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Google Treasure Chestfraud unauthorized charges

Hi my name is Joseph Meredith from the state of Michigan, I just received my bank statement and I was surprised to see where Google Treasure Chest took $72.21 out of my account. I was unaware they were doing this. I called their customer services line and the lady told me she could not return my money because 30 days was up. I told her I did not know they were going to take this money out and I want it back. She became rude with me and would not allow me to speak with her supervisor. How can I get my money back? My email address is [protected] Also beware of videoprofessor they will take $189.95 out of your account and you will have a big fight on your hands. Please everyone who reads this do not fall for the YOU WON $1000.00 WALMART CARD OR THE VISA $500.00 CARD THESE ARE SCAMS.


  • La
    Ladie Jun 28, 2009

    I totally understand where all of you coming from. The exact same thing happened to me tool. I was charged a total of $203.00 from my bank account. It was from Google Treasure Chest, A1 Member, Safelock ID, and Grants Master. All I did was purchased a CD for $1.97 which was paid toward shipping and handling. And a couple of weeks later I was charged $72.21 twice. Safelock ID charged me $38.84, A1 Member charged me $24.87, and Grants Master charged me $24.87. I'd finally realized that it was a fraud. I called to the number that was provided in my bank statement. I demanded a refund back. They kept on leading me on with all these ###, stating that I will get my money back within 7-10 business days. It has been 4 weeks and I haven't seen a penny from there. So, I went to my bank and file a fraud dispute upon those companies. I canceled my debit card number and asked for a new card. My bank refunded back the money that was taken out of my account. They told me that they will deal with those companies. Let your bank deal with those ###ers.

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  • Eb
    EBI510 Jun 24, 2009
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    Do not listen to these people who state this is not a scam. They are plants from the company Google Chest. The only way to get your money back is to go to your credit card company or your bank and tell them this company is a scam and you did not authorize this charge and you want a CHARGE BACK. This is the only way I have been trying to get my money back since May 15th. I have been to the Attorney General, BBB and the FTC.. The FTC stated that everytime they track them down and get to the address they are gone. They are very good at what they do. Forget trying the upteen numbers. They give you the run around to tire you out and keep your money. It is to much paperwork and they have to prove their service or product to keep your money on a chargeback. See this ABC News Video on Google Treasure Chest Scam
    That is the only way. Go to the Fraud Dept. of your bank, file a claim for a charge Back. That is the only way you will ever see your money again.
    But first always call a nd cancel this service or they will keep charging your credit card. That is first and foremost.
    There numbers are: Google Chest [protected] Grant Springs: [protected] Safe Lock: [protected]

    Good Luck...

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  • Jo
    John Jun 08, 2009

    I wish i would of found this website before i got scam by this ### now i got to call and cancelle from Google Treasure Chest and another scam someone need to put who's ever in chargein jail or let me beat the ### out of them...

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  • Do
    Don Jun 06, 2009

    I too fell to this scam. I was charged $72.21 but I canceled my card and was given credit back for the money. These guys better hope they dont ever call me again. It will not be nice.
    I am out with a work injury and was trying to make a few bucks to live but not to be scammed

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  • Sr
    S.R.K. May 27, 2009

    I also was scammed. After too much internet strolling, I came across this Google Treasure Chest( I felt that 1.97 was a steal for a CD that could make me money, even if it was half of what they discussed. I found out about 6 days later that my Card had been charged 72.21. Luckily I check my account almost everyday online, and I immediatly had a gut feeling it was the Google Treasure Chest. So I searched google for 72.21 charge and Look where I ended up. I then called them directly and demanded a refund and cancellation. The woman I was on the phone with was polite and cancelled my subscription and told me that I would get a full refund withitn 5-7days. To be 100% sure that no re-occuring bills, from either BlazingKeywords, Google Treasure chest, or a recent email I recieved from would happen again, I contacted my bank and had them cancel my card and issue me a new one as well as opened a fraud dispute against Google Treasure Chest. I suggest everyone who has fallen victim to this scam to do the same, since there are so many follow up subscriptions that seem to be attached. Good Luck.

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  • Ro
    Roxy262 May 25, 2009

    I too fell for the scam. I found the website via Facebook. I was charged $72.79 for a subscription to Google Treasure Chest. After calling the [protected] and waiting for 20 minutes I was told by the guy that I would have to write a letter and ask for a refund. The address is 970 West Broadway Suite East 347 Jackson, Wyoming 83001. Today is May25, 2009. Then, Grant Springs charged $25.07 for something and I had to call [protected]. I was able to get someone that said I had called in time to get a refund but it will take 7-10 days. THIS IS SUCH BULL!!!

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  • Mi
    MissyP May 24, 2009

    I, too, followed a link from a Facebook page (I think it was the Kevin's Blog thing). I normally wouldn't order anything like that, but after thoroughly scanning the "offer" and not seeing any fine print that tells you that they will charge you more later on, I went through with it. It was only $1.97, right? I got my credit card bill and saw the 2 charges: $1.97 and $72.21. There wasn't even a real company name; it was something like "For Refunds 866951." WTH?! So I contacted my credit card company and disputed the $72.21. They credited it; no problem. I sent an email to the address listed on the CD (which I received 2 days after I got my credit card bill!) asking them how I could return the CD which was never opened or used and get a refund. Of course I never heard from them. Then, about a month later, another $72.21 charge appeared (this time with a different company name "MONY TREE"), which sent my account over the limit, so I also incurred a $30 overlimit fee. I contacted the credit card company again. I pointed out the different company names, which just smacked of SCAM to me and I also sent them a copy of the email I sent to Google Treasure Chest. They refunded the $72.21 and the $30 fee. I called the 800 number on the CD and I got some woman telling me the same stories they told most of you: the charge is automatically added 10 days after I ordered the CD, I had 30 days after that to cancel (which I apparently didn't do) and they couldn't refund the $72.21. I asked her how they could possibly know when or if I ever even received or used the CD. That didn't matter. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she wouldn't transfer me. She said all of this was in the (non-existent) Terms and Conditions and she would cancel the "subscription" but she couldn't refund any of the charges. As with any charges you don't recognize or did not authorize, contact your bank or credit card company right away and provide as much information as you possibly can. I thank God for my credit card company. No hassle, just the help I needed!

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  • Gi
    gigi May 13, 2009

    BEWARE!!! Not only do google money tree/ google treasure chest take you for your 72.21 but they also sign you up for two other programs without your knowing SafelockID and Grantsprings. When you call to cancel the google scam they will tell you that your safelockid is canceled. But, you need to call Grantsprings. But check this out when you call grantsprings the guy Jonald told me that he did not know what Grantspring was and that his company was called product research He claimed I signed up with them the 23rd of April which is a totally different date than when I signed up for the google scam. If you do not cancel with them they will bill you $36.77 monthly. So Please Be Aware!!!

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  • Bb
    bbpsugar May 13, 2009

    I was taken for 72.21 twice. I called complaining that this was fraud to some obviously underpaid customer service rep. I demanded to talk to a supervisor whom I was told didn't take phone calls. I wonder why??? Their practices are deceptive and shady and altogether unprofessional. I will file a case with the Utah BBB. Worse, they sold my info to some eBay outfit out of Idaho who tried to pressure me in to givin them $1700 to become a powerseller on eBay. Watch out for these snakes. I wish I would have found this site before I paid $1.97 for some BS CD that I didn't even use and then the $72.21 x 2 that was just a rip-off. I've filed a claim with Chase to try to get my money back...

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  • Be
    Beth May 05, 2009

    I just called [protected] to find out why they charged my account prior to receiving the CD. They said that I checked a box agreeing that the monthly charge would be after a 7 day free trial of their WEBSITE, not their CD. This is all just a b.s. scam. If everyone who went through this process realized it and cancelled it immediately, that would still be $72 bucks a person. That's a lot of money to employ the "customer service" people making minimum wage to hit the cancel key.

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  • Ch
    chsmith29 May 01, 2009

    I (like many others) fell their scam. I'm upset not just because of the money but because I normally know better than to be sucked into things like this.

    I found this via a facebook advert, which was a link to a 'KevinsBlog', which then linked me to a site. This site had that silly 5 minute timer, flashing lights, the pay only $1.97 deal nearly everyone has seen. This then led me into the main after I gave my credit card.

    So here is what I did regarding refunds. I did not call the number listed on my credit card statement, but I called [protected]. After only a 4 minute hold, I explained the situation to the guy who was very polite, and I mentioned I was ok with the $1.97 charge but requested I be refunded the $72.21. He was very polite and agreed to refund the $72.21 already charged, to stop any recurring charges, provided me with my cancellation number, and that it should show up credited back with 5 business days. I thanked him, and also asked him about the 2 other companies I came across during my research, SafelockID and Grantspring. He said he had also cancelled safelock as well, but that I may have to call Grantspring at [protected], and then we ended our conversation.

    Now I just hope they actually follow-through on my refund within the 5 business days. I also read about this on the Texas Attorney Generals site. I suspect googletreasurechest already know they are in deep sh*t because when I phoned the guy didnt give me a hassle
    about it! :)

    I called the Grant Springs number, they were not able to locate me by email, phone# or mailing address, so here's hoping my refund goes through and that there are no more harges from any of these companies.

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  • La
    larry May 01, 2009

    I have more Google Treasure Chest is working in concert with in Orem Utah. These guys move from office to office . The scam now, is bills you the $1.97 and then week or so later google treasure bills your credit card. This is blatant theft by credit card. File your complaints in Jackson, wyoming BBB, thats the new address for them . Grant spring is in Orem, Utah. You can also go on line and file complaints with the Attorney General of each State. Please poeple don't let up on these criminals.

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  • De
    Desi Apr 27, 2009

    For everyone whom was taken by this company, even for $1.97, here is some information that I hope will give you piece of mind. I filed a complaint with the BBB in Utah, which in turn contacted Google Treasure Chest and instructed them to respond by April 28, 2009. Here is Google Treasure Chest's response:
    On April 24, 2009, the business provided the following information:
    Contact Name and Title: Google Treasure Chest
    Contact Phone: 888.705.1275
    April 24, 2009

    Office of the Utah BBB

    Re: Case #: [protected]
    Desiree Adams-Daniels
    1230 Knightswood Rd.
    Baltimore, MD 21239

    Dear Sir/Madam: wants our customers to be successful and satisfied with our products and services. Our policies and procedures help us ensure that we meet these vital goals. We have a policy which states that the terms of the agreement will be fully disclosed before the transaction is consummated. To accomplish this policy, all terms and conditions (T/C's) are posted clearly and conspicuously (immediately adjacent to where the customer enters their financial information) and in order for the transaction to be completed, the customer must affirmatively consent and agree that they have reviewed the T/C's and that they agree to be bound by the T/C's.

    According to the T/C's, each customer has seven days to explore the entire website without a subscription charge. They may cancel at anytime during the trial period to prevent from being charged for their monthly subscription. However, if they cancel their monthly subscription after the allotted time, they are not entitled to a refund. Nonetheless, they may, have access to the members' website until the expiration of their subscription.

    In addition to the T/C's, each customer receives a welcome email thanking them for their order and providing them with their username and password which grants access to the members' website. Also, a customer support phone number appears in the T/C's (along with our support email address) as well as on the welcome email. Finally, the T/C's and contact information are found on the members' website under the hyperlink entitled ''Contact Us.''

    In conclusion, we believe that our policies and procedures are legally sound and reasonable, and that our agreement with this customer is enforceable. However, we have made a good faith adjustment and refunded this customer the entire cost of $1.97 on April 24, 2009. We believe that no further action on your part is necessary. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


    Google Treasure Chest
    837 East 9400 South #233,
    Sandy, Utah 84094

    My suggestion to all would be to file a complaint with the BBB in Utah and request that your money be refunded. One thing to note is that I informed the BBB that I neither received an email confirmation nor the CD, which I was charged shipping and handling to receive.

    Good luck to you all - Desi

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  • Vi
    VinDcator Apr 09, 2009

    Call your bank and file a fraud dispute. Explain that the "negative option" (having to tell them to stop)was a deceptive sales practice, and that it was buried in the body of the ad without presenting a clear and obvious disclaimer to you as a consumer. Also, it is possible that you did call the company within the 30-day period. They probably do not keep accurate records of each time stamp and conversation, due to their receiving hundreds of cancel calls daily. Finally, your bank can find out who their credit card processor is, and you may go after them as well. When a company gets a chargeback, they generally have to pay between $25-35 dollars for such chargeback. That hurts!

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