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Fifth Third Bank / Customer Service


Fifth Third Bank Inc.

38 Fountain Square Plaza
United States - 45263

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 866 671 5353(Customer Service) 8 8
+1 513 579 5353(International) 1 1
+1 800 972 3030(Personal) 5 1
+1 877 534 2264(Business) 1 0
+1 866 475 0729(Commercial) 1 0
+1 800 782 0279(Lost & Stolen) 1 0
+1 866 351 5353(Home Loan Or Refinance) 3 0
+1 866 531 4249(Open A New Account) 1 0
Written Correspondence

For Mortgage Loans
Fifth Third Bank, Mortgage Disputes, 5050 Kingsley Dr., MD № 1MOCFP
Cincinnati, OH 45263
For All Other Accounts
Fifth Third Bank, 5050 Kingsley Dr., MD № 1MOCOP, Cincinnati, OH 45263 

Fifth Third Bank / Complaints & Reviews

Fifth Third Bank / / vehicle titles

Steven4967 on Feb 8, 2019

My name is Steven McDonald, I am having an issue with the way your company handles titles for vehicles. It seems 5/3 and My Title Support are not communicating with each other. When I was living in Ohio, I took out an auto loan for a vehicle purchase at Joseph Volkswagon of Cincinnati located in...

Fifth Third Bank / / check cashing fee

Connie Logan on Jan 26, 2019

Saturday, January 26, 2019 I received a refund check from Express Scripts, a huge client of yours no doubt. I needed gas money and due to the fact that my bank account is overdrawn, I went to a Fifth Third Bank in Noblesville, IN. Since I am not a customer of Fifth Third Bank, I wa...

Fifth Third Bank / / service

CarynJ on Dec 7, 2018

I have never been antagonized and so humiliated in my life! On 12-06-2018 eta 4:45 I came in to cash a check and was serviced by a very rude and nasty employee. Who displayed signs of lunging at me. Even after I kept stating to her, " I'm just trying to take care of my business, just leave me...

Fifth Third Bank / / employee kj1moc2a

Jennifer Wasner on Nov 29, 2018

I spoke with several employees from 5/3 bank today to help resolve an over drafted account. The account was over drafted due to a several purchases made on Amazon. A member of my household accidentally used the wrong account to purchase products which because of the way Amazon bills caused...

Fifth Third Bank / / fees

Alicia L. Warren on Nov 24, 2018

My Branch location is 11005 Kinsman Rd, Cleveland, Oh 44104..Savings Acct Number 589541 05205032692 and Access 360 Card Number X3228 (gave card to bank teller--so don't have the full account Number). As of June 1 thru August 31, 2018 I had an Access 360 Card balance of $9.99. On Sept. 1...

Fifth Third Bank / / service fees

warrenleea on Nov 14, 2018

Branch at 11005 kinsman road, oh 44104. Saving account card number 589541 05205032692 and access 360 card x3228 (gave card to a bank teller) June 1 thru august 31, 2018 i had an access 360 card with a balance of $9.99. On September 1, 2018 a $4.00 service fee was deducted from the balance...

Fifth Third Bank / / overdraft fees

Lston28 on Oct 12, 2018

Received numerous calls on my cell phone as well as my job from edward cohen 832 753 1470...i didn't think they were allowed to harass you at your place of employment...apparently these fees are 10 years old for which i have never received..account was closed at least that long ago...there...

Fifth Third Bank / / service

karen1956 on Sep 19, 2018

I went to 53 branch Toledo Ohio Douglas road 2 days ago to have a will notarized I bought from legalzoom cost me 80.00. The guy there was a manager.He notarized my will with another girl signature. I got home and realized me messed up my will, he witnessed as a second person. he cant do...

Fifth Third Bank / / check cashing

MsJoy on Sep 17, 2018

On 9/17 I went to the branch located on Curry Ford at Alafaya to cash a personal check written by an established Bank customer I was okay with being charged a $5 fee as a non-bank customer however the teller requested my telephone number and my Social Security number!!! When she also...

Fifth Third / overdraft fees

mztre on Aug 27, 2018

I had two unauthorized charges on my account resulting in over $200 in overdraft fees. Fifth Third refuses to refund any of the overdraft fees resulting from those unauthorized charges. They are money grabbing and unethical. I spoke to 3 people in the dispute department and 2 in the...

Fifth Third Bank / / overdraft fees and a very rude rcm

Samantha Bentlage on Aug 24, 2018

On 8/17 I received an email from my EBCFLEX account saying that $117 was deposited into my account. I looked at my account on 8/20 and (which was the following monday) and it was overdrafted by $-238. $222 of that was overdraft fees. Fifth third did NOT take the deposit first, like theyre...

Fifth Third Bank / I am complaining about the terrible experience I had getting my home improvement loan.

Jennifer N. Long on Aug 17, 2018

Ok here it goes my home equity loan was started in May of 2018, I was dealing with the Fifth Third Bank on Hall Rd in Clinton Twp. MI. The first problem started when Elain Cox the loan office called me and said my VOE was faxed somewhere and she had no idea where. She asked me to call my...

Fifth Third Bank / / fee reversal

Bruce Bowens on Aug 14, 2018

Kj1moc2a 2018081400346 5050 Kingsley dr Cincinnati Ohio 42563 Office of the president Greg Carmichael Hello Mr. Carmichael I am writing to you today in regards to your representative which name and number that she provided today 8-14-18 is listed above in the call that we were on...

Customer Service at Fifth Third Bank / customer service operator jake & supervisor kiley

Milton Reaves on Aug 1, 2018

Called Fifth Third Bank about a problem with my Van payments I asked Jake could I speak with a Supervisor and he said they were too busy and couldn't talk to me; I stated that I would wait he put me on hold for 4 minutes. Then return to say the Supervisor would not Talk to me and that I...

Fifth Third Bank / / mortgage

394 Halls Creek rd on Jul 26, 2018

whom it may concern: My name is Karen Howard and I have had my mortgage through Fifth Third Bank for several years. Back in April 2018 I was pre-qualified for a new home mortgage with your bank so that I could buy a property in North Carolina. I went through all the steps to get Shawn...

Fifth Third Bank / / business checking account

wickedctrucking on Jun 22, 2018

We are a trucking company that runs on diesel fuel. We must have the fuel to ran our business. We can only ran the debit or credit card for $75.00 worth of fuel and then Every couple of weeks the card is flagged and shut down for the multiple purchase of diesel fuel. Our dump trucks take...

Fifth Third Bank / / poor customer care

Sudipta Mazumder on May 29, 2018

I am extremely disappointed with the poor customer service at the branch of 5605 77 center drive, nc 28217. I have primary checking/savings/credit cards with fifth third for last three years, I requested to print the check images for last two years as I have to submit to my lawyer then I...

Fifth Third Bank / / kandi martin

Denise623 on May 22, 2018

We went to our branch at South 2nd Street, Lafayette, IN 47901. We were withdrawing $5, 000 and the Bank teller Kandi Martin said we can't withdrawal such large amounts without calling ahead of time. And I apologized and said I didn't realize that was a large amount. And she then proceed...

Fifth Third Bank / / overdraft

Victortia Thompson on May 16, 2018

on 5-10-18 I call the Fifth Third Bank to have money transfer from my 360 card to my checking account. So the lady tells me that they may not let me transfer money from the 360 card to the checking account. Then she tell me I can turn on my overdraft and the bank will let me overdraft and...

Fifth Third Bank / / a birthday gift triggered a fraud investigation

Vena M. on May 14, 2018

For 12 years, my husband and I have used Fifth Third. We had a joint account, each of us had personal checking accounts, and I had a savings account. My account was small with not much activity other than small purchases. My main account is with another bank thankfully. My friend sent $500...