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Google - My gmail account got hacked

I received a notification that my Google account password had been changed, which I had not changed.
It is obvious that I have been hacked; how can I recover my account, which contained sensitive information in my Google Drive and photos? .Also my banking details.I had recently started a YouTube channel wich had 18 subscribers and email is [email protected]

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5:53 am

Google - Maps

We have made numerous attempts to resolve incorrectly drawn roads on our properties as follows:

4274 Maryborough Biggenden Rd, Aramara QLD 4620 - Driving directions are sending people through non-existent tracks at the back of the property.

Aside from the wrongly identified tracks, the main problem is the road leading from the house to Route 86 stops short and therefore is not linked.

4275 Maryborough Biggenden Rd, Aramara QLD 4620 - Driving directions are sending people through non-existent tracks at the back of the property.

Aside from the wrongly identified tracks, the main problem is the road leading from the house to Route 86 has a section marked as a walking track when is is really a road.

Desired outcome: Remove the non-existent tracks and properly link roads from both properties to Route 86.

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12:16 pm
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Google - Google ads email I received

Google Ads: We will automatically be billing your bank account soon Inbox Google Payments 4:36 AM (8 hours ago) to me Google Ads We will automatically be billing your bank account soon Your next debit will be made by Google, or a partner acting on behalf of Google, as noted on your bank statement. Bank account: 779 Amount: $12.56 Date: On or after Jun...

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11:24 am

Google - YouTube premium additional charge of $1.15

What is this charge for?

GOOGLE *YouTubePremium
Transaction date: 06/16/2021
Card type: Visa
Transaction type: Purchases
Merchant information:, CA
Reference number: 1114
Merchant Name: get more information about merchant name change GOOGLE *YouTubePremium Select toEdit

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2:39 am

Google - google

I have been hit with two google arseniy internet ca charges and I donated five dollars to a podcaster. Jun 16 GOOGLE YOUTUBE SUPER -$5.00 $59.96
After donating five and giving my bank card to google:
Jun 17 GOOGLE ARSENIY Purchase -$114.05 -$54.09
Jun 17 GOOGLE ARSENIY Purchase -$184.65 -$238.74
Jun 17 Overdraft Fee Other -$35.00 -$273.74
Jun 17 Overdraft Fee Other -$35.00 -$308.74

Desired outcome: return the money to [email protected]

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11:37 am

Google - Google news

I constantly get bombarded by news articles from the most offensive daily newspaper in the UK . The marxist lennonist Guardian. Either give me the option filtering out this pro woke, pro communist pro Russia pro Putin, Anti British. Anti American, anti objectiveness bullshit newspaper or get lost. You are m, eant to be an American company yet you seem to promote this rags garbage. Shame on you. Will be binning Google in the neafr future if you do not wake up.

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Google - google *playrix games

Unrecognized Charge,
My Bank Statement shows there some charges on my account on the 17th May, 7th & 8th June, 2021.
There changes are as follow:
GOOGLE *playrix games = $16.19 on 17th May, 2021
GOOGLE *playrix games = $16.19 on 7th June, 2021
GOOGLE *playrix games = $16.19 on 8th June, 2021
GOOGLE * = $12.14 on 7th/8th June, 2021

Please I did not received receipt for these charges, I don't know what they are for, attached are screenshot of the deductions as a prove.

below is details for assistance.

VISA CARD Number: 4660389817032568
emails: [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Hoping to hear from your soon.

Thank You
James Kwabla Afukey

Desired outcome: Refund of all unrecognized deductions.

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5:18 am
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Google - Analytics

Good Morning, Google Ads Customer ID - 1601311749 Account ID - 126384000 Email Address - [email protected] Name - Andrew Byres I have been trying to receive admin rights for account 126384000 for the past 3 months, I have completed the required txt files with evidenced ownership for the domains and sorted all the bits that were...

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12:16 am

Google - Bosch Canada- Home appliance LTD

I had the worst experiences of the service on 8thJun 2021.
I ordered a services to have my Dryer checked. I was told and booked appointment for 8thJun. She said the service should completed by 15 min. The service call was $ 139.00 and every 15 min. was $45.00 . The technician called on the 8th but stayed only 15 min. without telling us what was wrong, and without telling us how much was the the part and went ahead changed and told us the charge was $ 301.00. I was shocking to learn about the charged but I was engaged with a virtual meeting so my husband just gave him the credit card. then he charged and left .But when I got my email I saw the charge came through my card was $391.45 . The technician did not leave us any invoice at all. I called him immediately and was giving a different amount and we asking he should let us know before he changed any part. My dryer is working at the time . I was so shocked about the part need to replace after I was charge. When I called Bosch Center back and I was promised the Manager or Supervisor will retune my called in 48hrs but a week gone by no one called me. I finally got the invoices on 10th Jun by customer services and the timing which they indicated was from 1pm to 2pm that was so incorrected.
He showed up at our door at 12:30 pm and finished at 12:45pm and done the paper worked and completed by 12:50pm I got my email receipt at 12:54pm.
You wanted to talk to the customer service but they are all on the company side. . I was told any one want to change something they should inform the client first about the product and the amount. is up to the client if they want to change or not, and the invoice should be gave out at the time of the job was completed . I felt I am being cheated. The dryer is still not drying my clothes. The problem is not fixed . Worst nightmare.

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6:18 am

Google - about fraudulent charges on my debit card

I have been getting hit for 9.99 for a white and just caight it. Your name google is on the account charging me. How do ifix it i have tried and tried to stop but the charges keep coming . o wish you would please help stop ache advise what i can do to resolve
And to stop future charges coming from accounts with your name on them. I am waiting for your response and now debating legal action because this was totally illegal.

Desired outcome: would like someone to return my funds

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1:49 pm

Google - Chrome browser

(1) Chrome continues to not let me look at my passwords in Preferences.

(2) It does not recognize my ID and Chrome password. I have to go through the retrieval process each time I need to use Chrome.

(3) The only use I have for Chrome is to access an account at one single company that set up its site to be unusable except through Chrome. With this sole exception, I have used Safari for many years and find it to be reliable and easy to use.

(4) Please help.

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11:55 am

Google - emails

[email protected]
This person and others keep sending me invoices from Norton.
This has to stop.

Dwight Sealey
11:40 AM (11 minutes ago)
to nortoncustomer58, bcc: me

Respected User,

Your yearly membership for SECURITY NORTON 360 has been successfully renewed & updated.

The debited sum will be reflected within next 24 to 48 hrs. on your account profile.



Invoice No. : ZZA2021AA



Order Date : 4th June 2021

End Date : 2 Years from the Date of Purchase


Price : $200.01 USD

Payment Method : AUTO RENEW


* If you wish to claim a REFUND then please feel free to Contact our Billing Department as soon as Possible.*

You can Reach us on +1 - (800) - (568) - (5736)


Billing Department

Desired outcome: Stop harassment.

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5:43 am

Google - Google Play

On 5/12/2021 Google Play billed my debit card for $5 and then on 5/13/2021 Google Play billed 100 times for $5.00. Total: $505.00! It took an hour and half for them to charge it every 7 sec to get there.
Filed for refund and they stated that due to prior history with the merchant it is denied. When I looking at the google account there is NO record of these $5.00 charges and they weren't going to tell me over chat who the vendor was. When you look at the account, not one charge was even number since they collected tax. These charges were even $5.00
There is NO phone number available to talk to a person due to COVID. The forms for fraud does not allow for detailed explanations or documentations that I wanted to send.
When I chatted with a representative they said it was escalated but then when I chatted again the next rep said I needed to fill out another refund form. I asked for a supervisor and they said he will contact me 24/48 hours thru email which I've haven't received.

Desired outcome: Refund

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Google - World education services

Hello, my name is Hanna and I would like to get an answer.

I used one of the services for education, I would like to write a review and I noticed that google don't give the option for that.

I used this company and they providing very poor service.

I what to know why reviews are hidden from costumers?

This the company website

Thank you!

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7:55 am
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Google - Trading platform

I got contacted by and the employ there convinced me to make first a deposit of 250 dollars and then 1000 dollars link or something like that, it's been two months since I am asking for my money back, and they just change the account manager or postpone me forever until I get bored and forget about the money, that feels like a fake site to me...

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11:45 am

Google - Google account

Google keeps insisting my account should be connected to the UAE as that is supposed to them my home country.

I have asked several times to correct this but their answer is that after analysis of the data, they keep my account to be connected to UAE.

I have never been in UAE I have never been even close to UAE, I have never been in the middle east at all.
I have never been more south than France for that matter.

My IP address has been 99.9% of the Time Swedish.

Even the servers that I use with my VPN are always in Sweden or incidentally in Canada or US.. depending on geo-restricted websites I like to visit.

How on earth is is possible that my account is being associated with UAE?

Facebook had the same problem... hence the currency my account works with is also UAE.

Desired outcome: Allowing users to correct their country of residence themselves.

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4:39 pm

Google - Unauthorised debits

There are ongoing debits on my statement from google. These small random amount happen spasmodically twice, sometimes thrice monthly. On checking with google no purchases have been made. On checking with my bank they say I must inform google. It's like a vicious circle. What must I do when it's obviously a scam?

I have read such a scam exists. Here are hundreds of similar complaints/reviews.

I hope this helps to recover everyone's money.

Thank you.

Desired outcome: Desired outcome that Barclays Bank reverse payments of these amounts and block whoever is doing this.

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4:40 pm

Google - Google Play Ap GB

I am unsure what this amount of money from my account was for please clarify or I will order back to cancel "on 24/05/2021 £19.99 was paid from my account I cant recall what its for"
I have only used my phone to purchase flower recognition but all games have failed to log in that I tried there clearly seems to be an error somewhere and I would like to know what it is.
Please e-mail me your response.

Desired outcome: explanation/refund

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1:17 pm

Google - Unauthorized debits on my card

On march 22 and 23 $1300.00 was taken out if my account in m ou re than 100 transactions ranging from $2.99 to $20.00. The address on the transactions is 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy. I have been refunded $700 from my bank but there is still $600 due to me. Please fix this problem as I see google has did this to many people. I will be filing a formal complaint in every state that allows Google to di this to unsuspecting customers.

Desired outcome: Refund the one balance due of $600.00

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1:37 pm
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Google - All states moving & storage, inc.

Do not use this company!!! All states moving and storage in valdosta completed a move for me several months ago - never have I had the amount of sever damage when I have moved as this company did. The damage was extensive - the driver actually glued legs that they broke on my drexel heritage dining table - making the damage even worse. There was barely a...

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