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Jan 04, 2021

FlightNetwork.com — Ticket not confirming and not answering phone call

All the information below I write is truthful and I have proof of call. They are giving one of the worst...

FlightNetwork.comCovid-19 cancelled flights refund

My flight with departure date of 4/19 got cancelled in April due to COVID-19. Back in April I contacted FlightNetwork to process the refund, which they say they would do. After that I have sent several emails and have been on the phone for many hours waiting for an update which hasn't come up to date. It's been 8 months and I haven't received even one email with an update on what is happening, even though in their webpage they say they would be providing updates every 1st and 15th of the month.

Moreover, Norwegian confirmed refund of the tickets back in July but I still haven't received anything from FlightNetwork.

I would like to receive my money back ($1, 018.50)

Booking number 8608362
Order number KSCSLH

Covid-19 cancelled flights refund
Covid-19 cancelled flights refund

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    FlightNetwork.comFake services.

    Charged 50 bucks for hand baggage, confused because the airline had no idea what it was, no one did, they recommended I redo the order without the extra charge so I did, was told i was gonna get a full refund within 7 business days.
    Turns out I didn't get a single cent back, now having to pay for two flights, because of a charge for services that don't exist.
    I am more than frustrated so close to the holiday season that 140 would have come in handy.

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      FlightNetwork.comFlight got cancelled and no rebooking

      My flight also got cancelled, that was booked through FN (Booking #S0X43K Ordering # L4T7ZT) also same here, FN claimed it was cancelled by the airline, but when I checked with the airline, they referred me back to FN. Pointing at each other. Somebody gonna solve this.
      FN emailed me with open ticket but I when call them to rebooking. Guess what they [censored]ing let me to wait 2 hours and finally one agent answered and without asking anything and transfer me to another dept. Then another 6.5 hrsrs of waiting (still waiting). wtf is this. All I need to do is rebooking another route to canada using their damn open ticket. Is there a [censored]ing big problem about this. Why they make it so freaking complicated. Somebody tell me what to do, I can be reached at [protected]@hotmail.com

      Flight got cancelled and no rebooking

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        FlightNetwork.comTickets not being emailed with confirmation


        We are still waiting for our tickets to be emailed to us. We have called every number you have provided by your company and they have all been changed.
        No one has replied back to any of our emails... We have had to call qantas to confirm you have made a reservation. This is very unprofessional on your behalf.

        I would like to be contacted today on
        [protected] and [protected]@gmail.com with the tickets and confirmation.

        Cherie Menegola

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          Aug 26, 2020

          FlightNetwork.com — Flight cancelled

          My flight (Booking #SPTZ4G) that was booked through Flight Network (FN) was cancelled. FN claimed it wa...

          FlightNetwork.comTravel Date - 24Mar20/ Booking Ref. M5FVXO_1JR119

          i have purchased a ticket on 17th February-2020 for the travel date 03-24-2020 from DAC-DOH-JFK-DEN. The ticket was for me, my wife ASMA SHEULY and my daughter MARIAM MOSTOFA. The ticket was cancel by you/Qatar Airways and i had to take a different flight (Cathey Pacific) to come to Denver. Now i'm asking for a full refund as you cancelled the flight NOT BY ME.

          I dont want a refund voucher/credit for a shorter period as i have no plan to visit back to my country or any other place next 2 or 3 years.

          Please give my full refund as soon as possible as i am jobless last 3 weeks and i am going through a financial crisis.


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            FlightNetwork.comno refund

            Hello My Name is Cormac O'Riordan

            I have booked a flight booking reference 8613566 from Sydney to San Francisco April 6th.
            Due to Covid 19 and my travel Insurance not covering a pandemic I must now cancel both Myself and my Partner Joanna Dalton. Could you please cancel flights and return my fares as I paid for insurance for cancellation abd could you please reyturn the fares to the credit Card in which i used to pay for these flights..
            Thank you

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              FlightNetwork.comCustomer Service (DROPPED MY PHONE AFTER PICKING IT UP)

              I was waiting in line for 3.5 hours yesterday no one picked up. I was in the waiting line for 2 hours today, someone picked up told me to wait for 5 mins and dropped the call. WHAT?? How can someone drop the call on their customer? I am an international student and my university is restricting any travel abroad. I paid $1200 dollars to see my family after 2 years and these 1200 is a huge deal for an international student. I am crying right now as I have finals next week and I am just wasting more than 6 hours waiting to just talk to a representative? This is unacceptable. This is harassment. Qatar has a full refund policy, and I should be getting my money back. If they don't answer my calls, or HANG up on my face again today, I am filing a harassment case against them. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU TREAT YOUR CUSTOMER. NEVER buying tickets from this website again.

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                Dec 24, 2019

                FlightNetwork.com — norwegian airlines

                I am filing a complaint about Norwegian Airlines and the lack of customer support from the airline and your...

                Dec 10, 2019

                FlightNetwork.com — airline flights

                I tried to book a ticket with them, they sent me an email saying the payment had not proceed because of my...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                FlightNetwork.comdouble booking charges

                Hello, herewith s complain about
                Double charges for cancelled air booking reference NCM505( ID 8310135) It have been agreed on 24.09.2019 to cancel completely flight booking and charge 50% of airfare on Oman Air flight immediately after performed authorisation.
                In the meantime debit to my credit card shows otherwise.
                Please explain why you charge 515, 99€ (on which we agreed) and again 513, 95€ thru subsidiaries in United Kingdom on 24.09.2019?

                double booking charges

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                  The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

                  • FlightNetwork.com's response · Nov 20, 2019

                    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We do apologize for the inconvenience you have encountered. As per the notes on file, we do see that a refund of $746.78CAD was processed to the card on file on November 13, 2019. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

                  Oct 28, 2019

                  FlightNetwork.com — deceiving business practices

                  Before starting the review, I suggest readers who have bought tickets through flightnetwork.com to read thi...


                  FlightNetwork.comunable to cancel inbound ticket via flightnetwork

                  Dear Sir / Madam

                  My name is Suresh Kunjuraman. I am Malaysian but working in Al Ula, Saudi Arabia. My Flight Network booking ID is: 8340150 and the Flight Confirmation number is : MGBVC0. On 8th Oct, I booked a flight from Riyadh to Kuala Lumpur for departure on 27th Oct and the return journey from New Delhi to Riyadh on 9th Oct via Oman Air. I also purchased A Trip Cancellation Proctetion for 61.68 EUR. The only reason I booked via Oman Air for return is because I also have a connected flight from Riyadh to Al Ula at 18.30pm. And the original arriving time from Delhi - Muscat - Riyadh was about at 15.55 pm. Hence, it is an ideal trip.

                  But on 16th Oct, I received an email from FlightNetwork citing that the arrival time from Muscat to Riyadh is changed from 15.55 pm to 20.20. Obviously, this arrival time is not suitable to me since the connecting flight from Riyadh is at 18.30. They also gave me another option for an arrival to Riyadh on the following day which is 10th Nov. Since both options does not suit me, I responded to their email immediately requesting them to cancel the Delhi - Muscat - Riyadh flight. They responded saying that it is not possible to cancel 1 way and I should cancel both outbound in inbound. On 16th Oct, I emailed them saying that if it is not viable to cancel the inbound flight, I would prefer to cancel both outbound and inbound trips and requested a refund. They responded on the same day stating that they need to write to Oman Air to cancel the ticket. Thereafter, I sent 2 emails for which I did not get a response. On 21st Oct ( today), I received an email from FlightNetwork's Schedule Change Specialist citing that the airline replied to them stating, refund is not permitted only one date change is permitted. As I am left with no choice, I responded saying it does not matter of the return journey since I am left with no other choice then booking another flight to return to Riyadh on 9th Nov to board the connecting flight to Al Ula. I failed to understand of despite getting the so called Trip cancellation Protection which carries no value, I am on total lost.

                  Please assist to cancel the inbound ticket from Delhi - Muscat - Riyadh on 9th Nov via Oman Air 681. Thanks


                  Suresh Kunjuraman
                  email: [protected]@yahoo.com
                  Tel: 00966 [protected] ( Saudi Arabia)

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                    • Updated by suh21 · Oct 21, 2019

                      Noted. on the Trip Cancellation Protection. But is not possible to cancel the inbound ticket from New Delhi - Muscat - Riyadh on 9th Nov, since I will miss the connection flight from Riyadh to Al Ula with both provided options since the connection flight is on 9th Nov at 18.30

                    • Updated by suh21 · Oct 21, 2019

                      Is it not possible to cancel the inbound ticket since both the options does not suit me?

                    Oct 15, 2019

                    FlightNetwork.com — website / customer care / flexible fare / charges

                    I would like to make an official complaint as your website omitted important information to make an informed...

                    FlightNetwork.comrefund of airline tickets due to norwegian airlines cancellation of flight

                    Re: Booking ID 7789588

                    Please see the email that I received from Norwegian Airlines on Oct 2, 2019, in which they acknowledge that FlightNetwork, as the travel agent, should refund me the cost of the four airline tickets (total of $1459.80) that I purchased thru the agency due to the airline cancelling the flight for technical problems with the plane.

                    Please note their comment... "If you booked your ticket through a travel agency, please contact them for a refund".

                    To date, no refund has been processed.

                    Thank you in advance.

                    Patricia Toro

                    From: "[protected]@norwegian.no"
                    Date: Wednesday, October 2, 2019 at 7:11 AM
                    To: "[protected]@hotmail.com"
                    Subject: Norwegian full refund/refusjon UZP8OB

                    The cost of your ticket(s) 328-[protected], 328-[protected], 328-[protected], 328-[protected] is now refunded to the credit card that was used when you made the booking. It will be credited within 1 week.

                    If you booked your ticket through a travel agency, please contact them for a refund.

                    Best regards
                    Norwegian Refund Department

                    Vi har behandlet din søknad om refusjon. Refusjon av flybillett(ene) 328-[protected], 328-[protected], 328-[protected], 328-[protected] er sendt til kortnummeret som ligger i din bestilling, og vil være disponibelt innen 1 uke.

                    Vi ber de av våre passasjerer som har bestilt sine reiser hos et reisebyrå om å kontakte dem for refusjon.

                    Vennlig hilsen
                    Norwegian refusjon

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                      I had booked a flight in April 2019. I had paid $2942 +106+ 750 (refund fee). I never got my money back. I missed my school semester because i had no money. Confirmation number was NP6LVX. Please help me with getting my money back. I feel it is not secure to give money to online travel agents.
                      I was promised to get my money back in max 10 weeks it has been 25 weeks. Their supervisior told me she cannot do anything. But it is nowhere mentioned that your money could get stuck. I got robbed. They are misleading people.

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                        FlightNetwork.comonline air ticket booking web

                        The website layout is designed to scam users.

                        The screen before the payment confirmation does not display the correct amount about to be deducted from my card: They use ridiculous tricks to get you to buy travel insurance, seat selection, and a bunch of other add-ons without any transparency on how much they add to your ticket. Example: Trip cancellation insurance was display as $3.98 and ended up adding $92.88 instead to the booking conformation invoice, the invoice and booking web clearly printed price quote base on Canadian $, but higher charged to credit card
                        and claim the higher price due to exchange charge by my bank, my bank told me the translation was done in Canadian $ fx rate and fee did not applied to my transaction by my credit card, but the higher amount I see on my credit card statment was what flightnetwork charged me in Canadian $ instead .
                        The trick they use on this part, for Canadian customer they say your the invoice price base on US$, for USA customers they say your invoice price is base on Canadian, therefore, exchange rate and fee apply to all, this extra exchange fee are not display on the quote, I am in canada the price list quote in CA$, I never expect it be a US$ base price, after given them my credit card information was like given them a blank cheque /check to let them fill in any amount they want.

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                          FlightNetwork.comthey over charge my credit card

                          Hello i will like you to credit my account back as soon as possible


                          Total Charges for all Passengers & Flights ZAR 12 690, 10 R

                          Grand Total ZAR 12 690, 10
                          Your credit card will be charged an approximate total of ZAR 12 690, 10 R which includes the base fare, taxes and all surcharges. The final amount on your bank statement may vary upon the exchange rate that your credit card company will use. (USD $ 843.60) (ZAR 12 690, 10 R)(EUR 0) (ZAR 0) .Your statement may show one or more charges that equal the total agreed charge listed here. These amounts have been converted using today's exchange rate


                          I always book my ticket and my client ticket through skyscanner.net, from the site, i was giving a choice price with different travel agent .

                          I was not happy at all with this booking, I was overcharge this is the amount that was suppose R12, 690.10 was the Amount that surpose to be debited in my account, (but this is the picture amount that was debited in my account that on the 10th which I bought the ticket, and my bank give me sms alart of R12, 774.20 which was deducted in my account immediately

                          The amount below is what was debited in my account same day I bought the ticket which was wrong R12, 774.21, and the money went out of my account that same day, see the SMS that I received from my bank same day and the picture of the amount that was charge on my account the day I purchase the ticket

                          This is the information I was in my account again this morning that 12 983.16 was charge in my account, why are you keep removing money in my account why, I want the difference on the price to be credited back to my account because I will not take it easy with your company and I will never and ever purchase ticket from your company again

                          I want my money R293 difference should be credited back to my account because all you are doing is fraud, make sure my money is been pay back today

                          they over charge my credit card
                          they over charge my credit card
                          they over charge my credit card

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                            • Updated by olaaa · Aug 16, 2019

                              I want them to pay me back the money that was over charge on my account

                            FlightNetwork.comticket purchase on lufthansa

                            In Dec 2018 we purchased tickets on Lufthansa from Orlando, FL to Marseilles, France going thru Frankfurt. The ticket confirmation and e-ticket clearly stated the fare class as ECONOMY. I checked the baggage allowance on their site and it clearly stated we were permitted 1 checked bags each on intercontinental flights. When we got to the airport to check-in, we were told the flight was booked as an ECO LIGHT class fare and that we were only permitted one carry-on bag. It cost us 122 Euros to check our bags. This appears to me to be a case of bait-and-switch where we were sold one fare class, but book at another. I requested a refund for our checked bags on July 6th and the Customer Service person who responded told me it was my responsibility to check the airline's baggage policies.

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