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GoToGate Complaints & Reviews

GoToGate / the ticket from Bucharest to Cluj Napoca on 14 april 2019

Apr 19, 2019

I wish to receive an answer in connection with the inconvenience produced by your website. Ater 17 hours of flight from thailand to romania, I had to stay 8 hours at Otopeni airport Bucharest, because in the mail sent by your company on 12.04.2019 and 13.04.2019 write that the new flight...

GoToGate / I am complaining about changing name.

Apr 14, 2019

Dear, It is to inform you that i have contacted Etihad Airlines Customer Support Service, They said to me you can change the name correction upto 3 alphabets free of cost from the travel agency. kindly correct my daughter name from "Hsim" to "Haim" having Passport number: M12576393 . It i...

GoToGate / payment not received and ignoring me.

Apr 13, 2019

i have purchased my ticket with ( GOTOGATE ) through sky scanner website, i have missed my going flight ( the first part ) of the ticket on the 14th of march 2019, and since that day i am trying desperately to reach GOTOGATE to help me, and they are doing nothing but asking me for more...

GoToGate / cancellation of a reserve and non reimbursement of the money taken out from my bank account

Apr 8, 2019

Last Friday, I reserved a flight for me and my husband on GoToGate site and received by email the confirmation with the reference nr. PQYTHY and the amount of 1602, 99 € was taken out of my bank account. Some hours later, I received an email from them informing that due to "technical reasons"...

GoToGate / flight booking cancelled with no explanation

Apr 7, 2019

To whom it may concern, My booking number is WKV97A . My name is Rachael and am one of the passengers on the trip booked yesterday on My Trip .It is a return flight from Penang to Johannesburg .I received confirmation of the booking the same day(7.4.19).But got an email today(8.4.19...

GoToGate / non refunding money paid since three month and a half

Apr 5, 2019

Good morning, Booking reference : UMCYFT My name is Alain Ménargues, I am a French citizen, and I bought on the 25th of December 2018 a business two ways ticket on Uzbekistan Airways : Bangkok-Tachkent-Paris, Paris-Tashkent-Bangkok. I bought the ticket on line, reference UMCYFT, going to...

GoToGate / flight tickets on air namibia

Mar 29, 2019

I have booked tickets to windhoek and back as a presenter of a course. Air Namibia changed flight times. I communicated to them andcthey were willing to send my agent a notice for 100% refund. I had to arrange it with Gotogate, but the order was sent by the airline on my gotogate booking. I...

GoToGate / refund not received / overcharge refund / misleading info

Mar 27, 2019

Booking number ls468i Booking number lqcfmd I have booked two round trip tickets from gotogate from hk to toronto (via shanghai) for me and my son on 30 jun 2018. We arrived the airport 45mins before departure on 18 july 2018 but the gate has been closed. Airline told me they can put us on...

GoToGate / flight cancellation

Mar 18, 2019

The order number is KTTV9Q. The passenger needed to cancel the ticket for the return flight due to the urgent bacterial infection. She booked the flight back to Hong Kong this Thursday for the treatment. Because it is a urgent matter, I am not happy that the airline put a large...

GoToGate / a bag I have paid for, and needed to pay again at the airport

Mar 18, 2019

Hi, I have bought a tickets flight from Tel Aviv to Barcelona and back. Confirmation no. KUBRT0. I have paid 44 € for a bag. For the first flight with Arkia, the ticket was including 20Kg bag so I didn't need to pay. And from Barcelona to Tel Aviv the flying company didn't receive the money...

GoToGate / booking refund

Mar 14, 2019

My Name is Philip Amanortey Agbetiameh, Contact No. +971553777645/ email ID [email protected], i make a booking on the 25th of Feb. 2019 the ticket was not confirmed but my money was taking from credit account. The booking was made for SYLVIA ADDEN i make several phone calls and was told...

[Resolved] GoToGate / booking all round flight tickets

Mar 13, 2019

I Search flights to athenes through Skyscanner which affilate to gotogate, an online web/travel agency. I Made a mistake on the return flight (pm/am mismatch). I saw that within 5 minutes from order and send them cancelation or achange to other flight. They replid no can do.. you will pay...

GoToGate / plane ticket paid without confirmation

Mar 12, 2019

Hi, Last night I checked the site for a ticket from Bucharest to Timisoara, the site said the ticket is 8 euro, I have confirmed the rezervation, when they told me that the tickets is not 8 euro anymore, but with 16 euros extra, they asked me if I accept it or decline, my credit card info...

GoToGate / cancellation fee

Feb 27, 2019

Hello. My name is Laypsker Irina. The order was made on my father's name Ishay Goziket +972543030957 On February 27 2019, I tried to book a ticket from Tel Aviv to Moscow. When I proved the payment, I received a massage that something went wrong and I have to try again, what I did. Then I...

GoToGate / cancelation fees

Feb 25, 2019

Hello, i've canceled 2 minutes later a flight with the specific information the ticket number:072-3185801345, book. no/air. ref. jr47gk /gf/uamkbo with the passenger name of mr abou dihn amro, denaturing in 27 june and return in 7 july beirut - bangkok round trip, through gulf air...

GoToGate / ticket cancelled but refund not processed by them

Feb 23, 2019

Dear sir I have cancelled the booking on 25 th dec 2018 and till now have not received any refund for the cancellation. I am requesting you to please organise to refund the amount due to me. below are details of the booking Gotogate 0000003341392 sa.gotogate.c swe Flight booking order number...

GoToGate / full refund due to accidentally duplicate booking

Feb 21, 2019

To whom it may concern   On the (15.2.19 at 20:30 pm) I made a flying ticket booking on Go Togate, FROM Tel Aviv to Budapest using Wizz airlines   During the purchase process your site stuck and I didn't get the confirmation as a result a duplicate booking was made. After immediately talking...

GoToGate / clarifications on the charges of seating arrangements

Feb 11, 2019

Good day. Ive booked for five persons from cebu city philippines to shanghai pudong then to vancouver canada. Flight details as folows: Booking: JRBFYM Order: KTO754 Order Date: Feb 9 2019 Departure date April 18, 2019 We were charge with seating arrangments. Upon calling to China Eastern...

GoToGate / airline booking, wrongly charging extra for baggage

Jan 31, 2019

This refers to the online ticket booking made through the website GoToGate. My Father-in-law was hospitalized and I had to rush to India the very next day. The online booking system prompted to book luggage with two options- 1) no baggage 2) 12kg luggage including the carry on As I had to...

GoToGate / horrible service

Jan 24, 2019

My name is Ruta M. I bought 3 tickets Booking No. Riga - Kuala Lumpur LRNVKS Booking No. Kuala Lumpur - Riga LRNVKS Order number KT6YV0 Order date 21 Jan 2019 There at first was an issue with payment from my end so 2 times payment was unsuccessful I contact Gotogate they advised contact my...

GoToGate / unauthorized credit card charges

Jan 15, 2019

Date of incident : 13 january 2019 Description : I made two attempts to book a flight from kuwait to oman through the booking steps, gotogate informed me that the transaction couldn't happen, moreover I received un email : Bonjour chiheb ben salem! Dans l'impossibilité de valider votre règlement...

GoToGate / scam!!!

Jan 4, 2019

my name is lynda whincup. my flight reference is mmuhag. through the search engine skyscanner, on 26/12/18 I booked a number of flights. all 3 flights turned out to be not the dates I had selected. at first I though I must have made the error but then I saw the date change itself on the...

GoToGate / request to add a baggage and receive a receipt

Jan 3, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam, I have just booked 2 tickets (go and return) from Tel Aviv to Nuremberg (through Istanbul) and I can't seem to add an extra baggage for my return trip. also I would like to receive the receipt for my payment (on the two tickets). I can't get to your contact us form at your website. looking forward for your reply thanks in advance

[Resolved] GoToGate / confirmation number kpc56v

Jan 2, 2019

I refer to the cancellation of our flight booked through you. Spice Jet confirmed on 28 December 2018 that a FULL REFUND had been issued by them to you as our agent. This has not been passed on, my emails are ignored and I have twice called your UK number. Each time the person I have spoken to...

GoToGate / my booking confirmation; no contact information of gotogate

Dec 27, 2018

Hello, I am Nathaniel and my booking confirmation is DZKZQX. I honestly mistaken my email address on my details. Please correct it for me asap. It should be [email protected] and I tried to see any email address you have but it is so hard to find. Please correct my email addre...

GoToGate / no confirmation of ticket booking

Dec 20, 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, On Tuesday 19/12/2018 I made a flight booking on the route Warsaw-Doha 30/12/18, Doha-Warsaw 09/12/08 on Gotogate website, until today I have not received any information from you that confirms my booking, although I have already received information from Dot pay with...

GoToGate / rebooking 2019

Dec 14, 2018

Dear GOTOGATE My name is NGUYEN THI THUY LINH. This is message from booking number OM226M. I woukd like to make a change on date of my flight from 9 January till 27 September to 1 st April till 5 July. I would appreciate if you can reply my message through My email ...

GoToGate / unethical behaviour ks7rg2

Dec 13, 2018

KS7RG2 Hello. I asked you to re-schedule the return flight. You charged me 144 Euros. At the same time you were offering the same flight online (AirEuropa, Frankfurt -Oporto 10:50 hrs, 18th December) for 75.99 Euros. You have just sent me an email, in response to my request for a refund...

GoToGate / my booking

Dec 13, 2018

Dears I have done a booking yesterday, for two passengers to istanbul on turkish airline (zainab almualem and Abdulla aman), Trip is from 6th till 16th of January. As per below message, amount was deducted (Thank you for using your card XXXX2240 for GBP 625.080 at ETRAVELI.COM UK on 12-Dec 7:39 PM...

GoToGate / confirm air tickets void without any information, intimation, consent

Nov 16, 2018

Confirm air tickets were void by gotogate without any Information, consent from us, untill we received a message from bank about refund transaction from gotogate . On questioning, first excuse was Issue with bank account, when clarified with bank, their second excuse - it was a Security...

GoToGate / money, I need refund

Nov 7, 2018

Hello I was trying to book tickets on the 4th of November 2018, and it did not work. Now I want to use my money but it's not on the card but I have no tickets purchased from GOTOGATE (i now bought tickets through a travel agent here from bolivia, already), so i would like to ask for the...

GoToGate / I did not receive my booking yet.

Nov 7, 2018

I got an email from [email protected] stating that Gotogate is currently processing my order, and once the payment has been confirmed, I will receive and email confirmation. This was over an hour ago, and I still did not receive an email confirmation of my booking. The mobile number I...

GoToGate / check in facility for £7 - booking number mznnct

Nov 5, 2018

I have booked to fly from London to Warsaw on 8 Nov, returning on 10 Nov. I received the booking confirmation on 4th October with no information on how to check in. I received an email on 2nd November stating that I could check in early if I paid £7. The exact wording on the email was "Let...

GoToGate / cancellation of flight

Oct 30, 2018

Flight fihour from athens, greece-london on 3 november 2018 was cancelled on 17 october by cobalt (the carrier) which ceased operations. The flight had been paid in full. My son was not informed until today. He has received no emails informing him of the demise of cobalt or what he should...

GoToGate / cargo de dinero no entendible

Oct 29, 2018

Soy Jaquelina Marchese les estoy pidiendo un reembolso que tuve que pagar en el aeropuerto de Paris Beauvais con numero de reserva N2BDKD hacia Barcelona el dia 2 de octubre por dos pasajeros, el mio propio y Jorge Calatayud por un total de 190 Euros por equipaje y checking en...

GoToGate / return money

Oct 23, 2018

Dear company, i have booked a ticket from your company but i didnt use it. I called to Airserbian to ask about my return ticket if i can use it and they say, i cannot . Airserbian told me that if i had booked my ticket from airserbian company they could return me the airport taxes back but...

GoToGate / overcharging by the site

Oct 21, 2018

I am frequent traveler, and for the first time, I booked the Return Tickets from Delhi to London, on 20-10-2018.. went to this Site, taken by Skyscanner. The Final Price arrived by the site after adding the card charges etc...was Rs 34565, But when the amount was deducted it was Rs 36079...

GoToGate / transaction done amount deducted from account but flight ticket not received or any details about booking

Oct 21, 2018

I booked my ticket from gotogate website on 21.10.2018 morning. Flight from abu dhabi to raipur on 29.10.2018 and returning on 17.11.2018 so all payment transaction done but didnt receivded my ticket details or any email about my booking. I spent usd 319.37 for this booking. So please mail...

GoToGate / ticketing

Oct 15, 2018

Dear Admin, Kindly help me, i've transaction with gotogate at 15 oct 2018 about 10.00 pm and 16 oct 2018 at 5.00-06.00 am Srinagar-Delhi with amount usd 49.82 twice and usd 50.33 for booking indigo air with under name Mohamad iqbal assegaf, Muhammad yunus, and andriana my transaction...

GoToGate / ticket cancelled by saudia airlines - reimbursement request for new flight ticket cost

Oct 15, 2018

Dear Sir, Good Day, I booked flight ticket SAUDIA on 25th June by through GOTOGATE website. (Booking reference-FIKALL; Order number KPD6P7; Flight No-SV896; Departure date & time 16th Aug 4.45am; Luggage 46kg) for direct flight Riyadh to Bangalore. I reached airport on 16th Aug early...