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      Nov 14, 2011

    I am an employee at greyhound in Omaha Ne and first of all we always have a security guard and second greyhound refuses customers who are intoxicated or under the influence. They are bared and banned from greyhound and not allowed on the bus. I cant count on my hands and feet how many times i was on a plane or in the airport and a nasty three day wearin drug addict or drunk was sitting right next to me or walking 20 people in front of me and i could still smell them. Greyhound has problems just like flying or train rides. If you have a problem then talk to a manger or the security guard don't ### about it online. Its called talking... In person.. one on one

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      Jun 03, 2016
    Greyhound - Poor customer service
    Greyhound Canada
    British Columbia

    Worst service ever. I tried to purchase a ticket online (as I have every year to the same destination), and after clicking “purchase” it came back with “unable to complete your purchase”. No explanation why, just “unable” so I call a number. And am told to call another number, customer service. And I get voicemail. For customer service! I call another number and I get a human voice to speak with (finally), and take the time to tell him all my information, only to have him tell me “unable to complete your purchase”. He tells me to call customer service. This time someone answers, but of course, is unable to help me. He gives me the number for national customer service. And guess what?? They were unable to help me. They told me I had to go to the station and purchase my ticket in person and it would cost more. Good logic. Make the customer waste their time by going to the station, and charge them more money for it.
    Why are we tolerating this [censored] customer service? Why doesn’t Greyhound have any competition? They have no incentive to improve their service, because we have no other options!

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