General Motors Corporationinformation provided as "normal operations" for my new vehicle

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I purchased a CPO 2017 Camaro 2LT at this dealership at the end of July with only 45 miles on this car. It will be back for service next week for the 3rd attempt to fix water leaking from under the dash onto the gas pedal. 1st time said no leaks detected, 2nd time applied butyl around the HVAC EVAP tubes. Leaked once again and was told the interior duct work is building condensation and this is normal operations for my car. Also the recirculation actuator was replaced due to the sputtering and loud knock noise that happened every time the ac is turned on and off that the noise is now a bit better and this is as well normal operation of my new car.
This is the advisement they claim to have received by contacting TAC at GM.

To add in addition now the Service Rear Vision System is appearing on the infotainment system screen and the rear camera engaged twice while in "D".

Would you pay $30, 000 for a brand new vehicle and expect these issues and especially the response this is normal operations?

This is my first Chevrolet I have ever purchased and will be my last.

Oct 04, 2019
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      Oct 16, 2019

    Here I am again with an issue with my 2016 Silverado Crew Cab LTZ Z71. It had 40, 000 km when I had my first issue with the HMI module failing. Leaving me with no radio, GPS, back up camera and a $1200.00 bill. My current issue is with the third brake light on the roof leaking into the passenger compartment in the rear. Resulting in a huge water stain on the headliner that I doubt I will be able to get out. Who knows what other issues may arise from the water penetrating the cabin. Brought it to the dealer and it is going to be $350.00 to fix. I take care of my vehicles and it is very frustrating when issues occur because manufactures use cheap or faulty parts. I understand parts wear out over time. But a three year old vehicle should not be leaking. GM needs to own up to fact they used low quality parts and start taking care of their customers, and hold their suppliers accountable for the parts they provide. Or they may find themselves in financial trouble again. I am seriously thinking of getting rid of this vehicle before I get soaked for more of my family's hard earned money. I won't be looking at GM's anytime soon.

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