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Nov 28, 2021

Todd English Enterprises - Todd English cookware

I have a complete cookware set-I'm not sure when I purchased it. But the bottoms are all pitted with rust spots little holes in the bottom. Rendering them unusable. Which saddens me I cannot afford to buy a replacement set. I purchased from QVC -I do have pictures-in theory the non stick portion is ideal-but it does not last over time. It is disappointing these are not longer lasting

Desired outcome: I would just to have a replacement set

Todd English Enterprises - Cookware warranty replacement

I purchase the Todd English Ornament full set of cookware on 1-24-17. It has a 5-year warranty, but no way to file a claim. No Customer Service.

This is the 2nd time I have had issues with Todd English Cookware. The 11" Sauteuce pan lid shattered last night after 25 minutes in a 350° oven. The lid was room temperature when it went on the pan and into the oven.

There is nowhere to contact any Customer Service for warranty issues. last time Evine representative was able to get a message to customer service for TE cookware. Apparently that person does not work for the channel any longer as the email I sent to her came back as undeliverable. If there is someway to contact this company, I would appreciate the email address if possible. I have a bad feeling that Todd English has gone out of business.

Todd English Enterprises - Air fryer

(June 2020) A few months ago I bought an airfryer from this company. About a few weeks of using it, the airfryer shutdown on us. We tried so hard but we just couldn't get it to turn on. It was burnt...

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Aug 06, 2020

Todd English Enterprises - Skillets

I have several of the skillets that are supposed to be non-stick and no matter what I do the things I am cooking are sticking to the bottom of the skillets. It is very time consuming to clean and not what I expected. They are a couple years old. I have 4 skillets and they all do the same thing some worse than others. Very disappointed. I would like to know what can be done to make this right as these were a gift and I know they were very expensive.

Sep 22, 2020

I agree with you no matter what I use everything sticks to the pots and pans. Unfortunately I made a mistake of getting rid of my old pots and pans.


Todd English Enterprises - pasta machine

I bought the Todd English pasta machine and I absolutely love it nada problem with it at all but my lid that you open up on the top one of the little plastic things broke off I drop the lid by mistake and I need a new one and I don't want to put the stress on the other one I miss my machine can we please figure out how to get me a new lid for the top it's one of the first ones he came out with my phone number Kathy [protected] 6 case I need to explain better thank you and please help me I use just the cook for senior citizens all the time...or send me one ill pay the bill PLEASE kathy vaughan 14930 burns valley road apt 36 clearlake calif 95422...thank you for the great pasta mch love it and your other stuff i have

Todd English Enterprises - 1500w9.8 qt digital air fryer oven/ rotisserie 129.99 blue

I bought my AF rotisserie in Feb. it stopped working couple weeks ago. Loved it till is no longer worked. Can only contact company by email. Sent fryer back since I have only had for about 4...

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Feb 25, 2018

Todd English Enterprises - customer service

My boyfriend made a reservation here 5 days ahead of going to dinner. When he made the reservation he was not told that you have to be 21 to dine there without a parent. While he was old enough, I...

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Todd English Enterprises - non stick frying pan 10 1/2 inches across

My mother gave me your pan as a gift and it has failed terribly. It was a non stick surface and it doesn't work anymore. I believe she purchased it from QVC and it worked well in the beginning, now...

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Todd English Enterprises - defective merchandise

Hi, I ordered your set last xmas for myself and with less than a year, the pots are chipping. I thought these were titanium with a lifetime guarantee? I thought I purchased a great set, I was so done with the cheap department store and I wanted good pots without the chipping from the non stick companies.

Please advise as to what I can do. I am attaching some pictures as well. Can these be replaced?

I think I bought them from the HSN in 2016.


Tracey Baran
AS you can see the 1st picture it has all the white chip marks on the bottom of the pot and the 2nd picture shows how the coating is pealing from the edge on the top of the pots.

Nov 13, 2017

Todd English Enterprises - the todd english collection

Purchases 3 skillet 11, 10, 8 in. the 10 & 8 in. food tends to stick, I purchased these skillets with a lifetime warranty, I don't have proof of purchase however, it was through advertisement and via...

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Aug 19, 2017

Todd English Enterprises - fry pans stick really bad

I bought a set [ 14 piece] of what I thought was a good set of cookware. The skillets are horrible everything sticks. We have had to go back to our old skillets they are better than my new set of...

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Jul 27, 2017

Todd English Enterprises - customer service

I received a phone call from Todd English's "Customer Service" after 7pm on a Sunday Night and dealt with one of the most unprofessional customer service representatives I have ever had the...

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Oct 07, 2015

Todd English Enterprises - pots and pans

2010 I purchased for my self 3 full sets of Todd English Green Pans for myself. The big set of stainless steel, signature edition, Large set of the pots that are grey-The Todd English collection...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Todd English Enterprises - Bad Product Bad Customer Service

Purchased Todd English Green Pans and they are HORRIBLE! I have called and was told to return the products with a prepaid UPS label and a refund would be issued. I have been tracking the package which was received over 2 weeks ago. No refund yet. I sent an email to the Customer Service Representative who assisted me about 4 days ago and she has not yet responded. I have called their Customer Service 4 times now and have always been on hold a minimum of 30 minutes or more. I am writing this while I am on hold with them today and have been for 35 minutes so far. I have learned my lesson and will not ever use their products again. I have better things to do than sit on hold with a company that sells such bad products and provides such TERRIBLE Customer Service. I will be contacting HSN as they aired the product and advise them of this problem. Hopefully they can help, or they ALSO will lose me as a customer.


Todd English Enterprises - cookware lousy

Dont buy any todd english cookware. This is the worst $170 ive spent in my life! The pots dont work — absolute garbage... I will never visit todd english restaurants because he lent his name to this junk. My $9.00 pan from sears has held up for years, while these over-priced garbage did not work after a few times of use. Garbage, garbage, garbage.

Apr 08, 2010

Beautiful cook ware, do not live up to the expection. the frist time I cook with my beautiful cookware TODD ENGLISH I was so disappointed 3 months later the small frying pan is no good every thing stick. i would not recommend this to my friend or family.

last christmas i bought the todd english collection from hsn. i have chipped a bowl and want to replace it and i still cannot find out how to do this. it has a one-year warranty but that's not what bothers me, i want another bowl and nobody will contact me regarding how to do that. please help me.

Jun 19, 2011

Todd English Enterprises - do not buy

Do not buy todd english pans! Everything sticks after just a few uses. I followed all their care instructions for these "easy to use" pans. I seasoned the pan before my first use, hand wash, no nylon scrubby, use oil everytime, no spray on oil and do not cook over medium high, yet everything sticks! And part of their sales pitch was to use a heat gun to prove you can cook in a commercial kitchen and it would work up to 850 degrees. So why cant I use my home stove over medium high? After I bought 3 pans the instructions said, the pans would lose some of their nonstick quality with time. That is the only truthful statement this company has ever made! I bought 3 pans through I guess it was a donation not a purchase! Atleast my money is helping goodwill.

Todd English Enterprises - food sticking to skillet

I purchased the Todd English Green Pan Collection for Christmas. the non-stick surface lasted about two mths. I contacted HSN and they said their warranty only lasted 30 days, and I should contact...

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