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Complaints & Reviews

no refund

Hello My Name is Cormac O'Riordan

I have booked a flight booking reference 8613566 from Sydney to San Francisco April 6th.
Due to Covid 19 and my travel Insurance not covering a pandemic I must now cancel both Myself and my Partner Joanna Dalton. Could you please cancel flights and return my fares as I paid for insurance for cancellation abd could you please reyturn the fares to the credit Card in which i used to pay for these flights..
Thank you


I was waiting in line for 3.5 hours yesterday no one picked up. I was in the waiting line for 2 hours today, someone picked up told me to wait for 5 mins and dropped the call. WHAT?? How can someone drop the call on their customer? I am an international student and my university is restricting any travel abroad. I paid $1200 dollars to see my family after 2 years and these 1200 is a huge deal for an international student. I am crying right now as I have finals next week and I am just wasting more than 6 hours waiting to just talk to a representative? This is unacceptable. This is harassment. Qatar has a full refund policy, and I should be getting my money back. If they don't answer my calls, or HANG up on my face again today, I am filing a harassment case against them. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU TREAT YOUR CUSTOMER. NEVER buying tickets from this website again.

norwegian airlines

I am filing a complaint about Norwegian Airlines and the lack of customer support from the airline and your company for travelers. I arrived to Madrid Barajas Airport within the time frame to check in for an international flight and was denied check in for arriving to the counter 2 minutes past the one hour mark to check in (6:02 PM). I have been living abroad for two years, travelling internationally, and have never encountered this problem. Additionally, when I tried to negotiate with the Norwegian Airlines representative at the airport they were extremely rude and unhelpful. After going to the WFS Counter to see if anyone could help me, the representative there was also unable to assist me because of the restrictions of this website. My ticket was purchased through this website and therefore I was not eligible to even purchase a new ticket with Norwegian Airlines at the WFS office. I had been living away from home for two years working for the U.S. Peace Corps, haven't been home since 2017, had a family emergency and it was right before the holidays. It was extremely frustrating how inflexible both Norwegian Airlines and the restrictions of your website were during a customer emergency. Both were unable to refund my ticket, compensate me for an additional hotel stay in Madrid. When working with the WFS representative at Barajas Airport, I was not even able to qualify to buy the ticket with a cost difference for the following day due to your website's policy. This was the worst customer care I've ever experienced from both parties. There needs to be some compensation for this.

airline flights

I tried to book a ticket with them, they sent me an email saying the payment had not proceed because of my international credit card. I talked to the bank and got this fixed, and came back to them saying it was ok. They told me the ticket had increased in 40%, even when they had given me a time to reply that was later. I said no thank you as the price in their side continued to be the one I had booked previously. When I said no, they came back giving a discount vs last price of around 15%, which I still rejected. I bought the ticket again with, got charged, talked to my bank and they said everything had proceed. 14 hours later I received this communication from them: This email is to advise you that we are not able to proceed with your Flight Network reservations due to not having a ticketing agreement with Avianca, Interjet and Lineas Aereas del Estado . Your credit card has been charged however airlines have voided the charges and you will receive full refund in 3-4 business days. and this reservation has been cancelled. When I called them, they wanted me to pay 70% more for the ticket.
It seems like a joke! This company is not serious at all, and I would never use it again. My advice is to go for a company that respects their offers, and is more client centric, they seem to bring clients with false offers to them get them charge more.

[Resolved] double booking charges

Hello, herewith s complain about
Double charges for cancelled air booking reference NCM505( ID 8310135) It have been agreed on 24.09.2019 to cancel completely flight booking and charge 50% of airfare on Oman Air flight immediately after performed authorisation.
In the meantime debit to my credit card shows otherwise.
Please explain why you charge 515, 99€ (on which we agreed) and again 513, 95€ thru subsidiaries in United Kingdom on 24.09.2019?

double booking charges

  •'s response · Nov 20, 2019

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We do apologize for the inconvenience you have encountered. As per the notes on file, we do see that a refund of $746.78CAD was processed to the card on file on November 13, 2019. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

deceiving business practices

431845 Before starting the review, I suggest readers who have bought tickets through to read this article by cbc from 2010 about how they sold tickets for flights that...

unable to cancel inbound ticket via flightnetwork

Dear Sir / Madam

My name is Suresh Kunjuraman. I am Malaysian but working in Al Ula, Saudi Arabia. My Flight Network booking ID is: 8340150 and the Flight Confirmation number is : MGBVC0. On 8th Oct, I booked a flight from Riyadh to Kuala Lumpur for departure on 27th Oct and the return journey from New Delhi to Riyadh on 9th Oct via Oman Air. I also purchased A Trip Cancellation Proctetion for 61.68 EUR. The only reason I booked via Oman Air for return is because I also have a connected flight from Riyadh to Al Ula at 18.30pm. And the original arriving time from Delhi - Muscat - Riyadh was about at 15.55 pm. Hence, it is an ideal trip.

But on 16th Oct, I received an email from FlightNetwork citing that the arrival time from Muscat to Riyadh is changed from 15.55 pm to 20.20. Obviously, this arrival time is not suitable to me since the connecting flight from Riyadh is at 18.30. They also gave me another option for an arrival to Riyadh on the following day which is 10th Nov. Since both options does not suit me, I responded to their email immediately requesting them to cancel the Delhi - Muscat - Riyadh flight. They responded saying that it is not possible to cancel 1 way and I should cancel both outbound in inbound. On 16th Oct, I emailed them saying that if it is not viable to cancel the inbound flight, I would prefer to cancel both outbound and inbound trips and requested a refund. They responded on the same day stating that they need to write to Oman Air to cancel the ticket. Thereafter, I sent 2 emails for which I did not get a response. On 21st Oct ( today), I received an email from FlightNetwork's Schedule Change Specialist citing that the airline replied to them stating, refund is not permitted only one date change is permitted. As I am left with no choice, I responded saying it does not matter of the return journey since I am left with no other choice then booking another flight to return to Riyadh on 9th Nov to board the connecting flight to Al Ula. I failed to understand of despite getting the so called Trip cancellation Protection which carries no value, I am on total lost.

Please assist to cancel the inbound ticket from Delhi - Muscat - Riyadh on 9th Nov via Oman Air 681. Thanks


Suresh Kunjuraman
email: [protected]
Tel: 00966 [protected] ( Saudi Arabia)

  • Updated by suh21 · Oct 21, 2019

    Is it not possible to cancel the inbound ticket since both the options does not suit me?

  • Updated by suh21 · Oct 21, 2019

    Noted. on the Trip Cancellation Protection. But is not possible to cancel the inbound ticket from New Delhi - Muscat - Riyadh on 9th Nov, since I will miss the connection flight from Riyadh to Al Ula with both provided options since the connection flight is on 9th Nov at 18.30

  • DeAndre Washington Oct 21, 2019

    Hi Suresh, trip cancellation protection does not cover the common, standard occurrence of small changes to flight plans. As has already been told to you, you can change the date of the flight. I hope this clears things up!

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  • Su
    suh21 Oct 21, 2019

    @DeAndre Washington Noted on the trip Cancellation Protection.
    But is it not possible to cancel the inbound ticket from New Delhi - Muscat - Riyadh on 9th Nov. The connection flight from Riyadh to Al Ula is at 18.30 on 9th Nov and both the options provided does not suit me.

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website / customer care / flexible fare / charges

431845 I would like to make an official complaint as your website omitted important information to make an informed buying decision. I believe that the information depicted therein...

refund of airline tickets due to norwegian airlines cancellation of flight

Re: Booking ID 7789588

Please see the email that I received from Norwegian Airlines on Oct 2, 2019, in which they acknowledge that FlightNetwork, as the travel agent, should refund me the cost of the four airline tickets (total of $1459.80) that I purchased thru the agency due to the airline cancelling the flight for technical problems with the plane.

Please note their comment... "If you booked your ticket through a travel agency, please contact them for a refund".

To date, no refund has been processed.

Thank you in advance.

Patricia Toro

From: "[protected]"
Date: Wednesday, October 2, 2019 at 7:11 AM
To: "[protected]"
Subject: Norwegian full refund/refusjon UZP8OB

The cost of your ticket(s) 328-[protected], 328-[protected], 328-[protected], 328-[protected] is now refunded to the credit card that was used when you made the booking. It will be credited within 1 week.

If you booked your ticket through a travel agency, please contact them for a refund.

Best regards
Norwegian Refund Department

Vi har behandlet din søknad om refusjon. Refusjon av flybillett(ene) 328-[protected], 328-[protected], 328-[protected], 328-[protected] er sendt til kortnummeret som ligger i din bestilling, og vil være disponibelt innen 1 uke.

Vi ber de av våre passasjerer som har bestilt sine reiser hos et reisebyrå om å kontakte dem for refusjon.

Vennlig hilsen
Norwegian refusjon


I had booked a flight in April 2019. I had paid $2942 +106+ 750 (refund fee). I never got my money back. I missed my school semester because i had no money. Confirmation number was NP6LVX. Please help me with getting my money back. I feel it is not secure to give money to online travel agents.
I was promised to get my money back in max 10 weeks it has been 25 weeks. Their supervisior told me she cannot do anything. But it is nowhere mentioned that your money could get stuck. I got robbed. They are misleading people.

online air ticket booking web

The website layout is designed to scam users.

The screen before the payment confirmation does not display the correct amount about to be deducted from my card: They use ridiculous tricks to get you to buy travel insurance, seat selection, and a bunch of other add-ons without any transparency on how much they add to your ticket. Example: Trip cancellation insurance was display as $3.98 and ended up adding $92.88 instead to the booking conformation invoice, the invoice and booking web clearly printed price quote base on Canadian $, but higher charged to credit card
and claim the higher price due to exchange charge by my bank, my bank told me the translation was done in Canadian $ fx rate and fee did not applied to my transaction by my credit card, but the higher amount I see on my credit card statment was what flightnetwork charged me in Canadian $ instead .
The trick they use on this part, for Canadian customer they say your the invoice price base on US$, for USA customers they say your invoice price is base on Canadian, therefore, exchange rate and fee apply to all, this extra exchange fee are not display on the quote, I am in canada the price list quote in CA$, I never expect it be a US$ base price, after given them my credit card information was like given them a blank cheque /check to let them fill in any amount they want.

they over charge my credit card

Hello i will like you to credit my account back as soon as possible


Total Charges for all Passengers & Flights ZAR 12 690, 10 R

Grand Total ZAR 12 690, 10
Your credit card will be charged an approximate total of ZAR 12 690, 10 R which includes the base fare, taxes and all surcharges. The final amount on your bank statement may vary upon the exchange rate that your credit card company will use. (USD $ 843.60) (ZAR 12 690, 10 R)(EUR 0) (ZAR 0) .Your statement may show one or more charges that equal the total agreed charge listed here. These amounts have been converted using today's exchange rate


I always book my ticket and my client ticket through, from the site, i was giving a choice price with different travel agent .

I was not happy at all with this booking, I was overcharge this is the amount that was suppose R12, 690.10 was the Amount that surpose to be debited in my account, (but this is the picture amount that was debited in my account that on the 10th which I bought the ticket, and my bank give me sms alart of R12, 774.20 which was deducted in my account immediately

The amount below is what was debited in my account same day I bought the ticket which was wrong R12, 774.21, and the money went out of my account that same day, see the SMS that I received from my bank same day and the picture of the amount that was charge on my account the day I purchase the ticket

This is the information I was in my account again this morning that 12 983.16 was charge in my account, why are you keep removing money in my account why, I want the difference on the price to be credited back to my account because I will not take it easy with your company and I will never and ever purchase ticket from your company again

I want my money R293 difference should be credited back to my account because all you are doing is fraud, make sure my money is been pay back today

they over charge my credit card
they over charge my credit card
they over charge my credit card

  • Updated by olaaa · Aug 16, 2019

    I want them to pay me back the money that was over charge on my account

ticket purchase on lufthansa

In Dec 2018 we purchased tickets on Lufthansa from Orlando, FL to Marseilles, France going thru Frankfurt. The ticket confirmation and e-ticket clearly stated the fare class as ECONOMY. I checked the baggage allowance on their site and it clearly stated we were permitted 1 checked bags each on intercontinental flights. When we got to the airport to check-in, we were told the flight was booked as an ECO LIGHT class fare and that we were only permitted one carry-on bag. It cost us 122 Euros to check our bags. This appears to me to be a case of bait-and-switch where we were sold one fare class, but book at another. I requested a refund for our checked bags on July 6th and the Customer Service person who responded told me it was my responsibility to check the airline's baggage policies.

flight network online ticket book id 7868440

Cancellation of flight booking ID: 7868440 for travel on July 17, 2019 from Toronto Pearson to Chennai, India.
The jet airways cancelled the flight and pursuant, I called Flight Network to get my refund. On April 24, they said they processed refund and it would take 6-8 weeks. Now it is the third week of June and there is no sign of refund. Whenever I call and talk to Flight Network the agents say I need to ask Jet airways or talk to my bank for refund. When I try to reason with them that the Flight Network website is the platform I used to purchase the ticket and it is Flight Network that used my credit card information to get payment and Flight Network gets paid by Jet airways and that they are not doing any free service and it is their responsibility to get my money back, they mock - you want money, go to your bank and ask them. I have talked to them several times and on all occasions it is the Indians at Bombay/Mumbai call center who talk rude and not even once any Canadian nor American answered my call.
I hope someone responsible at this company apologize for the delay and refund my amount $2793.00

I am complaining about the purchase of a recent flight that I made

This is what happened
I make my purchase online for a flight that was supposed to cost me 916$, then my credit card got rejected, and I receive a mail telling me that it got rejected and I need to call them or send them an email, when I did, I give them a new credit card, after I did that they inform me that my flight will now cost 1484$, I ask them if I will get any fees for a reservation of a flight that wasn't confirm and they told me yes, so I decide to proceed trough the reservation after they told me that they were willing to take 60 percent off the fees changement, and I will now paid 1284, when they were checking again my credit card information, I told them to wait before confirm, and that it doesn't make sense to give cancellation fees for something that is not confirm, while I was talking and without my consent, the customer guy directly confirm the reservation with my credit card, and I directly receive a notification from my bank. Then the customer guy will now tell me that it wasn't sure about the cancellation fees. They tricked me into making me believe that they were a cancellation fees, because I was telling them that some other website and agency still proposes the 916$, for the flight I wanted, and that I will go somewhere else and make a cancellation

payment inquiry for booking id 7199111

Since February 5, 2019 I have been attempting to resolve the above inquiry. I have been receiving emails from Mohammed Sadiq | Collections Agent
T: 1.800.671.5032 Ext: 2590 | | A: 6695 Millcreek Drive, Unit #7, Mississauga, ON L5N 5M4.
When I respond by email I get no replies. When I call Flight Network and dial extension 2590 I get a message saying the extension is invalid.
When Sadiq attempted to call me (once) my phone simply identified the call as "Travel Agency" and I blocked it.
I have a series of email exchanges I can share to further support my concerns.
I have been a Flight Network client for several years and I am concerned that this is either stunning incompetence, or fraud.
Which is it?
I want to speak with Mr. Sadiq's supervisor. Not with him. I can be reached at [protected].
Charles Brook

extra charge to my total bill by flightnetwork

On or about Jan. 27/19 I booked six seats on Air Canada Rouge to and return from Montreal to Orlando, Fla. The flight to Orlando was booked for Oct. 19/19 with a return date of Oct. 27/19. The cost of each seat at that time was $354.15 per seat to a total of $2124.90. This amount was charged to my MasterCard. A couple of days later I checked my MasterCard to find that the amount stated above was on my account as was a further and separate sum of $117.10 by a company called Internation, #[protected].
My concern is the charge of $117.10. This charge was not discussed with me when I booked the flights. I have contacted the company in regards to this additional cost without my approval. Attached is a photo of the flight information. I have spoken to MasterCard directly and they confirm the sum of $117.10 was applied by Flightnetwork at the same time as the cost of the tickets. If you require any further information please feel free to contact me. Thank you

extra charge to my total bill by flightnetwork

[Resolved] customer service

I spoke to your agent Brendan multiple times on Sunday 1/20/19 trying to book flights for a party of 8 leaving NY to LA on 2/13-2/19. He seemed eager and helpful and assured us he...

there is no customer care department though they advertise having one

One more thing. There is not such a thing as customer care at flight network, I called several times, it was always closed and there was never a manager available. The regular number [protected], always stated there was nobody available at customer care extension at the time I called!
I asked customer service to have customer care; lef them my number, I was assured I would receive a call.
I am still waiting today [12/19/18] and my initial request was on 12/13/18.

  • Updated by Jlo63 · Dec 19, 2018

    Everything was going well until a simple question was asked to the customer service representative.
    Background: hispanics typically have two last names, the question was: Will it be fine to just list the name as it appears in the Texas driver license meaning one last name as I always travel with same identification?
    Once the question was asked the customer service representative made a suggestion to send copies by email to their customer care to make sure there are no issues during the day of the flight. Of course the documents were emailed to customer care, that is when all went south really bad with the customer service, they back peddled on their suggestion, made some discriminating comment asking for passport etc even though the flight was not an international flight and they even confirmed that they do not ask this question to nobody else who travel within the United States.
    Also Flight Network added hidden fees for the flight protection plan [insurance] that right before booking was stated to be under $20.00, once it was booked it turn out they charged $60.00!!
    As if it was not bad enough customer care service their tone of voice was demeaning, judgemental and patronizing!
    I tried to cancel the flight and they would not honor the insurance protection either. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT USE FLIGHT NETWORK they are a flake.
    Everytime i called for customer service i was placed on hold by their automated system for up to 30 minutes and other times the system must to have timed out and it hang up on me on 2-3 occasions.
    PLEASE do yourself a favor and book at the Airline directly but if you want to save money do not use Flight Network or it might cost you dearly. My bad experience on top of a loss of close to $300.00 for me ONCE is enough!
    Previous to this I was told that they would not guarantee i would be able to fly with this ticket!!

    DELTA AIR LINES Reference #: H5FYMP Use for Online Check­in orwhen contacting this airlinDL3977
    El Paso (ELP) Departs 24Jan19 @ 8:00AM Terminal: N/A Operated by: SKYWEST DBA DELTA CONNECTION (check­in at the airport with this airline)
    Salt Lake City (SLC) Arrives 24Jan19 @ 10:23AM Terminal: 2

ticket canceled

Hi, I have the following complaint About booking : 7424659 made trough your agency, flight from oslo-berlin-cluj napoca. This morning at 5:00 am at the oslo airport when I...

advertising (truth and accuracy of pricing advertised on their website)

Do not book with Flight Network, save yourself from being overcharged due to exchange currency fees (hidden fees).

I purchased three RT tickets through their website on September 1, 2018, from Canada to the US. I made the booking at a price of CAD $2, 099.49 ($699.83/person). However, I was charged a total of $2, 214.51 excluding the seat selection fee of CAD $51.31. I have been charged $115.02 more than the agreed listed and booking price.

The prices were displayed in Canadian currency when I made the booking. The email confirmation that I received after booking stated that my credit card statement should show one or more charges that equal the total agreed listed price of $2, 099.49 in my email confirmation. I do not understand why customers are subject to foreign currency fee when the prices were clearly displayed in CAD. Importantly, the applicable Ts&Cs are not clearly displayed or disclosed before customers actually confirm the purchase. I have booked with other Canadian travel websites, such as cheapoair. ca and expedia. ca, and whatever amount is advertised on their website is what you pay for (there are no foreign currency fees, etc). Therefore, I was under the impression that Flight Network operates the same way as the other Canadian travel websites, and the fact that the prices were displayed in CAD currency.

I decided to book with Flight Network due to its cheaper price at the time, but after seeing the actual charges I would have never booked with Flight Network. This is my first time booking with Flight Network and I feel that I have been cheated by the system and its lack of transparency. The prices were falsely advertised on their website.

According to the Customer Care representative, their system recognized that I am a Canadian citizen and the fare had gone down a bit after the purchase was made. So the system, in order to give me a better fare & no exchange rates to be applied, voided the tickets & sent the transaction back to my card account in full. However, this was not the case, exchange rates were applied when they returned the transactions back to my account; hence, I received a much lower amount. I do not understand as to why they would refund me in CAD currency when my credit card was charged in USD. I was then subsequently charged with the new fare in Canadian currency without the exchange rates. For these reasons, I believe Flight Network does not operate fairly and cheats its customer by charging incorrect amounts and making transactions that do not makes sense.

  •'s response · Sep 24, 2018

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As per our terms and conditions; foreign transaction fee and/or currency conversion fee can apply to Canadian credit card holders, if the booking is made with one of our suppliers based in the US or Europe. We do not take any responsibility for foreign transaction fee and/or currency conversion fee. Flight Network is a Canadian website that deals with many international vendors. When we display a vendor booking, using another currency, our website will show the equivalent to Canadian dollar amount.
    We would like to further investigate your reservation. Please email the details of your booking to [email protected] for further review.
    Kind regards,
    Flight Network

  • Updated by RD01 · Sep 24, 2018

    Thank you for your prompt response. I emailed the details of my booking to [email protected] on September 4, 2018 and there have been a few email correspondence between myself and a Customer Care agent. I have been trying to resolve the issue with the agent but I have been dissatisfied with the resolution and the explanations provided. The most recent response I received from the agent created more questions, particularly when the system refunded me the full transaction in order to give me a "better fare" when in fact my credit card was charged more than the booking price due to these hidden currency fees. Exchange rate was applied when they returned the transactions back to my account; hence, I received a much lower amount. I do not understand as to why they would refund me in CAD currency when my credit card was charged in USD, and then subsequently charged my credit card with the new fare in CAD currency without the exchange rates. It's just questionable.

    Cheapoair and Expedia also deal with many international vendors and I have always been charged for whatever price is advertised on their Canadian website with no additional or hidden fees. And they're not even a Canadian company.

  • Jl
    Jlo63 Dec 19, 2018

    This is so true!
    I was taken for EXTRA $40.00 totaled $60.00 when before booking it stated the fee was $20.00!

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  • Jl
    Jlo63 Dec 19, 2018

    One more thing. there is not such a thing as customer care at Flight Network, i called several times, it was always closed and there was never a manager available. the regular number 1 877 496 4815, always stated there was nobody available at customer care extension at the time I called!
    I asked customer service to have customer care; lef them my number, i was assured i would receive a call.
    I am still waiting today [12/19/18] and my initial request was on 12/13/18.

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customer service/seat reservation fees

Hi there, i'd like to complaint first about the $35 fees paid at time of reservation without sending the request to the airline (Air Canada never received that request and the agent at the airport showed that to us) and as such obviously this request cannot be honored. We should call that stealing people... I have been a customer of yours sincerely 2012 and I have booked numerous flights and hotels through your company. But I have to say this completely set me back and I am now furious at the answer and the absolute non-professionalism your employee "Poonam Lingwal | Customer Care" expressed on email. At this time, I am requesting to be contacted or to get the contact information from a manager as this need to be addressed! Your customers cannot be treated like garbage! My booking reservation for this trip is 7246355. This might potentially be the last one given the absolute poor customer your employee provided!! Loic Rebollo (loic.[protected]

account help

I have been unable to access my account for over 2 months now. Arun at Flight Network has been unable to resolve the problem at all and will not forward this problem to anyone...

[Resolved] saudia flight

Me and my husband were sold a flight on FlightNetwork that after purchasing we could not use. It was a flight we purchased 2 days ago from Manchester UK to Manila Philippine...

[Resolved] almost missed flight due to missing coupon code and did not get the seats I reserved

431845 We have traveled with Flighthub for many years but our last trip was a disaster. We arrived 3 hours before departure and went to print our boarding passes. There was an error in...

[Resolved] Flight Networkair flight reservation

The services provided by the flight network are terrible. I booked a round trip from winnipeg manitoba to vancouver bc canada and the charges on my credit card was different from the amount that I saw when I booked it online and the amount that I got in an email with the confirmation of the booking. This was my first experience with them and it seems to me that these guys are fraud and overcharge customers.

I called in and explained the situation to there customer service representative. He told me that do not worry your money will be refunded back to your account withing 7 business days and its almost a month now and no refund yet. When I called them again they were like no need to call back in you will receive the money if it is supposed to be. Both the times the agent were really rude and was insisting to cut the call.

I will never recommend anyone to book with them again they are fraud organization and and are trying to loot people. This review I am adding is after a month wait and talking to them twice.

  •'s response · Mar 01, 2018

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We do apologize for the delay and inconvenience you have encountered. We have attempted to contact you by phone on February 15th without success and have responded to the emails sent to our customer care team . As per the notes on file, the voucher agreed to has been sent to the email address on file, and the refund has been processed. Please feel free to contact us directly 24/7 at 1.800.671.5032.
    Kind regards,

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

Flight Networkflight

Do notttt book with flight network until you read this!!!

I booked a trip for two with flight network from toronto to beirut. On the night of the return flight, we tried to go check-in online, only to find out that our names were not on the flight. The flight was with middle east airlines (mea) and it was solid booked. We spent hours in front of the airport trying to get a seat but couldn't. Mea told us that flight network did not forward our booking (did not do their only job basically).

My only option was to turn on my canadian cell phone and call flight network help desk. They have the worst customer support I have ever seen!! I spent two hours trying to tell my story and waiting on hold. They kept cutting off on me so I had to call back every time and go through their call holding process on roaming!!! Finally they were able to get us other tickets on a different flight.

Once back in toronto I received my phone bill, $350 in roaming charges!!

I called them and tried to get to their customer support, never got an answer!
I called every day, I emailed and emailed again until their customer support executive responded and credited me back $25 for my suffering.


They took my money and claim that they didn't. I can prove it with the receipt from my credit card. I booked a ticket, they charged me and then canceled my order with no reason...

[Resolved] Flight Network — incompetent travel agency

Very bad experience with Flight Network. The Electronic Ticket does not offer complete details. Apparently, I had a connecting flight to catch from an airport different from the...

unethical behaviour

On nove 20th, i booked tickets from flight for my parents - flights from delhi to calgary - two business class tickets. [protected] - mr kishore kumar holaram 2...

not able to get flight cancelled and fully refunded even though I had no questions asked insurance purchased...

Presently I am extremely disappointed with the service that have obtained from you staff at Flight Network. I have purchased the above Confirmation and was happy with the initial...

[Resolved] flightnetwork service

I bought a ticket via FlightNetwork service two months ago, but due to some issues I need to cancel my flight. I contacted FlightNetwork support via phone and they said that I need to send a message and later they will look into it. I did as they said but did not get a reply. I called again and they said the same thing. I told them that I have no time for these games and I needed their help right now. Finally they agreed to listen. I explained what happened and asked them to cancel my flight. Their rep said that they can cancel but they will not give me my money back. I was shocked to hear that! No matter how hard I've tried I wasn't able to get my money! I have no idea what to do!

  •'s response · Nov 16, 2016

    Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry to hear that you have had an unsatisfactory experience with us.
    Flight Network is a travel agency, we are an intermediary between yourself and the airline. The ticket rules are from the airline directly, and in most cases airline tickets are non refundable. Flight Network has no control over the airline terms and conditions on the tickets. We strongly recommend travel insurance for unexpected issues that may arise which force you to cancel or change flights.
    Please feel free to send an email to us to address your specific situation. Our address is [email protected] and enter in the subject line 'complaints board' so that we may identify you. We would like to see if there is anything that we can do to help.
    Thank you for your feedback and hope to hear from you.
    Flight Network

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

customer service fraud

First of all their customer service is ###, they put you on hold for more than 30 mins, they are very rude, they will just ask money convienent to them and they are money...

[Resolved] Flight Network — fraudulent charges

Booked a flight with FlightNetwork two months in advice. When I paid they charged my card twice. I contacted customer service and asked them what was going on. They said that...

[Resolved] Flight Networkovercharged on flights booked online

I booked flights online with Flight Network from Seattle to Sydney with a stopover in LAX. The website quoted around $1350AUD, but when I was finally charged, I was charged over $1800. I confirmed with fight network (both online and by calling the number to alter or change flight bookings) that the amount was meant to be charged in Australian dollars as per the price quoted, however I believe I was charged in US dollars as that would account for the unusual overcharge. I wrote an email to the customer care as instructed by the consultant when I called the booking service, however I have yet to receive anything other than an automatic reply.

Furthermore, I have just been charged by Qantas Airlines, the company flight network was using for the trip from LAX to Sydney for a further $1436AUD. I did not give my credit card details to Qantas, which means flight network has passed them on.

So far I have been overcharged nearly $2000 for a $1350 odd flight. I now have no money to manage what is an emergency booking for family matters, and getting very little help from the company responsible.

I would not recommend anyone use this company, regardless the savings posted.

  •'s response · Jul 05, 2016

    Hello, thank you for the message. Our customer care response time as advised to you in the same automatic reply is 5 business days. I see that you sent this on Friday which was a national holiday. Our office will check this for you and get back to you on your concern provided you allow us the opportunity. Thank you

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

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I have purchased a flight ticket and my name was written with a mistake, so I called FlightNetwork and asked them to fix it. They asked me to call back later and when I did they...

Flight Network — misleading, appalling customer service team

486791 Recently I used your service through "Skyscanner", you offered a seemingly complete fair for around $30 AUD cheaper than purchasing with the airline direct - please refer to...

double booked and being charged twice! and rude customer service!

"Last week Wednesday 6 January 2016, my sister in law had made a booking and paid for it then the next day another sum of $755.55 had come out of my bank account. I called...

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Terrible customer service. Our flight was rescheduled and when I called customer service to enquire about options, I can never get though to anyone who can provide answers. I...

[Resolved] reversal of wrong transaction.

On Dec 2nd I had booked a flight using my debit card through your site, and the transaction didn't go through since debit cards were not accepted. Hence, one of your customer care...