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no feedback from the phone or email at all, money restrain

Hello, I got my flights cancelled due to Covid and I purchased tickets via gotogate. I sent few requests and...

Refund cost of tickets, flights cancelled due to the pandemic - booking zhwgdc

Regarding Booking number: ZHWGDC, flight tickets for our party of two (Vlad Falcon and Doina-Maria Falcon)
Due to the pandemic, all flights in this booking have been cancelled.
I wrote to GoToGate on March 17, asking for a refund and also created an online ticket for Customer Support on March 24, TicketNr. [protected]. As nobody has contacted us, on March 31st, we phoned Gotogate and talked to a representative. He asked us to cancel our tickets in order to receive a refund. He also told us that we will receive the refund less 45$, that the agency is charging for the cancellation, of the amount of 2, 350.97$CAD. He could not give us any timeframe for the refund.
I did not receive any email describing our conversation in order to close my initial Case #[protected].
On April 6, I wrote another email referencing my TicketNr. [protected] and describing the phone conversation that I had with the customer support representative on March 31st. I received an automatic reply that the TicketNr. [protected] has been closed as there was no communication for 60 days, (false affirmation) and that I should open a new case.
I did this again on April 6 and now I have the new TicketNr. [protected].
I am very unhappy with the service I am receiving from GoToGate considering that I did not receive any email or confirmation of our telephone conversation, neither the date when I will receive the refund.
I am waiting for a refund for a total of 2, 350.97$CAD.
I kindly ask you to resolve this matter to our satisfaction.
I am attaching photos of: tickets, invoice, bank transaction, customer support tickets and correspondence with Gotogate.

Thank you!
Sincerely yours,
Vlad Falcon

Refund cost of tickets, flights cancelled due to the pandemic - booking zhwgdc
Refund cost of tickets, flights cancelled due to the pandemic - booking zhwgdc
Refund cost of tickets, flights cancelled due to the pandemic - booking zhwgdc
Refund cost of tickets, flights cancelled due to the pandemic - booking zhwgdc
Refund cost of tickets, flights cancelled due to the pandemic - booking zhwgdc
Refund cost of tickets, flights cancelled due to the pandemic - booking zhwgdc
Refund cost of tickets, flights cancelled due to the pandemic - booking zhwgdc
Refund cost of tickets, flights cancelled due to the pandemic - booking zhwgdc
Refund cost of tickets, flights cancelled due to the pandemic - booking zhwgdc
Refund cost of tickets, flights cancelled due to the pandemic - booking zhwgdc


Booking KLN9EX ref E2P5BT (vs) case number [protected]

From: Leon du Plessis
Sent: Monday, 16 March 2020 20:59
To: 'Gotogate'
Subject: RE: Confirmation; Order number: L1S1RY, Booking references: Flight: KLN9EX
Importance: High

To whom it may concern

Against the background of the current COVID-19 virus Global situation as well as all the international travel bands, also in our own country. South Africa.

We request as follow: to postpone and reschedule above mentioned booking to the following dates:





We trust that there will be no further cost implications due to the COVID-19 virus world wide

Your favourable consideration will be appreciated.
E2P5BT Check in Case Number GOTOGATE [protected]

Kindly advise

Refund not received due to their negligence and breaches under the australian consumer law act (cth)

Re: Booking number: MV379K Demand for Refund Pursuant to Australian Consumer Law (ACL) Booking I am writing...


Contact phone number

Hello this is the phone number you indicate for Switerland.
THis number is not valid!

I need to contact your company urgently.

Thanks for your help, please give me the right phone number.
Best regards

David Finkel

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My flights cancelled by airline

I had planned return flights from Brisbane to Amsterdam departing on 23rd April with Cathay Pacific (booking number pi54ps). My flights have been cancelled by the airline and I have tried to ring and email gotogate many times without success for my refund. I get no reply to my emails and a number unobtainable signal on the phone using the phone number they provide

No way to cancel flights, either email or call reachable

Booking number : SMCDPR

All the flights in this booking were either cancelled or re-scheduled. Contacting airline but was told that can only cancel via travel agent. I contacted this agent by email for around one month, but no response. I am calling the Hong Kong local contact number +[protected] for more than one hour, but nobody pick up the call. The flights will happen in 3 days. Such a poor service!! Or whether it is just a fraud!!

invalid booking reference

I bought 4 tickets on 4/11/2019 and was given booking no( L0K8PA) from GOTOGATE as well as 2 booking references(S4RBAX and FWSXAO)
In view of current situation, I wanted to change my flight. I contacted the website which provide phone numbers but all not reachable. I sent email with case number given. After the due date, there was no feedback, I resend several times and no feedback at all after the due date given.
Please get someone to reach out to me, I have called my bank and obtained the transaction code as well. I even called the airlines about the booking but was told to refer to merchant.

Please get some one to contact me cassandra.[protected]@gmail.com

Thank you.

invalid booking reference
invalid booking reference
invalid booking reference



Due to the pandemic my flight has been cancelled. Requested refund from mytrip but got no response via phone or email. This has been going on for weeks as no one seems to respond. It will leave me with no other option but to bring my lawyers on board.

  • Updated by Keron2020 · Mar 25, 2020

    Mytrip, gotogate do not respond to emails. I've been contacting them for weeks to get my refund on a cancelled trip, and no response. Phone number listed on their site goes unanswered.

I am not unable to can flights

I have tried contacting gotogate and there's no way for me contact them.
All phones are not contacted so there's no way for them to contacted and website doesnt give you an option to cancel flights.
My flights worth $750 and it's very upsetting that in times of this Covid-19 crisis they happen to just rip you off.
my order number is Order number: L3OF30
Please call [protected] if you can help with the issue!

No one answering my calls/replying my email

I have submitted a request to cancel my flight departing on 29th March, on the 10th of March with case number [protected]. And have called +[protected] numerous times since 19th March. But to no response. I expect them to cancel and refund my ticket purchase.

No one answering my calls/replying my email


can't travel due to coronavirus

In light of the coronavirus i have been advised not to travel to london and have been having issues with norwegian airlines and this travel agency to just rebook my flight not cancel with refund my flights. I have went through several hang up on calls failed transactions for rebooking fees and I don't appreciate how i have been treated. I don't feel it's fair for those who actually wanted to travel and have uncertainty because of a worldwide pandemic to have to be at fault and lose out on all their money for flights and baggage without any compensation or incentive atleast. It is very frustrating and stressful to be going back forth for a week with no help. There is no info on either websites on whether the countries you travel to will accept you in so you will be at risk

Refund of my tickets


I have been emailing Gotogate to complete my refund request for my SFO-NY trip! We prioritize our safety and have decided not to push through with our flight.

We are traveling from the Philippines and COVID-19 cases here are getting more and more each day! We are already planning to cancel our flight to US for our own safety, thus we are also canceling our flights in between. Again, we are not pushing through with our flight to NY so please cancel my flight so I can get refund ASAP!

I hope to get feedback on this matter! It seems like my request is not being taken seriously!




Refund of my tickets


booking mistake

Good afternoon, I just make the reservation 18:56 spanish time (38' ago) - with reservation number...

Cancellation of flight due to lockdown in Manila this 12 of March 2020

The flight for Manila should be cancelled due to lockdown because of focus 19. Therefor then I need a refund for this BOOKING NO. MEOKFI

Cancellation of flight due to lockdown in Manila this 12 of March 2020


Poor Customer Service & No action on refund of tickets

Dear Sir/Maam,

Referring to the Booking Confirmation, please note that after my several attempts to contact GOTOGATE by Phone calls as well as via emails, till date i have not received any Confirmation for Cancellation.

I would like to Cancel this booking due to the Corona virus issue, since the Clients have been instructed by the Kuwait Government for not travelling and also because of the genuine reason that their wards Schools opening is now scheduled to open on 28th March.

Thus, it is my humble request to Cancel this ticket and reimburse the amount considering that it is an emergency cancellation and not a normal one.

E-mail: [protected]@gmail.com
Telephone number: +965-[protected]
Booking number: ZTGDNR
Order number: L3CSJJ
Original departure date: 28/03/2020

Need your urgent response.

With regards,

Huzefa Ravat

No response for Cancellation of China Airlines Flight whether to get Full Refund

Name: Lee Yin Siong Phone: +[protected]
Booking No: M67JMZ Order No: L141RF
Flight Departure: 19 April 2020, Taipei to Singapore

This is the forth email and I also called many times which total phone call timing more 120 minutes since 26 February 2020 but my case still haven't settle, your side always reply me an automatically generated e-mail and give case number as [protected], [protected] and [protected].
We saw the news on China Airlines website mentioned that our booking flight on 19 April 20 from Taiwan to Singapore is affected due to Novel Coronavirus. We called your company on 23rd Feb to check and want to cancel the flight and your colleague mentioned that we need to get approval from China Airlines in order to get full refund because our original flight is noon but due to delay had been changed to night. So we contacted China Airlines and they reply us via mail mentioned that we are allow to get full refund and will put a remark to let agent know. After that we try to call back your company but always nobody pickup or the phone ended when your colleague transfer us to another department. Then we send 1st email and only replied us mentioned already send request to support team and no more reply after that. Then we use that reply to reply back and the answer we get is the request is closed and concluded. Our problem haven't settle how come the case closed and concluded? Then we send 2nd request for cancellation and include the reply we get from China Airlines but till now didn't get any reply.

Please give us the email of the support team or the email/contact of your manager so that we can contact them directly to solve the problem. Don't reply me that already send the request only as your customer service is really bad and wasted a lot of our times. We already get approval from China Airlines to get full refund and we wonder why it is so difficult for your side to check and cancel the booking then refund us. Please follow up this case as soon as possible. Thanks.

No response for Cancellation of China Airlines Flight whether to get Full Refund
No response for Cancellation of China Airlines Flight whether to get Full Refund
No response for Cancellation of China Airlines Flight whether to get Full Refund
No response for Cancellation of China Airlines Flight whether to get Full Refund


The airline decided to give a refund, but Gotogate is dragging time.

I used a translator.
I used Skyscanner to buy flights from Incheon International Airport to Ho Chi Minh City and flying to Bangkok from Gotogate on March 4th.

You may know that the Korean virus has spread.

Vietnam Airlines has now canceled many tickets. The flight to be boarded was not canceled. However, the return flight was canceled.

I have contacted Vietnam Airlines and have been informed that a refund is available. However, since it was not purchased from an airline, it must be refunded at Gotogate.

received about 30 email requests for cancellation. They tolerated and did not reply. We have received your email continuously but do not verify it.

I called but did not answer it. I have been waiting for a phone call for more than 30 minutes. The cumulative waiting time is over 3 hours.

The agent answered the call. I will request a refund and it will take 24 hours.

Then I contacted Vietnam Airlines by phone. Vietnam Airlines has no incident of refund. Gotogate speaks and does not actually accept refunds.

I collected all the evidence. I recorded all the calls. We have also collected your e-mail receipt history.

Vietnam Airlines has clearly stated that a refund is possible.

Gotogate also sent me an email.

Dear Sir,

Due to the Force Majeure situation with the Coronavirus you are entitled to a full refund for your ticket. If you confirm to cancel your ticket, the amount will be refunded through the original form of payment. Keep in mind that some extra services may not be refunded (Check-in service, Seating service, etc.).

Please note that your booking has not been cancelled yet. You need to reply to this email within 48 hours to confirm the cancellation of your booking. Your booking needs to be cancelled at least 5 days before your original departure date.

The handling time for the refund is currently between 3-5 weeks, but due to the present situation it may take slightly longer. We will of course do our very best to get your refund to you as quickly as possible and you will receive an email when your refund has been processed.

Your booking is not cancelled until you have received a cancellation confirmation from us prior to departure.

Kind regards,
Vaibhav S, Customer Service

Gotogate will definitely not cancel until March 4th. And I will call you on March 4th. And Gotogate will hold me full responsibility. It's an obvious story.

Unethical refusal to refund ticket

Utterly poor and disappointing service to get a refund for a flight cancelled due to dangerous travel to china regarding Covid-19. GotoGate should be fined and their license revoked for the utter disregard for Instruction and authorisation in writing given by Air China to issue the refund. My husband has called 6 times and spent literally hours on hold - this company's customer service are a joke and they are just passing the buck and passing us around like pingpong balls. Even the manager refused to help and they are completely rude and careless. The CEO should take some action and not just ignore emails by clients. This service will indeed be reported and to the authorities for fraudulent and negligent behaviour.

booking #r4coye

I booked a ticket with you as (first class), I called the airline and they said is (economic). If I needed economic would have booked it. Please help with this matter. I do not want economic class. I want whatever option is the first class in that euro Atlantic airways operated by STP airways. I wanted to flight comfortably, that's the reason I booked a higher class on that flight.

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