Googleunauthorized charges on my prepaid visa card over 4 days in the amount of $200.14

E Oct 05, 2019

On Saturday July 20th I deposited the amount of $180.00 on my Walmart prepaid credit card, then on July 22nd I deposited another $20.00 on same card. On July 23rd I called my car insurance co. in an attempt to pay my insurance bill that was due for the amount of $187.00 My agent from the insurance company said my card was declined. I called Walmart Money Card to check balance. Automated system claimed I only had a standing balance of .50 cents. So immediately I optioned to talk to account rep from Walmart Money Card to find out what was going on. They informed me that I had several charges which were pending on my account and when I deposited the two amounts previously mentioned these charges were paid with those deposits. All charges were from Google ranging in the amount of $.99 to $14.99 totalling in the amount of $200.14. Rep mentioned that there were several charges still pending that were not paid due to insufficient funds. They recommended that they do an investigation on my behalf, this process would take about 45 days in total. I figured they would get to bottom of this mess because being that I'm a card holder and every time I deposit money on their card I pay a fee and they also charge an additional charge monthly for using their card and services. Was I wrong, after 45 days they credited my account for $15.88 out of the $200.14 of the fraudulent Google charges. After telling Walmart what a terrible job they did, i took it upon myself to make a claim with Google myself. I filed the claim with them which they would not allow 1st 6 charges to be included in the claim because by this time they were over 120 days old. So I filled out claim for the other 80 charges that occurred over a 3 day span, waited the 4 to 7 days for their reply. To my suprise I was denied the reimbursement from Google. Their reply was " make sure my friends, family or children didn't make these charges without my knowledge". A couple years ago I would play Clash of Clans, I would occasionally make a few charges here and there with Google but never again. I had Wamart send me a new card with new number . This is not over until I get full reimbursement for every penny which was stolen from me. I will take this to BBB, NBC responds, I will relay my experience on every media source I can, who ever is willing to listen to me and perhaps they had similiar experience like mine. Maybe we can turn this into a class action lawsuit. What ever it takes. See pic below for itemized deposit and charges


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