Googleunauthorized charges

M Nov 29, 2017

I have been receiving a $2.99 draft from my bank account and I need to either know what the charge is for and/or have it STOPPED!!
The charges appear to come every 7 days.
The latest one is listed as: GOOGLE *GOOGLE MAMMOTH G.CO/HELPPAY# CA Date 11/23/17 0 [protected] 0 5734.
There is charge currently pending that will probably process today.
The previous charges were:
11-23-17, 11-16-17, 11-9-17, 11-2-17, 10-26-17, 10-19-17 and on 9/21/17 for 0.99 twice. On 9/21 is when the charges appear to have started. I believe that the 2 $0.99 charges are correct, but all of the others are not authorized.
I want the charges stopped and a credit for $20.93. Or if you can prove to me that I authorized the charge I will be happy to pay it, but I want all future charges STOPPED. This is the 2nd request that I have made.
You can contact me at this email address: [protected]

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